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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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♪ this is al jazeera. hollow there. this is the al jazeera newshour live from london coming up. mourning the victims of friday attacks which killed 129 people. >> it's an act of war which was committed by a terrorist army. >> as the french president vows to attack isil without mercy after the group claims responsibility.
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aver arrests in connection. police begin to identify the suicide attackers. talks overshadowed by the isil attacks. the u.s. and russia agree a timetable for new elections in syria. mass graves of men and women killed by isil. >> in doha, we will have all of the sport including: football pays tribute to those who died in the paris attack with a minute silence at all of saturday's games. a full round-up coming up. ♪ hello. a warm welcome to this how of news. police in france say they have identified two of the 7men involved in friday's gun and bomb attacks in paris. at least .129 people were killed and 352 were injured this those attacks. police in belgium have arrested
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several men linked to two cars that were thought to have been used in the attacks. the islamic state in iraq. saying it was revenge for fighters in syria and iraq. let's take you through what happened. the paris prosecutor said three teams appeared to have carried out the attacks in six key locations. the night of violence began around 20 past 9:00 local time when the first of three bombs went off outside the stande de france stadium. three suicide bombers and one other person died there. gun attacked the la petite restaurant. at least .15 people were killed there knife more shot dead. .15 people were killed there knife more shot dead. two kilometers away, gunmen killed at least 19 people in la belle. a few minutes later, a suicide bomberset off explosives at the volley tear restaurant but
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failed to kill anyone else. at 10 minutes until 10:00, attackers entered the bataclan. one attacker was shotded. others blew themselves up when police stormed the theatre. we will be live in paris shortly. first, this report from al jazeera's neev barker. >> reporter: paris is in mourning. at the carry-on bar, where people were killed mounting trib utes and stunned silence. madeline lives next door to the bar. from the firing started, she rushed for cover. >> around 9 o'clock, we had a lot of noise and panic. we went outside and saw people lying on the ground. the last body was only taken away early this morning. it's it's been really difficult for everyone here.
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>> now struggle to go comprehend the mass murder that happened here t. >> shot here and around the corner also. a popular district. out on friday night. really sure they would kill a lot of people there. >> a busy friday night here in a trendy part of paris. this terrace would have been bustling with noise and color until the killers drove past firing weapons indiscriminately into the crowd. bullet holes on the restaurant front. one of a series of deadly and coordinated attacks. parisia in. is ns queue top give blood. hospitals say the response has been overwhelming. the attack happened here at the
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bataclan concert hall where hundreds were attending a rock concert. this amateur footage shows people fleeing the building into a side street. a woman hangs from a first floor balcony. two other people drag a badly injured man down the street. more than 80 people died here sealed off. forensic teams gather evidence. more murders and more questions. since the attacks on charlie hebdo 10 months ago, france has been on the highest state of alert. despite precautions, now this. it's difficult to know what france can do next to keep its citizens safe. neev barker al jazeera, paris. >> a paris prosecutor has been given further details on the investigation. a oscar black car parked in front of the pataclan.
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three people burst in the room in the middle of the air in the middle of the concert taking hostages in fronts of the band. we saw the most number of victims. terrorists talked about syria and iraq during the salt. i wish to pay homage to the fact that three terrorists were killed. the first by the authorities while the two others blew themselves up. >> straight to jackie rollins live in paris for us near the bataclan. what do we know from that earlier press conference about the investigation? the news conference pulled together a clear times line with facts and figures, casualties and also filled in some of the detail up until now. we heard various unconfirmed details. we had that on the record from the prosecutor. what we heard was based upon more than 2000 witness
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statements that police have gathered from people who were in the area they collected statements over the last 24 hours. what was particularly interesting was the analysis that there were three separate teams the facts one car was link today belgium and the fact that that belgium police have been carrying out operations as well during the day on saturday as part of finding out who the attackers were and to find out if there were any other eye come places. >> people, what have people been telling you office? what's the feeling right now? what are the questions people have to ask. i notice at the ends of neev's package, he talked about how can the french government keep citizens safe? i guess that's a question people are asking.
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b the attacks firsthand, one was incred uttedty: it seems unreal there would be one attack and moments later, you would hooeb another attack. people were having difficulty grasping what was happening in their city we saw physically shaken young people surrounding the nightclub and around the other restaurants if you can't do something as simple as to go watch a football match we are seeing additional restrictions brought in under anti-terror legislation. >> people cannot assemble. there will be no big rallies for the next few days expressing
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solidarity because the security forces, quite frankly are too afraid there could be more stackers. people are having to accept xwafk liberties are going to be curtailed for some time to come. >> live in paris near the bataclan. thank you. let's go live to jonah hull. this is the second terror attack within a year. are there similarities we can draw? >> perhaps the distances are more telling, 129 people known to have died now. hundreds injured. the methodology, highly worked
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one security expert i spoke to today talked the targeting different as well. in january journalists, jewish community. now, this was a random very broad assault. what has changed? why france? how was this allowed to happen again paris under attack again this time with more deadly effect. the president called it an act of war.
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it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army daesh, against france, against the values we uphold throughout the world, against who we are. expected to do well with views like these in you havecoming elections. islamic fundamentalism must be destroyed. france must ban islamist organizations and illegal immigrants who have nothing to do here. >> friday's killings were claimed by isil or daesh in a statement it blames french foreign policy. >> regarding foreign policy we decided to heed isis in iraq and decided that was self defense to go into syria, but, yeah, it's
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the kind of turmoil we are in now. >> in other words, does it surprise you that france has been singled out for these kind of attacks? >> not much. theed government put the army on the streets. questions will be asked about the preparedness before the attacks. >> thinks have evolved in a much more disturbing manner than i think anybody imagined. the french were expecting something fairly big. the background noise was sort of evil over the last few weeks. it is the shear sophistication of the series of attacks which does strike one. >> there is another disturbing possibility a syria body is said to match identification details recorded on the greek island of leros. the killer may have arrived among boatloads of refugees in
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october. a country in a state of emergency wondering why this is happening again so soon after the attacks on charlie hebdo, certainlysists and jewish shoppers at a kosher supermarket. >> in the aftermath of those january attacks, people filled the area here world leaders gathered and stood united among its alleys in defense of its freedoms. a far more fractured difference in france. a president promising to defeat the enemy. looking for an enemy within. a nation of deep disquiet. al jazeera, paris. >> more on the backlash muslims might face we are join by the sportspen for the collective against islama februaryphobia in france is. what sort of reaction did you
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see last night after the attack? >> we are counting the dead. we don't -- we are not sure what's going on right now. what's happening right now is that a country including muslims, jews christians. what's been going on for 30 minutes after the attack people started pointing fingers at the muslim minority in france. unfortunately, we are caught between two fires. the terrorists asking us to choose their side. at the same time we are victims in our own country. as we speak right now reports are being sent about mosques being attacked. muslim shops being vandalized and now people are scared with a
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capital s. asking were it would be a good idea for them to send their children to school. because what happened after the january attacks didn't serve as a lesson. right now, 30 minutes, after the first attacks we had the discuss as if they were somehow connected or responsible. >> people scared with a capital s, are they scared of what policy might come out of this? that there might be a further backlash in some days in days and weeks and months to come? >> when you have a prime minister saying that we are experiencing a clash of civilizations and then going on air saying that we are facing islamofascism. as i am speaking to you right now, he was at irtalking about
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expelling all radicalized imams without putting a definition on the word "radicalization. what will happen again is that the muslim minority will be used as a scapegoat to justify individual freedom. nobody is thinking right now about the victims and unfortunately, the blood of our martyrs in france right now is being used as fuel for their political agendas. we are 7 sir lee asking the government to take responsibility looking into the long-term. we have one year away from the presidential election. please don't make our victims fuel for our campaigns. >> are you also concerned about
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one. attackers with a syrian passport? that has been part of the discussion today coming out of the early investigation. are you worried that that may always have an impact on whatever discussion follows these terrible attacks? we keep throwing unchecked information. we do not know who the vict ims were. so right now we are already in a highly volatilized situation when it comes to the refugee crisis. now, people have killed over 120 people and you are mentioning to the people that one of them was holding a syrian passport the other an egyptian passport. nobody is sure about that. >> you are right. useful discussion. what would you like to see from the french authorities? what kind of clear.
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>> we kept broadening our field of operations. we are targeting several countries abrought. we can expect no repercussions. failing our foreign policy and domestic policy. that's a fact. we need to think about what we are doing abroad so-called experts saying we are going to fight ice ill harder. boots on the ground. if you defeat isil today, someone else will take over. in the 90s t got replaced by akmi supposedly we did he have needed al-qaeda and now replaced by isil. the solution willing never be through the military. it can only be a political
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solution. when it comes tom domestic policies, we have now a generation group with a finger on their forehesdz being told that, yes. >> i do apologize. our guest had a technical problem frnd of his car. thank you very much for joining us with your analysis. >> coming up we will have more coverage of what's happening in paris ahead on al jazeera plus the rest of the day's news include: the road to iowa u.s. presidential contenders descend upon des moines for the second democratic bate. >> while police fired water canons. a lot mercedes driver goes for a 5th successive poll position. all of the action from qualifying from the brazilian grand prix coming up later.
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bashar al assad made comments that he said the attacks shouldn't be separated from the violence in syria over the last five years or from what's been happening in other places like yemen and libya. there has been progress at peace talks aimed at ending syria's war. the secretary of state john kerry and russian counterpart, sergey lavrov led discussions between 20 countries and world bodies. they have agreed to begin talks between the government and the opposition by a story. >> while the attacks in paris may have overshadowed talks about syria, they also underscored a renewed diplomatic commitment to end that country's war. >> may make no mistake.
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>> resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this inspeakable brutality. i think lavrov would agree with me in the meeting, there is a broad-based sense of revulsion, horror and a deep commitment to do more to try to bring an end to the violence in the region and to the world. >> this time several concrete steps were agreed to in a timeline established the establishment of formal negotiations negotiations. the hope is that those discussions to be held under the auspices of the united nation's special envoy for syria would begin no later than january 1st. >> the syrian government has already informed of the composition of their delgration.
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reflecting the whole spectrum of political forces. >> the next goal the establishment, within 6 months from now of a non-sectarian unity government which would oversee the creation of a new constitution. within 18 months, elections that would take place under u.n. supervision with an empa situation on trans piece and accountability. a new found sense of urgency surrounded the talks saturday with a pall over the proceedings t. >> europeans arabs, east and west international community is all affected by terrorists and those who try to divide us and spread panic. the best response to this is actually coming together coming together overcoming our
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differences and trying together one worry, how a continuation is the war in syria may create more of a haven for terrorist groups. >> outstanding questions linger such as which groups involved in syria's civil war would be considered terrorists going forward. what is finally, to become of syrian president bashar al-assad. mohammed jamjoom t vienna. >> a shocking discovery has been made in the iraqi town of sinjar. kurdish fighters who claimed victory 24 hours ago have found mass graves. they contain the bodies of yazitis who were mercilessly targeted more than a year.
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a report now from inside sinjar. >> after the peshmerga advanced swiftly into sinjar evidence of isil's brutality comes to light. a peshmerga shoulder places items that were found. bones, hair and personal items. this is jazim. he said members of his family and relatives are buried here he is angry at what happened. >> we understand this is war. we know people will die. this is more. we will never forget what they did here we will have our revenge. isil killed at least three,000 when it took control of this region in june 2014. the committee practiced an ancient religion and isil considered them to be heretic and forced them to convert to islam or be killed. they have enslaved young women. >> sparked international
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condemnation and spurred airstrikes against isil. there could be hundreds like this across the sinjar region. as the peshmerga clear different areas it is very likely they will find more mass graves. the head of the local intelligence department says it's further evidence of isil's violence. >> we keep finding evidence. this will needs to be documented and recorded. it's up to this man to record that evidence okayly from sinj a rr. he worked with the international criminal court for 13 years and now advises the kurdish regional government on more crimes and genocide. he says this attack took place on august 15th and that this grave contains 76 bodies including young women and that it might qualify as genocide. >> these with young girls managed to escape and came to
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our servicedcenter for gathering evidence in the war. they told us about this. >> given the ferocity of the u.s.-led coalition airstrikes and the peshmerga advance, it's likely vital evidence of isil's killings in this town will have been lost. but for the yaziti relief that some evidence is at least being discovered. imran khan tsinjar. >> the pentagon says a u.s. air strike killed the head of isil's libyan branch an iraqi national and previously associated with al-qaeda. five syrians and one palestinian have been arrested in connection with thursday's double bombings in beirut according to lebanese security forces. the attacks killed 43 people in a southern suburb of the city controlled by hezbollah which has been fighting alongside
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president bashar al-assad's forces in syria still ahead here on the al jazeera newshour: as paris mourns for the victims of friday's attacks, we explore the details of the violence plus: in the republic of the congo, large forvests been cut to below grow palm oil. >> that's great ape has been at that time. >> we will have qualifiers. raoul will be here with those a little later.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. >> a reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera. the french president, francois hollande described friday's attacks as an act of war against his country after isil said it carried out the attacks, at least 129 people were killed at various locations across the french capitol bell gym police arrested several people in connection with those attacks. an investigation is underway which will look into a car that
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had been hired in billelgium. this comes when leaders discuss syria's war in vienna. the u.s. secretary of state announces a transitional government for syria will be set within six months. for some analysis on this and everything else that's happened in paris, we are joined by the chair of contemporary middle east studies at the london school of economics. a warm welcome. before we talk about what's happening in vienna you were in paris. talk to me about the feeling you had of these -- as these attacks happened. from 9:00 o'clock until 6 or 7 in the morning all you can hear, ambulances wailing. sounds of police cars. not have to catch the television. you realize something was really terribly wrong. this morning, i woke up early
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and wanted to walk in the city. no french people. this is the first saturday. some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. the city was under lockdown. the om people were foreigners and tourists. the sense of shock and fear the french people i talked to one of the greatest probably disasters to hit france since the end of worldwar 2. it was bloodbath certainly in the short-term and the weeks and months that come. it's going to be tricky from french authorities because they have to be careful not toany alienate muss let me communities who hold a large part of the answer here, i think, as you know, julyy, after the jan
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attacks against the newspaper, i think the french people and the french elite and french soil stood up and made it clear this was not about islam and muslims. this was really about a very tiny group of terrorists who had their own a gentry a and ideology. france survived that particular moment with dignity. the challenge is not to lump these murderers, savages with the the muslim community. it's an ideology. it's an ideology a savage ideology trying to terrorism. fear and to send a powerful message we are invincible. we can exact ven answer against you. a message they are trying to do not just the western and french people. for its own base despite everything that the western powersha have thrown at us we
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are resisting and bleeding the nose of the western powers including france. >> while this was happening, we have seen this do you think what's happened in paris may put pressure on the international powers involved in trying to maybe progress to make it faster quicker, different more effective decisions? >> as you know isis is really a product of the civil wars raging in iraq and syria the capitol is anaroka. there is an umbilical card between what's happening whether you are talking about france and what-have-you. not just you and i were talking that. i mean american secretary of state john kerry made it very clear that what happened in paris last night should really basically mobilize the international community and
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generate [will on the part of the powers to bridge the divide. >> seems what happened last night. we are going to attempt to have an government within six months. >> sounds extraordinarily given the opposition is so utterly fractured. why do they make those statements? >> it's what diplomacy is all about. it's the promises: this has been taking place for almost five years 11 medical people. this is a very complex struggle. it's going to take years. this is just the beginning. the first step really in a million-mile journey. one would hope that the carnage that we witnessed in paris. let's not forget you are talking
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about almost 300,000 sirrians who have perished probably less than medical refugeesed and displaced people. this is the responsibility of the international community to pull together and try to help the syrian people and try to isolate the murderers and the killers who basically inflict terror not just on the french and westerners but mainly on the syrians and the iraqis and arabs. >> let's hoch we can make some progress. thank you very much for joining us. thank you. at least seven people have been killed the accident happened near straussburg. the train at the time. local authorities have blamed excessive speed. police have arrested a frenchman suspected of having a gun. police investigated the actions of the man who discarted a item in a bin. they say they discovered what
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appears to have been a defendant firearm and have removed it for forensic examination. world leaders have begun arriving in turkey ahead of the next g .20 summit. global issues real likely to be at the top t francois hollande will not attend the talks but is sending a number of ministers in his place. security is, of course high. eleven people have been arrested for protesting. al jazeera's bernard smith is in antalia where the summit is taking place. >> this is one of the most intensive execute operations the turkish government has had to undertake on the agean coast. it's 1 of those areas where national leaders are gathered together for one event all of the entrances the g20 is supposed to be about addressing the world's economic challenges
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but it's the syria crisis that casts a long shadow over this event not least because we are 500 kilometers from the syrian border. also, put on the agenda by the events host synrated by syria's civil war. there will be one g20 leader, note a.m. by his absence from this event, the french president, francois hallande represented by lauren fabbuos. government demonstrators have fought police in the sorting korean capitol. the protestors are rallying against the introduction of state you issued history text books calling the move politically biased. harry faucet is in seoul. >> seoul hasn't seen clashes like this. the politics of this country bubbling over. at stake, two key issues, a
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conservative government's attempts to reform labor laws and striebz to produce a history textbook for use by all children in the country. we are here to stop them changing the laborers for the worst. we want laborers to be able to work. >> at first i thought i had come to participate but having seen all of this i am planning to fight to the end. >> south korean it is replace bat on wielder offices well barriers and a distinction was lost on many in the crowd. we can confirm the he was are far from pleasant. this is most concerted we have seen this this has been an i am permiable barrier. they are still trying every way
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they know now with their low-tech means. soft, it'sfruitless. >> unions are criticized for being far left. the president says south korea's all but monoplized history teaching in schools failing to inspire narm pride and unity. >> without the knowledge about a country's history, one becomes a soulless human. if one doesn't properly learn history, his soul can't become anything but abnormal. authoritarian she finds all too appeal appealing, they say. >> the government promise today press on despite the opposition but the depth of the divide between right and left in this country has now been laid bear on the streets of its capitol.
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harry faucet al jazeera, seoul. >> u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls are preparing for their second debate happening in iowa the first state to vote in the primary process which helps to decide who will be the party's candidate for next year's election. kimberly halkel scribes the demographic candidates want to attract. >> 34 years ago jesus castro left mexico for the united states in search of a job. he found one and now has created work for others in the small grocery store he owns. but he is concerned about immigrants who have arrived more recently >> there is no reason for them to be deport comforted. they are all working. it's not a crime to be working. >> residents like jesus are transforming iowa once a predominantly white agricultural state. since the year 2000, the number of ofhip his panics has doubled.
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>> democratic candidates like burney sanders have released radio as like this one entirely in spanish targeting this coveted demographic with promises of citizenship for those who have entered the u.s. illegally. >> if you are going to vote in a democrat or republican caucus. >> add cock vis groups are spending thousands educating young latinos on how and where to vote? >> i was the firstborn in the united states. i am not voting for myself. my whole have entire family. i want to get involved. >> past hispanic voting. >> barack obama 270. clinton subpoena courting hispanics fine. >> if the election is very close one in which a few thousand votes can make a difference, that's where latinos could be one of the key parts of did hing the outcome. >> it's an outcome jesus and
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others in the state say they want to be a part of. >> we need to be here. without the help of latinos, this country would not succeed. he is looking for a presidential cab data that will invest in latin 0s like him. >> palm oil is filling a void but it comes at a cost threatening endangered wildlife. from the republic of congo. >> dup in the republic of the congo, freshly pouredats fault paves a path to the future through pristine jungle. conservationists fear that future will be marked by disappearing forests and endangered wildlife we are going our best to have best management
4:44 pm
practice for our forests they belong to the world. >> the jungle's inaccessibility has long been its greatest protector. since national route 2 was expanded in august each day, the modern world roles into the former wilderness of the congo basin and over the planet's second largest tropical forest. they have grown corn. this forest is very abundant. it's very large. i can walk for days and days and then come back. there is no concern about this forest. >> now, along the new highway, a new threat has emerged. palm oil plantations grown on what was once tropical forest land. makers of the lucrative oil used a staggering array of products from sweets to soap have razed
4:45 pm
forests in forestsoo. on the sunday's the nations fires emit more greenhouse gases than the entire united states. this is a tropical forest that has been clearcut in order to grow palm trees for palm oil. it used to be high jungle as it is in the background there. now, that's not a major problem here in central africa yet as it has been in asia but it threatens to be because so much of the land here is could have been dutiesive to growing palm oil. this is a has beenbitat for chimpanzees and gorillas. the greatest threat they say is agricultural encroachment. >> ten or twenty years so mary of the things such as the big fires in indonesia, if you think about cambodia lots and lots of land clearance, that would be very much a risk for africa,cogo
4:46 pm
in particular in the next few years if that kind of thing is not well managed. >> some palm oil companies say they have been careful to avoid them. >> there is a clear commitment about environmental issues to ensure. >> two think this of isn't tral africa's forest land is ideal for the crop. conservationists fear the soil here is too attractive to survive the on slaught. john hendren, al jazeera, republic of the congo. >> still ahead: the issue hitting europe as told from africa. nigeria's film industry takes on the refugee crisis at the african film festival. we will have all of the sport including marina sharapova trying to end an injury-plagued season on a high note in the finals.
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now we are heading to raoul with all of the day's sports news. no, we are not. i don't believe. my mistake. the cinema of nigeria is the second largest film industry in the world and one that keeps growing. some of the year's biggest films back in from countries like the u.s. and qatar. some of nigeria's biggest stars are coming together for the international film festival in la
4:49 pm
lagos. the. >> this year's africa international film festival in lagos draws a more global audience to african cinema through a major issue affecting europe: how to deal with the influx of migrants and refugees. med trainia across the mediterranean sea. it cost folder that $2 million to produce t premiered at the cannes film festival in france and was funded by the u.s. and qatar the. >> this changes the mentality about immigration. it will help many to get ref eugenia . >> refuge t a drama called "too close in lagos," putting immigration on the map. he says themes like romance, work, and family are more a reflection of the every day experience. >> the chal angis to tell it how
4:50 pm
it affects us a story a script. what do we do? again, we are how do we distribute it? >> the africa international film festival is trying to help film makers overcome difficulty. this workshop is teaching young cinematoghrapers new skills. >> it was built to encourage film makers and kind of just fine tune what we have so this year we had 35 african countries participating, 25 non-african countries participating. this fantastic glend of the
4:51 pm
world in one space and everybody is interacting, sharing ideas. >> the makers belief it's an important promotional tool but they say film makers must do their best to keep producing movies despite obstacles it will culminate in an awards show the organizers say this will help internationally. lagos, nigeria. >> now,a i can confirm it is time to get all of the rest of the day's sports news from raoul. >> i should have a look at my face when you almost went to me there. football first. two euro 2016 playoffs taking place on saturday. stock homed place host to denmark. the victims of the attacks were remembered before kickoff. in the game, itself sweden opened a scoring just before the break and the second half t
4:52 pm
eastboundib ibram ibramo vuchlt ich helped to a win. >> a tie. malinko gavea ukraine a lead in the first half. the home side winning 2-nil. two teams have already qualified those finals in france next year. a friendly. in kuban. with all of the games across europe there was a tribute to those who were killed on friday in paris. once again, started. it was one goal that decided add match. can came in the 89th minute. russia winning 1-nil. >> russia, of course, due to host the world cup in 2018 the second round, 3 in total. big surprises. none more than chad's 1-nil win
4:53 pm
136th algeria drawing withtanstanswithtanstanzania. another side, mali lots to botswana. the french football federation is concerned a friendly game against egland will go ahead on tuesday. all sporting fixtures across france have been postponed after friday's events. tlooep people were killed during the team's match with germany. game is the completed but many stayed in the ground after the final whistle. the gravity of the situation became known. the german team have arrived back in frankford after a bomb scared resulted in the squad being evacgreated their hotel. we can be proud of the team and the way they got through last night. those on the subs bench heard
4:54 pm
outside and heard the pressure from the crowd. when they weren't able to to return, they stayed in the changing rooms with 60 or 70 people the president of the russian olympic committee assured russia will do whatever is necessary to resolve the country's problems with doping. they vowed to punish anyone found guilty of doping offense. commissions by the world anti-doping agency made accusations after state-sponsors doping in russia. the iaaf voted in favor of after provisional ban for russia the first time an entire country has been banned for doping offenses. >> we find ourself in a shameful position. we made that clear. in discussing the failings within the russian federation we have also addressed the failings within our own organization. i have tonight discussed with my counsel the proposals for making strong, strong changes there?
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>> meanwhile, russia's chief has offered to resign with the scandal threatening to cost the country it's place next summer. the sports ministry say a complete overhaul of the athletics federation sleepered will take place within three months. an independent reform commission is being set up by the iaaf to sew sea the changes in russia's effort. >> we have to wait for the results of the commission i hope they will cooperate they will make their lemingsz. only then will we know the length of the ban. >> slightly better news. maria sharapova has beaten to level the fed cup final 11. sharapova, the world number 4 struggled on serve hitting nine double faults in total. the russian-born broke in the second set to beat her opponent 6-3, 6-4. she will face the two-time petra
4:56 pm
kavos. >> if the czech committed 14 errors. came back to win the next two and the match 2-6, 6-1, 6-1. the czechs claim their fourth cup title in five years. on poll position for the penultimate f-1 race, the brazilian grand prix. it's the 5th successive poll for the german who won last year. he edged his mercedes's teammate lewis hamilton bio.78 for a second. hamilton won the f-1 title last month in the u.s. trying to clench second place. best place to be in for tomorrow's race. yeah worked well in qualifying. i was playing catch up a little. that the didn't go to plan t it
4:57 pm
really, you know, really got going and got good laps in. the last lap was on the edge. a couple of big moments in there. still worked out to be a good time. happy with that. >> that race is on sunday. that's all of the sport for me. back to you in london. >> thank you. we end this program withtributes to the people of france. international landmarks around the world have been lit up in the colors of the french flag red, white and blue. it's a show of solidarity and support as the country grieves the deaths of 129 people.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling.
5:00 pm
paris mourns the victims of yesterdays attacks which killed 129 people >> it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army. >> this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up arrests in belgium in connection with those attacks as police begin to identify perpetrators.


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