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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. welcome to the al jazeera news housh live from doha. in the next 60 minutes: >> the investigation will try to find the perpetrators, the accomplices, their root and financie financiers. >> three coordinated teams were behind the attacks in which 129 people died. no words. just grief and sigh will not
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reflection as parisians mourn the victims. around the world is an outpouring of solidarity and support for people of the french capitol. hundreds of people have gathered at the plaza in paris for a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of friday's attacks. we know 129 people were killed and 3352 others injured in the violence. let's cross to our correspondent, david chader who is in the french capitol. what's happening where you are, david? >> well, we are in the plaz plaza de republic. close to the attacks we saw on friday the 13th. around 200 people have gathered around the statue behind me to
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lay candles and stand in vigil to those who lost their lives and nearly 100 fighting for their lives tes moment and for the 352 families who had members injured in this series of atrocities on friday the 13th. please have not been encouraging such gathers because they don't know whether there are any more acomplaces here in paris at the moment. nevertheless, they have tolerated a small number of people here they realize people do want to show their emotions. they do want to show that they will resist this attack. one of the men i spoke to there said that he feels anger and ate trea hate /* hatred. >> has there been any new information, david, on the investigation into the attacks?
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>> well, the french prime minister was saying in the aftermath of the attack that what the of paris and the people of france are facing is a very well organized enemy. these were cold-hearted professional killers, some of them apparently only in their teens. many who survived the attacks were amazed at how young these people were. they didn't have -- they made no attempt to disguise their identity. they were very shocked how young some of these people were but the prosecutor of paris had more details about what we now know about who carried out these attacks. >> we can at this stage say very reasonably there were three coordinated teams of terrorists. the investigation will try to find the perpetrators, the
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accomplices who ordered them, the root and who financed them. the police force is conducting multiple investigations and i want to underline the full investment and professionalism as well as the international cooperation we have engaged with our foreign partners in the fight against terrorism. >> what else did the prosecutor have to say, david? >> well, he made three other main points, which we should really highlight the first was that one of the stackers on the concert hall, the pop concert, was actually known, already known to the police. now, he has been before them for several minor petty offenses. he knew tremists and the contacts he had made. the other point, the second
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point is that there were three arrest did in belgium soon after this attacks, this was a bell jump number plate car seen fleeing the scene of one of the main attacks. three were arrested in belgium as a result of that car being seen. one apparently was a frenchman who organized the cards that were used in the attacks by the suicide bombers. the third point was that one of the suicide bombers nearby was found with a syrian passport. the police found out that this was actually used on october the 3rd, by somebody going through the stream of refugees on to the greek island of leros having crossed the aegean sea. we don't know whether the owner of that passport is the same man. a syrian passport was a valuable commodity. anyone who can get hold of a syrian passport is more likely to get refer uj e status.
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the green authorities are sending finger prints to see if they match up with the police forensic evidence here. >> david, thank you very much for that update from paris. davidchater live. the public prosecutor outlined the sequence the attacks. the violence began around 20 past 9 local time when the first of three bombs went off outside the stade de france. about the same time in the 10th district, gun men attacked la pet teeth restaurant and a neighboring restaurant. .15 were killed. 5 dead were shot dead afterwards in another nearby restaurant two kilometers away in the 11th district. the gunmen killed at least 19 people in an attack on l la belle aquit restaurant a
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suicide bomberset off ex plostives at a restaurant but failed to kill anyone else. at 10 minutes until 10:00, four attackers entered the bataclan concert hall killing 89 people during a two-hour siege. one attacker was shot dead. the others blew themselves up when police stormed the theatre we have two reports from paris. jonah hull looks at the impact on french politics. neev barker reports on the people coming together to mourn. >> paris is in 14ing. at the bar where at least 12 people were killed, mountingtributes and stunned silence. madeline lives next door to the bar. when the firing started, she rushed for cover.
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>> around 9:00 o'clock, we heard a lot of noise and panic. we went outside and saw people lying on the ground. the last body was only taken away early this morning it's been really difficult for everyone here. >> this once a vibrant neighborhood is now troubling to go comprehend the mass murder that happened here. >> here and around the corner, also. a very popular district. people used to go out on friday night they chose it, i think, because they were sure it would kill a lot of people here. >> a businessed from i had knighted. this would have been bustling with noise until the killers drove past, firing weapons indiscriminately into the crowd. bullet holes and blood stains here on the restaurant front. one of a series of deadly, coordinated attacks. >> close to the bar, par i s
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parisians queue to give blood. hospitals say the response has been over bheming the single most violent attack happened here at the concert hall where hundreds were attending a concert. >> this shows people flee into a side street a woman hangs from a first floor balcony. two other people drag a badly injured man down the street. more than 80 people died here the area remains sealed off while forensic teams gather evidence. at the restaurant, more murders and more questions. since the attacks on charlie hebdo 10 months ago, france has been on the highest state of alert. but despite the precautions, now this. it's difficult to know what france can do next to keep its citizens safe neev barker,
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al jazeera, paris. >> paris under attack again. this time with more sophisticated and deadly effect. the president has c c c called act of war. >> faced with war, the country has taken appropriate steps. it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army, daesh, an islamist army against france and against the values we uphold throughout the world, against who we are a free country which speaks to the whole planet. >> this was the response of right-wing opposition reader marine lapin expected to do well with views like these in upcoming regional elections >> translator: islamic fundamentalism must be destroyed. france must ban islamist organizations, close radical mosque did and deport foreigners who bring hadred on our soil and illegal immigrants who have nothing to do here. >> friday's killings were
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claimed by isil. in a statement, it blames french fortunately policy. >> we decided to heed high school? iraq and not very long time ago, we decided that was self defense to go in to syria. it's the turmoil we are in now. >> does it surprise you that france has been singled out for these kinds of attacks? >> not much. not much. >> the government has put the army on to the streets but questions will be asked about its preparedness before these attacks. >> things have evolved in a much more disturbing manner than i think any were imagining. the french were expecting something fairly big. the background noise was sort of evil but it is the sure sophistication of this attack or series of attacks which really does strike one. there is another disturbing possibility, a syrian passport discovered near the body of one
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attacker is said to mae match identification details of arriving with boatloads of refugees in october. the streets of paris are an eerie quiet. a country in a state of emergency wondering why this is happening so soon after an attack on charlie hebdo and jewish customers at a kosher supermarket. france stood united among alleys in defense of its freedoms. now, such gatherings are banned. this feels like a far more fractured defensive france, a president promising to defeat the enemy outside a rising opposition leader looking for an enemy within, a nation of deep disquiet. >> joining us from washington, d.c. is the former cia analyst and co-author of
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find, fix, finish inside the terrorism campaign that killed bin laden and devastated al-qaeda. good to have you with us on al jazeera. given france has been on its highest state of alert since january's attacks, the man described buy the frefrnlths prosecutor as the initiator of the bataclan was known to authoritiesnch prosecutor as the initiator of the bataclan was known to authoriti authorities. he had eight previous convictions, was the subject of a security file for radicalization. is this an intelligence failure? >> i think it's too early to tell. if there are other sources that say the law enforcement or british or americans or other organizations failed to pick up on him or any of the other attackers, then, yes, you could point the finger and call it an intelligence failure but this individual, even though he was known to security services, he was basically known for the pretty petty crimes.
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if you were to actually follow every single individual who had committed some sort of petty crime in france, you would completely over tax the security servic services' k5i7 abilities. >> you cannot follow everybody. it's not a police state. even if it was a police state, it would be incredibly difficult to determine who was about to do what. as far as right now, i think it's too -- it's premature for somebody to actually call it an intelligence failure. >> how hard is it, the nature of this attack, you know, on soft target did by groups of people out to kill random people and justice as xwoshth, themselves? how hard is it to guard against attacks like these? >> it is incredibly difficult. we live in free societies and people like to congregate in large numbers at sports games, at cafes, theaters, et cetera. and for people to complete lockdown and check everybody is
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basically impossible. even if you had police on every street corner, individuals who are willing to die for their cause and they have access to both bombs and automatic weapons means that they can attack a lot of people. for an example, the boston bombers that attacked the boston marathon a number of years ago, that entire area was filled with cameras, execute, police, et cetera, and yet they were still able to carry out their attack and get away. >> it isedes to carry out attacks like these, can we expect more? the french president said france needs to prepare for further terrorist attacks. the outgoing magistrate in counterterrorism cases santa fe said. the darkest days are ahead of us. the real war isis intends tom wage on our soil -- these are his words -- hasn't yet begun. how worrying will this be for the french people?
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8. ? >> i would actually be quiet worried because people are talking about the sophistication of these attacks. now, remember that all they basically had were three things, which were suicide vests, firearms and a willingness to die. if you have those three things and you aren't being picked up by the police for a variety of reasons, perhaps all of these people knew each other or 107 did no have criminal records. it's difficult especially if you are wanting to causes mahem. paris is pretty well policed. imagine if this were to happen in other capitols that are not as well policed throughout europe and asia and north america. it's a terrifying feeling, and that's why folks have to be both viglant. you have to have the intelligence services and law enforcement on their jobs and citizens willing to tell, if you see something, say something, to use a cliche. sometimes, you can actually stop things right before they happen. that's actually what happened in 2010 in new york city where a
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street vendor saw that ar something was about to blow up in tile square. he alerted police and they carted away the bomb. >> joining us live from warptdz there. thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it people around the world have expressed solidarity for the people of france and new york. the world trade center was lit up with the colors of the french flag. we will have more on the international reaction a little later in the newshour keep up-to-date with these hattest dproechlts pairings on our website at at least 10 people have been killed in a high-speed train crash in eastern france. the accident happened near straussburg. technicians were testing the tdv train at the time. local authorities say the train
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derailed because it was going too fast. still to come on the newshour high level talks in vienna. a horrifying discovery after pesh perfect push out isil fighters. >> the world of sport pays tribute to those who died in the paris attacks. details of that coming up later in the program. the issue is of execute is the said to dominate at a time second democratic debate. tribute to the victims have been laid at the french embassy in washington, d.c. the final three democratic contenders will faceoff in iowa
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in a few hours. let's go to our correspondent, kimberly halkett now. she is in des moines where that debate is going to take place. kimberly, how have the paris attacks -- how will they affect the debate? >> you know, initially, elizabeth, this was expected to be a debate focusing on domestic issues, gun control, student debt, income inequality. with the attacks in paris, all of that changed. we are told the 340d raters briefly considered even cancelling the debate, but instead, focusing on foreign policy and national security. the feeling being that these are candidates who are auditioning to be the president of the united states, of course, and that's a role that in tires of crisis, many around the world look to the leader in the oval office for insights and inspiration. this will be a test of these candidates. how they will respond.
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expect we will be hering from this debate. various nuances in terms of how it's expected former secretary of state hillary clinton as well as bernie sanders believe they would respond and how they would prevent a similar attack on u.s. soil. i also had the opportunity to speak with congressman javier basera campaigning for hillary clinton. he said he believes this is a sirings that will show the differences between the candidate ad vandages with regard to leading on terms of phone call policy issues with four years as secretary of state. >> the interesting thing for c secretary clinton, unlike any of the other candidates, democratic or republican, is she is not speculating when she tells you what she would do. she probably will tell you what she has done, what she is doing, then she could tell you what she will do. but all of what she will do is
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backed up by what she has done trans is no candidate running for president who is better tested, whether it's in the halls of congress, om a campaign trail or on the hotspots of the world like hillary clinton. >> that's what we are likely to hillary clinton what time do we expect to hear from the other candidates on how they would fight isil, kimberly? >> well, what we expect to hear are some real policy difference, in fact, elizabeth when it comes to bernie sanders as well as hillary clinton, there are differences in terms of how they view dealing with the situation that has been ongoing in syria we will combatting isil. we know bernie sanders is very supporter of the intamings administration policies, bolstering the rebels to attempt ov overthrow the syrian president but where he differs with the administration is on the more recently policy shift by the administration sending in those
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50 special operations. many viewing that nothing more than boots on the ground even if there has been a defendant denial by the administration that that is the case. the key difference between clinton and sanders is the policy that has been proposed by hillary clinton of putting in place a no fly zone to protect civilians she is suggesting from bombing by the syrian forces and, also, establishing those humanitarian corridors to allow in relief supplies. there is a real feeling by her frontrunner, the other frontrunner, burnie sanders that this would be really a major escalation. there is fear that this could set up the u.s. planes that would have to patrol sergeant the no 9 zone with russian forces and flights operating in the area, something he believes would be catastrophic. whether it comes to these polka-dot jersey the american
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public, we can look at some recent polls, one coming out the day before the paris attack that seemed to echo isn't huntsman of bernie sanders by hillary clinton, should she become the next u.s. president. the feeling of the american public at least right now is that they are war weary. they don't want to see a further escalation, entanglement but now that we have the reflex of 24 hours as the paris attack, we will be watching very closely to see whether these policy positions have shifted in the debate and u.s. reaction. >> thank you very much for that. our correspondent, kimberly halkett covering the democratic debate from des moines. thank you. a new round of attacks have begun in vienna to try to resolve the crisis in syria. russia and the united states briefly put aside their differences to condemn the attacks on paris as the meeting began. a report from the austrian capitol. >> while the attacks in paris
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may have over shadowed saturday's talks about syria, they also underscored a renewed diplod diplomatic to end that country's war. >> may make no mistake. >> resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. i think sergei lavrov and steffan would agree with me that today in the meeting, there was a broad-based sense of revulsion, of horror and a deep commitment to do more to try to bring an ends to the violence in the region and of the world. >> several con treat steps were agreed to and a timeline was established. formal negotiations of the syrian opposition and the syrian regime. the hope is that those discussions to be held under the autz pieces of the united nieingsz special envoy for syria would begin no later than
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january 1st the. >> the syrian government has already informed steffan of the composition of the delegation. today, he had the task to find the composition of the syrian delegation which should be representative and reflect the whole spectrum of political forces. >> the next goal, the establishment within six months of now of a non-sectarian unity government which would oversee the creation of a new constitution. finally, within within 18 months, elections that would take place under u.n. supervision with an emphasis on trans parents and accountability. a new found urgency surrounded saturday. it was clear the delegations assembled felt there was no time to waste. >> europeans, arabs, east and west, international community is all affected by terrorism and those that try to divide and
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spread panic. the best response to this is actually coming together, coming together overcoming differences and lead the way to peace in syria. >> one worry expressed by everyone involved was how a continuation of the war in syria would continue to create even more of a haven for isil and other extremist groups. while substantial agreements were reached, many outstanding questions still lingered such as which groups involved in syria's civil war other than isil and nusra front would be considered terrorists. bi what is finally to become of syrian president bashar al-assad. mohammed jamjoom. vienna. >> lebanese police have arrested
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s fives palestinians in a southern suburb of beirubeirut. one hit a shia community center and a nearby bakery. it is associated with hezbollah it which has sent hundreds of groups into syria. isil claimed responsibility for the blasts. >> a shocking matter has been found 24 hours ago. mass graves containing the bodies of the yazitis. imran khan reports from inside sinjar. >> after the peshmerga advanced swiftly, evidence of isil's brutality comes to light. a pesh perfect soldier places items that may investigators were found on this site including bones, hair, personal items. this is hasim. he said relatives are buried here he is angry at what
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happened. >> we understand this is war. we know people will die. but this is more. we will never forget what they did here we will have our revenge. >> according to the u.n., isil killed at least 3,000 yaziti men and women when it took control of this region in june, 2014. the yaziti community practice an ancient religion. isil forced them to convert to islam or be killed. they have enslaved young women. >> sparked international condemnation and sparked the u.s. to launch airstrikes against isil. there could be hundreds of sites like this. as the peshmerga clear different areas it is very likely that they will find more mass graves. >> the head of the local intelligence department says it's further evidence of isil's violence. >> we keep finding evidence of their actions. these need to be documented and recorded. it's up to this man to record the evidence.
6:29 pm
original lin from sinjar, he worked with the international court for children years and advises on war crimes and genocide genocide. he said this took place on august 14th and this grave contains 76 bodies including young women and it might qualify as genocide. >> these young girls told us they managed to escape from isis and they came to our center for interrogation and gathering evidence. i am leading that project. they told us about this. i have been there and mentioned all of the details. so this is evidence. >> given the ferocity of the u.s.-led coalition airstrikes and the peshmerga advance, it's likely vital evidence of isil's killings in this town would have been lost but for the yaziti, relief that some evidence is at least being discovered. imran khan, sinjar.
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>> still ahead on the al jazeera newshour: i am john hendren. >> in sports, mercedes driver nickel rosberg got his 6th successive poll position. all of the action from the brazilian grand prix coming up.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. ♪good to have you with us on the al jazeera newshour. i am elizabeth rurman. the french say three coordinated teams were behind the attacks in paris. six different sites were started. police say they know of several attackers. all are dead. investigators say there may have been accomplices. hundreds of people have gathered at the plaza de republic to
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honor victims 69 attacks. at least 129 people were killed and 352 others injured in the violence. >> moderators say they will shift the emphasis to security. the final degree democratic candidates will faceoff in a couple of hours. world leaders were supposed to condemn the attacks in paris. millions have been showing support for the people of france. some of the most famous buildings have been lit up in the colors of the french flag. the extent of the attacks became clear. messages of soldzerity poured in from toronto to san francisco which lit up in blue, white and red to enter the victims. >> paris represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think they can
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terrorize the people of france or the values they stand for are wrong. >> the worst act of violence in france since the second world war. the worst terrorist attack in europe for a decade. your hars go out to the french people and to all of those who lost loved ones. >> i would like to express my condolences to my counterpart hollande and the french nation on behalf of my country and people. i hope the wounded people will recover soon. angela merkel says her hopes are with the victims. iranian president postponed his trip to europe and called the attacks crimes against humanhum. millions reacted to the news on social media as messages of
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solidarity continue for those grieving, many are looking for answers. mohamm earlier, we heard from the senior political analyst it wants france to crack down against the muss let me community, further reaction in syria on a military level. it wants more appeasement of dictators in the region. a sober more clear-headed response. not a tit for tat. france is a liberal democracy, not a terrorist group. it should not react as isil would have expect it to react. it needs to work with the others
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to really find solution, political solution in syria as we have spoken before. it's really -- it should be sober and work with its muslim community, with the muslim minority in order to isolate radicals working in tandem in a more, you know, repressive style like what we see in the united states and more towards recognizing accepting and celebrating the diversity in france the majority of french muslims are french and redefining france like the rest of the french society there. thousands have fought with police. the largest protest in nearly a decade in seoul. the introduction of new history text books critics say will be politically biased.
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harry fawcett has more from seoul. >> seoul hasn't seen clashes like this for many years. increasingly polarized politics bubbling over. two key issues, attempt to reform labor laws and strives to produce its own history textbook for use by all children in the country. at first, i thought i had come to past is pate. >> south korea ian marines pride themselves -- south korea ian -- korean police with water canon. we can confirm the effects are far from pleas ants.
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>> the most concerted protest we have seen in years. it has been an impermeable barrier. they are trying but it's proved fruitless. >> conservatives often criticize unions as being far left, even north korean sympathizers and say the left has all but monoplized schools failing to inspire national pride and unity. >> without the knowledge about one's country's history, one becomes soulless. his soul can't become anything but abnormal. critics say it's to enhance the ruler's father. the government has promised
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today press on. the depth of the divide is nothing laid bear -- now been laid bear on the streets of the capitol. seoul. there are fears the global demand for palm oil is putting one of the planet's most precious has been tats at risk. threatening en dadangered wildl freshly poured asphalt paves a way. disappearing forests and endanger wildlife. ner not only our forests. they belong to the world. >> reporter: the jungle's
6:41 pm
inauctionsibility has long been it's greatest protector since national route 2 was expanded in august, each day the modern world runs into the former wilderness and over the planet's second largest tropical forest i could walk for days and days and co come back. there is no concern about this forest a staggering array of products have razed whole forests. indian easians burn so much forest land, some days, there are more greenhouse gasses emit than the entire united states.
6:42 pm
this is a tropical forest that has been clearcut in order to grow palm trees. it used to be high jungle as it is in the background there. that's not a major problem here in central africa yet as it has been in asia. it threatens to be because so much of the land here is con deuce ive to growing palm oil. that's a problem because this is a habitat for chimpanzees and gorillas. they say the threat is agricultural encroachment? >> he is probably ten or twenty years down line so many things you have seen such as the big fires in indonesia, if you think about cambodia, lots and lots of land clearance sorry palm oil companies say they have been careful to avoid that. >> there is a clear mittment
6:43 pm
okay tiveties. >> two-thirds of central's forest land is ideal for the crop. conservationists think it is too attractive to survive the on slaught. republic of the congo. >> it might surprise you to hear naliwood or nigerian cinema, some are coming together for the africa international film festival in lagos. the festival isn't afraid to raise difficult issues. >> this year's africa international film festival in lagos draws a more global audience to african cinema, how to deal with the influx of migrants and refugees.
6:44 pm
metiterrenana is about two men traveling across the mediterranean sea. it cost nearly $2 million to produce. it plea mered at the prest iejous cannes film festival and was funded by the u.s. and qatar. >> this changes the mentality about immigration. this movie will help many migrants to get refuge, to get a sigh lum in europe. >> reporter: film makers shooting a who done it is excited it is putting the topic on the map but he said lighter themes like romance, work, and family are more a reflection of the every day experiences of africans and must be promoted. there are major challenges. >> the challenge is to tell the story and you have a story. you have a script. what do we do? we have little or no backing from the government t equipment, of course, is an extension but
6:45 pm
then again, we are particular about quality. and, of course, how do we distribute it? >> reporter: the africa international film festival is trying to help film makers overcome the difficulties. this is teaching young cinematographers new skills. >> it was built in a way to encourage film makers and kind of just fine tune what we have to what the rest of the world has to offer. so this year, we had 35 african countries participating and very interesting. we had 25 non-african countries participating, also. you have this fantastic blend of the world in one space and everybody's interacting. everybody is sharing ideas. >> the makers of too close believe it is an important promotional tool but without it, they say film makers must do their best to keep producing movies despite the obstacles.
6:46 pm
>> the africa international film festival will culminate in an award show to draw attention to the most innovative films showing. the organizers say this will help propel them internationally. lagos, nigeria. >> still to come in this news hour: >>. >> pint size and bendy, we report from an acrobat school in china. and in sport, maria sharapova tries to end an injury-plagued season on a high note in the fed cup final.
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now, in an age of online entertainment and didn'tal gaming, acrobats in china are able to attract huge crowds in one part of eastern china is providing talent. rob mcbride reports. she has the kind of school day nanny 9-year-olds envy. more than half of it is spent in the gym. lee was en rolled at this school six months ago but has been practicing her body bending feats for as long as she can remember. >> sdmfrp i started when i was 5 years old, sometimes practicing the whole day. i prefer acroba tics to
6:50 pm
gymnastics. >> they are closely related but while gymnastics is more mainstream education, acroba tics is taught with work in mind. acrobatic troops recruit from schools like this one. [acrobats can make about $2,000 a month, about the same as an office job. >> in this poor part of eastern china, young people have traditionally become acrobats out of necessity. it has led to the proliferation of acrobat schools. >> for the students, it's a punishing schedule that begins at 6:00 in the morning, four hours of acrobatics followed by three hours of regular classes, six days a week. >> reporter: living and eating together, it is also a life spent away from their families but considered worth it if it leads to work. normal lessons outside the gym
6:51 pm
ensure kids are educated. not everyone gets to be an acrobat. >> even if they don't become acrobats what they have learned here will help them greatly it teechlz self discipline. >> lee believes she has the discipline to become one of china's acrobats of tomorrow. >> increditsible stuff. a minute's silence at pretty much every sporting event around the world. trafford where david beckham was hosting a charity game. it wasn't just football n canada, they remembered the paris victims ahead of the nhl game these are the scenes in london ahead of the rugby game. all suppoporting venues have be
6:52 pm
postponed this weekend. to football, two euro 16 playoffs taking place in sto stockholm. playing host to denmark. scoring just before the break. the second leg takes place next tuesday. sloughe slovenia, the lead in the first half, going on to win 2-nil. two teams qualified for the finals in franz france next year, russia and portugal. they played a friendly. one goal came in the 89th minute. scoring the winner for the hosts. winning it 1-nil. russia, of course, due to host the world cup in 2018.
6:53 pm
african teams have already begun their qualifiers for that tournament. they are the second round stage. first leg ties. big surprises. none more so than the 1-nil win. 136th in the world. algeria needed an 87th minute equalizer. 109 places below them. another of africa's side, mali lots to botswana. the french football federation confirmed a friendly against england will go ahead on tuesday. as i said before, all sporting fixtures across france have been postpone did after friday's attack. three people were killed during france's match well germany. the game was completed. many fanz staying inside after the final whistle as the gravity of the situation became known. the germany team backed safely until frankford after they
6:54 pm
stayed in the stadium overnight. their manager saying his players had been concerned even before the game after a bomb scare resulted in the squad being evacuated from their hotel. >> we can be proud of the team and the way they got through last night. those on the bench felt the outside and felt the pressure from the crowd. when they weren't able to to return to the hotel, they stayed in the changing rooms with 60 or 70 people. the president of the committee assured russia will do whatever is necessary to resolve the country's problems with doping. they vow today punish anyone found guilty of doping offensives. one report commissioned by the world anti-doping agency made accusations of a state-response offered program in russia the reaf voted in favor after provisional gan, the first time an entire country has been
6:55 pm
banned for doping positions. >> we find ourselves in a shameful position tonight. we have made it clear. in discussing the failings within the russian federation, we have also addressed in the meeting the failings within our own organization. i have tonight discussed with my counsel proposals for making strong, strong changes there? >> mean while, russia's athletic chief offered to resign with the scandal threatening to cost his country a place at the rio olympics. saying a completely overhaul will take place within three months and an independent reform commission is being set up by the iaaf to oversee changes in russia's anti-doping efforts. >> we have to wait for the results of the commission and, of course, i hope they will cooperate with us, a decision will be made. only then will we know the length of the ban. >> maria sharapova beat katilina
6:56 pm
to level the fed cup final at 1 apiece. the world number 4, sharapova struggled at times on serve hitting 9 double faults but with russian in the second set a 2 high time womimble donal champi: a slow start, beating the czech 1, committing 15 unforced errors. she came back to take the next two and the 2-6. their fourth in five years the penultimate, the brazilian grand prix, the 5th successive poll for the german. he edged his mercymes teammate lewis hamilton for the second.
6:57 pm
hamilton won the title last month in the united states. rosberg is in second place. pleased today. first place to be in for tomorrow's race. yeah, i worked well, qualifying. i was playing catch-up. that may didn't go to plan god good laps in. the last was on edge. a couple of big moments in there but still worked out to be a good time. happy with that. >> looking good i think at the end, didn't max myself the first sect offer. the other two sectors were okay. >> that's it for now. more later. >> thank you raoul. >> does it for the newshour. back in a few minutes with a full news. thank you very much for watching.
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