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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> translation: the investigation will try to find the perpetrators, their accomplices who ordered them, the route and who financed them several suspects arrested as the french prosecutor says the paris attacks that killed 129 was a coordinated operation. this is al jazeera live from doha. there is grief and violent reflection as people get over the attacks.
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an outpouring and solidaritity for the people in paris. we begin in the french capital where details of the attackers involved in friday's attacks are now emerging. at least five people have been arrested across france and belgium. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility condemning france's role in syria. the french president has called the attacks that killed 129 people an act of war. david chatter has more from paris >> reporter: the memories of brutala tabbing is still all too roar. people came to stand vigil over night lighting candles in tribute to those who lost their lives. prayers too for the lives surgeons in the city's hospitals are still fighting to save. more than a hundred victims are on the critical list. the message here, though, we are
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not afraid. >> translation: there's a lot of emotion for people like us after all that has happened. a lot of sadness, hatred as well, for those who come and attack us when we're just quietly getting on with our lives. >> translation: two weeks ago a friend of mine said, don't go to tunisia, it is too dangerous. i told her it is just as risky here. if you think about it and let fear change the way you live, they've won. >> reporter: these men were cold hearted professional killers, they were all armed with automatic weapons and they knew how to use them. they also had suicide belts with detonation buttons. they had ball bearings to extend the killing and maiming of those suicide vests. >> translation: we can at this stage say it's likely that there were three coordinated teams of terrorists who were responsible for this barbarity.
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the investigation will try to find the perpetrators, their accomplices, who ordered them, their route and who financeed them. >> reporter: the police say there were seven lone attackers all dead. they have positively identified one a french citizen whoa fact the concert. he had been involved in previous petty crimes. his father and brother are now in custody. several men have also been arrested in belgium and police say they are connected to a car found near the concert hall. another possible piece of evidence was discovered at the stade de france. a syrian passport was found near the bodies of suicide bombers. it was used by someone claiming refugee status on lesbos. a war has reached into france
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david joins us now live from paris. what is the latest in the investigation? what are the authorities and government going to be concentrating on now? >> i think the security services, the intelligence departments will be looking at the pipelined spots in their-- blind spots in their system which allowed the i.s.i.l. soldiers, as they call them, to get through their net. exactly how did they get their weapons, where did they get their am in my submission from. -- ammunition from. i think this is not only a question for france, but all western european leaders, where will they strike next. as for france, they will be looking for the accomplices, for the network, for the people who knew and helped and supported these suicide attackers, the kam ikars as the french call them. i think this is where they will
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be concentrating their efforts at the moment. they will be tightening their border checks, maybing sure the state emergency will allow to their services to actually look throughout france and beyond, in germany and in greece, and look at exactly how the network got these men through and got these weapons through. that is the priority and it's a priority not only of france, of course, but, as i say, for the whole of western europe because this really has been an appalling wake-up call for the intelligence services, not only here in france but, of course, throughout western europe because nobody had any pram in addition, any - premonition that this was going to happen tell us about the mood in paris. people are gathering where you are to honor some of the victims of friday's attack. >> i was talking to the crowds
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that were here earlier. there were much more people here, about 200 to came to pay their respects, to light candles and to think of those who are still fighting for their lives, nearly a hundred of them on the critical list. there was a mood of anger, real anger, against the people who tried to disrupt their lives, as they said. it has been eery moving around paris overnight because the streets are almost deserted, the caf├ęs are deserted. nobody is moving here. there is still a sense of fear, although the main sign on the back of the monument here is that we will not be afraid. but, of course, everybody fears that there might be accomplices out there, there might be other attacks. so a sense of trepidation still in the air of paris and april very subdued capital city thank you for that live from paris.
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people in france are now debating how to boost security while ensuring freedoms following the attack. looking at the political response to the violence now. >> reporter: paris is under attack again. this time with more sophisticated and deadly effect. the president has called it an act of war. >> translation: faced with war, the country has taken appropriate steps. it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army, d.a.e.s.h., and islam ist an army against france and the values we uphold, against who we are, a free country that speaks to the whom planet. >> reporter: this was the response of right wing opposition leader expected to do well with views like these in upcoming regional elections. >> translation: islam ic fundamentalists must be destroyed. their organisations should be
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closed, close mosque. >> reporter: fridays killings were claimed by i.s.i.l. or d.a.e.s.h. >> regarding to foreign policy, we decided to hit i.s.i.s. and iraq and we decided that was self defense to go into syria. it is a kind of turmoil we are no now >> reporter: in other words, does it surprise you that france has been sin geld out for niece kinds of attacks? >> not much >> reporter: the government has put the army onto the streets, but questions will be asked about its preparedness before these attacks. >> things will fall in a much more disturbing manner than i think anybody imagined. the french were expecting something fairly big. the background noise was sort of evil over the last few weeks. it is the sophistication of the attack ks which really does strike one.
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>> reporter: the streets of paris have been stunned into an eerie quiet. people wondering why this is happening so soon after attacks in january. >> reporter: in the immediate aftermath of those january attacks, people filled the area here, world leaders gathered as well. france stood united amongst its allies in defense of its freedoms. >> reporter: now such gatherings are banned. this feels like a far more fractured defensive france, a president promising to defeat the enemy outside, a rising opposition leaders looking for an enemy within, a nation of deep disquiet i'm joined by kneel fergus, a security analyst based in sydney. thank you for being on al jazeera. it is remarkable that these attacks happened just 10 months after the "charlie hebdo"
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attacks. one of the attackers were known to intelligence services, which begs the question was this an intelligence failure. why didn't the french intelligence services pick up on this? >> the french intelligence and security services have a reputation as good as any other organisations in europe. so they're very important questions that will need to be resolved in coming weeks and it may even take a little longer, but it would be normal for an operation as sophisticated and multi prominent of as this to be some chatter on electronic interception or some information provided from human sources to indicate an operation was in planning. so had they missed that? did they not get that? we saw wiin mumbai that there h
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been some chatter years ago, but the specialists didn't understand the importance of it a sophisticated operation, and the actions in the paris, but also in lebanon just a few days ago, proved that i.s.i.s. has a lot of power. is this a game changer, do you think? is this going to change our concern about i.s.i.l.'s capabilities and how we deal with them? >> yes. they had a reversal on the battle field yesterday as a number of your viewers will know with the peshmerga taking back sinjar, but this latest manifestation of i.s.i.l. outreach power, if you like, in paris, in beirut, and also quite likely in the downed russian jet liner from sharm el-sheikh will
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galvanise the leaders in the g20 coming back to the attacks in paris, is there a way that such attacks can be prevented? >> one of the issues is it there has been a tremendous amount of success by different security and intelligence services in, thiswarting attacks by i.s.i.l. or al-qaeda, but, obviously, they can't thwart them all. the reality is that people who have been foreign fighters, who have brenn into the theatre in northern iraq and in syria, and returned to their home countries, we're talking thousands now, the challenge for security intelligence services globally increases exponentially every week and every month. they do not have the resources to continue to monitor. we hear the united kingdom ahead of mi5 says there were a thousand people they had concerns about. the resources involved in
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monitoring that is too high. the reality is the onus cannot remain on intelligence services to identify and thwart every possible conspiracy. there does need to be a political will to resolve the cause of these issues, to address the problems in syria and northern iraq, to address i.s.i.l. thank you for that. people around the world have expressed solidarity with the french. one world trade center in new york was lit up the with the colours of the french bag. landmarks such as the sydney opera house and the gate in berlin were also illuminated. in the attacks were brought up in the second debate between the
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candidates. hillary clinton said she would urge region a.m. countries to do more against the group. her rival bernie sanders criticised hillary clinton for backing the iraqi invasion. more from des moines. >> reporter: secretary clinton came under attack from bernie sanders very, very quickly on the issue of her vote as a senator when if comes to iraq, saying that he intimated in ways that this in his view led to instability in the region and the rise of i.s.i.l. this is something that secretary clinton has said many times before acknowledged that she believes that vote to invade iraq, in fact, was a mistake and she repeated that throughout this debate. the other issue where hillary clinton, who is the sort of the front runner in all of this, came under attack especially from bernie sanders on the issue of wall street. he advocates for reforming wall street and challenged her the
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fact how would she clean up wall street given the fact that she has received millions campaigns funds from wall street and wall street banks. she was challenged was also challenged by martin o'malley. he said if he were president he would ensure it not only be cleaned up, but he would not have any representative to wall street in his government cabinet coming up after the break on al jazeera kurdish fighters make a grim discovery after pushing i.s.i.l. out of the iraqi town the sinjar. new warnings that the philippines is not doing enough from protecting children from sxm exploitation. -- sexual exploitation.
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welcome back. a reminder of our top story. the father and brother of one of the paris attackers has been taken into custody. the paris prosecutor said three coordinated teams were behind friday's violence, six different sites were targeted in a wave of suicide bombings and shootings. police say the seven attackers are all dead. in belgium police have arrested seven people next with the attacks - in connection with the attacks. hundreds of people have gathered at the square in paris to honor the victims of the attacks.
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at least 129 people were killed and 352 others injured. world leaders are arriving in turkey ahead of the g 20 summit this sunday. u.s. president obama landed just moments ago. economic issues were due to top the agenda. they're now likely to be overshadowed by the attacks in paris. the french president will be replaced by the foreign minister. al jazeera's bernie smith is there now. >> reporter: this is one of the most intensive operations that the turkey government has to have. this is one of those very rare occasions where so many national leaders are gathered together for one event. as such intense security airport-style security, all the entrances to this event. the g 20 is about to be about
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discussing the world's economic challenges, but it's the syria crisis that casts a long shadow, not only because we are 500 kilometres from the syrian important der, but also-- border, but also the refugee crisis generated by syria's civil war. of course there will be one g 20 leader notable by his absence from this event and that's the french president a new round of talks have begun in vi in to end the war in syria. reporting from the capital. >> reporter: while the tacks in paris may have over shadowed saturday's talks about syria, they also underscored a renewed diplomatic commitment to end that country's war. >> make no mistake, that resolve is only grown stronger
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in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. i think many would agree with me that today in a meeting there was a broad-based, a sense of revulsion, of horror and a deep commitment to do more to try and bring an end to the violence of the region and of the world. >> reporter: unlike the last round in october, a time line was established. first the establishment of formal negotiations between representatives of the syrian opposition and the syrian regime. the hope is that those discussions to be held under the auspices of the united nations special envoy for syria, will begin no later than 1 january. >> translation: the syrian government has already informed of the composition of their delegation. he has a task to find the composition of the syrian opposition delegation which
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should be representative and reflect the whole spectrum of political forces. >> reporter: the next goal, the establishment within six months from now of a non-secretary tearian unit which would over sea the creation of a new constitution. finally, within 18 months, elections that would take place under u.n. supervision and with an emphasis on transparency and accountablity. a new found sense of urgency surrounded the talks saturday with a poll over the proceedings, it was clear the delegation felt there was no time to waste. >> europeans, east and west, international community is all affected by terrorism and those that try to with divide us and spread panic, and the best response to this is actually coming together, coming together, over coming our differences and trying together
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to lead the way towards piece in syria. >> reporter: one word expressed- - worry expressed by everyone there was how the war in syria would create a haven for i.s.i.l. and other groups. >> reporter: whilst agreements were reached, many outstanding questions lyn angered, such as which groups involved in syria's civil war and i.s.i.l. would be considered as terrorists going forward. a big question now as previously in talks, what is finally to become of syrian president bashar al-assad a grim discovery has been made in iraq eau town of sinjar. kurdish fighters who claimed victory over i.s.i.l. 24 hours ago found mass graves of kris.
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>> reporter: evidence of i.s.i.l.'s brutal comes to light. a peshmerga soldier places items that investigators say were found on this site. they include bones, hair and personal items. this is a man who says members of his family and relatives are buried here. he is angry at what happened. >> translation: weep understand this is war. we-- we know people will die, but this is more. we will never forget what they did here. way will have our revenge. >> reporter: eiffel killed at least 3000 men and women from june 2014. the yazidis practice an ancient religion and they are considered heretic. they enslaved women and raped women and children. >> reporter: according to authorities there could be hundreds of sites like this across the sinjar region.
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as the kurdish peshmerga go further into the town and declare areas, it is likely that they will find more mass graves. the head of the local intelligence department says it's further evidence of i.s.i.l.'s violence. >> we keep finding matters which should be recorded. >> reporter: this man is recording these matters. he has worning for the criminal court for 13 years. he says this attack took place on august 15 and that this grave contains 76 bodies including young women and that it might qualify as genocide. >> these young girls, they told us they managed to escape from i.s.i.s. and they came to our center. i'm gathering evidence. i am leading that project. they told us about in - they've
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been there and they mentioned all the details. so this is evidence. >> reporter: it is likely that vital evidence of i.s.i.l.'s killings in this town many have been lost due to the activities going on there, but from the yazidis relief that some evidence has been discovered the death toll from a land slide in eastern china has rieseen to 16. a village was buried on friday. heavy rain triggered the land slide. 21 people are still missing. thousands of rescue workers have been sent to the area. asia has more working children than any other region in the world. more than 168 million children around the world are being forced to work according to the international labor organisation. almost half of them are in asia. many of them work in the sex
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trade and factories. most countries in the asia-pacific have signed a paper to help with reeradicating this. looking at the proliferation of the ring in the philippines. >> reporter: this is an operation that took two years to plan. finally police were able to rescue at least 11 children and the rest were left in the city of the southern philippines. the police say the children were pedaled by their own parents and relatives and forced into sex acts. abusers often target children from impoverished communities. >> reporter: the u.s. fed rag investigation 750,000 predators go on line every hour in chinch
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of child pornography. this country has become a hub for a billion dollar cyber section industry. the government is stepping up against chill pornography but admits its resources are stretched. >> reporter: the number of raids like this one is increasings, back-up so too is the number of child sex. european journalist has been working under cover as a paedophile to track down online child section predators. the police he has given the police here is expected to lead to arrest in varies countries. he is traumatised by what he seize. >> the evilly of that nature, that it ileitis faiths - it eats you. as a journalist it eats your soul also, especially if you want to go into that, as i have done. it has a traumatising effect.
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they dehumanize the child. they take out the child and put in a monster. >> reporter: the children are being looked after by social welfare department staff and will start a new life. some kids have been abused for more than five years. the young efalith is six. she has---est is six. she has been abused since the age of four. >> the social fabric has been deeply damaged. i think it speaks to desperation and poverty. it that to be an absolute priority. it has to be first line priority, and i believe that it is being given enormous emphasis by the agency against trafficking. >> reporter: many children here have lost their childhood to the growing cyber sex industry and
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many philippine children need to be protected reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all the news all the time on our website, the very latest stories there. >> i felt like i was in a washing machine. i mean, i was tossed and turned. >> reporter: what's the next thing you remember? >> i thought it was an ugly way to die. >> the el nino is larger than the godzilla el-nino in '97 and '98. 20 years ago we talked about el nino being destructive.


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