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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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french prosecutors say friday's attacks across paris were a complex cross-border explanation. francois hollande is promising a messrsiless response. an attribute in france to the people killed. the attacks in paris have galvanisd a push for solution. global powers meeting in vienna have come to an agreement on a plight decision. u.s. democratic presidential
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hopefuls take to the stage for the second time u i.s.i.l. and foreign policy dominate the gate. we begin in france where prosecutors have been revealing details about the gunmen and suicide bombers who carried out a series of deadly attacks across paris on friday night. 129 people were killed and more than 350 injured. 99 of them critically. prosecutors say the highly coordinated operation which has been claimed by i.s.i.l. involved a multi national team with links to the middle east, belgium and possibly germany. belgium police have arrested several suspects with alleged links to the attacks. greek officials say one or two of the attackers passed through greece from turkey alongside syrian refugees. some of the attackers also have french roots. one of them was a 29-year-old
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paris native. his procedure and father have been taken into custody. more from paris. >> reporter: the memories of the brutal attacks still all too raw as people came too stand vigil over night in tribute to those who lost their lives. prayers too for the lives surgeons in the city's hospitals are still fighting to save. nearly a hundred victims are on the critical list. the message here, though, we are not afraid. >> translation: there's a lot of emotion for people like us after all that has happened. a lot of sadness, hatred as well for those who come and attack us when we are quietly getting on with our lives. >> translation: two weeks ago a friend of mine said don't go to tunisia. it's too dangerous. i said it's the same here.
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>> reporter: these men were cold hearted professional killers. they were all armed with automatic weapons and they knew how to use them. they also all had suicide belts with detonation buttons. they had ball bearings to extend the killing and maiming of those suicide vests. >> translation: we can at this stage say it's very likely that there were three coordinated teams of terrorists who were responsible for this barbaricity. the perpetrators need to be found, who ordered them, their route and who financed them. >> reporter: the police say there were seven known attackers all dead. they have positively identified one, a french citizen whoa tabbed the concert hall. he was on their extremist watch list but had only been involved in petty crimes. his father and brother are now in custody. several men have also been
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arrested in belgium and police say they're connected to a car found near the concert hall. another piece of evidence was sdovrtd at the stade de france. a syrian passport was found near the bodies of the suicide bombers. it was used by someone claiming refuge on the greek island of leros in october. eau motions are still running high here. i.s.i.l. has unleashed such carnage in beirut and baghdad, but now it is a water reaching into france going to paris. neve, details coming about who is involved and what happened. where is the focus now? >> reporter: it's early morning here in paris. the second day of morning. that's perhaps where the focus is for more people focusing on exactly what happened here in
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coming to terms with what is deeply traumatised this city. over night mounting attributes here. the authorities have urged people not to gather in large crowds. there is a perceived security risk and some areas are, indeed, still active crime scenes. as you mentioned there, the investigation into the attacks continues with the french prosecutors, investigators making their understanding of what has happened here known to the public. some of what we said they already know, that there were seven attackers, that they operated in three separate groups but they were heavily armed with weapons and studies belts. we also know some extra information too, that this is now an international
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investigation. it has gone beyond france's borders. it has been viewed as a complex cross-border operation involving people also in belgium where three arrests were made by police there in the last 24 hours. also in germany where last week german police arrested a man in a car in bavar arcs a with weapons inside that car that they believe now was directly linked to this attack here in france. also some other key information about the identitys of the killers. first, a killer was identified through a fingerprint in the bataclan concert hall a little bit further down the road from here. he has been identified as a french national from a rough and tumble suburb of paris on the fringes of the french capital. he has been named. we know that his brother and father have been arrested also. we also know that according to
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forensics teams who are looking at the site of the explosion in the stadium in the north of the city that a syrian passport was recovered from the remains that were found there. although, according to reports this morning on french television, they believe that that syrian passbook could well be a fake. weep have to establish whether or not that is the case over the course of the day, but according to greek officials, whoever was using that passport may have travelled through greece heading to europe. this adds a whole new political dimension to all the security questions that are being posed at the moment. of course, if this was indeed a syrian national, was this person a refugee? that very much place into the rhetoric into france's white ring officials who feel the french borders should be tightened and whether or not, of course, this was a french national who was involved in carrying out and orchestrating
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this account. that raises questions of home-grown risks in france and what essentially the french authorities can do about it thank you for that. there has been, as you can imagine, outpouring of global support for parisians. hundreds of people held french flags in front of the whit house. flowers were laid down and condolence messages were left. president obama described the attacks an outrageous attempt to terrorize civilians. people gathered at the french german cultural center to show solidarity with the people of france. the statue was lit up in french national colors. here the stadium in the south was also lit up in red, white and blue. french prime minister says it is impossible to eliminate the risk of terror attacks completely.
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he says air strikes on syria will continue. >> translation: there is no such thing as zero risk. on january 13 after the paris attacks against "charlie hebdo" do against the french people because they were jewish, against law officials, i said we were at war and i said this war will be long and difficulty. we need to expect after shocks, but we will retaliate and destroy d.a.e.s.h. present president has promised to lead the fight against i.s.i.l. a look at the attacks on french politics. >> reporter: paris under attack again. this time with more sophisticated and deadly effect. the president has called it an act of war. >> translation: faced with war, the country has taken appropriate steps. it's an active war committed by
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a terrorist army d.a.e.s.h., an islamist army against the values we hold throughout the world, against australia free country that speaks to the whole planet. >> reporter: this was the speech to do with upcoming elections. >> translation: islamic fundamentalist must be destroyed. france must be that as it may islamist organisations, close radical mosques and illegally legal immigrants who have nothing to do here. >> reporter: friday's killings were claimed by i.s.i.l. or d.a.e.s.h. in a statement it blames french foreign policy. >> we decided to hit eye i.s.i.s. in iraq and not a long time ago we decided that was self-defense to go into syria. it's a turmoil we are in now. >> reporter: in other words, does it surprise you that france has been singled out for these kinds of attacks?
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>> not much. >> reporter: the government has the army onto the street but questions will be asked about its preparedness before these attacks. >> reporter: things have evolved into much more disturbing manner than i think anybody imagined. the french were expecting something fairly big. the background noise was sort of evil over the last two weeks. but it is the sheer sophistication of this attack, of the series of attacks, which really does strike one. >> reporter: the streets of paris have been stunned into an eerie quiet, a country in a state of emergency wondering why this is happening again so soon after the attacks on "charlie hebdo," journalist and jewish shoppers in a supermarket. after the january attacks, people and world leaders gathered, france stood united with allies in defense of its
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freedoms. now such gatherings are banned. this feels like a more fractured defensive france, a president promising to defeat the enemy, a nation of deep disquiet the e.u. foreign policy chief says finding a solution to the price crisis in syria has taken on a new meeting because of the attacks. talks have been made in vienna with an agreement on a tame table for a cease fire. one says the timeframe for a planned election is too ambitious. >> translation: crisis that has been ongoing has opened the wound for the past five years is one that the international community has been trying to crisis manage instead of resolve. it would be difficult to achieve a solution within a year and a half. i think we need more time than that. i think that to resolve the issue, if there is seriousous
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and mistrovato, in order to succeed we will need two to three years world leaders are opt anies particular that elections can happen in 18 months. the push for political solution is stronger than ever. >> reporter: while the tacks in paris may have over shadowed saturday's talks about syria, they also underscored a new diplomatic commitment to end that country's war. >> make no mistake, that resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. there was a broad based sense of revulsion today in this meeting of horror and the deep commitment to do more to try and bring the end of the violence in the region and of the world. >> reporter: unlike the last round of talks in october, this time several concrete steps were agreed to and a time line was established. first, the establishment of formal negotiations between
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representatives of the syrian opposition and the syrian regime. the hope is that those discussions to be held under the auspices of the united special envoy for syria would begin no later than january 1. >> translation: the syrian government has already informed of the composition of the delegation. he has a task to find the composition of the syrian opposition delegation which should be representative and reflect the whole spectrum of political forces. >> reporter: the next goal, the establishment within six months from now of a non-secretary tearian unit government that would, among its other duties over sea the creation of a new constitution. finally, within 18 months elections that would take place under u.n. supervision and with an emphasis on transparency and accountablity. a new found sense of urgency surrounded the talks yesterday with a poll over the
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proceedings, it was clear that the members felt there was no time to waste. >> europeans, arabs, east and west, international community is all affected by terrorism and those that try to divide us and spread panic, and the best response to this is actually coming together, coming together over coming our differences and trying together to lead the way towards piece in syria. >> reporter: one worry expressed by everyone involved was how a continuation of the war in syria would continue to create even more of a haven for i.s.i.l. and other extremist groups. >> reporter: while substantial agreements were reached, many outstanding questions still lyn angered such as which groups involved in syria's civil war other than i.s.i.l. would be considered terrorists going forward. the other outstanding issue, a big as question now as in other
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talks, what is finally to become of syrian president bashar al-assad still to come kurdish fighters make a grim discovery after pushing i.s.i.l. out of the iraq eau town of sinjar. we will be back in a moment.
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the top stories on al jazeera. prosecutor in france say multinationalal team carried out the series of attacks in prayerise night.
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suspects have been arrested in belgium. a vigil in honor of the victims. 129 people were killed and more than 250 others injured. foreign ministers meeting in vienna say the attacks undersco underscore the importance of finding a decision. it was raised at the second debate in presidential defenders. i.s.i.l. dominated talks. hillary clinton said he would urge more against the group. bernie sanders criticised for backing the iraq invasion. >> reporter: secretary clinton came under attack from bernie sanders very, very quickly on the issue of her vote as a senator when it comes to iraq, saying that he intimated that
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this in his view led to instability in the region and the rise of i.s.i.l. this is something that secretary clinton has said many times before acknowledged that she believes that vote to invade a rock, was, in fact, was a mistakethe other issues were hillary clinton who is the front runner in all of this came under attack, especially from her opponent bernie sanders on the issue of wall street. he advocates reforming wall street and challenged her the fact how would she clean up wall street given the fact that she has received millions of campaign donations from members of wall troth and wall street banks. she promised she had a cumbrance comprehensive reform to do it. her other rival said if he were president he would be sure it would be clean up and he would not have any representatives from wall street in his cabinet world leaders are arriving in turkey for a g 20 summit.
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economic issues were due to dominate discussions. security matters are now expected to top the agenda. bernard smith where the summit is being held. g20 over shadowed by paris at the meeting. what is that they're going to be talk about as far as this is concerned? >> reporter: the g20 is supposed to be all about the global economy. in the main meetings they will still talk about that, but undoubtedly, even before the paris attacks, the threat from i.s.i.l. was over shadowing the agenda here. we have the bombing of the russian airliner, suicide bombings in areas all claimed by i.s.i.l. speaking to the media ahead of today's formal meetings and tomorrow's formal meetings, the host, turkish president said he urged world leaders to
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prioritise the fight against terrorism and he said that the paris attacks showed that the time that the word are over. bilateral meetings will be held with world leaders, including obama in a couple of hours time. the officials are telling us he will push for a more coordinated decisive action against i.s.i.l. also on the agenda today put by the turks on the agenda are migrants coming through to europe. the issue of migrants and the issue of i.s.i.l. is becoming intertwined for the europeans. there was always the fear voices $that i.s.i.l. will use the cover of migrants coming into narp to hide attackers. there is a fear that has happened now with the discovery of a syrian passport near the bott of one of attackers while ergoda - the threat
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has been criticised as being too late. >> reporter: yes. strong words they were from erdowana saturday. but his critics say it has come very late to recognising the threat from i.s.i.l. back in january the wife of one of the "charlie hebdo" of the attackers escaped. the turkey opened up its air bases to allow them to be used by the americans, the coalition, to strike targets in turkey. even though turkey says it has joined that coalition, the vast majority of the air strikes have actually been against the separatist the pkk party kurdish fighters have made a grewsome discovery. they found graves containing dozens of bodies of jazz jazz.
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evidence of i.s.i.l.'s brutality comes to light. a peshmerga soldier places items that investigators say were found on this site. they include bones, hair and personal items. this man says members of his family and relatives are buried here. he is angry at what happened. >> translation: we understand this is war. we know people will die, but this is more. we will never forget what they did here. we will have our revenge. gentleman according to the u.n. i.s.i.l. killed at least 300 men and women when it took control in this rah region in 2014. they practiced an ancient religion. they've also enslaved young women. that sparked international condemnation and spurred the u.s. to launch strikes against
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i.s.i.l. according to authorities there could be hundreds of sites like this across the sinjar region. it is very likely that more will be found. the head of the local intelligence department says it's further evidence of i.s.i.l.'s violence. >> translation: we keep finding evidence of these. this needs to be documented and recorded. >> reporter: it's up to this man to record that evidence. he has worked with the international criminal court for 13 years and now advises the kurdish regional government on war crimes and genocide. he says this attack took place on 15 august and this grave contained 76 bodies including young women and that it might qualify as genocide. >> these young girls, they told us they managed to escape from i.s.i.s. and they came to our center for interrogation and gathering evidence. i'm leading that.
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they told us about this - that they've been there and they mentioned all the details. so this is the evidence. >> reporter: given the ferocity of the air strikes and the peshmerga advance, it is likely that vital evidence of i.s.i.l.'s killings in this town will have been lost, but for the people a relief some evidence is at least being discovered the president of myanmar has made his first speech since last sunday's general election. he has reiterated his government's commitment to a peephole transition of power. the opposition n.l.d. party led by aung san suu kyi swept to victory in the historic pole. the election was a test meant to his government's reforms he said. in argentina political history has been made for the first time.
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a pelt run off debate is being held. the two candidates are said to go head to head on live television later on sunday. a huge audience is expected. the political battle that has elictri ferricsed the country, including young. gentleman in the heart of the presidential palace surrounded by pictures, thousands of young activists chant their support. they say they are the foot soldiers of the current government. >> translation: you are not troops, you're activists. go and take the message to every house that people have to defend their rights. they have become one of the strongest movements in the country. young people who instead of fighting the government are part of it. they command state companies and in key government positions.
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a student activist is here for the ruling parties presentational candidate. >> translation: in the last year's and this nationalist government, political patent has been here in argentina. we are a group of young people that believe in government has started a process that needs to continue. >> reporter: during the dictatorship thousands of people were killed. when argentina returned to democracy 1983, young people stayed away from politics. it is said there is a reason why young people have become interested in politics once again. >> translation: state terrorism left a fear of commitment. the parents that suffered the dictatorship did not want their children to have a social or political commitment. they did it out of love and fear pause the message was political commitment could cost you your life. >> reporter: during the dictatorship in the 970s and
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80s, this was the heart of the opposition against the regime. political activism has increased amongst young people. universities are filled with political groups who are working together. even though political activism has been associated with a ruling party, the opposition candidate is working to change that. hundreds of young people are going house by house trying to take his message out. this is one of the leaders and claims that young people want to be part of the country's political future. >> translation: the young people in our party are not combative initially because they were apart of annie lit. that has changed. young appeal now come from many sectors in a hope to get to the the presidency. people hope to get involved. >> reporter: in one week an jeer teen eau will head to the polls
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again. it is all people who have played a crucial role in this presidential race if you've got the time, why don't you go to our website. all the news is there. the address >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. s unique way. tonight... the digital divide. >> if you had the world's fastest internet, what would you do with it? >> the promise of the digital superhighway. lightning fast hook-ups to the web, but not for most of


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