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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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french prosecutors say that friday's attacks in paris were a complex cross-border application. francois hollande is promising a merciless response. france is officially in mourning. hundreds have gathered to pay attribute to the 129 people killed. this is al jazeera. the attacks on paris have galvanised a push for the solution in syria. government heads moving towards an agreement on solution in
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vienna. we begin in france where prosecutors have been giving more details about the gunmen an suicide bombers who carried out attackss on friday night. 129 people were killed and more than 350 injured. the highly coordinated operation which was been claimed by i.s.i.l. involved a multinational team with linkss to the middle east belgium and possibly germany. in belgium suspects have already been arrested. apparently two passed through greece. two attackers have french roots, one of them was a 29-year-old
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paris native. his brother and father have been taken into custody. more from paris. >> reporter: the memories of the brutal attacks still all too raw. parisians came to stand lighting candles in tribute to those who lost their lives. prayers too for the lives surgeons in the city's hospitals are still fighting to save. nearly a hundred victims are on the critical list. the message here though, we are not afraid. >> translation: there's a lot of emotion for parisians like us after all that has happened. a lot of sadness and hatred as well. for those who come and attack us when we are getting on with our lives. >> translation: two weeks a friend of mine said not to go to tons. i told her it's just as risky here. if you think about it all the time and put you in fear,
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they've won. >> reporter: they were professional killers. they were all armed with weapons and suicide belts with detonation buttons. they h >> translation: we can at this stage say it's very likely that there were three coordinated teams of terrorists who were responsible for this bar barity. the speakings of try to find the perp traits, the accomplices, who ordered them, their route and who financed them. >> reporter: the police say there were seven known attackers all dead. ethey have positively identified a french citizen who attacked the concert hall as one. he had been involved in petty crimes. his brother and father are in
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custody. several men have been arrested in belgium and police say they were connected to a car found near the concert hall. another piece of evidence was discovered at the stade de france. a passport was found. it was used by someone claiming rev fudge on the island of leros. i.s.i.l. has unleached surgeon carnage in beirut and baghdad, but now it is a war that has reached into france live to paris. any developments to report as far as the investigation is concerned? >> reporter: more information continues to surface about the investigation. late on saturday the paris prosecutor gave his widening picture of what exactly happened here on friday.
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some of those details we already knew, that this was a well coordinated and planned attack. we new also that the attackers were heavily armed, they had rifles and home-made explosives and suicide belts. we have information about who may have been behind the attacks themselves. largely from forensic evidence that has been gathered at the bataclan hall just down the road, a crucial fingerprint there has been able to be traced to one french national from the southern suburb of paris. he is a 29 year old man and is named. he has been known to police for some time. he had been on the fringes of police intelligence. somebody who had been arrested several times, but hadn't spent any series time in prison, but was also regarded for some time
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as being somebody who could be potentially cad calised but not serious - radicalised but not for any extension monitoring of him. according to intelligence officials also a syrian passport was found at the stade de france site in the remains of one of the attackers there. that syrian passport, according to greek officials, was registered on the island of lesbos a few months ago and may have been used to pass through greece heading here to france. we also know accordingly to investigators that this is now a more international investigation, that three people have been arrested in belgium in what has been described as a complex cross-border investigation and a man arrested in bavaria last week with weapons inside his car. it is believed that he too may also be linked to the attacks in
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paris. in the last few hours we have information that a second car potentially used by the attackers has been located in eastern france. the first car that was located has been traced to belgium, which is precisely why the trail was directed from paris to belgium. so the net has been getting wider and wider in the last 24 hours. the political angle of all of this is also developing too. the french president, francois hollande, has called members of the opposition parties to the palace for talks. this is a very difficult time for france at the moment and the more he is able to bring opposing political voices together in a show of unity, all the better for the country at large. behind me here, floral tributes have been mounting here
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thanks for that. president francois hollande has promised to lead the fight against i.s.i.l. and to be ruthful against extremist. impact of the attacks on french politi politics. >> reporter: paris under attack again this time with more sophisticated and deadly effect. the president has called it an act of war. >> translation: faced with war, the country has taken appropriate steps. it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army, d.a.e.s.h., an islamist army against france and the values that we uphold throughout the world, against who we are, a free country which speaks to the whole planet. this was the response of right wing opposition leader expected to do well with views like these in upcoming elections. >> translation: islamic fundamentalism must be destroyed. france must bandanna islamist
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organisations, deport foreigners who bring hatred on our soil and illegal immigrants. >> reporter: friday's attacks were claimed by i.s.i.l. or d.a.e.s.h. and it blames french foreign policy. >> translation: we decided to hit i.s.i.s. in iraq and we decided it was self-defense to go into syria, but it's a turmoil we are in now. >> reporter: in other words, does it surprise you that france has been singled out for these kind of attacks? >> not much. >> reporter: the government has put the army onto the streets back-up questions will be asked about its preparedness before these attacks. >> things have evolved into a much more sdrushing manner than i think anybody imagined. the french were expecting something fairly big, the background noise was evil over the last few weeks, but it is the sheer sophistication of the series of attacks which really
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does strike one. >> reporter: the streets of paris have been stunned into an eerie quiet, a country in a state of emergency wondering why this is happening again so soon after the attacks on "charlie hebdo" and jewish shoppers at a supermarket. >> reporter: in the immediate after mats of those january attacks, people filled the area here, world leaders gathered as well, france stood united amongst its allies in defense of its freedoms. >> reporter: now such gatherings are banned. this feels like a far more fractured defensive france, a president promising to defeat the enemy outside, a rising opposition leader looking for an enemy within, a nation of deep disquiet the e.u.'s foreign policy chief says that finding a solution to the crisis in syria has thane on a new meaning because of the paris attacks and progress has been made in talks
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in vienna with a timetable for a crease fire and a political transition. one of the main syrian opposition leaders say that time for a p planned election ask just too ambitious. >> translation: the crisis that has been ongoing is one that the international community has been trying to crisis manage instead of resolve. it would be difficult to achieve a solution within a year and a half. i think we need more time than that. i think that to resolve the issue, if there is seriousness and mutual trust, and a will to succeed we would need between two to three years powers are optimistic that it could be made. a push for a political solution is stronger than every >> reporter: whilst the attacks might over shadow the talks about sear i can't.
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>> translation: make no mistake that resolve has only grown stronger in this brutality. i think many would agree with me that today in the meeting, there was a broad-based sense of revulsion, of horror and a deep commitment to do more to try and bring an end to the vines in the region and the world. -- violence. >> translation: this time steps were agreed to and a time line established. first formal negotiations between representatives of syrian opposition and the syrian regime. the hope is that those discussions to be held under the auspices of the united nations special envoy for syria, will begin no later than 1 january. >> translation: the syrian government has already formed of the composition of the delegation. the envoy has the task to find the composition of the syrian
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opposition delegation which should be representative and reflect the whole spectrum of political forces. >> reporter: the next goal, the establishment within six months from now of a non-secretary tearian union government that would over see the creation of a new constitution. finally, with within 18 months elections that would take place under u.n. supervision and an emphasis on transparency and accountablity. a sense of urgency surrounded the talks saturday with a poll over the proceedings it was clear that they felt there was no time to waste. >> the europeans, arabs, east and west, international community is all affected by terrorism and those that try to divide us and spread panic and the best response to this is actually coming together. . coming together over coming our
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differences and trying together to lead the way towards peace in syria. >> reporter: one worry expressed by everyone involved was how a continuation of the war in syria would continue to create even more of a haven for i.s.i.l. and other extremist groups. >> reporter: whilst substantial agreements were reached, many outstanding outstanding questions still len angered, such as which groups would be considered terrorists going forward. the other, as big a question now as it has been in all other previous talks, what is finally to become of syrian president bashar al-assad still to come here on al jazeera kurdish fighters make a grim discovery after pushing i.s.i.l. out of the iraqi town of sinjar. new warnings that the philippines isn't doing enough to protect children from sexual exploitation.
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we will be right back.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. hello again. the top stories here. prosecutors in france say that a multi national team carried out the series of attacks. police found another car linked to the attacks in a suburb of the french capital. several arrests have been made in belgium. hundreds of people have held a candle lit vigil in honor of the victims, 129 people were killed and more than 350 others were injured. foreign ministers meeting in vienna say that friday's attacks
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under score the importance of finding a solution to the conflict in syria. a timetable for a cease fire and a political transition have been agreed. the paris attacks have provoked reactions from democratic candidates who are hoping to replace president obama. they met in iowa. >> reporter: they came bearing signs of support for those still reeling from the paris attacks and now wanting answers from their democratic presidential candidates, about how they prevent similar attacks in the united states. >> my heart goes on ute to everyone in paris. i just feel a lot of - their sense of loss. ichlts it's concerning for me about what's going to happen in the wapiti. i do want our presidential candidates to talk about what they're going going to do to protect our country. >> reporter: the moderator asked the same answer. bernie sanders replying rival
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hillary clinton contributed to regional instability as a former u.s. senator voting for the invasion of iran in 2003. >> i would argue that the invasion of iraq which i opposed has unravelled the region completely. >> i have said it was a mistake, but i think if we're ever going to really tackle the problems posed by jihadi extreme terrorism, we need to understand that. >> reporter: it was an exchange that dominated the debate and immediately following had clinton's team struggling to spin. >> she has said that her vote on iraq was a mistake, but the lack of leadership in the bush administration. >> reporter: it wasn't to acknowledge a mistake. does that go far enough. we can all acknowledge it contributed to the instability in the region. >> ultimately, that's the kind of things voters decide.
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>> reporter: in february they will get their chance when the state holds the first presidential nominating contest. there were domestic issues that were also discussed in this second democratic debate. given it comes one day after the paris attacks, the candidates' positions on combatting i.s.i.l. are what are making headlines world leaders are arriving in turkey for g 20 summit. economic issues were dominated to be the discussion. security issues now will top the agenda. president francois hollande won't be attending. so this meeting is bound to be overshadowed by the nineties in paris. what are they going to be talking about there. >> reporter: the g20 is supposed to be all about the global
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economy. the main meetings here are still about that, but even before the paris attacks, this g20 summit was overshadowed by the threat from i.s.i.l. we have the bombing of the russian airliner over sinai, suicide bombings in beirut and in october all claimed by i.s.i.l. so at this event, ahead of this event, the host erdowan called on to prioritise fight and says paris attack showed time wore words is over. he has been meeting president obama this morning and he will meet other leaders later in the day. we're told in those meetings he will be calling for a more coordinated attack against the threat from i.s.i.l., but turkey will also feel the pressure particularly from european leaders over the issue of migrants, germany particularly wants turkey to try and stop the
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flow of my grants and that is getting entwined from the threat of i.s.i.l. because the suggestions that a syrian passport was found near one attacker. it's easy to pick up april fake or forged or altered syrian passport for not much money, so there will be pressure on turkey to show it's doing more to try and stop the flow of migrants you talk about how president erdowan has been outspoken about the paris killings. turkey's response to i.s.i.l. and the threat it poseed has been criticised in many quarters as being too little too late, hasn't it? >> reporter: yeah. there have been raids only today in the capital and also a raid on suspected i.s.i.l. elsewhere. a target blue himself up as the police tried tried to get in. before all of this turkey was accused of coming very late to recognising the threat to
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i.s.i.l. it was only in june that after intense pressure, particularly from the u.s., turkey opened up its air bases to allow them to be used to be used for attacks on i.s.i.l. turkey has joined the attacks. they have launched against pkk workers party positioned in syria and in the northern iraq. turkey considers the pkke it says as much of a threat of i.s.i.l. the u.s. as we know, the priority is the war against i.s.i.l. many thanks. dozen of yazidis bodies have been found in a grave in the town of sinjar. >> reporter: after the peshmerga advanced swiftly into sinjar, evidence of i.s.i.l.'s brutality comes to light. a peshmerga soldier places items that investigators say were found on this site.
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they include bones, hair and personal items. this is a man who says members of his family and relatives are buried here. he is angry at what happened. >> translation: we understand this is war. we know people will die, but this is more. we will never forget what they did here. we will have our revenge. >> reporter: according to the u.n. i.s.i.l. killed at least 3000 yazidis men and women in june 2014. this community practice an ancient religion which i.s.i.l. considered heretic. they have also enslaved women. according to authorities there could be hundreds of sites like this across the sinjar region. now, as the kurdish peshmerga go into the area and clear areas, it is likely that they many find more mass graves. the head of the local
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intelligence department says it's further evidence of i.s.i.l.'s violence. >> translation: we keep finding evidence of their actions and there p this needs to be documented and recorded. >> reporter: it's up to this man to record that evidence. originally from sinjar he has worked with the international criminal court for 13 years and now advises the kurdish regional government on war crimes and genocide. he says this attack took place on august 15 and this grave had 76 bodies including young women and it might qualify as genocide. >> these young girls, they told us they managed to escape from i.s.i.s. and they came to our center for interrogation and gathering evidence. i am leading that. they told us about that they have been there and they mentioned all the details. so this is evidence. >> reporter: given the verocity of the u.s. coalition air
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strikes and the peshmerga advance, it is likely that vital evidence of i.s.i.l. killings in this town would have been lost, but for the jazz relief that some evidence is at least being discovered. yazidis police in lebanon have arrested five syrians and a palestinian next with thursday's suicide bombs. they killed 43 people in a southern suburb of beirut. one hit a shia community center and a nearby bakery. it is associated with hezbollah which has sent hundreds of troops into into syria. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for the blasts. the pentagon has said that i.s.i.l.'s leaders in libya has been killed possibly in an air strike. he was killed near the eastern port city. he is also known as another name and was a long time al-qaeda operative before joaning i.s.i.l. it is the first air strike
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against a leader of the armed group in libya. interpol and the f.b.i. have warned the - a paedophile ring that was reaching a global audience in the first of our special series of child labor. >> reporter: this is an operation that took two years to plan. finally police were able to rescue at least 11 children and the rest in the city in the southern philippines. police say that children were ped larked by their own parents and relatives and forced into sex acts watched by paedophiles on the internet. many of these happen in villages. abusers often target children from impoverished communities.
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it is estimated there are 750 thousand predators that go online every hour in sampling of child pornography. philippine children are vulnerable. the country has become a hubs forb a huge sex industry. the philippine government says it is stepping up against the fight but admits its resources are stretched. the number of government raids and arrests like this one are increasing. so too is the number of child sex offences across the country. european journalist has been working under cover as a paedophile to track down online child sex predators. the information he has given the police here is expected to lead to arrests in various countries. he is traumatised by what he has seen. >> things of that nature, that it eats you as a journalist, it eats your soul also, especially
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if you want to go into that as i have done. it has a traumatising effect. they dehumanise the child and they put in an monstore. >> reporter: these children will start a new life. some kids have been abused for more than five years. the youngest is six. she has been abused since the age of four. >> the social fabric has been deeply damaged. i think it speaks to desperation and poverty. it has to be an absolute priority. it has to be first line priority, and i believe that it is being given enormous emphasis by the inter agency consul
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against trafficking. >> reporter: many children have lost their childhood to the growing cyber sex industry and many fill phene owe children need to be protected there is much more real news from al jazeera at our website. take a look at >> this is where i'll be buried. >> right next to her. >> mmmhmm. >> six years ago, roy bosley's wife, carol, died after overdosing on prescription painkillers. she was 60. >> it should have never happened.


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