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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. hello there. this is the news hours live from london. coming up: panic in central paris as they think they hereh heard gunfire. >> one man on the run as the death toll rise to see 129. two more of the attackers have been identified.
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the u.s. president tells world leaders t they must eliminate isil to prevent more attacks. also on the news hour capturing sinjar. saying kurdish airstrikes were crucial to their success. >> in the sport including formula 1 the latest to pay trin but to the victims of paris for a win in brazil. >> hello there. warm welcome to the program. there has been kchaotic scenes s i am sure you have seen in central paris as the city's residents remain on high alert following friday's deadly attacks. 129 people died. hours ago, hundreds of people fled the plaza de republic and people mistook fire crackers for gunshots. meanwhile, a major manhunt is
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underway in france as officials say a man responsible for friday's attack is on the run. it comes isbe as belgian. seven people have been arrested. world leaders have been meeting at the g 20 summit in turkey. the forum normally discussions economic ties but france and the u.s. have agreed to take what they call concrete steps the group has claimed responsibility for the attack. neev barker reports. >> reporter: a moment of strike that panic. reports of gunshots near the packed plaza de republic sent hundreds running for their lives
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taking cover in nearby restaurants. a false alarm, a telling sign. the government banned large rallies over execute kearns. as people try to make sense of the mass murder that happened here, this square has become a place of mourning. investigations have been gaining pace. broken glass is all that's left where police say they found sever kalasnikovs. they say it belongs to one of the attackers still on the run. police launched a major manhunt and issued a wanted notice for bell january barn absolom. they have warned the public not to intervene saying he is dangerous. at the bataclan concert hall, teams gather evidence. new amateur video.
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gunshots and fireworks. >> enjoying the concert and had what we thought -- what i thought were fire crackers at the front. i saw the bullets hitting the stage and instantly knew it was gunfire. police prepare to storm the building. a pushback and a hail of bullets. it was here where one of the killers left a vital clue, a cephered finger that allowed investigators to identify him as 29-year-old french national ismael mustifi, one of three men who blew himself up. this is cochoran where the french national of algerian dissent lived until the age of 21. it's a quiet, somewhat anonymous town far from a deprived suburb. he was known to the authorities as a petty criminal but never spent any time in prison n 2010,
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the police flagged him as being a strong candidate for radicalization. he is one of 3 arrested in connection with the killings. please are looking at whether he had traveled to syria and had contact with isil. at the local mosque, we meet someone who knew him. he said he came from a good family. >> i am really shocked. yes expect it at all. you just don't believe it when it's someone you know. he think the government has failed to integrate young muslims. >> we are french. when we do something that accepts them, we are foreign. france needs to integrate people. >> the mayor of the town had this to say: sorry for saying it like this but we don't good a damn. a kid from our country, a french kid, could have become what he became. >> several of his family members have been detained by police for
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questioning. al jazeera, paris. >> davidchater is live in pace for us. >> a difficult day for parisias. ? >> yes. you can see behind me now a lot more people were afraid. another stack was underway but a show of defiance here despite trepidation many fem because of -- many feel because of the manhunt t police say nobody must go near him. exactly where is he? is he still in paris? or has he escaped to be belgium they will show a strength in the way their lives will continue despite the attack on friday.
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many more acomplaces might be around france but the details are quite obscure. >> we have also got new reports now of potentially iraqi intelligence that warned of possible attacks. what do we know on that score? these are reports coming out on the ap wires and also from an article until harrods, one of the leading israeli liberal newspaper. this says something remarkable. it says that the french were warned that 19 fighters have been trained in raqaa and ordered by isil's leader to attack france. the 19 fighters 7 have been accounted for. one is still free. >> leaves a number who are still at large. where are they? what are they going to do?
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the intelligence report says that these team of 19 men were also supported by five other people who were the support network. these are the people, the accomplices which the people will look for. this perhaps explains why the french defense ministry is now reporting that they are flying dozens of air sortees over a al raqaa where this team was traini trained. the danger is: where are those other men in the 19 man group? where are they? what are their plans for attack? this is a very delicate situation, but it seems that the french intelligence services were informed. exactly when, we don't know but they were informed this was an attack ordered from the top of isil. >> david nicholas sarkozy has been giving his view on what
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needs to happen necessary. what did he say? >> it's not an exactly helpful intervention at this time by the former french president but he's been known for his outspoken views both on immigration, refuge refugees. he might help stoke the divisions and the rides of the right-wing here in france at the moment. let's hear about what he had to say about those people who have been put on the radicalization list. here is what he said. >> i said to the president it seemed to me we need to build an statemented response which means a retashaping of our foreign policy. decisions made at the european level and draftic policies. europe has to regauge control and determine the conditions for new immigration policy. we can't say there is a link but
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we do have to ask the question. >> david, i am thinking in the days and weeks that come when the country and everybody is feeling tender, it will be key for french authorities to make sure they tread carefully and lightly and don't let division take hold. >> exactly. the i mpact that isil hoped to make by launching this appalling attack in the center of paris was to try and fracture french society, to try to make divisions in french society. the people behind me are here to make sure that that doesn't happen interventions from the former president sarkozy saying there should be some form of internment of radicalized muslim communities will not help attempts by francois hollande to try to keep everything together,
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keeping france representing values it has always represented. davidtion thank you. >> live now to paul brennan in brussels for us. what's been happening in belgium? why the link in the investigation? i am here the prosecute ors. the clear connections now that there are between belgium and the attackers who started the bataclan, restaurants and other sites there in paris. the wanted man, for example, the name that's been publicized, sala aslam, 26 years old. he is born here in brussels. although he has french nationality, he has firm connections and close connections to an area of brussels with a predom namently
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muslim population. it's there the investigators are concentrating efforts at the moment. a team of french investigators and security personnel are now working hand-in-hand effectively with the belgian counterparts. french have come here to brussels to work in close collaboration and they are looking not just at this one man but inc. investigating the potential that there was a much wider conspiracy network going on here. there would have been somebody who buithose suicide vests for example. there would have been somebody that provided the weapons and went about plotting and deciding on the targets. what the security services are trying to do is to clean up all of those loose ends with a hugh amount of urgency. >> i guess that means some difficult questions for bell january authorities and have they stopped this happening on
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their soil? one carried out in one place and another? >> the fact is this is not the first time connections with bbe have had tragic consequences. this is the 5th time major terror plots have had connections. train attacker who tried to attack that train and was overpowered by those american servicemen got on the train here in brussels with magazines. now we have this attack in paris, with connections to this belgian suburb. the enter minister said frankly enough is enough. he's described this particular suburb as a giej antic problem and says there has to be action now. many would say it's long
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overdue, that the belgians perhaps could have worked harder at this issue a lot earlier. the fact is that photographer ie and belgium are effected. >> france pledged it will step up airstrikes. the french defense ministry said it has been conducting strikes on raqaa in syria. france said it hit target sites. joining us live from plus els is ambassador mark perini, the former ambassador. a warm welcome to the program. what do you think these attacks tell us about current i want s strategy? >> i think we have seen a string of massive attacks by isil.
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in ankara, the airliner, and now in paris. what's new with the paris attacks is that for the first time, we have suicide bombers operating on eu territory. car bombs, et cetera, et cetera, but never suicide bombers. multiple attacks, coordinated in brussels as you just explained. so this is the much more serious. we failed. there was hostility from within. come back but now, it is a deliberate plan, and as you know, in france, the political leadership uses the word war, war from within now. >> ambassador, why have we been so devoid of effective policy when it comes to dealing with isil? i think first of all, for a long time, the west has been hesitant
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about what to do this is being revised. the russian intervention two months ago has changed the game. so we will have more coordination. some sort of intelligence sharing with the syrian regime and then a very big concern is, of course, the turkish syria border. efforts have been made. france in particular has made efforts, has graduated with turkey but for four years, the border has been open. >> that's a major concern discussed at the g20. >> what does it mean for eu intelligence services? does it mean we will see more cooperation? i am guessing there is quite a lot already. does it mean a different sort of cooperation for security services given attacks in this
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case were potentially planned in one place and carried out in another? >> yeah. perhaps with more responsibilities elsewhere like suspicion of somebody coming from german with weapons. so far, there is counterterrorism coordination. but as you know these responsibilities are national. they are not under treatees. and also they depend upon different services son-in-law is please. some is intelligence service. there is going to be a major revamp okay this inevitably because the political impact of carnage like on friday in paris is massive in france, in belgium and europe. >> what kind of impact does it have about eu reffun e policy? >> alas, probably a negative
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impact because so far, we would have easily or rather easily sprald the asylum seekers, peoples fleeing for their life from terrorrists. if ever it is proven and we are cautious of course, isarian national, we don't know yet because a lot of traffic with syrian passport, blank syrian passport, but if ever it is proven, is going to slow down and dampen the generosity of some eu governments. also, it will complicate matters with the eu turkey refugees mark pirini. thank you for your analysis. >> thank you for having me. >> still to come on the al jazeera newshour: >> i think that was one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the modern history of the united states. >> why the legacy of the iraq
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invasion has again come back to haunt u.s. presidential hopeful hillae collary clinton. >> and the greek islands, athens digs deeper to pay its debt. in sport, the world number 1 cruise to see victory t much more on that later. >> friday's attacks across paris have shifted the focus of the g 20 meeting in turkey. it's been dominated by the crisis in syria. bernard smith has more from the summit in antalia. >> reporter: the attacks have over shadowed the agenda here at the g20 economic summit but the fear and increasing threats was on the agenda because of the murders of the people on the
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beach in tunisia and the suicide bomb inns ankara and beirut last week. all of these attacks claimed by isil. all of that casting a long shadow over this g20 summit. >>ra minute's silence. in paris, turkey and further afield. this is supposed to be a submit about the global economy but the threat from issim is on everyone's minds. from the host, a suggestion that turkey, a reluctant partner might now do more. >> we had to more strong lyn and determinedly express astie our cooperation in combatting terrorism. barack obama says the united states will step up efforts to eliminate isil in syria. >> it's an attack on the
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civilized world. i am sure each said to president hollande and the french people, we stand in solidarity with them in bringing them to justice. >> the u.n. secretary general said the attacks in paris offered a rare moment at diplomatic opportunity to end the violence in syria. our response needs to be robust but always within the rule of law and with respect to human rights. otherwise, we will only fan the fire we are trying to put out. >> a discrete handshake between barack obama and russia's president was followed by talks that according to the white house centered on ongoing efforts to res oolve the syrian process. putin said a joint effort is necessary to fight terror. in syria so far, there is no on
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the ground cooperation between russia and the u.s. russia says it's fighting isil but focusing ol groups opposed to bash arrear al-assad. we have had the first hints that isil might now be facing a more coordinated fight back. bernard smith, al jazeera of the g 20 summit in antalia. >> german's chancellor emphasized the importance of ing boarder controls. >> in france, of course, it is now a case of working with the security forces and authorities to find out who the perpetrators are, who their accomplices are and what lengths there may be. above all, we owe that to the victims and their loved ones,
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but it's also nets for our own security and something that we owe to the many innocent refugees who are fleeing war and terrorism. furthermore, it is completely clear, as many talks here have shown, that wimust tackle the root causes of migration in the places refugees are coming from. >> means securing the european union's external borders is crucial. >> the paris attacks have provoked reactions from leading democrats who are hoping to replace u.s. president barack obama. kimberly halkett reports from iowa where the democratic contenders have faced off. >> they came bearing signs of support for those still reeling from the paris attacks and now, wanting answers from their da democratic presidential candidates about how they prevent similar attacks in the united states. my heart goes out to everyone in paris. i feel a lot of their sense of loss. it's concerning for me about what's going to happen in the
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future. i do want our presidential candidates to talk about: what will are we going to do to protect our country. >> inside the debate house, a moderator asked the same question did vermont senate bernie sanders replying hillary clinton contributed to regional insustainabilitity as a former u.s. senator voting for the i knowvation of iraq in 2003. >> i would argue that the disastrous invasion of iraq, something i strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely. >> i have said the invasion of iraq was a mistake. i think if we are ever going to really tackle the problems posed by jihadi extreme terrorism, we need to understand it. >> it was an exchange that dominated the debate and immediately following had clinton's team struggling to defend. >> she said the vote in iraq was a mistake and the lack of
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leadership from the bush administration. >> it wasn't just to acknowledge a mistake, does that go far enough? certainly, we can acknowledge it contributed to the instability in the region? >> ultimately, but that's the kind of thing that voters decide. >> reporter: in february, iowans will get their chance when the state holds the nation's first presidential nominating contest. >> there were domestic issues discussed in the second democratic debate. given it comes just one day after the paris attacks, positions os combatting eisel are what is are making headlines. >> egyptian police found the bodies of 15 refugees who were is shot in the sinai "penguins of madagascar." 8 others were injured. the migrants were caught in the crossfire between egyptian security forces. police in lebanon arrested nine
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people in connection with double bombings in beirut. seven sirrians and two lebanese are being held on suspicion of being involved in planning the blas blasts. sm smuggling attackers. 43 people were killed in the area controlled by hezbollah which has been fighting alongside syrian bashar al-assad's forces. isil claimed responsibility for that attack. >> the operation was planned fo-457 at the hospital security ness used changed it. it is still ongoing some internally sglailts children are returning to school after two years. the united nation's children's fund has started registering children for classes at their camp in malikal in the country's north. thousands of children there have missed out on education since civil war broke out back in december, 2013. >> there is plenty more to come
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here on the al jazeera news hour including argentina's election . >> i am john hendren where eight has been tats like this are increasingly under threat. >> arguable the toughest woman in sports suffers her first career sdmok out. we will have those details later.
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♪ welcome back. a reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera. chaotic scenes in central paris where hundreds fled city restaurants. some people believe they heard gunfire but police say it was fireworks. french police have issued a wanted notice for 26-year-old belgian-born sala aslam where at least 129 people died. security has dominated the talks of the is summit following
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friday's deadly attacks. it's prompted world leadtories talk about implementing stronger border controls. jonah hull was at the memorial service at notre dame as france began three days of mourning. he sent us this report. the tolling bells of notre dame, sounding the is it i in mourning. thousands filled the square outside as mass was held in the historic cathedral, a service to honor the dead two days after the attacks, shock lingers. and grief. teens of friday's carnage, people gathered to pay their respects. >> we were almost expecting it. it knew it wasn't going to be
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the end after january. when it happens, you are always surprised. you think it's not possible, not in paris. not like this. brutal. >> the restaurants's opposite 1 another, trendy not spots at the heart of after it wasly packed residential community. in the 11th area bombiar and the cazanostra hit. more emotional scenes. people who know it could so easily have been them. itch a friday who was shot 3 times in her legs. injuries to her face. she is in stable condition but psychologically, it's going to be very, very difficult for her, for her friends and even for her family. >> i rail feel like it's a personal attack on me it's my paris. it's my doorstep. it's my local and it's horrific.
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>> long time paris resident theo mcmillan was having dinner when shots rang out. >> i came out of the door here you stool so i could see a little bit. i think i was so worried my friends were there, i just wanted to see if i could see anybody. >> what did you see? in the distance i guess a heap, and they must have been people drinking together and had been shot and fallen sort of in a pile. >> i am not scared. i am not scared it's my favorite bar just to say we are here and we won't give up. >> away from these locations so solemn, so quiet, the police investigation is widening, taking in locations from belgium
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to montenegro to the aisles of greece. >> that's not the concern here as people railroad those killed in unseasonbly mild weather as they ate and drank on the terraces enjoying a friday night out. jonah hull, al jazeera perris. >> the syrians in exile say the current talks about the future of the company are only happening between western powers and russia. they say the attacks in paris have worked in the favor of the assad regime and isil. here is more. >> another airstrike in syria. more people buried as one more school and one more house is destroyed. many including children did not survive. activists say more than a quarter of a million syrians have been killed in more than four years of fighting. president bashar's regime tries
4:35 pm
tocile he knew everyone who opposes him. he reiterated his message. he syria warned what will happen in europe if the west continued to support what he calls terrorist groups in syria. nearly all armed syrian groups have condemned the paris attacks. rebels have reminded on social media that the state-sponsored grand mufti threatened attacks in europe four years ago i say to all of america we will. >> since then, half of syria's population has been forced to leave their homes. the government has lost control of more than 80% of territory, which has helped hard line groups such as ice i will to flourish. the syrian opposition in exile warned the longer the conflict carries on, the more people will die or leave and only hard liners will be left in syria. opposition politicians have
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criticized the west for staying silent for too long. >> when the americans and the russians and the french and the british and the saudis and turks and everyone says, look. this is the road map, what do you expect the opposition to say? they are dependent on regional and global powers. this particular war in region is more about regional war by proxies that really the future of syria, itself. >> backed by russian air power, the syrian regime says its stanchion has been i could have indicated after the paris attacks. isil supporters are celebrating a prom pa panda victory as they carried out the attacks. millions of syrians who just wanted the right to choose their own government don't agree with the government or isil. osama binjabi al jazeera. >> kurdib fighters who cap toured sinjar from issim say
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u.s. air strikes were crucial to their success and as imran khan reports, that cooperation is proving to be a hallmark of the continuing fight against the armed group. kurdish peshmerga fighters captured sinjar without much resistance. they celebrate on the streets here or at least what's left of them. air power was a major reason. in the days leading up to the offensive, u.s. led coalition airstrikes hit several targets. we cut the road and coordinated efforts. we didn't see any residence from isil. airstrikes played a crucial role. a local journalist impression said isil fighters were perhaps retreating to reinforce the city of mosul which they control. >> what gave the did you everedish peshmerga was us led coalition airstrikes. this building was likely to have
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been hit by one of those airstrikes. you can tell it's almost constantined in. >> they sadthey need to clear these buildings before anybody can go back in. taking over the town was just a first step. >> that first step took months of planning. the airstrikes will be a useful tool, they say in future operations. >> the coalition air strakz are the most important factor against isil. without airstrikes a ground offensive will stall. >> it has made a difference in sinjar where these cover a slogan with graphit i, particularly am bore province in northern iraq. there, the peshmerga want more u.s. help. after sinjar, they are likely to get it. it may be a different story in anbar where a main fighting
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force is the shia militia called pom lar mobilization forces. the u.s. won't provide them with air support. isil remain entrenched in anbar. imran khan, al jazeera, sinjar. >> taxes are going up across the greek islands as athens i am mrenlts new measures to pdebts. sc scan. >> cheese has created an $11 million dairy industry feeding hundreds of families. but farmers here are worried that they may now go out of business. a law passed last month abol issues a consumer tax discounts for greek islands. noxos is among the first to enforce it. >> i estimate cattle feeds will go up by 14 points. nobody here can make ends meet that way. my cost for feeds and medicines will go up by 500 or 600 your os
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a day. it may prove catastrophic. >> means my total costs will go up by a 5th. >> margaretis grows his own c n cornmeal. po ta the owes, another export will suffer from a hike in fertilizer and seed costs. the farmer's cooperative says there is no room to raise prices or cut costs. >> it's very difficult for us to pay farmers more. these are family businesses. everyone is already pushiitchin. i think people are just going to leave. tourim doesn't offer a safe harbor either with a 23% tax on ferry tickets and restaurants, people here fear that this industry will sink as visitors flee to countries with much lower tax. it was meant to compensate for distance. the cost of shipping goods to and from islands hurts professional margins. they have enjoyed theirvat
4:41 pm
discount. they are losing it when they need it most. they are left defenseless against hikes being levied across the country. to them, it's a cal calamatous coincidence. >> the mayor is bringing more islands into a class action lawsuit to challenge the tax hike in the supreme court and is prepared to go all the way to the european court some are preparing what they say is necessary disobedience. >> they will aband on their sheep and goat did and find their own illegal ways to survive that won't put money in state coffers they will smuggle until feed by sea or cut down their herd. >> they operate. for the state to survive, they must have you ever val. for them to survive, they must cheat the state.
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the political battle has electivefied the whole country, especially the young. a report now from buenas aires. >> nut heart of the presidential palace surrounded by pictures, thousands of young activists chant their support for christina kisrsner. they say they are the foot soldiers of the current government. >> you are not troops. you are activists. take the message to every house that people have to defend their rights. they have being one of the strongest moments in the country. young people who instead of fighting the government are part of it. they command state governments and are in key positions. a student activist is part of a campaign to show his support for the ruling party's presidential
4:43 pm
candidate. >> in the last year with this narmist government, political debate has been at the center here in argentinargentina. we are a group of young people that believe that this government has started process that needs to continue. >> during the dictatorship, thousands of young people were killed in what many say was a fight for social justice. >> argentine appear returned from 1983, young people stayed from politics. they say there is a reason why young people have become interested in politics once again. >> statute terrorism left a fear of commitment. the parents that suffered the dictatorship did not want their children to have a social or political commitment. they did it out of love and fear because the message was political commitment could cost you your life. >> during the dictatorship t students in public universities like this one were the heart of the opposition.
4:44 pm
in the last 12 years since kirschner came to power, political activist has increased among young people. universities are filled with political groups working to get candidates elected. >> political activism has been associated with the ruling peronist party, the opinionzition candidate is working to change that hundreds of young people are going house by house trying to take the message out. one of the leaders claims young people want to be part of the country's political future. >> young people are not combative. initially because they were part of an elite. >> has changed. young people now come from many sectors to help our party get to the presidency. people want to get involved. in one weekly, arrange en 10ias will head to the polls. young people have played a kroeshl role in this presidential race.
4:45 pm
>> at least 21 people are dead and 16 still missing after a landslide in eastern china. 27 homes after heavy rainfall, rescue yours are using excavate orders to move the earth as they search for those still missing. the president of myanmar made his first speech since the general election, reiterating his government's commitment to a peaceful change. clenched the majority of the seats in parliament. still ahead on the program. nature under threat. why these beautiful creatures are at risk in one of the most remote places on earth. all of the sport in the. >> including the fed cup goes down to the final set, the final match as the czech republicblim claim their fourth title in five
4:46 pm
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sglj. >> one of the most remote places is under threat according to conservationists who say the forest of central africa's triangle have been lost at an alarming rate. from the home of many endangerred apes. >> these are the eyes of an endangered blood line. western low land gore illas can relax here in the preserve where they are protected for from
4:48 pm
logging and hunters. >> down time for most of them right now. disease has been a defendant major influence. hunting is the most dangerous threat to them in their existence right now. dave morgan has preserved ape has been tats for 16 years. >> the rest of the group is coming up from behind here. >> he has asked turn animal hunters into wildlife trackers who protect their former pray. this is the type of job i feel good about. i can make a living from it we
4:49 pm
have to wear these masks to make sure there is no exchange of disease either way rye searchers have made sure they can be accustomed to human presence. despite the fact that they are threatened by logging, ag cultural encroachment and people hunting them, they are comfortable with having us this close. >> endangered champ pan zees have the intelligence to craft tools, to turn a ter pilot mound into a meal but they have no defense against a dwindling has been at that time. there were as many as a million 50 years ago and as few as 170,000 today. they are more territorial than gorillas. and less likely to survive a forced move. >> you force one to just be displaced right on top of the other and so once you get two community did going together, then, you know, you really do see carnage. >> researchers spend years
4:50 pm
getting to know them through daily contact. >> can be terrifying. >> they will start charge? >> you? >> the trackers and ourselves. it's risky. people get bitten. it's stressful but we think it's important to have a couple of groups like buka here habituated and educate people about them. in persuading people, it may be the last best home for future generations like enos. john hendren, al jazeera, mondika, republic of the congo. >> let's go to raoul and get the day's sports from doha. raoul. >> julie thank you very much. niko rosberg has won for the second successive year. a minute of silence was held. the german mercedes rider led
4:51 pm
from start to finish to cross ahead of his teammate. at a time secures rosberg second place in the driver's standings behind the britain a great weekend for me here. everything relative with what happened back in paris very, very happy. it went personally. having a good challenge. i was able to control it. >> tennis and it was a dramatic final day in prague take okay defending champions, the czech republic. scherershay won in 2008 but she missed the final seven years ago. in the battle of the former wimbledon champion, the russian came back from a set down to beat pesovocka. that game with the russians, a 2-1 lead, one victory away from regaining the title.
4:52 pm
thankfully for the crowd t the pham final would go down to a deciding match. the world number 11 beating russia's an staanastasia. to deciding doubles. up against the russian pair. the russians won the opening set to level the match. the prague crowd broeping the serve going on to win it 6-2. al fourth fed cup title in five years. roger federer has beaten 6-2, 6-2 in his opening match of the world tour finals in london. the defending champion, novak djokovic, 6-1, 6-1, the serve's 15th victory in a row.
4:53 pm
38 consecutive win in doors. the world number 1 claimed three crowns, missing out in the french open in the final. i think he was at my best and ultimately, it's been an incredible performance that i was hoping i can have coming in to the match, coming into this tournament where i have had a great record in the last couple of years. reflecting back on those memories, of course, gives me more confidence, more comfort coming in to every single match. >> football france's international friendly against england will go ahead and wembley on tuesday despite friday's attacks in paris. the french organizers of euro 2016 say the event should still go ahead in their country. hungae have just put their place in that tournament after winning their play-off against norway. they wondthe second leg 2-1 in bud pest to go through 3-1 on aggregate in france. it will be their first appearance at a major championship in 30 years.
4:54 pm
chris broberg won his first title with the bmw masters, the swede had to beat patrick reed in a play-off helped by an egem on the 15th. they both finished 72 holes on 17 under par. after reed found the sand on the extra hull, and this was sunk on the 18th victories, he will now compete in the final event of the season, the tour championship in dubai next week. now, with cuba normalizing relations with the united states, it's opening its economy more and more. foreigners are visiting. this is reflected in the annual run through the sweltering streets of the capitol which this year attracted more foreign runners. one third from the u.s. daniel schweimler joined them. >> they came to run. tourists were a few days while they wait for the start of the island's biggest race. most want to take part.
4:55 pm
finishing third in the half marathon four years in a row. >> my goal on sunday is to improve my best time to between one hour, 9 and one hour, 10 minutes and to finish in second place. >> the cuban athletes face a number of obstacles when competing against those from wealthier countries. >> the main reason running is not more popular in cuba is because of the shoes. the running shoes need to be better. a runner depends upon his tread. it needs to be reliable. >> they can only look and admire the shoes worn by wealthy visitors like greg baldinger who ran a marathon and subpoena back in action? >> i am running the race to experience the city and the culture and people. that's the most important thing. >> an early morning start, in the is followers of cuba's
4:56 pm
santaria religion. >> we will all pound the same streets or suffering the same scorching havannah sun. cuba and for more thaners than ever before. 4,700 entered to run the 10, 21, an 42 kilometer races taking in some of havana's historic monuments. 1500 were foreigners of which a third came from the united states. difficult before relations between the two countries were reestablished earlier this year. the heat and humidity were intense, and most were just happy to finish. ladies pushed a bit harder and finished second. >> i won bronze four years in a row. i wanted this triumph. i trained for it, and i did it. i felt good the first 15 kilometers and now, i am exhausted. >> running is an individual sport. but there is nothing like the
4:57 pm
solidarity through shared suffering while pounding the streets to bring people from all over the world together. daniel schweimler, al jazeera, cuba. >> how did daniel do in that race? i am sure we will find out later on. the sports first women's bou banterweight, unbeaten in 12 fights going back to 20s 12. the last three lasted 64 seconds in total. a winning streak was ended by former world champion hollihome. knocked out in the second round with a kick to the head. that's sport for now. >> thank you. find out much more on our website. why not take a look? we will have ongoing analysis in the aftermath of those attacks in paris and we will also be looking at foreign policy. we have got social media reaction. take a look. it's we will be back in a couple of more minutes with more news.
4:58 pm
bye-bye. >> lead paint... plaster that is falling... rodent infestation. >> if it was your own children, you'd have the money to take care of it. >> who does the buck stop with?
4:59 pm
>> cutting a country in half. >> here's where the canal is gonna to start. >> who's paying the price for progress? >> we are putting all of our future at risk. >> how are they gonna get these sediments out? >> what is difficult, is seeing all the country being destroyed. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> panic in central paris as hundreds of people run out of a building, thinking they heard gunfi gunfire. hello, i'm julie mc-donned stade from london. also coming up, one man is on the run after the paris attacks. the death toll rising to 129. two more attackers have been identified world leaders told they


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