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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> panic in central paris as hundreds of people run out of a building, thinking they heard gunfi gunfire. hello, i'm julie mc-donned stade from london. also coming up, one man is on the run after the paris attacks. the death toll rising to 129. two more attackers have been identified world leaders told they need
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to eliminate i.s.i.l. to prevent more attacks also - capturing sinjar, u.s. air strikes crucial to their success. hello there, good to have your company. there has been scenes in paris, as the residents are on high alert. hours ago hundreds of people fled a city restaurant and place des republic, after hearing what they felt was fire shops. a man that was responsible for the attack is on the run. a wanted notice has been issued for a 26-year-old. it comes as belgium authorities say two of the attackers were nationals. seven have been arrested.
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world leaders have been meeting at the g20 summit. there has been a strong focus on security. the idea of increasing border controls, and the u.s. agreed to take concrete steps to boost cooperation against i.s.i.s. the group in responsibility for the attack. neave barker reports. a moment of desperate panic, reports of gunshots send hundreds of people running for their lives. taking cover in nearby restaurants. a false alarm but a telling sign in the climate of fear. the government banned large rallies. people tried to make sense of the mass murder that happens, that square became a place of mourning. since friday investigations have gained pace. in a paris suburb, broken glass
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is all that is left of a car, where police say they found several kalashnikovs. investigator are exploring the theory that it belongs to an attacker on the run. the public have been warned not to intervene with this man. at the bataclan concert haul many gather while forensics teams look for evidence. new dramatic video when the gunmen opened fire. many thought it was concert. >> we were enjoying the concert. i thought it was fire crackers. i turned around and saw them. >> seemed like they were hitting the stage, we knew that it was gunfire and needed to get out. >> reporter: in a video police prepare to storm the building. but a push back and a hail of
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bullets. it was hear one of the killers left a vital clue, a severed finger that allowed investigators to investigate him as 29-year-old french national ismail mustafah, one of three who blew himself up. this is the edge of paris where he staded until the age --lived until the age of 21. he was known to the authorities as a petty criminal, but never spent time in prison. in 2010 police flagged him as being a candidate for radicalization. he's one of three french nationals arrested. police are looking into whether he travelled to syria and had contact with i.s.i.l. at the mosque we met someone that knew him, saying he came from a good family. >> translation: i'm really
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shocked, i didn't expect it at all. you don't believe it when it's someone you know. >> reporter: he thinks the government failed to integrate young muslims in society. when we do something that interests them we're french, when it upsets them, we are foreign. france needs to integrate people. >> reporter: the mayor of the town had this to say. >> translation: sorry for things like this, but we don't give a dam where he was born. what matters is a kid from our country, a french kid could have become what he became. >> reporter: several of his family members were detained by the police for questioning. david is stade in paris. --live in paris. --another give day for parisian, and there's new intelligence as well. >> that's right.
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there's interesting developments. we hear the french have been attacking el-raqqa, the i.s.i.l. self-declared capital, boying the spirits of people here in the place de republique, who are holding a vigil for those attacked on friday. a different mood to friday when fire crackers caused a panic and the place was deserted. people are running for their lives. now the news changed the mood here. the french president saying it was an act of war, and the french answered it by flying dozens of sortees, apparently, from a base in jordan, and an unnamed gulf state and have been bombing strategic targets in el-raqqa, changing the mood here
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but there is information that the iraqi officials, a day before the attack in paris warned glition partners that something was planned by the head of i.s.i.l., and 19 people trained in el-raqqa training camps, and that they were in contact with a cell inside paris, a secret sell. so it would appear not only the man hunt for the missing attacker on action on friday night is going on, but the fear that will there was many more, as many as 11 so-called fighters of i.s.i.l. that may be in operation in france. a great deal to worry about, and not surprising that people are edgy, but the spirit buoyed by the fact that a bombing attack by the french and french alone
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has gone on over elrapa. >> david live from paris. paul brennan sent this update from brussels. >> there is a joint task force based in brussels involving french and other security services looking at how the terrorist network gathered ammunition and material to launch the attack on friday night in paris. the attention is not just focused on one suspect, sala, who is undedetected. he may be in paris. he was born in brussels. a large amount.
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effort will be directed at that. there's the reality that the french and belgiums need to work closer together. all that is a result of a high profile meeting between interior ministers on sunday. and they came out with strong intention to work closely together. >> translation: we specially need to intensify our collaboration. those in bellium and contributed to the organization and execution - most were not known to the french intelligence services. the second point, is subject that have been on the agenda, marked as urgent have not been dealt with quickly u. >> with records to the fight against terrorism and other subjects of importance to the e.u., like migration, the time to make and implement decisions
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takesation you here what bernard cazeneave had to say. on television it was said we can't accept it. we need to look at how to tackle and eradicate the problem, it's a gigantic problem. there's no lack of wheel, but there may be a difficulty to carry ut the desires to -- carry out the desires to get on top of the issue france will step up attacks against i.s.i.l. the french ministry says it has been conducting strikes on raqqa. our correspondent talked about that earlier. france said it has a command and control center and ammunitions depot and training camp were hit parisians started three days of mourning following the attacks. jonah hull was at a memorial
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service at notres dame. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: the tolling bells of notres dame reflecting a city in mourning. thousands filled the scare with, mass in the histic kath eid roll, a service to -- cathedral, a service to honour the dead. two days after the attacks, shock lingers, and grief. >> at the scenes of friday's carnage people gathered to pay reports. >> translation: we were almost expecting it. we knew it would not be the end after january, when it happens, you are surprised, not in paris, not like this. >> the restaurants opposite each other, trendy night spots, at the heart of a densely packed
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residential community. in this area, the cafe and another hit. more emotional scenes. people that know it could have been them. >> translation: i have a friend shot three times in her legs and injuries to her face. she's in stable condition, but psychological it will be difficult for her, her friends and family. >> i feel it's a personal attack on me, but, you know - it's my parish, it's my doorstep, my local - it's horrific. long-time parish res dent thea was having dinner when shots rang out. >> i came out the door and stood around, so i could just see a little bit. i think i was so worried that my friends were there, i wanted to
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see if i could see anyone i demu. >> what did -- anyone i could see. >> what did you see. >> i kind of saw a heap of people, people drinking together and shot and fallen sort of in a pile. i was there. there is my favourite bar, and i will go and offer to say we are here and won't give up. >> reporter: away from these locations, so solemn, so quiet, the police investigation is widening, taking in locations from belgium to montreal, to the aisles of greece. that is not the concern here. as people remembered those killed in unseasonably mild weather as they ate and drank on the terraces, enjoying a fradd night out still to come on al
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jazeera - we are in argentina, where the first ever presidential run-off triggered an unprecedented political fervor among young people. >> i'm john hendren in the republic of congo where ape habitats like this are under threat.
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welcome back, a reminder of the top stories - there has been ky attic scenes in tlarl -- chaotic scenes where hundreds fled the place de la republique, believing they heard gun fire. police say it was fireworks
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french place issued a notice for 26-year-old salah abdeslam, believing he was involved in the attacks in paris, where 29 died france pledges to step up strikes against i.s.i.l. in response to the attacks. the french ministry has been conducting strikes on i.s.i.l. in their capital - that's raqqa friday's attacks shifted the focus at the g20 meeting in turkey, dominated by the crisis in syria. bith has more. >> bernard smith has more. >> the paris attacks overshadowed the agenda area at the g20 summit. the fear and threat of and from i.s.i.l. was on the agenda because of the murders of british tourists on the peach in tunisia -- beach in tunisia, the downing of a jet in the sinai
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and suicide bombings in ankara and beirut. all the attacks claimed by i.s.i.l. all of that casting a long shadow over the g20 summit. >> reporter: at the g20 summit a minute's silence for the victims of terrorism. in paris, turkey and further afield. this is supposed to be a summit about the global economy. the threat from i.s.i.l. is on everyone's minds, and from the host a suggestion that turkey, a reluctant partner in the fight against i.s.i.l. >> we have to more strongly and determinedly express cooperation in combatting terrorism. >> reporter: president obama says the united states will step up efforts to eliminate i.s.i.l. in syria. >> it's an attack on the
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civilized world. i am sure each said to francis hollande, and the french people we stand in solidarity with them in hunting council the perpetrators of the crime and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: the attorney-general said it offered a rare moment of opportunity to end the violence. >> our response needs to be rob oft, but always within the rule of law. and with respect for human rights ordinary we only fan the fire we are trying to put out. then a discrete handshake between president obama and russian's president which was after talks to resolve the syrian crisis. earlier, vladimir putin said a joint effort was needed to fight terror. in syria, there's no on the
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ground cooperation between russia and the u.s. at the moment in syria different groups have different priorities. the u.s. is fighting i.s.i.l. russia says it's doing the same, but is focussing fire power on groups opposed to bashar al-assad. turkey is concentrating on hitting the kurdish separatists p.k.k. at this summit there's the first hint that i.s.i.l. may face a more coordinated fight back egyptian police found the bodies of 15 refugees shot in the sinai peninsula. eight others were injured. officials say the migrants were caught in the crossfire between egyptian security forces and people smugglers, who it was believed were trying to reach israel to claim asylum lebanon arrests five in connection with the double bombing in beirut.
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nine are being held on suspicion. bombs killed 43 people in the southern suburb of a city controlled by hezbollah, which has been fighting alongside bashar al-assad's forces. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for the attacks. kurdish fighters captured the raik yoi town of -- iraqi town of sinjar, as imran khan reports, that cooperation it proving to be a hallmark of the continuing fight against the armed group kurdish peshmerga fighters captured the town of sinjar without much resistance, and celebrate on the streets - or at least what is left of them. air power was a major victory. in the days leading up to the offensive u.s.-led coalition air strikes hit several targetses. >> translation: we cut the road into sinjar in the days before and coordinated efforts with our
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partners, we didn't see resistance from i.s.i.l. air strikes played a crucial role. a local journalist we spoke to said i.s.i.l. fighters were perhaps retreating to reinforce the city of mosul which they controlled. what gave the advantage was u.s. led coalition air strikes. the building was likely to have been hit by an air strike, you can tell because it's almost constantina said in. what the peshmerga are saying is they need to go around. taking over the town was a first step. that first step took months of planning. peshmerga commander says the air strikes would be a useful tool in future operations. the coalition air strikes are the most important factor, the coalition bomb the main roads or supply lines between raqqa and mosul. without air strikes, a ground
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offensive would stop. thirdly, it's made a difference in sinjar. these soldiers cover over a pro-i.s.i.l. slogan, other areas remain under i.s.i.l. control, particularly in the provinces and northern iraq. there the peshmerga want more u.s. help. after sinjar, they are likely to get it. it may be a different story in anbar, where the main striking so far as, the popular mobilization forces argentina's two presidential candidates are about to go head to head in a television debate. a presidential run off is being held as one of the candidates gained enough votes -- as neither gained enough votes in october to win out right. a huge audience is expected at the debate 21 are dead, 16 missing
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after a landslide in china, 27 homes were buried, a heavy raib fall. excavators moved the earth searching for those missing. and one of the most remote places on earth are under threat, according to conservationists are saying that forests are watched at an alarming rate. jimi hendrix reports. -- john hendren reports. >> reporter: these are the eyes of an endangered blood line. western apes are protected here from logging and hunters. it's down time. >> down time for most of them. >> since 1988 they have gone from vulnerable to endangered to critically endangered. in the last 20 years, ebola and
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others have slashed numbers by 80%, there's 100,000 left. >> disease is a major influence in certain areas. hunting is certainly the most dangerous threat to them in their existence, but the spread of logging, agriculture is having an impact on the environment. >> reporter: dave from the lincoln park zoo preserved the habitat for the past 16 years. >> the arrest of the group is coming up >> reporter: he helped to turn hunters into trackers, who protect their former pray. >> this is the type of job i feel good about and can make a living from it. >> reporter: this is emily and her first baby. we have to where masks to make sure there's no exchange of disease either way. researchers spent years making sure that they be accustomed to human presence. despite the fact that they are threatened by logging,
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agricultural encroachment, they are comfortable with having us this close. >> endangered chimpanzees have the intelligence to craft tools, turning a termite mound into a meal. there are 170,000 today. chimps are more territorial than gorillas, and less likely to five a move. >> what happens to logging is you force one to be displaced to nosh, once you have -- another. once you have two communities, you have chimpan see carnage. >> reporter: to protect them researchers spent years getting to know them through daily contact. that can be terrifying. >> silver back will charge. >> reporter: charging you. >> it's risking. people are bitten, it's
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stressful. in the end, it's important to have a couple of groups like this here, habituated so we can learn about them and educate people about them. >> reporter: in persuading people to preserve the habitat. it may be the last best hope for future generations some of south sudan's internally displaced children are to return to school after two years. the united nations children's fund started to register children for classes at the camp. thousand in malakal have missed out on an education since civil war broke out. the african union reported the conscription of child soldiers, forced cannibalism and other abuses left more than 2 million displaced to china - a traditional form of entertainment is as
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popular as ever. acrobatic shows have huge crowds. we visit a school in eastern china. >> reporter: this child has the kind of school days other nine-year-old said envy. more than half spent in the gym. she was enrolled at the school six months ago, but has been practicing her body bending feats for as long as she can remember. >> i started when i was five years old. sometimes practicing the whole day. i prefer acrobatics to gymnastics. >> reporter: they are closely related, but while gymnastics are more mainstream, it is taught where more in mind. acrobatics recruit from schools like this one. good acrobats make about 2,000 a
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month. in this poor part of eastern china young people have become acrobats out of necessity, leading to the proliferation of acrobat schools. for the students it's a punishing schedule beginning at six in the morning. four hours of acrobatics, three hours of regular classes six days a week. >> living and eating together. it's a life spent away from their families, considered worth it if it leads to work. normal lessons outside the gym ensure children are educated as normally as possible. not everyone gets to be an acrobat when they leave school. >> translation: even if they don't become acrobats, what they learn will help them. it teaches them great self sflin. lee believes she has the discipline to become one of
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those acrobats. you can find out more on the website. plenty of analysis of the aftermath of the attacks in paris. why not take a look at it. it's at [ ♪ ] [ ♪ ] tonight - both parties seem to agree on one thing - there is too much money in politics. so why couldn't a presidential candidate running on that issue gain traction in the polls. also - sexting between two minors - should it be legal. and my final thought about how the mos


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