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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life. >> disturbing news about the worldwide manhunt for suspects in the paris attacks. just hours before shootings, one of them was questioned by police who let him go. fighting back, french military steps up air strikes on i.s.i.l. strongholds. >> an emotional church service for fallen in france. in california, a memorial service for an american killed
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in the attacks. her mother talks about what might have been. >> she wanted to have a career. >> hello i'm randall pinkston. it is 5:00 a.m., in paris, after a weekend of mourning. french forces escalated air strikes against i.s.i.l. in is syria. the french president promised vengeance for the attacks. a suspect questioned hours before the attacks and then let go. president obama orders flags at half staff, in honor of the 129 victims. john terret is here.
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john how much of an escalation does the french attack on syria represent? >> you have to remember randall that french has been part of a 60-nation coalition against the islamic state of iraq and the levant. they say what they mean they mean what they say, you heard francois hollande on friday say the country would be ruthless in its retaliation. french bombers taking off of the united arab emirates and the heshemit ervetioite kingdom. they destroyed a command center, a recruitment center for jihadis, all in the city of raqqa, which is the capital of the self proclaimed caliphate. now, the french foreign minister
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laurent fabius, was asked whether or not this is retaliation for the 132 who have died since last friday? >> translator: when france is not just threatened but attacked by daesh it is absolutely normal that it takes to lead and take action within the framework of france's legitimacy. we have done it in the past and again today because raqqa is as you know the center of command of daesh. we can't be attacked severely as you saw in paris without being present and active. >> of course, 350 were injured in those attacks and 99 of them in hospital in critical condition. it is barely 48 hours since that happened. >> john what is the u.s. doing in reaction to the paris attack on friday?
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>> well, ash carter who as you know is the defense secretary has spoken twice this weekend to his french counterpart, jean yves ladrea. there will be increasing target-sharing between the french and the u.s. military, also closer coordination as they go forward what they say will be a sustained attack on i.s.i.l. and syria and a little bit in iraq as well and also a rolling-back of restrictions on intelligence gathering that has been so far stifling is sharing of that vital information between them. now how interesting to note that tonight, haratz which is the israeli newspaper is reporting that iraqi intelligence has reported that abu bakr al-baghdadi who is the leader of i.s.i.l. called for an attack on coalition forces and also iran
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and russia within the last handful of days calling on members to carry out bombings safnlingseassassinations or hose taking. if the information was a little better than it had been something might have been done to reduce the carnage onfully. we don't know that for certain but currently that's the way the military's thinking. randall. >> thank you john terret, in washington. there is an international manhunt for one of the suspects, armed and dangerous likely. dana lewis has the latest on the investigation from paris. >> today a get away car was found in montreux, inside kalashnikov rifles.
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believed used during the raids. news agencies, may have helped with logistics and now french police admit they stopped sallah in a car near belgium and failed to detain him at that time. people came in the streets by the thousands to express their sorrow and understand if it were all true. diners gunned down outside these restaurants and cafes in a last place you would expect an attack. camilla said she was coming to the restaurant where 14 were shot rat point block range. she decided in a moment to go to another restaurant. >> we had to run through the streets for 20 minutes or so while we heard explosions from everywhere. and then we heard some other
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slots and we ran the opposite direction. and then we were knocking on the cars to get them to pick us up and they didn't and we didn't know anybody. >> the targets were more specific than they seemed. cafes bars and restaurants but this is a trendy area of paris. a lot of young people. the gunmen wanted to kill as many people as they could in a very short time and disrupt daily life. at the bataclan music hall, this video was taken, as the musicians just start ed playing and dover to duet out of range. officials have identifiedish maiidentifiedidentifiedishmael .
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they detonate he their suicide bombs outside after they couldn't get through security. >> that was we were extremely lucky and i think it was a time issue, they arrived too late, to bomb the people entering the stadium which was a main target, trying to create chaos and collapse inside the stadium, with half inside, half outside. >> authorities know they need to quickly unravel who else was in the attacks. when camala was running from just 48 hours ago. dana lewis paris. >> authorities have arrested seven people in connection with the attacks. al jazeera, paul brennan reports from brussels. >> joint task force evolving police and security services.
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looking at how this network, this terror network was able to gather enough ammunition and materials to launch this attack on friday night in paris. the attention is not just focusing on this one suspect that's been named as salah al islam, as yet to be undetected. he was born here in brussels. so there's a large amount of effort, ongoing effort throughout the night directed at that. but also there is a very clear reality that both french and belgian investigators need to work closer together. all of that has been the subject of high profile meeting between both the french and belgian interior ministers, bernard casenove, and his counterpart,
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they came out to work more closely together. >> translator: we especially need to intensify our collaboration. those people who were in belgium and contributed to the organization and execution of these attacks, most of them were not known to the french intelligence services. the second point i wish to emphasize is that subjects who have been on the agenda marked as urgent have not been dealt with quickly. with regards to the fight against terrorism and other subjects of importance to the eu, like migration, the time to make and implement decisions takes ages. >> reporter: to hear what bernard casenove had to say, we can't accept this any longer, we have to look at how to tackle this problem, how to eradicate it once and for all. it's a gigantic problem. there's no lack of will. what there may be is a
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difficulty actually carrying out those desires getting on top of the issue. >> college student from california was among the victims in paris. nohema gonzalez, shot and killed on friday. al jazeera's allen schauffler was in california with this report. >> randall, the french president called it an attac an an act of. the british prime minister, the worst atrocity in a decade. these california students attended this vigil in honor of noemi gonzalez, the only american individual identified as a victim of the attacks. more than a thousand people
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gather at cal state long beach in memory of student noemi gonzalez killed as she dined with friends in a french restaurant. many who called her mimi, homeful and energetic and a hard worker with a beautiful soul. >> translator: it' >> it's hard but i'm going to miss her and i love her so much. >> mimi has touched our hearts. mimi is right here. mimi is on our hearts today, tomorrow and forever. >> the university's chancellor are read a new home poem, noemia song for paris.
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>> noemi gonzalez, from whittier, california, cal state long beach then we run out of words. the words so many words. >> the senior studying design was taking a semester abroad and would have been home in a couple of weeks. >> and it was really upsetting and really sad thing that something so sense ofless hatched to a student who was just trying to study and improve her life. >> gonzalez was from east of l.a. her mother said college was always part of her grand plan. >> she was so happy because she loved school. >> processing the shock of the paris killings, nine time zones away, killings abroad that hit home. >> it's unfair, it's unjust to be -- i mean what else do you say, as a bright young woman, had the wrong place at the wrong time and that's life.
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and i don't think any of us are exempt from that. >> southern california and france now improbably linked by bloodshed. a young woman's life lost cut short. >> she wanted a different like, don't want to be like most of our people. like go to work and come back home. everyday. she wanted to have a career and a family. >> so far school administrators say they don't have any definitive plans for what happens to those exchange students from cal state long beach who are still in france. they are talking to them and still trying to work out plans. randall. >> allen schauffler, thanks. in turkey for the g-20 summit, attacks in paris and dealing with i.s.i.l. are dominating the agenda there. mike viqueria is in antalia with
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the latest. >> good evening, randall. the french president calls it an act of war. top officials in turkey certainly agree. article 5 of the u.n. treaty, if france is a member then all members are attacked. but still the bottom line from u.s. officials there is absolutely no talk of u.s. combat troops on the ground in syria. in the wake of the paris attacks there is one question that dominates thing rhetoric. >> mr. president, are you considering attacks after the paris massacre? >> i'm not prepared to answer right now. >> we stand in solidarity with them in hunting down the perpetrators of this crime and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: french president
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francois hollande says there's no doubt i.s.i.l. is behind the carnage. article 3, an attack on one member is considered an attack on all. but u.s. officials continue to rule out u.s. combat boots to take the combat to the ground. more air strikes, more targeting of i.s.i.l. leaders and increased support for anti-i.s.i.l. force he already in the fight. and there will be more diplomas. as leaders and aids mingle durinmore diplomatsin the fray. they are targeting otherring opposition groups, fighting the assad regime, many of them backed by the u.s. and its allies. after the downing of a russian charter plane in the sinai and the attacks in paris u.s.
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officials hope russia will change its focus to fighting i.s.i.l. before getting down to work, summit leaders paused for a moment of silence for the paris victims. no significant credible threat against the u.s. home land. >> we'll constantly be pulling threads and seeing if there are any aspirations that lead to plotting in the united states. >> reporter: now in the wake randall of the allegations that one of the attackers came across with the wave of syrian refugees, greek islands where many have landed, it has obviously become a political issue in the united states. but the white house press contacts say there's no reasons why the victims of the syrian war to be victimized again. they are on with the vetting process for those who want to come and live in the united states. randall. >> hard power saying that the move for trying to find a
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diploma diplomatic solution really isn't going to work against i.s.i.l. what does the administration say about moving to a harder stance, maybe not boots on the ground but more military action against i.s.i.l? >> well, the president, top officials, united states officials say they want to intensify what's already happening. essentially one of the same strategy, more of it. randall you may have noticed that a few weeks back, u.s. air strikes continued against i.s.i.l. within iraq but within syria they slackened a bit. they are simply running out of targets. that's part of the problem there. and so the diplomatic effort that took center stage in vienna, the second round of talks held by john kerry and sergey lavrov, that's where the focus is. a major break through isn't expected in antalia turkey, although these talks are crucial, considering what's
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happened over the last 48 hours, three days. they're hoping that russia will coming around to the u.s. side, as we said in the piece just a moment ago. the russian strikes haven't been targeting stiel. when president obama sat down with president putin, that the big push. the u.s. is sitting back and waiting exactly how they will recalculate, how that charter jet was brought down over the sinai peninsula, that's the big hope. to invoke this ceasefire moving towards the next talks in vienna, january 1st, not all want a ceasefire but that's the first step. >> mike viqueria, in antalia turkey. officials say prisoners do not pose a significant threat to the united states, transfers
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come as the u.s. is taking steps to close guantanamo bay. a max securit maximum security n inningies is also being considered. possible backlash, and later, an in depth look at what the paris attacks tell us about i.s.i.l.'s goals. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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♪ ♪ >> the french interior minister says he is going to begin dissolution of mosques where hate is preached. concerned about retaliation against members of their community. al jazeera's sheila macvicar brings us that story. ♪ ♪ >> in front of the theater where so many people died and so many more were wounded in solidarity and common grief, on sunday, leaders of france's jewish and muslim community stood together
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to lay flowers and remember the victims. under signs of uncertainty suspicion and rising nationalism. on a magazine that published satirical car toobs against cart muhammed, mohammed idris,ing and his group have felt increasingly under attack. >> have there been attacks after the charlie hebdo attack? >> yes, not long ago one of my co-workers was beaten by four men who fled in a vehicle. we're in a atmosphere right now that is very violent. >> reporter: by law the government is forbidden to ask
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questions. private polls over the last 20 years have consistently shown that the vast majority consider themselves only somewhat or not very religious at all. and for most the overriding emotion now is fear. >> i took the decision to speak as french, muslim, european and citizen of this world. >> sami says that after the january attacks promises were made, promises she says were not kept. >> do you feel your voice is listened to? >> to be honest: no. in france, no. >> isn't that part of the problem? >> it's part of the problem. i'm completely fed up with the way the french institution and the french media is treating the muslim community. chosen for them the spokesman or spokes woman and not pointing
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the great diversity that we have. >> the leaders of the mosques south of paris, where the attackers once had worships. >> translator: we're not in their heads. we don't know who they hang out with, who they walk with. that's for government, not us. >> what do you think the impact of last friday's events will be on that situation? >> the consequences will be disastrous as we have a government which accumulates failures. both in domestic politics and foreign policy. this government doesn't know how to communicate with the muslim community. >> and with dialogue and true inclusion comes more isolation. sheila macvicar, paris. >> people are beginning the healing process returning to
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their routines although sometimes with reluctance. adam rainey has that parity of the coverage. >> the sight of the city could still inspire post cards but maybe not mood. people are coming out more and more taking stock of their city and their raw feelings in the wake of attacks. >> it's young people, enjoy young people for coming here to enjoy life and everything and just disappear in a minute. >> some of the yuck here took comfort in the autumn sun, enjoying the most french of pastimes, but a nagging feeling persists. >> you feel like fear, what's going on don't know, you could be in that concert also, everybody can be there. >> monumental paris a bit less so with the monuments still closed.
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regardless tourists and the french are starting to make the rounds of the sites. >> i'm here with my little sister and i'm trying not to show fear. >> tourists couldn't visit the eiffel tower, but they could take home a reminder of the place he couldn't see. this spanish tourist felt so deeply for the french but couldn't answer. >> love is all that matters. >> in the lest touristy areas, parisians gathered to look at the landmark. monuments and museums are still closed but they still serve as an inspiration for those who have gathered to talk about the future of their city. >> we're lucky that we've been all together, we've been spending time with friends and
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reflecting, definitely like a weight over the city that you can feel. and so i think most people have just been keeping their heads low. but not letting this whole thing get, you know, break our spirits. >> reporter: spirits that will still need lifting in the days to come. adam rainey, paris. >> in another show of solidarity with paris, a video on youtube condemns the attack and pledging solidarity with france.
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>> coming up the growing reach of i.s.i.l, security experts pondering whether i.s.i.l. recruits are returning home to europe. plus democratic presidential candidates weigh in on the attacks on paris.
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>> the bells tolling sunday night at notre dame, the landmark cathedral in paris. the thirst for solace and comfort brought many to the city's churches. let's update you now on the paris massacre. sunday, french bombers bottomed i.s.i.l. in raqqa. suspect was questioned by french police after the attack but then allowed to go. and the french interior minister
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is calling for an emergency european summit to speed up implementing security measures across the continent. joining us now in our studios is faeta patel, and joining her is graham wood, contributing editor at the atlantic. you wrote a very interesting article several months ago, what does i.s.i.s. want. mr. wood, let's start with that. just in a nutshell what are they trying to achieve, and then of course, what are they trying to do with this latest in paris? >> there is a bit of an attention what they are stating as their main goal and this attack in paris. what they are trying to do is create a state, the only type of proper muslim government. >> the caliph. >> the caliphate, which they believe all muslims should go to
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and serve. by attacking paris, it is a hallmark of a previous issue, al qaeda central, and not sure how that could create a durable state in mes po mesopotamia. >> is there some group influenced by i.s.i.l. and claiming to be in lock step with them but not really under their control? >> it's true that we really don't understand what's happened here. we know that i.s.i.l. has taken credit for this attack. they've put out a statement that says that they bless the attack, they endorse it, and they've said that soldiers of the caliphate are the ones who have perpetrated it. but does that really mean that they've been sent from on high in i.s.i.l. territory, is this attack something that's been funded, planned from syria or
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something that freelancers who have been inspired by i.s.i.l. have done? we don't know at this point. >> let's go to eunice p patel. is that the right target or as you have indicated that the french may have been overreacting. >> france was already involved in the war in syria so it's not at all surprising they're going to continue to do that. if they were to pull back at this time that would go very much against the same that hollande had made in the wake of this attack. the concern is really that we really do need to step back, make sure we know what the facts are you know. we don't actually know for sure whether this was something that was as you said inspired by i.s.i.s, or ordered by i.s.i.s. and that really does make a difference when you try ocalibrate what your response is
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from a security perspective. and secondly you know, and i think when one of the concerns going forward is going to be when a country faces this kind of a security threat, our instinct is to strike back and our instinct is to try and make things better. sometimes we go too far. we certainly saw that in this country after 9/11 when there were massive roundups of muslim men and strike in hate crimes. so there's concern. >> what do you think is going to happen in france, how might the after-effects play out with the muslim community in france? >> i think there's a huge risk, right? that happens every single time we have one of these attacks, is that the muslim community is broadly held responsible for almost all of them disagree with. 1.6 billion muslims in the world who are collectively held
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responsible for a few guys who have formed a caliphate. >> talk about the intelligence, mr. wood, we now know that the french keep some 7,000 under some form of surveillance. one of the attackers had been known by the french police, another was questioned and let go. recent refugees coming in from syria, what does this say about french intelligence? >> the french are well aware that their population has contributed thousands to the islamic state. many have already migrated to syria. >> well, if they know they are going to the islamic state, why don't they stop them? >> it is an area of migration through continental europe, once you get to turkey, can you stop
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them? it is a largely unmonitored border. it is a larger problem that they'll always have someone slipping through the cracks and they won't be able to keep track of everyone at any given time. >> one of the attackers being a recent refugee, meanwhile, the exodus moving forward in the police, what does this say for europe's willingness to try to find a place for people looking for safety, for shelter? we're talking men, women and children. how does this -- there's a parent involved of at least one refugee impact the the willingness to help. >> i wouldn't sort of jump to that conclusion yet, i don't think it has been established, but it could be that one of these attackers or somebody who
11:39 pm
did help them, came in with that interpretation. europe has been quite reluctant in some quarters to take these refugees. there's a lot of angst about having hoards of people come in. some of it is legitimate, how are we going to absorb this population, how are we going to provide them with social services, how are we diagnose ovet them? these are normal things for a country to worry about. the problem comes when you assort of lump people who are fleeing terror with the people who are committing terror right? it all becomes a one large mass, and to refuse certain refugees, poapoland has refused refugees,d
11:40 pm
reduce be with the department of homeland security what the actual protocols were for involving refugees. >> president obama statements about the islamic state not being islamic, being described as al qaeda's j vfort team,v ted have contributed to some strategic errors. if you could give us some brief answers, what does the paris attack now tell american leaders what to to do? >> it tells us that if this is something i.s.i.l. has ordered from on high it's assuming a strategy that it had preeived rejected as a failed strategy and that is the tragedy of stroort attacks on the west. as they do that, they may be
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inviting a full scale ground invasion, either they are extremely confidence about their ability to are withstand that or they have really lost the plot and may be doing things that are against their own witness. >> thank you randall wood and faesa patel, sharing your thoughts on islamic state or i.s.i.l. topic was moved front and center in last night's debates this back of the paris tack. former secretary of defense hillary clinton said i.s.i.l. must be defeated, not detaint. and bernie sanders baited the president an she argued for the
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war in iraq. >> unraffled the region completely. >> i have said the invasion of iraq was a mistake. but if you are really going to attack the problems posed by jihadi extremism, we need to understand it and it last antecedents of what we saw in iraq. >> martin o'malley, accused her of backing the war when she was a senator. new runners to h5n1 mayor ra marathon.
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>> in argentina, they're off to the races, in ten days they'll hold the first runoff election ever. tonight, the two front contenders faced off in a debate. teresa vo reports. >> two presidential candidates debating here at the university of buenos aires. and cristina kirchner's hand pick successor and his rival, daniel ciolio scioli seemed a
11:46 pm
little bit unconvinced, and mauricio macri, and people not liking cristina kirchner's confrontational style. back in time to the 1990s where many state companies were privatized and that led to the economic crash in 2001. in six more days argentinians will be heading to the polls and three will be deciding between continuity or change. a step towards normalizin ng the ties between the u.s. and cuba.
11:47 pm
a marathon. >> they came to run. the start of the island's biggest race, most just want to take part, but finished third. >> my goal is to improve my best time between 1 hour 9 and 1 hour 10 minutes and to finish in second place. >> cuban athletes face various obstacles. >> the main reason why running is not more popular in cuba is because of the shoes. the shoes need to be better. the runner depends on his tread, it needs to be reliable. they can only admire the shoes used by visitors. >> i'm running a race to experience the city and the culture and the people and that's the most important thing.
11:48 pm
>> after an early morning start, followers by santaria religion. pounding the same streets, all suffering the same scorching havana sun. cubans and more foreigners than ever before. 4700 entered the 10, 21, and 42 kilometer races, taking in some of havana's historic monuments. 1500 were foreigners of which a third came from the united states. difficult before relations between the two countries were reestablished earlier this year. the heat and humidity were intense, most were just happy to finish. be the ladies pushed a bit harder and finished second. >> translator: i won bronze four years in a row. i wanted the triumph. i trained for it and i did it.
11:49 pm
i felt good the first 15 kilometers and now i'm exhausted. >> running is an individual sport but there's nothing like the solidarity forged through shared suffering when pounding the streets to bring people from all over the world together. daniel schweimler, al jazeera. >> first of all, for the sierra nevadas we're getting a much needed snow in the mountains there. over here towards colorado, in the rockies we're also going to be seeing some very heavy snow and the temperatures across the region are going to really sustain that snow over the next couple of days. high temperatures tomorrow are
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only going to be into the low 30s across much of nevada, utah, as well as western colorado. now the big problem as we go towards tomorrow is the area of low pressure is moving towards the southern southwestern states, and what's going to happen is this low pressure is really going to intensify and by the time the system makes its way towards texas we are going to see a frontal boundary develop, very intense, tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds from parts of oklahoma into the panhandle there. it will continue into the evening and overnight so the big problem there is going to be sustained activity all the way through the tuesday morning time frame as well. temperatures, in front of this, are going to be quite warm. you could see houston is looking about 79° there up towards memphis at 67 and not only severe weather but the risk of flooding there.
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♪ ♪ >> tributes of solidarity with paris continue around the globe. in rome thousands of people stood in silence as the lights at the centuries old trevi fountain were turned down to pay homage. a symbol that life should be sweet and beautiful. a 25-year-old italian student was a victim at the bataclan. pope francis expressed his shock at the bar bearity. >> the disgraceful affront to the dignity of human beings. i want to affirm with vigor, this cannot resolve human province and to justify this
11:52 pm
path is blasphemy. >> pope francis said it's hard to understand how the hearts of men can conceive and carry out such horrible events. some residents of paris sought refuge in the sanctity of highways of worship on sunday. al jazeera's john siegenthaler reports the mood. >> randall for most of the people in this city this is a day of reflection, a peaceful day, a day to try to understand why this happened. [ bells tolling ] >> on this sunny sunday morning, church bells rang, as congregations turned to their faith for answers. a day of prayer and mourning for the victims of the tragedy. clement and her family came to church this morning to find comfort and lead by example. >> we want to share it with everybody inside and everybody
11:53 pm
in paris so it's important that we go to the church very often but today it's especially important to go there. >> nicholas and sophie reflected on their own children, now old enough to go out on a friday night, like the one that saw more than 100, mostly young people, killed. >> 18 and 16. so it's difficult because they are in age to go out every friday. >> her message to other parisians and to the world: >> just live, don't change anything. >> an attitude that echoed throughout city. even as the french government acknowledged the country's war against extremism is a war at home. >> here, the war is not in syria, it happened just in front of us. but we are not going to go to war. we're just going to continue living. and that's it. >> for this american couple who now call paris their home, they also have to calm the fears of
11:54 pm
their loved ones in the united states. >> my uncle who is concerned about sending his daughter across the atlantic to come visit us, they made a decision to cancel her trip out of fear and of the unknown and as best as i can say i can't predict the future. i can't predict how safe or unsafe the environment is. all i can say is the feeling is one of resolve and hope. >> tonight in paris prepares for peace. thousands turned out in notre dame to show their solidarity, determined to live their life despite the new reality they're facing. the bells rang for a quarter of an hour. the crowd stood in silence and grieved. for now, this is the face of paris. so as you can see, this was the emotional climax here at notre dame for a peaceful but very difficult day for the people of paris.
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we'll continue covering this case throughout the week but randall back to you. >> john siegenthaler in france, thanks. let's give you a latest development on the paris attacks. it is nearly 6:00 in paris. a suburb north of paris, raids. and a suspect questioned by french police hours after the attack but then he was allowed to go. french forces dropped 20 bombs on a i.s.i.l. held town in syria. the french president promised vengeance after the attacks on friday. thank you for joining us for our special coverage this evening. i'm randall pinkston in new york. you can deep up with the latest on we leave you with these images from paris as france observes three days of national mourning.
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b♪ ♪ notes notes note♪ ♪
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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