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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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security forces launch raids on addresses across france seizing weapons and money. paris is a city on edge. a false alarm causes panic among people paying tribute to those killed in friday's attacks. the french investigation is also focusing on belgium. a joint task force has been set up. two of the attackers lived in brussels.
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a message, france launch es lau i.s.i.l. in retaliation. first of all to france with security forces have carried out early morning raids on addresses across the country. five locations have been targeted, including on the french belgium border. it's part of the investigation into friday's attacks across paris that killed 129 people. neave barker are live in paris. what do we know? >> reporter: we've just learnt that the french prime minister has confirmed that these raids took place in different locations across the country and in a suburb of paris. six arrests were made. weapons and cash were seized. close to the french belgium border a similar raid. we know that according to the
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french government that friday's attacks were the results of a complex cross-border operation. that's what the french government say. that's why they're focusing in the north of france towards the border. also a raid where apparently three arrests were made there in taleuse. 200 police were on the scene. snipers also were seen taking up positions. it is of course no stranger to situations like we saw on friday. back in 2012 it was i city that produced a person who targeted a jewish school and killed several french muslim soldiers. also here in paris in the suburb of bobinee in the north-east. raids began soon after midnight and doors were smashed down. all of this, of course, as the french government continues its air strikes on the de facto capital of i.s.i.l. raqqa in syria we're hearing that the prime
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minister has just been warning the country that they are preparing for attacks in days or weeks. so you can understand why so many people are getting spooked at the moment. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. it's monday morning, of course, here in paris. people are trying to get back to normal, but an awful lot of people here are trying to make sense of the mass murder that happened here on the streets of paris on friday. it has become very of the center and the focus point of people's mourning. a similar scene at the other locations in the heart of parish where there have been mounting tributes to the dead. ampgts and tensions are very much still high as we saw on sunday night. a moment of desperate panic, reports of gun shockss near the republic sent hundreds of beam
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run for their list taking cover in nearby restaurants. a false alarm but a telling sign of the climate of fear gripping the french capital. the government's banned large rallies over security concerns, but as people try to make sense of the mass murder that happened here, the square has become a place of mourning. since friday investigations have been gaining pace. in a paris suburb broken glass is all that is left of an abandoned car where the police say they found several weapons. they are exploring the theory of an attacker who is still on the run. a man hunt and issued a wanted notice for this man. they have warned the public not to intervene saying he is dangerous - salah abdeslam. they are continuing to gather evidence at bataclan. new amateur video captured the
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moment the killers opened fire on concert goers. many thought the gun shots were fireworks. >> we thought it was fire crackers behind the crew. >> i saw them doing it hitting the stage and instantly knew it was gun fire and we needed to get out of there. >> reporter: in another video the police prepare to storm the building. a push back in a hail of bullets. it was here where one of the killers left a vital clue. a severed finger that has allowed investigators to identify him as 29 year old one of three men who blue him said, omar ismail mostefai. a french national lived until the age of 21. it is a quiet somewhat anonymous town far from a deprived suburb. omar ismail mostefai was known as a petty criminal but had
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never spent in time in prison. in 2010 the police flagged him up as being a strong candidate for radicalization. he is one of three french nationals arrested into killings. they are looking at whether he travelled to syria and had contact with i.s.i.l. at a local mosque a man who knew omar ismail mostefai. >> translation: i'm really shocked. you just don't believe it when it's somebody you know >> reporter: he said the authorities have failed to ingreat young musts ims into society. >> translation: when we do good they know us. >> reporter: the mayor of the town had this no say. >> translation: sorry for saying it like this, but we don't give a damn that he was born here. what matters a kid from our country, could have come what he
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became. >> reporter: omar ismail mostefai family members have been detained for questioning. >> reporter: it is, of course, the second official day of mourning across france. at midday we are expecting there to be a minute of silence held across the country for those that died on friday. then a little bit later on in the afternoon a very rare thing, indeed. the french president francois hollande will be addressing both houses of parliament at the palace. he we expect is going to be calling for unity at this difficult time. we also believe that he may well make an announcement calling for the extension of the current state of memorying that was-- of emergency that was called for a period of two days. we expect that to be extend to three months. the fact that there is a state of emergency at all across the whole of the country is really an exceptional thing. this hasn't been the case here in france since the algerian
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war. we also know that with all of that morning, the president francois hollande will meet the head of france's muslims. france has the largest musts impopulation in the whole of europe. it is important for the whole of the government and opposition parties to make sure they show a unified front at this incredibly challenging time the french prosecutors investigating friday's attacks are also concentrating on the growing connection with about belgium. two of the attackers had lived in brussels. paul brennan is there. >> reporter: there is now a joint task force based here in brussels involving both belgium and forensic investigators, not just police, but also security services, looking at how this network, this terror network was able to gather enough ammunition and materials to launch this attack on friday night in paris.
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the attention is not just focusing on this one suspect that has been named at who is yet undetected. he may be in paris or france or returned here. he has close connections. he was born here in bruise els, so there's aa large amount of effort that will be directed at finding salah abdeslam, but there is a clear reality that both french and belgium investigators need to work closer together. all of that has been the subject of a high profile meeting between the frempbl and belgium interior ministers and the counter party on sunday. they came out with a very strong intention to work more closely together. >> translation: we especially need to intensify our collaboration. those people who were in belgium
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and contributed to the organizations and execution of these attacks, most of them were not known to the french intelligence services. the second point i wish to emphasise is that subjects that have been on the agenda marked as urgent have not been dealt with quickly. with regards to the fight against terrorism and other subjects of importance to the e.u., like migration, the time to make and implement decisions takes ages. >> reporter: that was inquav cal. it was said we can't accept this any longer. we have to look at how to tackle this problem, how to eau eradicate it once and for all. it's a gigantic problem. there's no lack of will. what there may be is a difficulty in actually carrying out those desires to get on top of the issue french planes have been carrying out air strikes on i.s.i.l. targets in syria.
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defense officials are describing the strikes as massive. david chater has the details. >> reporter: france has taken the war back to i.s.i.l. launching an intense series of bombing raids on raqqa in syria. the sorties were flown over night from air bases in jordan and the gulf. the french minister said it was a proper response to the friday's events. >> translation: we've done it in the past and done it again today because raqqa is the center of i.s.i.l. so we can't be attacks - you saw what happened in paris, without being present and active. >> reporter: the raids were against targets applied and selected by u.s. intelligence. it has been revealed that iraq had warned france that an attack was about to be launched and that a team of 19 fighters had
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been trained in camps in raqqa to carry out the mission >> it's as much about french domestic palm particulars as about being affected. the french have to send a signal to those forces in i.s.i.l. to try and turn the tables back on them and hit them in their homeland. i'm sure they were given some pretty good targets. what from i've read u.s. intelligence have been coordinating with the french. i think these are largely symbolic just reaching out on to i.s.i.l. and saying they won't stand for this. >> reporter: the striking back at i.s.i.l. was welcome by people here standing vigil for those who lost their lives on black friday. >> translation: we need to feel that the armed forces were capable of striking far from our frontiers at the root of this evil that has killed in our capital city so many french people. >> translation: before these attacks, i thought bombarding i.s.i.l. would cause problems
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for france, that it would increase the refugee problem, for example, but now i have no doubt. we can't go on like this. i.s.i.l. we have to eliminate them. >> reporter: the mood in paris is still defiant, but there's no doubting an uncurrent of fear exists here. there's a growing realisation in the west of western europe as well that they all may be vulnerable to this new and dangerous turn to the war still to come on the program opposition leaders aung san suu kyi is mobbed by the media as she arrives at parliament in myanmar. we talked to a man in burundi who says he was tortured by police as the u.n. calls for an end to the violence there. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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the top stories on al jazeera. french security forces have carried out raids across france. they've seized weapons, money and made several arrests. it is part of an investigation into friday's attacks in paris that killed 129 people. french police have released a photo of one of the suspects. 26-year-old salah abdeslam who was born in belgium. at least two of the french attackers had lived in brussels. the french military has laumplyged air strikes against i.s.i.l. in syria. fighter jets self declared capital of raqqa. u.s. president obama has told world leaders they must eliminate i.s.i.l. to prevent more attacks. he was speaking at the g20
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meeting in turkey. as bernard smith reports there was little detail about a new strategy. >> reporter: at the g20 summit a minute' silence for the victims of terrorism. in paris, turkey and furthera field. this is supposed to be a summit about the global economy but the threat from i.s.i.l. is on everyone's minds. from the host, a suggestion that turkey, a reluctant partner in the fight against i.s.i.l., might now do more. >> translation: we have to more strongly and determinedly express as turkey our cooperation in combatting terrorism. >> reporter: obama also says the united states will step up efforts to eliminate i.s.i.l. in syria. ichlts it's an attack on the civilised world. i'm sure each said to francois hollande and the french people,
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we stand in solidarity with them in hunting down the perpetrators of this crime. >> reporter: the uj general said the attacks in paris gave a rare opportunity to put the end the war. >> always within the rule of law and with respect for human rights, otherwise we will only fan the fire we are trying to put out. >> reporter: then a discrete handshake between obama and russia's president was followed by talks that according to the white house centred on ongoing efforts to resolve the syrian crisis. earlier putin said a joint effort is necessary to fight terror. in syria so far there's no on the ground cooperation between russia and the u.s. >> reporter: at the moment in syria different groups have different priorities. the u.s. is fighting i.s.i.l. russia says it's doing the same
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but it's focusing it's fire power on groups owe opposed to syrian president bashar al-assad while turkey is concentrating on hitting the kurdish separatists pkk. at this summit we've had the first hint that i.s.i.l. might now be facing a more coordinated fight back. bernard smith at the g20 summit two palestinians have been killed during an israeli army raid. its troops came under attack at the refugee camp. the army was demolishing home of a man who they say killed an israeli man in june. 20 palestinians were wounded. since october 86 palestinians abdomen 12 israelis have been killed in violence. japan has fallen back into recession. cavity data riese-- government data released says it slowed to a slow second quarter.
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myanmar's opposition laurelled aung san suu kyi has arrived in parliament to a media friendsy. her-- fren clerics y. her party took the majority of votes. the army bats ruling part will remain in power until the end of january. aung san suu kyi is barred from top political office but she says she will someone to lead as her proxy. florins lui has the later. >> reporter: this parliament session is attended by members of parliament who were elected not in the most recent poll, but in the 2010 general election. now, many of them would have lost their seats in the most recent elections, but they're still able to debate issues like the budget and past laws because their terms only expire in january 2016. it won't be another two months after at a, that a new government will be formed because the current-- after that
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because it expires at the end of march. the president however has promised a smooth traps fer. the military chief esaid there won't be a repeat of 1990. that was the year when the n.l.d. also won the general election by a land slide but were not allowed to govern. instead many of their leaders were imprisoned. aung san suu kyi, who led her party to victory in 1990 as well as in the 2015 general election, has said she wants to meet the president, the military and the chief and the speaker of parliament to discuss the transition of power. she has met the speaker on sunday and she will meet him again on thursday, but no date has been set for a meeting with the president and the military chief. it is these discussions that will be crucial to the transition of power in the months ahead the u.n. has called for arnoldi talks to stop killings in burundi following controversial elections. people who took parliament in protests against them say they have been targeted by police.
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the government in opposition have been trading accusations about who is responsible for the death. catherine soi is in the cap bujumbura. >> reporter: in the hide out in the capital of bujumbura this man says police arrested and tortured him. he won't give his identity for security reasons. he says his hands and feet were bound with rope for the three days he was detained. he was accused of be in the protest against the president presidential bid. they also wanted him to admit that he belongs to a rebel group. >> translation: the police seem to have their intelligence. they have their target. they seem to know where the weak points are, but i don't have guns. >> reporter: many people are worried about the systematic murders that have been going on for months now. >> reporter: what started out as a peaceful process has evolved into armed violence.
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people are now being regularly killed and they're down in the streets and in trenches. it is clear who is carrying out the killing. >> reporter: on saturday night a young man was shot and killed on the street t this woman's husband was among nine people murder by unnameda sailants. >> i must be afraid. i don't know who has killed my husband. >> reporter: some of the bodies being found have their hands and legs bound together. burundi's human rights commission says it's had reports of targeted killings. no-one has claimed responsibility, but both government and opposition have accused each other. >> a number of people who live in some neighborhoods of the capital city, mostly, but, of course, in some other areas as well, who own guns and who actually continued to choose
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them either against the police or against their neighbors. >> reporter: in response to all this, police are carrying out a major security crack down. many people have been arrested in neighbourd regarded as opposition strongholds. >> i don't know a place where there is only people from opposition in this country or a place where live only one ethnic group in this country. to me that - people are targeted are people who have arms. >> reporter: these people her relativives continue to mourn her husband. she said he is not a political man. she wants to know who killed him and why u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon will visit north cree this week. ban will be the first u.n. secretary general to set foot in for 20 years. the united nation have declined
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to report. the two contenders hoping to win argentina's run, are head to head in a debate. it is between from the ruling front for victim party and another one who is running for the con seventive republican proposal coalition. reporting from the capital. >> reporter: it was a historic night. the first time that two presidential candidates faced off. these two people said that these elections are about two competing ambitions for the country's economy. he warned that his competition will take argentina back in time. >> translation: your proposals are a threat to society as a whole. you talk about lifting the restriction in the economy. it's a danger for every family, every worker whose jobs are at
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risk. who is going to pay for this? >> reporter: from let's change parties, it is time to put an end to 12 years of the movement created by kirchener. >> translation: you say that our people are afraid. i see them happy. we will see hope that we will grow once again. there will be work. the only ones who are afraid are in government because you don't want to lose privileges. >> reporter: he has vowed to lift trade appeared currency restrictions. on the on the other hand, inflation is running about 25% and the swing vote is the middle-class. >> reporter: presidential elections are happening in one week. this debate was crucial for argentinians because many remain undecided. >> reporter: even though there was no clear winner, nifty of those present at the site agreed on one thing.
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>> translation: today more people were watching the debate than football. this is historic and it speaks well in how can xhiltd we are towards this democratic process. >> reporter: for the last decade many people have credit kirchener from res cuing the country from economic crisis. on sunday they will need to decide whether to stick with that legacy or make a dramatic change cuban normalises its relations with the u.n. and more islanders are visiting the island. this is the annual run through the streets. ita tracked more foreign runners than ever before. more from the capital. >> reporter: they came from moa in the eat of cuba to run. tourists for a few days while they wait for the start of the race. most just want to take part.
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ladies finished third four years in a row. >> translation: my goal on sunday is to improve my best time between one hour and nine and one hour and ten minutes and to finish in second place. >> reporter: the cuban athletes face a number of obstacles when competing against those from wealthier countries. >> translation: the main reason running is not more popular in cuba is because of the shoes. they need to be better. a runner depends on his tread and needs to be reliable. >> reporter: they can only look and admire look at the shoes worn by visiting people. this man is back in action after his first. >> rhyme rung the race to experience the culture and the people. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: an early morning start with followers of the country's religion. some are running to win others
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in the spirit of solidarity. we will be pounding the same streets and suffering the sun. cubans and more foreigners than ever before. 4700 entruants run the races. taking in some of. areas monuments. the 1500 were foreigners of which a third came from the united states. difficult for relations between the two countries were reestablished this year. heat and humidity were intense and most were just happy to finish. the ladies pushed a bit harder and finished second. >> translation: i won bron in, ze four years ago. i trained it and did it. i felt good the first 1 ah kilometres and i'm exhausted. >> reporter: running is an individual sport, nothing like the solidarity who shared
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suffering while pounding the streets to bring people all over the world together any other sporting achievements, you can find on our website including an update of all the news we have been talking about. the address candidate running on that issue gain traction in the polls. also - sexting between two minors - should it be legal. and my final thought about how the most hated professor in america actually has a valid point when it comes to big media i'm adam may, welcome to "third rail". businessman donald trump recently touched a "third rail" of american politics. >> when they call, i give.


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