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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ they raid homes in the capitol brussels searching for suspects in the paris attacks. ♪ i'm jane at al jazeera headquarters in doha and dozens arrested in france following 150 raids across the country. france launches retaliatory air strikes on i.s.i.l.'s stronghold in syria. defeating i.s.i.l. remains the main focus at the g 20 summit in turkey as pressure mounts on russia to target the armed group. ♪
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police in france and belgium launch add major operation to find suspects linked to friday's attacks on paris, 129 people died in those assaults and more than 148 raids conducted overnight across france, 23 people are being detained and weapons, computers and phones seized and french interior said the republic will destroy the terrorists responsible for the attacks and french prosecutors investigating friday's assaults are also focusing on the growing connection to belgium. within the last hour police there have been raiding homes in the capitol, al jazeera's paul brennan is at the scene of the police operation in the capitol, what has been happening there, paul? >> reporter: it's an operation
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that it began almost as we just turned up here in the area. we are on a road here and behind me as you can look over my shoulder you can see masked police, you can see fire officers and see both plain clothed and uniformed officers and focusing at an address on number 47 and we have seen and heard loud hailers shouting to the occupants of that number 47 to open the windows, open the blinds and come out with their hands up. then the situation fell quiet and then the loud hail has began again addressing this time number 49 so it does appear that the police and security services here are sweeping up and trying to search for suspects and for people of interest shall we say in this particular district. it all started just before 9:30 gmf and it has been going on now
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for nearly two hours, an hour and a half and are explosive experts on stand by and also seen fire service personnel on stand i by and there are police also on rooftops nearby focusing on this address which is over my shoulder so and on going situation and i have to say the mood here although tense appears to be methodical and not seeing the police aiming their weapons at a particular address and they are firm but relatively relaxed from my point of view anyway and doesn't appear there is a huge amount of panic or alarm and taking this very seriously indeed and the operation as i say is on going. >> away from the operation i mean how much panic and alarm is in the country, paul? i mean i know there is a high state of alert and knowing that these operations have been conducted from there or
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originated from there. >> there is a huge urgency in relation to this operation, obviously because of what happened in paris and because of the fact that suspects are still standing and a wanted poster is circulated and named as prime suspect 26 years old and he is sala and yet to be detained by police and clearly a high priority for the forces and indeed they also want to speak and arrest any potential accomplices and he was in a vehicle that was driving from france to belgium on saturday and stopped by french traffic police and didn't have his name at the time and didn't have anything to prevent him from going on his way, a missed opportunity many people say, the two people though in that car who were with him also now being accused as accomplices and suspects too and another name
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put forward is abaaoud who appears to be in syria but sources quoted by reuters says he is a potential organizer from the attacks and he is from this area. >> thank you for that, paul paul, the french interior minister in the last hour giving details of the raids across the country. >> translator: we are mobilizing all means of investigation to find them in the mosques which promote hate or place under house arrest those who need to be, conduct searches of people, ladies and gentlemen of the jury only one response is possible and that is what the french people have adopted. the response of the republic of those who wish to destroy it, the terrorists will never destroy the republic because it's the republic that will
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destroy them. >> so, jackie, quite a lot of information about the raids and how widespread they were. >> yes, indeed a total of 23 people were arrested in those overnight raids and 31 weapons seized and they were over the length and breath of france from lee in the north and to the south to the east and other cities involved were neo and near the belgian border and paris and intensive raids, more than 100 searches carried out overnight and as i said more than 20 people arrested in those raids. >> jackie, france is just observed silence and i imagine that was pretty emotional. >> yes, in fact, it was more than a minute.
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i would say the people stood silent here outside the first restaurant that was struck on friday night and people were standing silently for about five minutes and you have the other restaurant next door as well where there were casualties. this as you can imagine on friday night, it's a very lively, trendy part of town and could hardly feel a greater contrast now, very somber mood and shatters drawn down and standing there as well and people were laying flowers and standing in silence, really the whole of paris is in shock and i would say it's a collective shock and also a collective fear under the surface as was very clear in sunday night where a simple rumor and people are applausing now in memory of the people who were killed here on friday night.
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so, yes, it's a combination of grief and mourning, also fear at the knowledge that there are still suspects out there but also that round of applause really an act of defiance in a way, a sign from the french people that they will continue to live their lives and will continue with the way of life they have and that they do not intend to be forced to change that way of life or change the way they go about their daily routine as a result of friday night. >> good jackie thank you. the french military has retaliated to attacks in paris carrying out air strikes on targets in syria and defense ministry says it has destroyed a weapons depo and a training camp. david has the details from paris. >> reporter: france has taken the war back to i.s.i.l. launching an intense of bombing raids against the self declared capitol al-raqqa in syria and they have flown overnight sunday
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from air bases in jordan and the gulf. the french foreign minister described the operation as a legitimate response to the black friday massacre in paris. >> translator: we've done it in the past and done it again today because raqqa as you know is the center of command of i.s.i.l. so we cannot be attacked severely, as you saw the drama that happened in paris without being present and active. >> reporter: the raids were against targets supplied by u.s. intelligence and it has been relieved that attack was about to be launched last week and a team of 19 fighters had been trained in camps in raqqa to carry out the mission. >> i think it's about as much as french domestic politician politics as being effective and send to forces in i.s.i.l. to try to turn the tables back and hit them in the homeland how they were hit this past weekend
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and given good targets and from what i read u.s. intelligence has been coordinating with the french and i think they are largely symbolic and reaching out to i.s.i.l. and letting them in know not to stand with this. >> french targets were striking back with al-raqqa was welcome for people standing vigil who lost their lives on black friday. >> translator: we needed to feel the armed forces were capable of striking far from our frontiers at the route of this evil that has killed in our capitol city so many french people. >> translator: before these attacks i thought bombarding i.s.i.l. would cause problems for france and increase the refugee problem for example but now i have no doubt we can't go on like this. i.s.i.l., we have to eliminate them. >> reporter: the mood in paris is still defiant but there is no doubting an under current of fear exists here. and there is a growing
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realization in the rest of western europe as well that they all may be vulnerable to this new and dangerous turn in the war. david with al jazeera, paris. activist from raqqa has spoken to al jazeera about those air strikes on the city. we have not identified him for his own safety. >> translator: the u.s. led coalition jets this morning carried out three air strikes targeting i.s.i.l. posts on the outskirts of the city but no civilian casualties reported, the air strikes caused a state of panic among civilians and residents say the air strikes may be retaliation to paris attacks and yesterday evening the french jets carried out 30 attacks on city and suburbs targeting i.s.i.l. posts and explosions were big but did not leave any casualties among civilians. the residents said the air strikes were not meant to target civilians but to bomb i.s.i.l. positions in raqqa. plenty more ahead on al jazeera including managed to
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flee for their lives from aisle but now fear threat of disease could overwhelm their camps in northern iraq. ♪
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♪ hello again the top stories on al jazeera currently raiding homes in the capitol brussels searching for a suspect in paris attaches and to suspects had lived in brussels. french police carried out 168 overnight raids following the paris attacks, 23 people being detained and weapons, computers
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and phones seized. the french military launched a series of air strikes against i.s.i.l. positions in syria and targeted in the self declared capitol of raqqa and efforts to defeat i.s.i.l. are topping the g 20 summit in turkey and david cameron is expected to ask russia to intensify its air strikes against the armed group and british prime minister will talk with vladimir pooten later. >> and people part of syria but the conversation i will have with vladimir putin is to say there is one thing we agree about is we would be saver in russia and britain if we degrade and destroy i.s.i.l. and what we
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should be facing on. >> reporter: we are live where the g 20 summit is taking place and bernard how is that going with russia being told they need to refocus on i.s.i.l.? >> reporter: well, now david camp ronl had its meeting with putin angela merkel has spoken to him and barack obama on sunday and we are getting the message from david cameron's people that it was a constructive measured description he had with vladimir putin and he said he was focusing more on fighting islamic state i.s.i.l. now that is what the europeans and the americans have been pushing on vladimir putin over the last 24 hours or so. they, david cameron's people say they have a coordinated approach with russia and how it deals with syria and they started bombing syria in september but targeting mainly forces opposed
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to bashar al-assad because are such russia and iran are the major backers and british particularly said what russia has done is degrading opposition forces against assad and britain and cameron said in his pleas to concentrate more on concentrating i.s.i.l., message seems to be getting through because putin said he is going to do that skran jane. >> and bernard how much cohesion is there? >> sorry i just missed that question, apologize. >> i'm just wondering how cohesive all of these talks are, what are they saying to get on the same page here? >> reporter: well of course this summit about the global economy has been completely over shadowed by what happened in paris and all world leaders with erdogan down have been united in sympathy for the people of paris and condemnation of that attack
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plus other attacks more recently particularly in lebanon only last week as well so there does seem to be an effort because of what happened in paris to have this more coordinated approach. it's not just the russians that are being asked to have a more coordinated approach, it's other european countries as well, france we know attacked targets in raqqa and the effective capitol of i.s.i.l. just last night and britain says it may have to join the fight as well and targeting i.s.i.l. targets in iraq at the moment and a coming together and recognition from the world leaders the best way to fight i.s.i.l. is if they do it together. >> bernard as you talk we are looking at live pictures coming from paris of the tributes laid there and thanks and battle underway to try to recapture the third largest city in yemen and air strikes and forces from the
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saudi-led coalition are targeting the city of tys which links yemen and it's besieged by houthi rebels and troops loyal to saleh and other areas of the country are controlled by abd rabbuh mansur hadi. two palestinians have been killed during an israeli army raid near ramallah and under attack at the refugee camp and was demolishing a home of a man they said killed an israeli man in june and 20 palestinians were wounded and since october 86 palestinians and 12 israelis have been killed in the violence. heavy rain in northern iraq has caused flooding from camps for people displaced by violence and aid agencies say less funding is made available immediately, those in the camps are vulnerable to disease. from the city of irbill we
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report. >> reporter: winter arrived at the camp in the kurdistan region in northern iraq. a few days of rain have turned makeshift streets into muddy paths. and mohamed is desperate, she has lived here for 18 months after escaping i.s.i.l. fighters who seized her home in mosul and she and her family are freezing in this camp. >> translator: sometimes we sleep in the kitchen, other times in the bathroom and have no place to go because of the rain and the storms, the other day our tent collapsed on the kids and when it rains the power goes off. >> reporter: this camp is typical of many others across northern iraq which is struggling to cope with the winter weather. the unhcr has a cash crisis and cutback on services it provides and winter is making the crisis worse and the regional government is struggling to provide basic needs. the biggest challenge for this camp and many others is not the
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cold but the rain and as you can see it can come down very heavily. for the most vulnerable, the children, this is a real challenge, if disease takes ahold in this camp it can spread very quickly. the general manager of the camp doesn't have enough funding or infrastructure. >> translator: we are much concerned from rainstorms and doing our best to overcome such harsh conditions by proo vieding waterproof covers for these tents but frankly speaking these tents can survive strong rainstorms. >> reporter: it has been months since they were warned the crisis is a tipping point and more money was desperately needed, that money still has not arrived so these people continue to face misery everyday under the canvas, al jazeera, irbil. the violence continues in burundi with more deadly attacks in the capitol overnight and protesters over the
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controversial reelection of president pierre nkurunziza say they have been targeted by police and we have more. >> reporter: from his hideout in a neighborhood in the capitol he tells us police arrested and tortured him and won't reveal his identity for security reasons and says his hands and feet were bound for ropes for three days he was detained and accused of being in the political process that started in april against the bid and wanted him to admit he belongs to a rebel group. >> translator: the police seem to have their intelligence and have their target and seem to know where they are but i don't have guns. >> reporter: many people are worried about the systematic murders that have been going on for months now. what started off as people process has dangerously involved to arms violence, people are now
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being regularly killed and their bodies do you remember ped in -- bodies dumped in the streets and in trenches. one was killed in the streets and he came before and her husband was among nine people murdered by unknown assailants. >> not to be afraid, because now i don't know who has killed my husband. >> reporter: some of the bodies being found have their hands and legs bound together and burundi's human rights commission says reports of retaliatory killings and no one has claimed responsibility and government and opposition have accused each other. >> people before who live in some neighborhoods of their country city most lebut of course in some other areas as well who own guns and who actually still continue to
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choose them either against the bless or against their neighbors. >> reporter: in response to all these police are carrying out a major crack down and many arrested in neighborhoods regarded as opposition strongholds. >> i don't know where a place live only people from opposition, in this country or a place where live only one ethnic group in this country. to me that people are targeted are people who have arms illegally. >> reporter: she and her relatives continue to mourn her husband and says he was not a political man and she just wants to know who killed him and why. catherine with al jazeera. and she returned to parliament in myanmar following her prodemocracy party landslide election win and bar by the constitution of becoming president so will choose a proxy instead, the ruling union solidarity and development party which is backed by the military
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will remain in power until the end of january and smooth hand over of power over the openly contested election in 25 years and her job will be to tackle problems facing myanmar and the problems with child labor in the state of pacific and a state of all children in myanmar are forced to work. >> reporter: like many children in myanmar james has done his growing up in the streets in the workfor workforce. he is one of the characters of the street life, greeting tourists in seven languages and trying to sell them post cards. he is 15 now and he says he left school when he was seven to earn money. >> for my family, yeah. i have my mama and my younger sister and younger brother, i need to take care of my family. >> reporter: under the military that ruled myanmar for 50 years
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there was no free education, james' father died many years ago leaving him as the main earner for the family and his mother knows the dangers but says there is no choice. >> translator: when he goes out selling late at night i feel worried he will get in a fight or get arrested. >> reporter: children at work often in hard labor is a common sight in this immover issued country and for years the u.n. has estimated around a third of children in myanmar aged between 7-16 are working. clearly that is a statistic that needs to change. if this country is to see real and sustainable developments. but myanmar is changing and is emerging from the shadow of military rule with opposition national league for democracy winning the general election there is greater hope for children, long time campaigners hope the party's leader will place more importance on education than her predecessors.
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>> to get your free education after the secondarily level and encourage ngo to hit the nonformal education because i believe a formal education is not enough to cover the whole population. >> reporter: it will come too late for james, he will continue working so his younger siblings will have to opportunities that he didn't, wayne with al jazeera. japan has fallen back into recession, government data released on monday showed the economy shrank a second strait quarter and slowing and china thought to be behind the decline. the two contenders hoping to win argentina presidential runoff have gone head to head in historic debate and voters choosing for the ruling party and macri for the proposal
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coalition and there are reports from the capitol buenos aires. >> reporter: it was a historic night, the first time that two presidential candidates faced off in a debate in argentina. daniel scioli, kirchner's hand picked successor said the elections are about two competing missions for the country's economy and warned his competition mauricio-macri will take back argentina in time. >> translator: your proposals are a threat to society as a whole, you talk about lifting restrictions in the economy and it's a danger for every family, every worker whose jobs are at risk, who is going to pay for this. >> reporter: macri from the party said it's time to put an end to 12 years of kirchnerism and the moment created by kristina kirchner. >> translator: you say they are afraid but i see them happy and see hope we will grow once again and there is going to be work,
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the only one whose are afraid are those with government positions because you abused power and don't want to lose privileges. >> he vowed to lift trade and currency restrictions and take the government away from the left leaning populus policies of the kirchner legacy but on the other hand inflation is running about 25% and the swing vote is the middle class. presidential elections are happening in one week. this debate was crucial for argentina because many are undecided about the vote. even though there was no clear winner most of those threatened at the site agreed on one thing. >> translator: today more people were watching the debate than football. this is historic and speaks well of how they are committed to the democratic process. >> reporter: for the last decade many argentina people credited kirchner for rescuing the country from an economic crisis. on sunday they will need to
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decide whether to stick with that legacy or make a dramatic change, al jazeera, buenos aires. if you want to find out more of what is going in the run up to elections and also what is happening in france go to our website, al [ ♪ ] i'm ali velshi "on target" tonight. little or nothing, that is the choice for disabled americans making less than the minimum wage, and it's legal. stranded on the sidewalk, watch what happens when americans try to book with uber. tonight i want to talk about a group of american workers earning less than the federal minimum wage. first context. the bare label standards act. signed by roosevelt in 19ad


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