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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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reasons to stay longer and make this a more regular way of seeing the attraction. al jazeera, india. >> if you want to keep up to date with stories we've been following, head over to >> intense manhunt, french security forces conduct hundreds of raised as france's foreign minister warns more attacks are possible. >> the belgian connection, a show of force by police in brussels hunting down suspects in the paris attacks. >> stopping isil at the source. world leaders meet in turkey debating how to stop the violence and end the war in
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syria. >> this was of the scene moments ago in new york. the c.i.a. direct or is calling the attacks in paris a wake-up call. in a new isil video posted this morning, threats of attacks in washington. france raided des of homes to find those responsible for the paris attacks. the country's prime minister saying that officials there knew friday's attacks were imminent that that more may be in the works.
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we mow operations were being prepared against france and other european countries, as well. >> the france military dropped bombs on raqqa, isil's de facto capital. it has been a busy day of police raised in france and belgium with tha.what is the latest? >> it has been very busy, more than 160 raised across the country overnight, raised that are just wrapping up. they ever saying they found a cache of weapons, rifles, even a rocket launcher. while these bombings are taking place by the french military, we have thin tense effort in france and belgium to find suspects in this case. there's also been the fact emerging that there are now new
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suspects, but they're really on the manhunt for one person in particular. french police admit they stopped a man but failed to detake him. using a finger from remains of the suicide bombers, french police identified a man, a known extremist. a french citizen of algerian descent, his relatives have been detained. an sunday, a get away car was found in a suburb of paris. inside, kalashnikov rifles, leading authorities to believe one or more gunman escaped, the paris football stadium where 80,000 people including president hollande watched a game, experts believe the bombers may have arrived too late. they detonated their bams after they couldn't get through supreme court. >> we were lucky. it was a time issue. they arrived too late to bomb the people entering the stadium,
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which was the main target. >> authorities know they need to unravel who else was involved in the attacks. >> that's the story of the manhunt and what is going on in this on going investigation. behind me, you might see people gathering, lighting candles. they are singing the french national song to show solidarity here. >> monday was the first day back to work. how would you describe the mood in paris? >> people are rushing back to work, children going back to school. many public buildings are closed, monuments, but others are making an effort of i have the, going about their business. people we've been talking to have said they are fearful, anxious, but what else can they
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be expected to do than go about their lives. they want more security. some aren't sure of this bombing campaign as being a way to make paris and france more secure. they definitely want the government to be able to catch people before hutch attacks take place in the future. they say that's what they want, for some way to stop these groups of people from planning and successfully carrying out such attacks on the soil here in france. >> adam, thank you. >> overnight, french war planes as he mentioned, bombed more isil positions in syria, striking a command center in raqqa. isil posted a new video, threatening more attacks including here in the united states. we have more from washington. >> at this point, it appears that the french airstrikes are more symbolic that that strategic. french fighter jets took off from jordan and saudi arabia, 10 jets dropped 20 bombs on several
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targets in raqqa, the de facto capital of raqqa in syria. we're told they hit a command center, ammunition storage facility and some sort of training facility, but those french airstrikes in raqqa was just one of seven locations hit in syria by coalition planes yesterday. when i say coalition, i'm largely talking about the united states. the u.s. has done the bulk of the bombing in syria, 2800 airstrikes in syria since the beginning of this campaign. only 150 or so were done by other countries, only a handful by france. by comparison yesterday, the united states a10's and an a1031 gun shop, destroying 117 fuel trucks, a much bigger strike that that the ones in raqqa. sources at the pentagon say that the french airplanes take to the
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skies again tonight, delivering another round of airstrikes similar to last night and perhaps the next night, as well. the united states of course is happy to have france more involved in the coalition and we are told that in the coming days and weeks, the u.s. will be providing more intelligence to france, so it can carry out strikes against isil in syria. >> i want to bring in mike lyons now, retired army major, al jazeera said national security contributor. mike, goose to see you, the strikes on raqqa including a strike on a terrorist camp came from u.s. in tell, but why are they being hit just now? >> that's a great question and i think that the pilots are probably frustrated, because they know the pilots were there before and wanted to hit him before. perhaps there were too many civilians inside those camps and the administration said that would become a propaganda tool
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for is i also. >> in the wake of the paris attacks, you hear politicians saying that the u.s. should be taking the lead against isil. on any given day, i was looking at u.s. cent com, the u.s. airstrikes are about a dozen between iraq and syria. i also there more than air power can do to defeat isil? >> i think history shows that air power isn't enough alone. if you shift over towards iraq and mount sinjar apartment town just taken, they are using air power now to keep isis from reinforcing that town, but they'll still be able to get through. >> from were 17,000 kurdish troops that took part in sinjar. >> that goes to show that the iraqi security forces are still not there. the next military part of
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mission is to shore up the border and close it off completely. right now you can only do it from the air. you will see isis reinforce. >> you have french fighter jets also entering the fight more in syria and french airstrikes had existed since september. if the u.k. decides to join the fight, will that be a factor. >> they'd have to move it up to 800 sortes initially and get to 200 a day and continue that level of bombing. this gets back to how important we think it is a isil controls raqqa. where is the technology emanating from? go after command and control facilities, but understand you are going to accept civilian
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casualties. >> a live look now at the french parliament where french president francois hollande will be speaking in a few moments and we will monitor his address and bring you details later this hour. >> the paris attacks and the response are the center of discussions at the g-20 meetings in turkey. president obama and other world leaders have been trying to find common ground over the war in syria in the fight against isil. we have followed all of that from turkey. what are world leaders saying about the news in paris? >> it's interesting, the president of france has called this an act of war, president obama, white house officials agree, do not dispute that characterization. there's talk of intense filing air strike, intensifying the strategy already in place. no escalation in terms of american combat troops on the ground, certainly not inside syria. this is something the president has said time and time again in
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the wake of the french attack, even after all the rhetoric we've heard about retaliation and going after these individuals who carried out the attacks in syria, in isil, where the masterminds allegedly live, there is no talk really of he is skating this warfare beyond intensifying the strikes already going on. an emphasis on the political solution, john kerry conducted a second round of talks with sergey lavrov, his russian counterpart, the iranians have been at the table of these attacks, as well with that as well as other nations that have a stake in all of this and that is what they are talking about here, redouble efforts, trying to institute a ceasefire before the next round of talks january 1. no one needs to be reminded of the complexity of that task. they can't agree over who should even represent the opposition when they all sit down to try to issues substitute this
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ceasefire. to see nothing of the russian angle, will they continue to back assad. many think the russians are wavering after the attacks they suffered. it has been dominated by the french attacks and talks of what can be done to go after isil. >> does it appear from your vantage point that the global strategy against isil, if there is one, has changed since friday's attack or that there's more unity among the key players? >> certainly there's unity and a renewed effort on the diplomatic front. for all the talk of up be the number of airstrikes for the evidence that we've seen that france that ha increased sortes,
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the problem is a few weeks ago, the strikes by the u.s. led coalition inside syria slowed to a trickle and part of the problem is that the targets, there aren't that many targets. once again, officials are emphasizing a political solution to the civil war in syria which they obviously feel is at the root, giving isil an opening to establish the territory and gain control of the territory that it had inside syria and iraq. >> mike viqueira reporting from turkey where the g20 is meeting. thank you. >> a mother's pain. >> she wanted to have a career and a family. >> grief and sorrow as family and friends remember an american killed in the paris attacks. acks.
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>> taking a live look now in the french parliament where french president francois hollande will be making a repair address to a joint session of parliament to talk about the security response in reaction to the attacks friday in paris. >> an extra 3,000 troops are expect to be deployed across france at part of that response as international police forces search for a final active suspect the of taking part in friday night attacks in paris. the french prime minister warns more attacks may be in the works. officials in paris say police carried out 168 raised overnight
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connected to the attacks. france has intensified air campaign against isil in syria, hitting raqqa. >> a california college substitute was 160 in paris. she had been at a restaurant with friends when she was shot and killed. nearly 1,000 people gathered at her school in long beach to remember her. al jazeera was there. >> the french president called it an act of war, the british prime minister the worst he terrorist attack in europe in a decade. those events of friday oversees events on this campus. a student from long beach was studying in paris and was shot and killed as she sat down for dinner. ♪
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>> more than 1,000 people gather at calendar state long beach in memory of a student murdered as she died with friends in a paris restaurant. student and faculty, many who called her mimi described her as hopeful and energetic, a hard worker with a beautiful soul. >> it's hard, but... i'm going to miss her. i just love her to much. >> mimi is in our hearts. mimi is right here. mimi is -- >> the university's chancellor reads a new poem written by the nation's poet laureate, a song for paris. >> we see a word without violence. we want to imagine that in your
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name. from calendar state, long beach. then we run out of words, the words, so many words. >> the senior studying design was taking a semester abroad and would have been home in a couple of weeks. >> it was really upsetting and saddening that something so senseless would happen to a student who says just trying to study and improve her life. >> gonzalez always was from east of l.a., her mother said college was always part of her grand plan. >> she was so how many every day, because she loves school. >> on campus, students and faculty are processing the shock of the paris killings, nine time zones away, killings abroad that hit home. >> it's unfair, unjust. what else do you say? a bright young woman in the
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wrong place at the wrong time, and that's life. i don't think any of us are exempt from that. >> southern california in france now probably linked by bloodshed, a young life lost and dreams cut short. >> she wanted to have a different life. she wanted to have a career and a family. >> the u.s. state department is now warning americans traveling abroad particularly those in france and paris to be very aware of their surroundings, to have a security plan in place and to contact friends and family at home, let them know they're safe and what their plans are. long beach, california. >> alabama's governor doesn't
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want to place people in the slightest risk of attack. they are a tragic reminder to the world that evil exists and takes the form of terrorists. no syrian refugees have been relocated to alabama to date. the govern of michigan, rick snyder is now saying his state will not accept syrian refugees. >> the pentagon has transferred five began boy detainees to the united arab emirates. no charles were find against them. the u.s. are taking steps to close the guantanamo bay prison. >> in minneapolis, protestors took to the streets after the police shooting of a black man suspected in an assault. demonstrators marched to a police precinct where they
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banged on the door demanding to be let inside. officers were responding to a domestic dispute when the shooting tack place. they say the man interfered with paramedics administering to the victim. >> the guy was pinned down on the ground. he wasn't moving, he wasn't fighting, he wasn't screaming, nothing and next thing we know, maybe a minute or whatever after watching it, the gun went off. >> they put his hands behind his back, they slammed him on the ground, and they shot that man in his head. >> authorities are investigating whether the victim had been in handcuffs where he was shot. we are going live to turkey now where president obama is speaking. [ speaking french ] >> i've been practicing that. at the g20, our focus was on how to get the global economy growing faster and creating jobs for our people and i'm pleased
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we agreed that growth has to be inclusive to address the rising inequality around the world. given growing cyber threats, we committed to a set of norms drafted by the united states for our governments should conduct themselves in cyberspace, including a commitment not to engage in the cyber theft of intellectual property for commercial gain. as we head into global climate talks, we pledged to work together for a successful outcome in paris. of course, much of our attention has focused on the attacks that took place in paris. across the world, in the united states, the american flags are at half staff in solidarity with our french allies. we're working closely with our french partners as they pursue their investigations and track down suspects.
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france is already a strong counter terrorism partner and we are streamlining the process by which we share intelligence and military operational with france. this will allow us to pass on our threat information about isil more quickly and often. we need to do everything we can to protect against more attacks and protect our citizens. tragically, paris is not alone. we've seen outrageous attacks by isil in beirut, last month in ankara, routinely in iraqi. here at the g20, we send the message that we are united against this threat. isil is the face of evil.
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our goal, as i've said many times is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. as i outlined this fall at the united nations, we have a comprehensive strategy using all elements of our power, military, intelligence, economic, development and the strength of our communities. we have always understood that this would be a long term campaign. there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. even as we grief with our french friends, however, we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. on the military front, our coalition is intensifying our airstrikes, more than 8,000 to date. we're taking out size as i will leaders, commanders, their killers. we've seen that when we have an
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effective partner on the ground, isil can and is pushed back, so local forces in iraq backed by forces issue sinjar, working to take back ramadi. in syria, isil is pushed back from the border with turkey. we stepped up support of opposition forces working to cut back supply lines to isil strong holds in and around raqqa. in short, both in iraq and syria, isil controls less territory than it does before. i made the point to my fellow leaders that if we want this progress sustained, more nations need to step up with the resources that this fight demands. of course, the attacks in paris remind us that it will not be enough to defeat isil in syria and iraq alone. here, our nations therefore committed to strengthening
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border controls, sharing more of course information and stepping up efforts to control the flow of fighters in and out of syria and iraq. as the united states have just shown in libya, isil leaders will have no safe haven everywhere and will continue to stand with faith leaders who are the best voices to discredit isil's warped ideology. on the humanitarian front, our nations agree that we have to do even more individually and collectively to address the agony of the syrian people. the united states is already the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the syrian people, some $4.5 billion in aid so far. as winder approaches, we are donating additional supplies including clothing and generators through the united nations. the u.n. appeal for syria still has less than hatch the funds needed. today i'm calling on more nations to contribute the resources that this crisis
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demands. in terms of refugees, it's clear that countries like turkey, lebanon and jordan, which already bearing an extraordinary burden cannot be expected to do so alone. at the same time, all of our countries have to endo your or security. as president, my first priority is the safety of the american people. that's why even as we sech more refugees, including syrians, we do so after subjecting them to rigorous screening and security checks. we have tomorrow that many of these refugees are the victims of terrorism themselves. that's what they're fleeing. slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. our nations can welcome refugees who are desperately seeking safety, and ensure our own security. we can and must do both. finally, we've begun to see some modest progress on the diplomatic front, which is critical, because a political solution is the only way to end
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the war in syria, and unite the syrian people and world against isil. the ve enthat talks mark the first time all the key countries have come together. as a result, i would add of american leadership, and reached a common understanding. there's a path forward. negotiations between the syrian opposition and requireian regime under the united nations, a transition toward a more inclusive representative government can be, a new constitution followed by free elections and alongside this political process, a ceasefire in the civil war even as we continue to fight against isil. these are obviously ambitious goals, hopes for diplomacy in syria have been dashed before. there are any number which ways that this latest diplomatic push could falter. and there are still disagreements between the parties, including the most critically over the fate of bashar al assad, who we do not
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believe has a role in syria's future because of his brutal rule, his war against the syrian people is the primary root cause of this crisis. >> with that i'm take some questions. i'll start with jerome


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