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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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[ gunfire ] >> police carry out raids across belgium and france searching for suspects linked to the paris attacks. a minute of silence for the victims, president hollande proposes extending the state of emergency. >> live for our studios in london the next 30 minutes audi led forces capture yemen's third biggest cities. and days of rains raise fears that iraqis left homeless by the
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fighting will fall victim to disease. and hot air balloon civil is hoping to inflate fourist numbers. >> a bill is to be presented this week. president hollande made the announcement during a rare address to both houses of parliament. belgium police have carried out a raid in bruce he wills in the hunt for a man believed to have been involved in the paris attacks. that is on top of 168 raids carried out overnight by french police. france and other european countries have held a minute of silence to remember the 129 victims. well, after leaving, the single
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large coalition is needed to fight in syria. he said in another meeting in the coming days to talk about pooling efforts to destroy isil. >> france is at war. the acts committed on friday evening in paris are acts of war. there have been at least 129 dead and numerous injured that constitutes an aggression against our country, against its values, against its youth, against its lifestyle. they are the result of the eye of terrorists, daesh, isis fighting us because france is the country of freedom. we are the country of the rights of man. >> jacky rowland live for us now in paris. run us through, if you would, the extent of the anti-terror measures that president hollande would like to bring in, including this state of
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emergency. >> well, yes, certainly acting swiftly. he told parliament that he would be tabling those measures for them to vote on before the end of the week. as you mentioned an extension of the state of emergency and also he would ask them to vote on a proposal that certain powers during what he has described as a state of siege could be transferred from the civilian authorities to the military authorities. he also detailed it as a new power surveillance suspects, the ability to strip french citizens of their nationality if they were found to have participated in acts of terror, and he also spoke about actions against organization for these people who were promoting hatred. so essentially we're looking at a whole new package of measures, which would impose new constraints and new limits on
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civil liberties in france, which the president is trying to persuade the french people are essential if he's also able to protect the nation against repeat of the kind of incidents that we saw on friday night. what about the suggestion of systemic controls of internal and external borders. this is not just a french matter as far as he's concerned. it's across the entire community? >> it's very clear of the problem. we've seen the arrest from belgium, the fact that some of the perpetrators or those involved in providing logistics for the attacks were based in belgium. we also heard an allegation by belgium police that, in fact, the belgium national in syria
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who planned those attacks on friday night. this is clearly a problem that has international die mention, and the response needs to be international and european level. as you know, france reintroduced border controls directly after the attacks and those will continue to be in place throughout the three months that this state of emergency is expected to last. in a way what we're seeing now is presidential hollande's responding to demands that we've heard from more right spectrum of politics in france from the opposition leader and nicolas sarkozy, and the far right leader marie le pen who has been saying if france wants to protect itself then france needs to control it's own borders and leave the schengen agreement, and clearly being able to travel without passport is a great privilege for citizens of europe, but the down side is
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that there are those who will have plans to instigate those attacks who will be able to move around without being traced. that is an issue that europe will have to face up to. >> the pastor mind of the paris attacks as the belgium. the 27-year-old is known to security forces and has been preparing isil videos and is thought to be in syria. they're linked him to the attacks of the high speed train in august and the foiled plot to attack a church in april. one suspect who is on the run. he has been described as dangerous and belgium police have carried out an raid in brussels in the hope of tracking him down. paul brennan has the latest from belgium. >> the authorities have the opportunity to arrest him on saturday when he was stopped by
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french police close to the belgium border. but at that time it's understood that the police did not have his name, and therefore he was not on any watch list or arrest list. and it was only subsequently that the police released the importance of him in the over all scheme of things in relation to the paris attacks. we missed one opportunity to detain him as quickly as possible. the attention has focused here on brussels, and they put huge resources in. plane clothes units, uniformed units, dog unites and a clad pair military unit all involved in this operation here. although they may it seems that early indications now that they may not have been able to arrest him here at this address, they will be searching the addresses here because the reason why they came here is undoubtedly because
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the address has some kind of significance or connection with the suspect that they're hunting for. >> well, paul brennan in belgium. in the u.k. britain is to get 1900 new spice and sweeping over all of aviation security in the wake of what happened in paris. they said that britain has thwarted seven attack plots in the last six months. british intelligence will rise by 15% and security will more than double in five years. well, isil's threatening attack in washington d.c. the armed group has released a video, that they will suffer the same fate as france. the video emerged after france mounted fresh strikes over raqqa in northern syria. they're moving the families of
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foreign fighters out of city. french attacks were attack out in coordination with u.s. forces. they hit isil weapon depos. >> the saudi led coalition has intensified in the southern city of taiz. some parts of taiz are controlled by houthi rebels while government control other areas. >> a major battle is underway to repel a houthi advance. tribesmen also joining the fight to recapture taiz, yemen's third largest city. >> we are ready for the fight. we're waiting for orders to launch the final assault. >> the new military commander
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who has been ordered to prevent the houthis taken over taiz. recapturing the city is crucial for government forces. it's on the main road which links the south to the capital of sana. taiz remains a divided city. the areas under government control. but the houthis backed by the former president ali abdullah saleh still hold ground. if taiz falls under government control, the government may move there. they spent time in the southern city of aden, but was forced to relocate in saudi arabia after he was targeted in an attack. >> the israeli military said that it's troops came under attack. forces were demolishing of a man who they said was killed in
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israel in june. and there was another outbreak, small one, this one, of violence where palestinian protested to israeli troops. they retaliated by using tear gas and rubber-coated bullets. ithe clash came after a funeral of a raid overnight. we've been following that story from west jerusalem. >> the israeli forces moved into the refugee camp under the cover the darkness to demolish the house of a palestinian who is now held in israeli jail, who is accused of killing a jewish settler back in june. now according to a statement by the israeli military, the forces came under fire at the camp, and they responded. in the cross fire three palestinians died.
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however, people we spoke to at the refugee camp said that only two palestinians have actually died, and they do deny there was any gunfire towards the israelis. they say that one of the young men who stood on top of his house to check on what was going on. certainly relations between the israeli military and the youth in the refugee camp have all been intense. this is not the first time that the israelis have moved in to demolish. they have tried that twice before. and they really didn't manage to come in. they were meant with fierce resistence. it comes at the back of several other demolitions since friday. a couple of houses. >> coming up on this program we'll be talking to a victim of the violence in burundi as the country comes under more pressure to end months of unrest. and myanmar since aung san suu
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kyi's party won the landslide in the elections.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> hello there. you're watching al jazeera. the police have carried out raids across france and belgium searching for suspects in friday's attacks in paris. ththey have identified the suspected mastermind. parisians have gathered for a moment of silence. parliament is due to discuss the
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state of emergency to three months. and the government reinforceme reinforcements have entered yemen's third biggest city as the battle for taiz intensifies. efforts to defeat isil have topped the agenda of the g-20 summit. president erdogan hailed the stance against terrorism. while prime minister david cameron has rushed to intensify it's irstrikes against the armed group. president obama declared the united front against the threat of isil. >> isil is the face of evil. our goal, as i have said many times is to degrade and to destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. as i outline this fall at the united nations we have outlined
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our economic, development, and the strength of our communities. we have always understood that this would be a long-term campaign. there will be set backs and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. even as we grief with our french friends, however, we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. on the military front our coalition is intensifying our airstrikes more than 8,000 to date. we're taking out isil leaders, commanders, their killers. we've seen that when we have an effective partner on the ground, isil can and is pushed back. >> in turkey, the g20 summit just wrapped up. looking at barack obama there, one senses he was struggling as many people appear in the moment
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to working out some kind of proper strategy. it is more of the same in this case, bernard. >> he was repeatedly pushed by members of the american media as to why the u.s. military just didn't go on in so syria. and send ground troops in and wipe out isil. some lively language was used by members of the press. president obama pointing out the limits of what america can do. he ruled out sending in ground troops. it would be wrong. it would be a mistake he said because we've learned lessons. there is a risk that something like isil would come back again. so there is no real change in
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strategy in what the u.s. is going to do in syria, but they might be able to cooperate a bit more. >> let's go to what president putin said. he said no-fly zones for syria would be counterproductive. what was his acement of why that would be the case. using a no-fly zone would be counterproductive. >> yes. >> yes, because they're very difficult to enforce. don't forget as we--as we go into talk about what individual individual is saying, of course, you have the russians flying over in this sort of air space that might become a no-fly zone. it would be very difficult to get all the parties involved in that syrian conflict to agree to accept a no-fly zone. there is a risk of the russia
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and u.s. coming in to conflict with each other over something like that. >> and putin himself, we saw a picture of the two presidents. the u.s. president, the russian president, hunched over a table with their various translators looking determined to try to come out talking the same sort of language. they were a long way par apart on this. are they any closer? >> that was one of the interesting aspects of this meeting when putin and obama talked, and since then angela merkel, german chancellor, has spoken with vladimir putin. saying please direct your firepower towards ill. it started hitting mainly groups fighting bashar al-assad. because russia, along with iran are one of the biggest backers
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much bashar al-assad. vladimir putin said that it is ready to support the syrian opposition in the fight against isil. that's as much as we've got out of vladimir putin at the moment. an interesting suggestion that russia has been persuaded not totally convinced in their commitment, but an interesting suggestion that russia might be willing to cooperate more with the other powers in the fight against isil. >> we'll see if anything-- >> flooding in people dispaced, and aid agencies saying unless fund something made available, those in camps will be vulnerable to disease. >> winter has arrived in northern iraq. a few days of rain have turned
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makeshift streets in muddy pat paths. this woman is desperate. she has lived here for 18 mont months. now she and her family are freezing in this camp. >> some times we sleep in the kitchen. sometimes in the bathroom. we have no place to go because of the rain and the storms. the tent collapsed on the kids. when it rains, the power goes off. >> this camp is typical of northern iraq, which is struggling to cope with the winter. there is a cash crisis and it has cut back on the services it provides. winter is making the crisis worse. money is scarce and falling oil prices means the regional government is struggling to provide basic needs. the biggest challenge for this camp and many others is not the cold. it is the rain. as you can see it can come down very heavily. for the most vulnerable, the children, this is a real
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challenge. if disease takes a hold in this camp it can spread very quickly. >> the general manager of the camp does not have enough funding or infrastructure. >> we are much concerned from rain storms. we are doing our best to overcome such harsh conditions by providing waterproof covers for these tents. but these tents can't survive strong rain storms. >> it's been eight months since the head of the refugee agency said that the crisis was at the tipping point, and that more money was desperately needed. that money has not arrived. so these people continue to face misery every day under canvas. >> five people have been killed in the country of burundi. the violence there continues, and protest has been widespread since april. that's when the president first said he was running for third term in breach of the constitution. the united nations is calling
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for talks to end the violence. catherine soi is in the capital of burundi, where she has been meeting some of the victims of the unrest. >> they hide out in a neighborhood in burundi's capital. this man tells us that police arrested and tortured him. he won't release his identity for security reasons. he said his hands and feet were bound by ropes over three days he was detain: police accused him of participating in the protest that started in april against president pierre presidential bid. they wanted him to admit that he belongs to a rebel group. >> the police seem to have their intelligence. they have their targets. i don't have guns. >> many people are worried about the systemic murders that have been going on for months now. what started out as peaceful process has evolved to armed violence. people are now being regularly
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killed, and it is clear who is carrying out the killing. on saturday night gunmen shot and killed a young man on the streets. this woman's husband was among nine people murdered for assailants. >> until now i do not know who has killed my husband. >> some of the bodies being found have their hands and legs bound together. burundi's menu rights commission said there have been reports of retaliatory killings. no one has claimed responsibility, but both government and the opposition have accused each other. >> before, they are in some neighborhoods of their city, and some other areas as well, who own guns, and who actually continue to use them against the
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police or against the neighbors. >> in response to this, the police are carrying out a major security crackdown. many have been arrested in neighborhoods of opposition strongholds. >> people in opposition in this country or one ethnic group in this country. to me, that is--people are targeted, people who have arms illegally. >> ththis woman's relatives continue to mourn they are hou her husband. she said he was not a political man, and she wants to know who killed him. >> in china more than 2,000 rescuers are searching for survivorrers after heavy rain swept over rocks and homes. 12 people are missing. one person has been found alive
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so far. but there is a warning about further flooding with heavy rains predicted until wednesday. japan is back in recession for the fifth time in seven years, and that puts more pressure on the government to stimulate the economy. >> well, despite being voted out of office, myanmar's office has return to parliament for another two and a half months left in power. it has the authority to change laws which could make things difficult for the opposition leader aung san suu kyi and her party. it was also the first time that suu kyi and her party took parliament in myanmar's first hopefully contested elections in 25 years. she is barred from top political office but said she'll choose someone to lead as her proxy. after the dizzying heights of one of the world's most
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famous tourist attractions, balloons are giving a bird's-eye view of the taj mahal. the government hopes for more visitors. we have these reports. >> preparing to rise, just as the sun does, it's an early start for the first-ever taj balloon festival. while the cool balloons are readies, they are getting ready for an exciting trip. >> i thought i'm going to live with this for the rest of my life. >> once up in the air and through the pollution and haze, we can see what he means. the view is worth it. this event combines one of the wonders of the world with hot air ballooning and hopefully attracting even more tourists. the view from here is what you would expect. fantastic. which begs the question, does the home of one of the wonders of the world really need a
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tourism boost? being this high up is nothing new for the pilot who has flown around mt. everest. he said this vantage point gives an unique perspective. >> it displays the whole heart and soul of india in one glimpse without doing any damage to it. if we're putting a million people through that incredible building on an annual basis, you just have to look after it so well. >> it's definitely a different sight. even those who have seen the taj mahal before. locals who are used to seeing one of the most famous buildings in the world get a thrill from watching the balloons. >> we don't get to see something like this. that's why the whole village is excited and came out. >> those who could not make the flight or not brave enough still get a chance to have a short flight. since most tourists come only for a day or two to see the taj, officials want to give them reasons to stay longer and make
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this a more regular way of seeing india's most famous tourist attraction. al jazeera, india. >> and take a look at our website whenever you can. for all the global headlines. great deal more besides. >> we are united against this threat. isil is the face of evil. >> president obama once again calling for international action after the attacks of paris. vowing that isil will be defeated. we need an unity of all those who can fight against this army. >> almost at the same moment french president fran├žois hollande vowing to fight back d


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