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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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this a more regular way of seeing india's most famous tourist attraction. al jazeera, india. >> and take a look at our website whenever you can. for all the global headlines. great deal more besides. >> we are united against this threat. isil is the face of evil. >> president obama once again calling for international action after the attacks of paris. vowing that isil will be defeated. we need an unity of all those who can fight against this army. >> almost at the same moment french president françois hollande vowing to fight back and capturing the people who
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killed 129 people in paris. also no long welcome, several governors telling president obama that their states will no longer take in syrian refugees following the carnage in france. >> this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. the world has now heard from the president of france and the president of the united states. about an hour ago president obama speaking to reporters of the g-20 summit in turkey. he said that the response in the attacks to paris should present a coordinated strategy saying that boots on the ground still is not the only solution. >> still as we grieve with our friends we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. on the military front our coalition is intensifying our airstrikes more than 8,000 to date. we're taking out isil leaders,
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commanders, their killers, we've seen that when we have an effective partner on the ground isil can and is pushed back. >> even as president obama was speaking his french counterpart president françois hollande saying that the attackers came from 19 different countries saying that his is a nation at war. >> the whole of france was the target of terrorists, france that loves life, culture, sport, celebration, france without distinction of race, color, or religion, france that the assassins wanted to kill, it was youth in all its diversity. most of the dead were not even 30 years of age. >> mike viqueira joins us now from turkey. the president still pushing back against any suggestion of more
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ground troops? >> that's absolutely right, del. the president said that we have the right strategy, and we're going to see it through. that strategy still will not include american combat troops on the ground in syria. he said that will be a mistake. obviously the american military with its allies could push isil out of raqqa out of that area s that it holds but then what. it would require a permanent occupation, something that is not realistic, feasible and not going to happen. the president said on the military side of the u.s. and it's allies they're going to intensify the strategies including airstrikes that have been going on for a year now. targeting leadership on the ground. the president mentioned the recent strike against jihadi john. they'll continue to aid and assist those who are already on
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the ground and effectively taking the fight against isil there on the ground. and squeezing the supply lines hitting oil refineries, hitting revenue sources that are serving isil right now. saying simply these are killers of isil with fantasies of glory who happen to be very adept at social media. hitting back at the critics, and hitting back at individuals who are trying to turn their backs now on refugees, a very forceful and stark term of any stereotyping of muslims at large saying this is not what we're about as americans. it goes against american values to reject those who have been victimized. >> mike in the meantime there has been that complain in syria saying that it is bombing isil extensively there. the u.s. coalition russia and france carrying out major offensives, how problematic is that going to be?
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>> well, again, this is an intensification of the military strategy and the actions that have already been taking. and despite all of the bellicose rhetoric the president referred to that as well. despite françois hollande calling this an act of war. and characterization that president obama and his top aides agree with. make no mistake the emphasis is going to be on the diplomatic side. here at the g20 in turkey a day's drive from the syrian border, the president has met with vladimir putin, trying to get him on board. putin has been hitting opponents of the assad regime, not the opponents of isil. and in a way, they see the attack on the russian charter jet bringing down that jet over the sinai peninsula to which isil has claimed responsibility as perhaps something that will influence russia thinking and force policy there. but make no mistake, there are
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sinks. the initiative calls for a cease-fire and talks in vienna. there is dig agreement over which opposition groups will represent the opposition in those talks. you heard president obama specifically talking about the turkish proposal for a no-fly zone or safe zone within syria, and the president said it would be impractical. turkey and others want assad to go. the united states want assad to go. but that should not be the target, says president obama and others of the military campaign. that should be specifically and strictly against isil. so many differences here although there is an intensification of the rhetoric. intensification of intelligence sharing. the intensification of the consultation here of the g-20. but we're seeing a renewed push on the diplomatic front despite the heightened military strikes from the coalition including those from french warplanes. >> mike viqueira with the president. and in turkey, thank you very
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much. as we mentioned within the past few hours france's government holding a joint session of parliament. president hollande saying that his is a nation at war. he'll fly to washington to meet with president obama and then he'll go to russia to meet with vladimir putin. a short time ago the director of the cia also weighing in saying while there were warnings about the paris attacks, they could not connect the dots. >> this is not something that was done in a matter of days. this was something that was deliberately and carefully planned over the course of several months in terms of making sure that they had the operatives, the weapons, the explosives with the suicide belts and so i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. >> al jazeera's adam raney in paris today. adam, the president talking about that renewed push to get help in the fight against isil.
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>> indeed, what we're see something this internationalization of rhetoric and force in this offensive against isil, france, again, bombing targets in syria and also hollande reaching out to allies. this is what he had is to say about that. >> under article 42-7 of the union, that when one state is aggressed all the other member states must provide solidarity relation to this aggression because the enemy is not the enemy of france, it's the enemy of europe. >> well, there's president
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hollande speaking earlier today here in france. now beyond the real security issues it played it is interesting for our viewers to understand that hollande is trying to take a strong stance. there is also a lot of political operating going on as well. he has a threat, perhaps, in coming months from president nicolas sarkozy, who would love nothing more than to get back in power, and on the right, marie la pen. he is a socialist now law and order president, and all these steps that he thinks it is the best way to secure this nation, and also the best way to show himself as a strong leader. >> adam, as we can see the sun is setting on another day in paris, it has been a busy day with raids in both france and belgium. what is the latest in this investigation? >> well, what we've seen, del, in the past 24 hours are more
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than 160 raids across france. they've been conducting operations over the border in belgium. there is a suspected hide out for the most wanted fugitive. now there has been talk that maybe he had been cornered, but so far there is no conclusive reports that authorities have found this man, and thi is the most wanted man in france and belgium right now. he's considered a very dangerous person. these investigations are going on, the police is out in force both in france and belgium to try to apprehend this man as well as well as look for other suspects in the case. >> adam, thank you very much as we continue to look at those images coming out of france. it is an indication that on the streets of paris they are still resolved to come out to enjoy every day life no matter what happens. they say that is their way of life. also the french president promising that the bombing campaign that you saw those picks of peace. he said the war in syria will continue. those warplanes bombing, and
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striking a commander is in raqqa. that is the de facto capital of isil. isil posting a new video threatening more attacks to countries taking part in airstrikes against syria including the u.s. al jazeera's jamie mcintyre has more from washington. >> at this point it appears that the french airstrikes are more symbolic than strategic. french fighter jets took off from bases both in jordan and saudi arabia, ten jets dropped 20 bombs on several targets in raqqa. we're told by the french defense ministry that they hit a command center, a storage and training facility. but those french airstrikes in raqqa one of several locations hit by coalition planes yesterday. when i say coalition largely i'm talking about the united states. the u.s. has done the bulk of the bombing in syria. there have been 2800 airstrikes in syria since the beginning of
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this campaign. only 150 or so were done by other countries. only a handful of by france. by comparison yesterday the usa, strayed the line of fuel strong along the syrian iraqi border destroying, according to the u.s. central command, 117 fuel trucks. a much bigger strike than the ones in raqqa. you'll see french airplane take to the sky tonight and perhaps the next night as well. the united states is happy to have france more involved in the coalition, and we are told that in the coming days and weeks the u.s. will be providing more intelligence to france so it can carry out strikes against isil in syria. >> that is our jamie mcintyre in washington. also, just a few minutes ago the u.s. attorney general loretta
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lynch talking about the attacks in paris. >> this was, indeed, a crime not just paris but against civilization, and we're committed to do everything we can to assist our french law enforcement colleagues in bringing those responsible to justice. >> and just a short while ago another development, refusing refugees. several governors telling president obama they won't help syrian refugees after the attacks in paris.
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>> these images coming to you live in paris as the sun has set on yet another day on a nation that continues to mourn. it is against the backdrop of
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those attacks in paris that people are still trying to survive. migrants and refugees still trying to make the dangerous journey across the mediterranean. dozens arriving on the island of lesbos on sunday alone. one woman had to be taken away by ambulance after she collapsed on the beach. the attacks mean that the u.s. should not take in any more syrian refugees. here are our reports. >> concerned that paris attackers may have come to europe along with fleeing syrian refugees, some lawmakers want to shut down any refugee pipeline into the u.s. >> the problem is we can't background check them. you can't pick up the phone and call syria and that's one of the reasons why we said we won't be able to take more refugees. >> california republican congressman devon nunez, chairman of the house intelligence committee agrees. >> we're losing the capability to track these terrorists around the globe. >> michigan already has a large arab american population.
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sunday night governor rick snyder's office issued a statement saying michigan is a welcoming state and we're proud of our rich history of immigration, but our first priority is protecting the safety of our residents. he said that his state will not be accepting any syrian refugees until the u.s. department of homeland security fully reviews its procedures. there are no known syrian refugees in the state of alabama, and that state's governor robert bentley wants to keep it that way. tweeting, i will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of alabama in harm's way. we refuse syrian refugees. in september president obama said that the u.s. would be willing to accept as many as 10,000 more syrian refugees in the coming year. on sunday the white house deputy national security adviser ben rhode said that has not changed. >> we can't just shut our doors to those people. we have very extensive screening
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procedures for all syrian refugee who is come to the united states. >> not so said congressman peter king. >> there is virtually no vetting because there are databases in syria. >> and just a short while ago the governors of texas and arkansas said they would not welcome any refugees in their state as well. this is the letter that greg abbott sent the president outlining his objections. during his news conference president obama was asked about the growing anti-refugee sentiment. >> when i hear folks say that well, maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims, when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who is fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks
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themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution. that's shameful. that's not american. it's not who we are. >> u.s. plans to take in 10,000 refugees, 1500 arriving since the war in syria began. a california college student one of the victims in paris was 23 years old, she had been at a restaurant with friends when she was shot and killed over the weekend almost 1,000 people gathered at her school in long beach to remember her. adam schauffler was there. >> the french president called it an act of war. the british prime minister, the worst terror attack in europe in a decade. and those vents of fry have had a tremendous attack here in southern california. this is cal state, long beach. all of these folks had attended a vigil in honor of a student
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from long beach studying in paris who was shot and killed as she sat down for dinner. [singing] >> more than a thousand people gathered at cal state long pea beach in memory of a student who was murdered in a paris restaurant. students and faculty described the 23-year-old as hopeful and energic, a hard working with a beautiful soul. >> we used to talk about our future. i love her and i'll miss her so much. >> mimi is in our hearts. she's right here. she's in our hearts today, tomorrow and forever.
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>> the university's chancellor reads a poem written by the poet laureate. >> we see a world without violence. we imagine that in your name. from california, from cal state long beach, then we run out of words. the words so many words. >> the senior studying design was taking a semester abroad and would have been home in a couple of weeks. >> it was really upsetting and really saddening that something so offensive could happen to a student who is just trying to study and improve her life. >> her mother said that college was always part of her grand plan. >> she was so happy. every day because she loves to go to school. she loves school. >> on campus students and faculty are processing the shock
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of the paris killings, nine time zones away, killings abroad that hit home. >> it's unfair. it's unjust. i mean, what else do you say? a bright young woman had the wrong place at the wrong time. that's life. i don't think any of us are exempt from that. >> southern california and france now improbably linked by bloodshed, a young life lost and dreams cut short. >> shshe wanted to have a career and a family. >> and the u.s. state department is very emphatically warning americans traveling abroad figurely those in france and in paris to be very aware of their surroundings, to have a security plan in place and contact
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friends and family at home, let them know that they're safe, and what they are plans are. adam schauffler, long beach, california. >> fears of a backlash, why muslims in france and the u.s. are worried about retaliation after the paris attacks.
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>> just before 6:00 in paris, france, that is the statute where the words watch words by which paris lives and continues to try to live in the wake of everything that has happened in the last 48 hours.
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the french and u.s. president speaking out on the paris attacks at the g20 summit in turkey. president obama called on the international community to do more to fight the group. speaking from france, president françois hollande said that france will destroy isil and promised to change the constitution so that france can combat what he calls terrorism. in the light of those attacks the french interior minister said he's going to eliminating mosque where hate speech is spoken. and now some muslims are concerned about retaliation. [singing] >> iin the theater where so many died and many more are wounded, in solidarity and common grief on sunday leaders of france's jewish and muslim communities stood together to lay flowers and to remember the victims. at a time of mistrust, uncertainty, suspicion, and
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rising racism. last january france was rocked by terror attacks on a magazine seen that published satirical cartoons of the prophet muhammad. . >> has there been an breez increase in violence since the charlie hebdo attacks. >> yes, when i walk with my wife i'm sometimes insulted. they've broken my car, scratched it, damaged the side mirror and one of my coworkers was beaten by four men who then fled in an vehicle. we're in an atmosphere that is very lie lent. >> by law the government is forbidden to ask questions about religion. there are no formal statistics how many muslims call france
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home. there is an estimate of 4.5 million. they have consistently shown that the vast majority consider themselves only somewhat or not very religious at all. and for most the overriding emotion now is fear. >> i took the decision to speak out for citizens of this world. >> ruby works for better interfaith religions said that after the january attacks promises were made, promises that were not kept. >> do you feel that your voice is listened to? >> to be honest, no. in france, no. >> isn't that part of the problem. >> it is part of the problem. i'm completely fed up with the way the french institution and the french media is treating the muslim community, chosing for them a spokesman, a folk spokeswoman, and not pointing out the great diversity that we
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have. >> talked about what little understanding they had of their parishioner's thinking. >> we're not in their heads. we don't know who they hang out with, who they walk with. that's for the government, not us. >> what do you think the impact of last friday's events will be on that situation? >> the consequences will be disastrous as we have a government which accumulates failures. both in domestic politics and foreign policy. this government does not know how to communicate with the muslim community. >> and with failure of communication, dialogue and true inclusion comes more alienation. sheila mcvicar, al jazeera, paris. >> thank you for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues in london with more about the attacks in paris. in france it is about 6:00 as one against paris tries to come
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to grips with everything that has happened over the last 72 hours. stay with us. >> the police in raids seven forgive suspects linked to the paris attacks. a minute of silence for the victims, president hollande proposes extending his country's state of emergency. >> hello, i'm david foster, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in this program, saudi-led programs to recapture the city of taiz. days of rain leave fears that iraqis left homeless by


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