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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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introduced the classic coke bottle. this is the real thing. >> so if you learned nothing else, you know at least why this century old piece of glass is the shape it is. >> for the future and the present. >> president obama calling for international action after the paris attacks. vowing that isil will be defea defeated. >> we need an unity of all those who can fight against this terrorist army. >> at the same time french president françois hollande vowing to fight back and catch the people responsible for killing 129 in paris. no longer welcomed several
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governors telling president obama that their states will no longer take in syrian refugees following the carnage in france. >> the cold has heard from the president of france and the president of united states. president obama said that the response to the attacks in paris should represent a coordinated strategy saying that boots on the ground are still not the solution. >> our airstrikes 8,000 to date we're taking out isil leaders,
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commanders, they are killers. we've seen when we have an effective partner on the ground, isil can and is pushed back. >> even as president obama was speaking president hollande was about to address the joint session of the french parliament saying that the attackers came from 19 different countries and saying his is a nation at war. >> the whole of france was the target of terrorists, france that loves life, culture, sport, celebration. france, without distinction of race, color, or religion, france with the assassins wanted to kill, it was youth in all its diversity. and most of the dead were not even 30 years of age. >> mike viqueira in turkey, will this latest attack change this president's strategy against isil?
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president obama in a wrap up news conference in response to many critics who say now is the time to step up and become much more aggressive militarily in the fight against isil and the u.s.-led coalition. he said that we do have the right strategy and we're going to see it through. it is an intensification of what is already happening. that includes airstrikes that have been going on for more than a year now. the u.s.-led coalition adding fighters on the ground who are already there taking the fight quite ably against isil on the ground and indigenous groups. hitting revenue streams like oil facilities that isil is utilizing right now and targeting its leaders. what the president did say and insist upon is that those who are talking tough with bellicose
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red rick do not have a plan. and those who are calling for american boots on the ground, that simply is not going to happen. that's not part of the strategy. after all the bellicose rhetoric, after all the talk of the military escalation it is clear that the administration and many of the allies here still see the diplomatic front as the only possible solution. the diplomatic resolution to the war in syria, and then tackling isil, which has capitalized on its division within that country. >> mike, there are divisions in france as well. france bombing isil in syria. that means that the u.s. coalition, russia, france all carrying out major offensives inside that country. how problematic is that going to be? >> well, the french are carrying out their bombing missions in close cooperation with nato, which of course is led by the united states. the united states is helping pick out those targets within france. for france to hit with its warplanes and other material.
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as far as russia is concerned that's part of the diplomatic front here. we saw vladimir putin, the president of russia, huddling in an rather informal session with president obama. they want to bring putin around to the thought that isil is the enemy. don't come into this war and start hitting the opponents of the assad regime. stop backing assad. he has got to go. turn your attention to isil. we'll watch what they do particularly in the aftermath of the attack on its own jetliner from sharm el sheikh that was brought down by a bomb reportedly by isil over the sinai peninsula. >> thank you very much. an hour ago attorney general loretta lynch speaking out about the attacks in paris as well. >> this, indeed, was a crime not just against paris but against civilization. this department of justice is
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committed to do everything in our power to assist colleagues in bringing those responsible to justice. >> and the french president promising that the bombing campaign that you heard mike talk about in syria will continue. ing a command center in red sox aqqa, isil's de facto capital. and isil threatening more attacks to countries that take part in those airstrikes against syria, including here in the united states. we turn now to jamie mcintyre who is live in the pentagon. do we know more about france's new strategy against isil? >> well, france's new strategy, del, is essentially to join the u.s. in its strategy in a much more robust way. france even before these attacks in paris had already agreed to dispatch its aircraft car air carrier to increase the number of warplanes available and now president hollande promised that
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france would triple it's ability to assist the u.s. in striking isil targets in iraq and syria. we saw those french airplanes strike last night. they dropped 20 bombs, and the u.s. counts that as one and significant strikes of fuel trucks along the border between syria and iraq, 116 trucks destroyed in an u.s. airstrike. that is designed to cut off the financial support for isil. the u.s.est hate u.s. mates estimates it's able to get money off the black market. it is essentially joining the u.s. in its strategy against isil. in syria and iraq.
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>> jamie, we heard the president say earlier with reporters that he is now working on getting more partners to join that coalition. tell us more about that effort. >> well, you know, the united states likes to refer to this coalition against isil as a 65-member coalition. that's technically true. each of those countries contribute something, but the united states does 90% of the airstrikes in and there is a lot of heavy lifting. it would like to have a much broader coalition joining the fight against isil. i think one of the things that the president believes the pair riggs attacks will d--paris attacks will do is galvanize those who might be sitting on the fence of whether or not they want to get involved in the fights. they believe this is a threat no for everyone in the world.
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>> what should we think about the threats in video by isil. >> it has threaten washington. one of the things that these attacks show no matter where you are there is some soft targets that are vulnerable to attacks to the kind of mass shootings that took place in paris. i think the u.s. takes it very seriously. obviously it's been very successful so far in thwarting any terrorist attacks on the u.s. homeland, but determined adversary can carry out those kinds of attacks. i think the u.s. is taking it very seriously. that's why they have to disrupt and keep isil off balance in iraq and syria so it's not able to mount those attacks and fund them. which is why the funding mechanism, the oil is also being targeted so robustly. >> jamie mcintyre for us. thank you very much. france's government holding a joint session of parliament. once again president françois
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hollande saying that his is a nation at war. he said he'll travel to the united states, to washington to meet with president obama, and then travel to russia to meet with russian president vladimir putin. a sort time ago the director of the cia said that while there were warnings go the attacks in paris, intelligence could not connect the dots. >> this is not something that was done in a matter of days. this was something that was deliberately and carefully planned over the course of several months. in terms of making sure that they had the operatives, the weapons, the explosives with the suicide belts, and so i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. >> in the meantime the city of lights remains a city in mourning. adam raney has more from paris. >> what we're see something this internationalization in rhetoric and a force in this offensive against isil. france, of course, bombing targets in syria and also hollande reaching out to allies.
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this is what he had to say on that. >> i asked the minister of defense as of tomorrow to call upon his european colleagues under article 42-7 of the union that for sees when one state is aggressed, all the other member states must provide solidarity in relation to this aggression. because the enemy is not the enemy of france, it's an enemy of europe. >> there is president hollande speaking earlier today in france. now beyond the real security issue it plays it is interesting for our viewers to understand that hollande is trying to take a strong stance because there is also a lot of political operating going on as well. he has a threat, perhaps, and in coming months from former president nicolas sarkozy, who
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would love nothing more than to come back to power and then marie la pen, he's a socialist now in law and order president, and all these things he sees it is the best way to secure the country and the best way to show himself. in raids across france they've been conducting operations over the border in belgium. there is a suspected hide out for the most wanted fugitive. now there have been talk that maybe he had been cornered, but so far there is no conclusive reports that authorities have found this man. this is the most wanted man in france and belgium right now. he's considered a very dangerous person. these investigations are going on. the police is out in force in france and belgium to at pre-hand in man as well. >> that is adam raney reporting from paris for us. thank you very much. we want to take you live to paris right now.
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7:00 p.m. just about 7:00 p.m. in paris. this is one of the many makeshift memorials set up around the city outside of the cafe where victims were killed as well. a development here in the united states refusing refugees several governors telling president obama that they will not help syrian refugees because of the paris attacks.
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>> it important to remember that before the attacks in paris, the nation, the world is talking about, the struggle to survive. those who make the dangerous journey across the mediterrane mediterranean. people in boats arrive daily on the island of lesbos.
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one woman had to be taken away by ambulance after she collapsed on the beach. despite that, the there are politicians in u.s. who say that the u.s. should not take in any more refugees from syria. >> concern that paris attackers may have come to europe along with fleeing syrian refugees, some lawmakers want to shut down any refugee pipeline into the u.s. >> the problem is we can't background check them. you can't pick up the phone and call syria. that's one of the reasons why i said we won't be able to take more refugees. >> california republican congressman devon nunez, chairman of the house intelligence committee agrees. >> we're losing the capability to track these terrorists around the globe. >> michigan already has a large arab american population. sunday night governor rick snyder's office issued a statement saying that michigan is a welcoming state and we're proud of our rich history of immigration, but our first priority is protecting the safety of our residents.
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he said that his state will not be accepting any syrian refugees until the u.s. department of homeland security fully reviews its procedures. there are no known syrian refugees in the state of alabama. that state's governor robert bentley wants to keep it that way. tweeting i will not stand complicit to a policy that places the citizens of alabama in harm's way. we refuse syrian refugees. in september president obama said that the u.s. would be willing to accept as many as 10,000 more syrian refugees in the coming year. on sunday the white house deputy national security adviser ben rhode said that has not changed. >> we can't just shut our doors to those people. we have very extensive screening procedures for all syrian refugee who is would come to the united states. >> not so, said new york congressman peter king. >> there is virtually no vetting because there are to about a bases in syria, and no records. >> al jazeera.
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>> that list is growing within the past few hours. the governors in massachusetts, arkansas, louisiana, indiana, and texas all of them saying that their states will not welcome any refugees from syria. texas governor greg abbott sending the president this letter outlining his objections. this morning president obama was asked about the growing anti-refugee sentiment. >> when i hear folks say that maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims. when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which a person fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution,
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that's shameful. that's not american. that's not who we are. >> again, some 1500 syrian refugees coming to the united states since the war in syria began four years ago. pennsylvania's governor saying that his state will continue to allow those refugees to enter. he said that he'll work with the federal government to make sure that they're properly vetted through the proper screening process. a california college student one of the victims in paris was at a restaurant with friends when she was shot and killed over the weekend. about a thousand people gathering at her school in long beach california to remember her. adam shall letter was there. >> the french president called it an act of war. the worst terror attack in a decade. those events of friday overseas had a tremendous impact here at cal state long beach. all of these folks have attended a vigil i of a student who was
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shot and killed in paris as she sat down for dinner. [ choir singing ] >> more than a thousand people gathered in memory of the student murdered as she dined with friends in a paris restaurant. students and faculty, many of whom called her mimi described the 23-year-old as hopeful and energic. a hard work with a beautiful soul. >> we used to talk about having families. and it's hard, but i'm going to miss her and i love her so much. >> mimi is in our hearts. mimi is right here. mimi is here today, tomorrow,
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forever. >> the university's chancellor reads a poem written by the nation's poet laureate. >> we see a world without violence. we want to imagine that in your name. >> then, we run out of words. the words so many words. >> the senior studying design was taking a semester abroad and would have been home in a couple of weeks. >> it was really upsetting and really saddening that something so senseless could happen to a student who is just trying to study, improve her life. >> gonzalez was from h el monte east of l.a. her mother said that college was always part of her grand plan.
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>> it's unfair. it's unjust. what else do you say? bright young woman at the wrong place at the wrong time. that's life. >> southern california and france now improbably linked by bloodshed. a young life lost and dreams cut short. >> she wanted to have a different life. not only life, but to go to work and every day she wanted to have a career and a family. >> the u.s. state department is very emphatically warning americans traveling abroad particularly those in france and in paris to be very aware of their surroundings, to have a security plan in place and
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contact friends and family at home. let them know that they're safe and what their plans are. adam shall letter, al jazeera, long beach, california. >> as we go to break we want to show you these images coming out of paris, france. that is the eiffel tower, it is a symbol now of defiance in that city as it is now about 7:00 dinner hour. people are out and about. we'll be right back.
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>> the u.s. and french spirit speaking out about the paris attacks today. president obama calling out on the international community to fight the group. and speaking from paris president hollande vowing to
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destroy isil and promised to change that country's constitution so that france can combat what he's calling terrorism. and students posting a video online condemning the attacks and pledging solidarity with france. [ speaking french ] >> all this at at time when the french interior minister will start eliminating mosque where hate speak is preached. sheila mcvicar reports now french muslims are concerned about retaliation. [singing] >> in front of the theater about so many people died and so many more were wounded in solidarity and common grief on sunday leaders of france's jewish and muslim communities stood together to lay flowers and to remember the victims. at a time of mistrust, uncertainty, suspicion, and rising racism.
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last january france was rocked by terror attacks on a magazine that published the satirical cartoon of the prophet muhammad. and then the attack on a kosher grocery store. many have felt increasingly under threat. >> has there been an increase in that violence since the charlie hebdo attacks. >> yes, when i walk with my wife i'm sometimes insulted. they have broken my car, scratched it, damaged the side mirror, and not long ago one of my coworkers was beaten by four men, who then fled in a vehicle. we're in a in an atmosphere that is very violent. >> by law the government is for bid on it ask about religion. there is no formal statistics of how many muslims call france home.
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but there is estimation of 7% of the population. polls have shown the vast majority consider themselves somewhat or not very religious at all. and for most the overriding emotion now is fear. >> the decision of french musl muslim. >> she works for better interfaith relations says that after the january attacks promises were made, promises she says were not kept. >> do you feel that your voice is listened to? >> to be honest, no. in france, no. >> isn't that part of the problem? >> it is part of the problem. i'm completely fed up with the way the french institution and the french media is treating the muslim community, chosing for them a spokesman or spokeswoman and not highlighting the great diversity that we have. >> the leaders of the mosque
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felt that one of the attackers they thought worshiped. >> we're not in their heads. we don't know who they hang out with, who they walk with. that's for the government. not us. >> what do you think the impact of last friday's events will be on that situation? >> the consequences will be disastrous as we have a government which accumulates failures, both foreign politics and policy. this government does not know how to communicate with the muslim community. >> and with more intrusion comes more alienation. >> thanks for joining us. i'm del walters. the news joins us next. this is the place de la republique, if they thought anybody would be
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deterred, it has brought thousands. and this is a picture of the eiffel tower. and it's picture says it all. >> this is al jazeera. pushing for a state of marijuana. emergency. never thought he could be involved in such an attack.


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