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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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france launches new air strikes against i.s.i.l. as president francois hollande vows to destroy the group after attacks in paris. also on the program police in france and belgium carries out raids as the search continues for a key suspect in the paris attack. some u.s. states refugees are no longer welcome. we will be seeing the patient who has under gone the world's
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most extensive face france plant. frempbl fighters jets have carried out air strikes on i.s.i.l. in raqqa for a second night. the armed group claimed responsibility for the attacks in paris which killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds more. francois hollande has called for a global coalition to destroy i.s.i.l. he told the french parliament the country is at war. reporting from paris >> reporter: in the grand congress room of the palace members of both the upper and lower houses of parliament stood to sing the national franceanthem. a rare moment in french politics for extraordinary times. addressing law makesers francois hollande called on the country to unite during one of france's
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darkest hours. >> translation: the terrorists believe that free societies will be affected but they won't be at all. france has come through other tests. france is still hera live and kicking and those who have tried to challenge france have always been history's losers. it will be the same this time. we are aridend. we are not engaged in a war of civilizati civilizations because these peop people. >> reporter: francois hollande also called for a change to the constitution giving the government extra pourss to prevent further attacks. the current state of emergency will now be extended for three months. paris is a changed city, scarred by violence, but united in grief. a minute's silence to reflect on the worst attacks since the
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second world war. a symbol of the nation's values are the many faces of modern france. >> i am very touched and upset and i wanted to pay tribute to these people and i think it's important. we just want peace >> reporter: the french government is treating the attacks as an act of war mobilising all security and intelligence agencys, dpit all the extra efforts the government is warning that future attacks could be imminent. it's difficult to make sense of what happened here in paris. while the country still remains at risk. >> reporter: overnight french police staged 168 raids in several major cities across the country. these images show the raid in the city district. more than 100 people have been placed under house arrest. >> translation: last night across france the police with the help of the intelligence
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services carried out about 150 searches at the homes of individuals suspected of various offences of the besides the items seized and the interrogations, the searches allow us to speed up our investigations. >> reporter: the raids came as french launched its heaviest attack on raqqa. intelligence reports says this is where the paris attacks were flaunts. i.s.i.l. has issued a new threat against france and other countries taking part in air strikes. as the country pauses to reflect on friday's attacks, the government says it's taking unprecedented action to safe depart it's citizens the u.s. says it will increase intelligence cooperation with france. secretary of state john kerry is having talks were francois hollande. after hissa rival kerry condemned i.s.i.l.
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>> they rape and tore tunneling and pillage and call it god. they are of course psychopathic monsters and there is nothing civilised about them. so this is not a case of one civilization pitted against another. this is a battle between civilization itself and barbarism, which civilization and medeval and modern fasciism both tame live for us in paris now. francois hollande no doubt will be speaking to remember eau about his plan for a global coalition against i.s.i.l. >> reporter: yes. i imagine that will be very high on the agenda after, of course, words of solidarity with the french allies who mr kerry described as family when he flew in on monday. it's the first time that the secretary of state has touched down in a european capital under
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a total shroud of see kre see. let's talk about what they may be discuss. i'm here senior foreign correspondent. john kerry meeting francois hollande, you've written in the paper a new strategy for france separating external enemies from internal enemies. do you think that francois hollande will manage to gild the grand coalition he wants? >> it will be quite difficult to fight on the ground, i.s.i.s. needs regionala a lies. all the local powers have other agendas. they have other priorities. our priority in france is to fight i.s.i.s., but the priority of the turks is not to fight i.s.i.s. the priority of the kurds it is not to fight i.s.i.s.
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the priority of the iranian and the russians is not really to fightisise. it's to save bashar al-assad regime. the priority of jordan, of course, is to keep a unity between the bedowinians and the palestinians. we do not have reliable local allies to help us to fight, but the need, of course, is a grand coalition like in 91, january 91, the war against iraq that had innovated kuwait, but, of course, this coalition should be led by america. we cannot - i mean, america is turning its eyes towards asia, but it left iraq early. it was a huge mistake, of course, to invade iraq in 2003.
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then they have to clean the mess. so they should be leading of the coalition and, of course, we need boots on the ground. you cannot war between israel and hezbollah in 2006. israeli is a super power, they have forces one of the best in the world. it did not help. you cannot win this kind of war without boots on the ground. >> reporter: let me ask you about the internal second part of your new strategy idea, equally complicated, of course, isn't it trying to deal with the internal threat with a state of emergency potentially to be extended for three further months. >> yes. france cannot fight on the ground syria i.s.i.s. by itself. that's obvious. of course, but france can protect its own citizens. so there's an internal france and for this internal france you need a short-term strategy, medium one and long-term.
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the short term is to pick up the war weapons all over wherever they are. it's being done right now with when i'm talking to-- when i'm talking to you. through different means and state of emergency legal mean you don't need warrants to go and visit a flat. no.2, middle strategy ask to dism dismantle all networks who hate france. we have to disman tell there. >> reporter: i have to stop you there. i imagine that the final part of the long-term. >> you have to love france. >> reporter: thank you so much for speaking to us interesting stuff. thank you very much indeed for that. france's interior minister says the police carried out 128 over night raids on addresses linked to suspected i.s.i.l. members. a total of 23 people have been arrested.
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dozens of weapons seized in france and belgium since friday. many politicians say they don't want to admit any syrian refugees. chris christie says he is even opposed to taking in syrian orphans. obama said he will allow up to 10,000 syrians into u.s. in 2016. he said earlier that nations had a moral obligation to help. >> reporter: a moment of silence in texas for the victims of the paris attacks. here and elsewhere in the u.s. there's growing concern about who was at a blame. a syrian passport was found near the body of one suicide bomber. for some that's enough, not to accept any more syrians. >> i am now requesting that the president and the federal government cease sending refugees from syria to north
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carolina >> i will not roll the dies and take the risk on allowing a few refugees in simply to expose texans to that danger. >> reporter: it is not clear if the governoror can block resettlement. once people even refugees have freedom of movement. >> the u.s. is one of the best resettlement program in the world. it has a very strong vetting system. it receives people on the base of vulnerability, which means people have been tortured who are by definition not the sort of person one should fear. >> reporter: one candidate for the presidential nomination has essentially backed the president. to bring to america tens of thousands of syrian muslims is nothing short of lunacy.
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>> reporter: in his closing remarks, obama said there was a moral obligation to help >> when i hear folks say that well, maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims, when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which a person who is fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted. that's shameful. that's not american. >> reporter: up until the end of september the u.s. had admitted 1682 syrian refugees in the previous 12 months. the governors want the department of homeland security to review clearances and procedures. some states have ordered the departments to end all assistance to those who arrived in the u.s. looking for a way out of violence and hatred
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still to come here on al jazeera we will be reporting from one muslim community in france where people fear they will be under more scrutiny after last week's attacks. strict rules for children travelling toll south africa have been relaxed and we will tell you why. south africa have been relaxed and we will tell you why. south africa have been relaxed and we will tell you why. e will tell you why.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look. welcome back. top stories now. french fighter jets have carried out air strikes on i.s.i.l.'s raqqa for a second night. the group claimed responsibility for friday's attacks in paris
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which killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds more. more than 160 raids have taken place across france and belgium in the search for suspects linked to those attacks. at least 23 people have been arrested and the senior planners have been identified. in the u.s. republican governors say they don't want syrian refugees into the country. breaking news out of russia, russia's intelligence service, the fsb, is saying that the plane crash, that came down in sinai, was the result of a terrorist act according to the news agency. there were traces of explosives found in the debris by investigators. that's coming now that
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information. more on the attacks in paris. there has been a minute's silence to honor global victims of violence. an update from the headquarters in new york. >> reporter: it was the first open meeting of the u.n. security council since the terrorist attacks in paris. it was a regularly scheduled meeting updating the council on the humanitarian situation in syria. however, there was a moment of silence. one minute to remember the victims of terrorism around the world, but the focus clearly on france. it was a solemn moment. the day of the attacks in paris, the security council issued a statement calling them bar baric and cowardly. francois hollande urged the security council to do more and in a speech to parliament he called on the council to take up
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a resolution on fighting terrorism. but here at the u.n. it takes time and no such resolution appears imminent. however, the united kingdom which currently holds a rotating presidency of the security council this month, says there should be no doubt on where they stand >> we stand ready to help france in whatever way france wants using our presidency of the security council to take action in a way that helps france and helps others who are victims of these cowardly terrorist attacks >> reporter: francois hollande wants to rally international support in a fight against i.s.i.l. and he views the security council as a key player in that effort france's government has stated that it aims to shut down radical mosques and expel their reliege use leaders. muslims living in a small french town say they have always been under scrutiny, but now they fear it will only get worse.
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>> reporter: a mournful gathering meant to showcase unity, but in this town in southern france even this small crowd had difficulty truly bridging their differences. >> translation: not all muslims are terrorists, only a small group. they want power, they want to flood the planet, but i do have a problem with migrants. they're like a trojan horse, you know. some of them are trained and they have contacts to get weapons. >> reporter: at the remember answer ceremony for the victims attend eauss were somber for obvious reasons. many muslims were wared about worsening attitudes towards them before the attacks. now they say they are scared as they are sad. >> translation: every time someone looks at me in the street, i feel they think we are at fault, but we have nothing to do with what happened in paris. we are heartbroken for these who
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are living this bridge >> reporter: 25 jerrold tells me islamphobia began setting in last year once it was discovered jeep men from here had gone to rage war in syria. >> translation: there are many young people from my generation here who joined up to fight with terrorists. we don't understand why they did that and we don't want to be associated with them. we want people to know we are above all else french >> reporter: town frock are at pains to comprehend how a community of less than 30,000 people and full of postcard views like these, could have become a possible breeding ground for radicalization. the growing confusion doesn't diminish the rise in anger. the stated aim of both expelling radical imams and dissolving
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mosques, houses of mosques like this one, will almost certainly come under even more scrutiny. six men who died fighting in syria in 2014 had attended this mosque. now another four wore shippers tell us they've been instructed by police not to leave the town and report to the local police station several times a day. it's why so many of the faithful continue to pray for guidance, even though mosque officials are at a loss on how exactly to proceed. >> translation: i am concerned about how to follow our religion here. it's not important who wins elections, the right or the left. we are all frempbl >> reporter: but during these times of deepening polarisation, many muslims here wonder if that one commonality will ultimately continue to be enough to get them through this
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israel has banned the islamic movement party accusing of insight violence. a dozen of the group's offices were raid. members could be arrested if they violate the ban. let's get more who is in west jerusalem now. tell us more about this party and why israel wants it banned. >> reporter: israel accuses this party of inciting. when it talks about insite citing around the issue over the al-aqsa mosque. israel says that this party keeps on inciting people, saying that it has a slogan that says al-aqsa mosque is in danger, that its leaders carry out inciting speech as israel says and that, actually, it keeps on accusing israel of wanting to
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change the status quo of al-aqsa mosque even though netanyahu has said more than once that that was not the case. that is the main issue around this movement. also israel accuses this movement of being an offshoot of both ham mas and the brotherhood the party's leaders saying they're going to fight the measure but he himself is facing jail time. >> reporter: yes, indeed. that's also because of a speech back in 2007. israel court found him - that speech of being inciteful. he was supposed to start his sentence on 15 november, that's last sunday, and then there was an appeal put forward. that appeal was rejected, as we understand now that leader is in interrogation and from what we understand, his first sentencing
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at least will start in about two weeks thank you for that. a hospital in new york has declared the world's most extensive face transplant a success. 41 year old firefighter suffered burns to his face when he tried to rescue a woman from a burning building. 15 medical staff were involved in the operation to give him his new face. >> reporter: when patrick set-off for the hospital in august, he put on his prosthetic ears and took a step into the unknown. >> i was trying to get this done. >> reporter: she was seriously burned in 2001 in a fire leaving his disfigured. 14 years and more than 70 operations later it was time for the big one. his doctor's have claimed the
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most comprehensive transplant in history. his medical team in new york has been practicing for more than a year they waited for just the right donor to come along with his fair skin and hair. a 26-year-old who died in a cycling accident in july. 150 medical staff worked for 26 hours on this complex delicate surgery. they slit the skin at the back of the donor's head peeling each time forward and cutting key pieces of broken and then draped it over his face. it was a medical first, a difficult operation, one they couldn't be sure he would survive >> the most complex portions included the transplant of the eyelids, the ability to enshore that we transplant them in their entirety so that he can blink. normally the entire scalp changes the trajectory.
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>> reporter: it is a major shining one that can be a mixed blessing. the first person to get a face transplant said she struggled seeing someone allegation's face. he needs to take medicine every day. there will also be more operations, but after three months in hospital, the doctors say he is making remarkable progress and planning a reunion with his family. >> we will see how it goes. >> reporter: he says the doctors haven't just given him a new face. he now has a new life more on that breaking news out of russia, the passenger jet which came down in egypt's sigha nigh. on the photocopy from moscow. it is now looking as though that
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plane was brought down by explosives. >> reporter: yeah. this was the conclusion that pretty much everyone in reached some weeks ago. russian and egyptian seemed to be a little bit more reticent saying that there may be other things involved, let's wait until the investigation is finished. now, yes, the russians have confirmed it. there was a very sombre putin talking to the chiefs at a meeting and this information was given to him and he made the announcement. he was wearing a black tie, a tie of mourning, and he announced that, yes there was explosives that had been found in the wreckage of the plane and he is calling a terrorist attack
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and those responsible must be found and punished if they're now calling it a terrorist attack, what might be the response of russia? >> reporter: well, he is invoking article 61 of the u.n. charter which envisages the right of self defense for everyone, and everyone harbouring the culprit behind this terrorist attack must bear this in mind. it seems that he is putting in place or at least trying to come up with plans with some sort of community response to this. of course, this comes just days after the attacks in paris and the global mood at the moment seems to be very much war-like at the moment. we had francois hollande declaring that this was a war just a day or two ago. i think putin's message and
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mentality will fit very much into that spirit. i think he is envisaging that there is a cooperative spirit at the moment through the countries thanks very much for that. riot police in haiti moved in to stop protests. police fired rubber bullets into the crowd, but a small group of protestors but some reached the headquarters. some met with the council to express their concerns on election results. >> reporter: today was an occasion for me to tell the electorate council in question that they're all the ones that caused the fraud in the election and why they are taking control
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the destiny is in their hands. saeed jaffrey has died, the indian actor. he starred in moves such as gandhi, the man who would be king. he suffered a brain haemorrhage in london and passed away at the age of 86. >> oh, this is so great! >> um hmm. >> annie! >> it is a video that is extremely personal. >> our fears are dancing between us. >> yeah? >> a woman's private pain examined for scientific research. >> it's so healing. >> instead of holding us down. >> she's on one of america's most popular party drugs.4am


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