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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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a constant reminder of her loss. al jazeera, cape town. >> just a reminder, you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our website. june for the first time, russia confirms it was a bomb that brought down a passenger jet in egypt. the kremlin is offering $50 million for information. >> this is just to be prudent to make sure that some tourist element is not entering our country. >> closing the door. more than half of u.s. states now say syrian refugees no longer welcome there. >> severe storms threatening millions, blizzard warnings in the rookies and the risk of dangerous weather all the way to
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the mississippi. >> this is aljazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. russia is firing back at isil targets today in raqqa, syria. in the last few hours, the russian military launched strikes. the russian officials confirmed a bomb brought down that metro jet plane over egypt, killing all 224 onboard. isil has said it was responsible. russian president vladimir putin vowed revenge. we are live in moscow. vladimir putin using strong words against those who took down the jet. what ares russians doing in response? >> you're right, stephanie, we were hearing words like retribution, punishment, destruction, all of those coming
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from vladimir putin in an address that he gave to the country was prerecorded, actually, it was put down on tape yesterday, but only transmitted today. right now, vladimir putin is at the new military command center, where he is being briefed on the latest strikes against tares in syria, so it seems like from what i was noting down earlier, 334 cruise missiles have been launched, aircraft flying long distances are dropping bombs inside syria. 140 targets supposedly have been hit, according to the russian defense ministry. mostly isil, but they have been striking against other groups, as well. >> isil when they claimed responsibility for this attack in the sinai basically said they
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were doing so in retaliation for russian airstrikes, so this is the cycle we're in. do russian officials have any idea how that bomb got onboard the plane? >> if they do, they're not saying so yet. the information that was given to vladimir putin in the briefing from his security chief was that it was a homemade device, and it was brought on to the plane somewhere. it blew up on the plane. it was about one kilogram or an equivalent of t.n.t. not a massive device, but certainly enough to punch a hole in the air frame of this plane and the skin of the plane, and cause it to break up over the sinai desert. we still don't know exactly how it was brought on to the plane, but if you look at russian behavior, of course, you can get an idea that they think that security at sharm el-sheikh
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airport was defective. they stopped flights from egypt air into russia. >> thank you. >> france is deploying more than 100,000 police and soldiers around the country right now as it hunts for two key suspects in friday's paris attacks. clues are emerging. french officials found a car with belgian plates that may have been used in the attacks. investigators have come across two safe houses they believe the attackers stayed in and germany today arrested three people in connection with the plot. al jazeera has been reporting from paris. what more are you hearing about the on going security operations there? >> mainly we're hearing this increasing internationalization for this manhunt to try to find more clues.
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german police arrested three people in a town near the belgian border. now they're not saying what these people are suspected of, but clearly this is part of this on going case german media said that as much, but has not confirmed yet what these people are suspected of, they were arrested earlier this morning. in the meanwhile, french investigators here are looking for clues at these two residences was two brothers suspected of being involved in the attacks rented in the days just before friday's attacks. meanwhile, in the united kingdom, you have tightening security, as england and france prepare to play a soccer measure this evening. prime minister david cameron says he and prince william will be attending that match in a show of solidarity. we have the belgian police saying they are putting hundreds of more officers on the streets, so all of the countries surrounding france are taking part in efforts to try to secure their public site and also find
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clues to find more people involved in these attacks right now. here is a little more about the internationalization of this manhunt and this widening story. take a look at this report. >> with an international manhunt for the suspects underway, secretary of state john kerry met today with french president francois hollande here in paris, promising solidarity. to work with other nations to stop isil. >> i'm convince that had over the course of the next weeks can be daish will feel even greater pressure. they're feeling it today. they felt it yesterday, they felt it in the past weeks. we've gained more territory, daish has less territory. >> overnight were dozens of raised across france, police still searching for the a 26-year-old. his brother was detained by police and then released. >> we are affected by what happened. we learned about it like you guys, watching t.v. at no moment did we think one of
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my brothers was involved in the attacks. >> authorities went that to find abdelhamid abaaoud, suspect of being the mastermind and of being involved in an attack on a train that was interrupted by americans. french president hollande has asked for more powers to stop future attacks, including a three month state of emergency and changes to the constitution. >> we will eradicate terrorism because the french want to continue to live together without fearing those next to them. we will eradicate terrorism, because we are attached to freedom and france's influence in the world. >> president hollande speaking there. he also says he's going to try and hire 8,500 more experts to try to track suspects and try to gather intelligence.
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what we're hearing from people in france still i also a little uncertainty of this strategy, bombing targets in syria, tightening, changing the constitution, that is, whether all these strategies are really going to stop people from attacking innocent people here in this country, people so far, though, are showing a lot of solidarity with the government, but there is skepticism because of this. >> adam, thank you. >> here in the u.s., the attacks have led elected officials in at least 26 states to no to sir yap refugees. they say they are worried isil members could sneak into the country pretending to be refugees. more states have been added to that list. only 15 governs say they would still accept refugees from the middle east. two presidential candidates, rand paul and ted cruz of supporting tighter checks for refugees. it state of michigan was one of the first states to express objections.
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>> we were going to suspend things until we had a chance to talk to the department of home land security. >> the states efforts to take in more refugees are suspended, saying they could oppose a threat to u.s. security. >> most people are not terrorists and we need to be thoughtful about helping people around the world. this is to be prudent. >> not long after snyder's announcement sunday, several other republican governors followed suit. the move is an about face for the gone, who two months ago welcomed plans to help refugees flee the on going conflict in syria. >> we have always been a diverse state and very open and welcoming. now he's closed the doors, but it's just not closing doors. it send as really strong message that put the blame on innocent people. >> former state representative
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talib is with a campaign. she says snyder missed the mark. >> gone snyder could of displayed some leadership here and could have took the lead of how we can do it right through partners, through syrian americans that are curveball here, connecting them with their family members. that can keep us safe. instead, we took a complete extreme position that i think is unamerican. >> so far, it's estimated that more than 4 million syrians have left the country since the crisis began. 1600 have come into the u.s. the bam map administration says the pledge to take in more syrian refugees in the next year still stands. the state department is looking into weather states can block refugees on their own. >> it's incumbent on us moving forward as we strife to reach this target of at least 10,000 for fiscal year 2016, to work
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with state and local governments to address their concerns about a resettlement program, whether they can legally do that, i don't have an answer for you. >> syrian american who has family in syria says he's concerned for those who may not find a way out. >> we never give up. yeah. we all the time lobby the governor, the administrative of michigan and the united states to bring in more refugees. >> with the syria refugee effort on hold, governor snyder asked the department of homeland security for a full review of its procedures and clearances. in the meantime, he says that about 20 syrian refugees now headed for michigan will not be turned away. >> bisi onile-ere, al jazeera, detroit. >> this morning, president obama is in the philippines for the apec meeting. he arrived in manila for discussions over trade and economics and will then head to
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kuala lampur for the east asian summits. >> the united states has been commit to the security of this region for more than 70 years. we have a treaty obligation, an ironclad commitment to the defense of our ally, the philippines. you can count on the united states. >> president obama will meet the leaders of the 12 member transpractice typhic partnership group. >> dangerous storms that produced tornadoes are moving east. these are pictures from dep very. i want to bring in meteorologist nicole mitchell. it's falling fast. >> if you get higher in the
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elevation, you're clearly seeing more than in the city. most of the city of denver has seen light snow through the morning but with the wind, visibility is a cop certain. this is intensifying with moisture. rain from minnesota this morning, a lot going on. we've had the severe weather going through most of the reports this morning have been high, damaging wind, not tornadoes, although we've had a couple tornado warnings we've had to deal with. these are areas we could have severe weather. that will shift through the course of the day. we're looking at that enhanced risk, arkansas into louisiana. yesterday, we had 40 different tornado reports and over 50 wind damage reports, so today, this risk has moved, wind is still the better possibility, but can't rule out a couple more tornadoes that today. then, we get the heavy rain and the snow side of all this.
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the mississippi valley, we're seeing more and more watches go up and rains for flash flooding, because this is a slow moving system. on the backside, that moisture is translating into the snow we just saw and more blizzard warnings have been going up. we need the combination not only of the snow, we don't need as much snow, but some places could get up to a foot, but it's the wind driving it and reducing visibility to a quarter mile or less and those extend into the northern plains even if you're not getting the snow. be careful from that today. what is causing the snow on the backside is a big temperature divide. as that front goes through, more temperatures drop 10 or 20 degrees, so this is a powerful storm. >> it bears watching. nicole mitchell, thanks for that update. >> balancing privacy and security, after of the paris attacks. why encrypted software like what's app has intelligence agencies worried. plus hundred was demonstrators
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block a highway in minneapolis, angry over the shooting death of a black man by police officers.
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>> more protests are expect in minneapolis today over the police shooting of a black man. fifty demonstrators were arrested monday night after they shut down a section of interstate 94. they are angry of a shooting of
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a black man, both the mayor and police chief calling for a federal investigation. >> how the paris attackers were able to coordinate without being detected, they may have used strong inscription technology. jacob ward explains just what that is. >> if someone wanted a secure application to coordinate an attack, they'd have no end of options. what's app, the world's leading messaging app would be a logical first choice. security sources close to the investigation tell al jazeera that the app may have been used by the paris attackers. in the aftermath of the bangkok bombings in august, the culprits used what's app to communicate. that's not because it is the preferred means of communication for bad guys. it's because it's the preferred means of communication for nearly one seventh of the world's population. the company did not respond to our request for comments. what's app reports it has
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800 million monthly users. the world uses it to send 30 billion messages. it's a free alternative to text messages and voice calls. >> in its early days, what's app had a somewhat weak security reputation. after the company was acquired by facebook in november, 2014, it implemented a new kind of encrypting even the company cannot decode. my phone does the encrypting on the phone on the other end the decrypting. they arrange a sort of handshake that doesn't involve any central server. what's app does not have access to my message. it cannot decrypt it even if it wanted to. there is no back door or master key it condition offer to the intelligence community. it's that kind of inception, also used by a lot of other competing platforms that has members of the intelligence community complaining it makes
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their jobs more difficult if not impossible. >> speaking monday, c.i.a. director described encryption this way. >> intentional gaps that have been created and the ability of intelligence and security services to protect the people that they are asked to serve. >> david cameron in the aftermath of the paris shootings in january of this year even called for banning encrypted messaging apps in britain, a move struck down in july by the high court in england. >> it's important to remember that while we discovered again and again that people use these apps to plot violence, it's always in retrospect we find that out. there is practically no publicly available evidence that any intelligence agency that stopped an attack by monitoring communications. those efforts are incredibly difficult. >> it's difficult to take a signal that small out of a huge hey stock like that. even if they could, there is nothing to prevent terrorists from starting to use their
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own code word. they could decide that the weather is good today means oh, we're going to go forward with an attack. >> a russian effort to warn the united states about tamerlan tsarnaev that should have stopped him was missed because his name was misspelled in a database. multiply that complication by 30 billion daily what's app messages and the problem doesn't seem to be a matter of gathering information, it's a matter of what to do with it. jacob ward, al jazeera, san francisco. >> a cyber security expert said technology may be giving an edge to would be isil attackers. >> isil has hacking capability. they are able to take control of websites and manipulate very easy to access data in a public way trying to make a name for themselves. other applications that are out there, tell gram, there was an arrest in april of this year, british intelligence found a young boy communicate, an individual in algeria exchanging messages about joining the group
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and trying to further propaganda efforts. it is not clear how they apprehended those messages. >> the challenge is that there's a distinction to be made between the propaganda and recruiting efforts of i.s. and operational communications. a lot of the twitter and facebook social media platform that is we see that they are active on are easier to gain access to, there's a better scope of existing law for law enforcement to gain access to account information, credentials. the operational messages are absolutely harder to break into. >> to address that, lawmakers here recently inserted a provision into a senate intelligence authorization bill that requires companies like facebook and twit tore monitor and report any suspicious isil activity on their networks. >> israel band a political party called the slack movement party, accusing the group of in citing
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violence, but the ban is sparking outrage among arab leaders. we have the details from west jerusalem. >> the decision was taken by the security cabinet about two weeks ago, but only made public on monday evening. the overnight raids targeted 17 officers, all presences of n.g.o.'s related to the slack movement in several towns cross israel. computers and documents were confiscated and funds frozen. according to the israelis, the movement has been using insightful speech. one of its slogans said al aqsa is in taker and from an israeli point of view, that has caused a lot of unrest among the palestinians, many now say that israel wants to change the status quo aroundle al aqsa mosque compound, something the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has denied several times. now, the leader of the movement
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had been taken in for interrogation. he has been released. he remains defiant and he says that he will continue to lead this movement. >> last month, the slack leader party movement was sent to jail charged with inciting violence at the al aqsa mosque. >> beefed up security as the french national team place england, the first game since the attacks in paris. >> a judge's ruling leaves the operationles of two factual sigh sports sites up in the air.
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>> another major set back for daily fantasy sports websites. a judge turned aside their request to keep operating after the state attorney general ruled draft kings and fan duel are gambling. a judge will make a final decision next week. >> today's soccer match in brussels between belgium and spain has been called off. another friendly game between england and france is scheduled just a few hours from now. as john henry smith reports, security will be tight and hearts heavy. >> inside wembley stadium where they were welcomed with french colors and french sentiments,
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the 23 members of france's national soccer team went through normal preparations for a game that will be anything but normal. >> there will be a lot of emotion from us, from players. >> the french national team was on the pitch friday night when the attacks began in paris. this time, there will be beefed up security inside and outside the stadium, with armed officers on alert. fans are being asked to arrive early to go through the security checks. similar steps have been imposed at sporting events around the world from the fight in australia to all the nfl games in the united states. as for the match at wembley, france's coach said he gave each player a chance to skip the game. none has, despite the fact that friday's tragedy touched two players personally. antoine's sister escaped the attack at the concert hall where dozens were killed. another's cousin was one of the 129 people who died in paris friday night.
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>> the last three days were a bit dramatic and i think we were in mourning altogether. >> the british fans will join in that mourning, singing along to the french national anthem displayed on giant video screens so all can sing along. >> it will be important for us to show character through that game and we will share this moment with all the english people. >> two of the biggest icons in in baseball history will receive the nation's highest on or on that november 24. nicknamed the say hey kid, the 84-year-old willie mays is one of the best all around players ever, berra was a 10 time world series chan. he died in september at 90. thanks for watching.
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the news continues from doha. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour. here is what is coming up in this the next 60 minutes. france calls on the e.u. to help in the fight against isil. russia says the plane that crashed in the sinai in egypt was brought down by a bomb. and we meet the p


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