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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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he says the doctors haven't just given him a new face, he now has a new life. get all of the headlines and a great deal more at to mind and punish thoseg responsible, after it is confirmed that it is a bomb that took down a passenger jet over the skies in egypt. more than 100,000 police and soldiers. and concerns over refugees the top republican in the house, now joining 26 governors saying no to syrian migrants in the u.s.
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>> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. russia is on the offensive today, bombing isil targets in syria, the russian military launches missle strikes and bombers at isil capitol. the attacks happening after russian officials confirmed it was a bomb that proud down that jet over egypt last month. all 224 people onboard were killed, isil claimed responsibility. today, russian president vladimir putin vowed revenge. >> the murder of our people is the bloodiest crimes in terms of victims. we will not wipe away the tears from our souls and hearts. this will stay with us forever. but lit not stop us from finding the criminal. >> also ordered russian warships to start coordinating their attacks with the french military on operations inside syria. al jazeera has more from
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moscow. >> we have very strong language from vladimir putin, the russian president's words like retribution, and destruction, and then later in the day, we saw that essentially being put into practice vat my putin visited a new shiny command center, defense ministry, war room essentially where he was given the latest information a update on what has been going on. over the last few hours the strikes that had been ordered by the rug president now the strikes a large range strategic bombers also some of these comes from a navy vessel in the eastern mediterranean, and it is being reported incise russia that a submarine was involved in one of these attacks on
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targets inside syria. and we understand that 140 particular targets were hit. most of those were isil we are being informed but some, of course, as has been doing for the last few weeks or so were hitting against other groups. groups that the quite, at least, considering more moderate. >> and that is rory challenge in moscow not yet responding to the conclusion that it was a bomb. jamie mcintyre life at the pentagon. what has been the news from washington that if a bomb that took down the plane last month. there hasn't been an official statement, but officials tell me they are not surprised by the finding. one of the reasons they have been reluctant to come to an official conclusion about the cause of the downing of the metro jet, is because it simply didn't have access to the presence sick informing that was closely farredded by
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russia, and there was some suspicion that russia wouldn't release that now that they have stated that the evidence does show that the small explosive device is what brought the plane down, people here are saying they are not surprised and-and they have no reason to not believe the claim claims that t was? someway responsible for the act. >> we are also receiving reports that u.s. was given notice, are we seeing signs of closer cooperation between the two countries in. >> act an hour from now, in this proofing room, the press secretary will be talking to reporters and one of the questions we will ask him, is with the mounting evidence that isil was behind the downing of the aaroner and other attacks including the paris attacks, can't the united states and russia find a way to work together against the common foe. these air strikes that russia launched against isil targets in rock ca, and again pentagon officials confirming
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they did appear to be targeting isil this time, it's been a complaint of the pent upon. they were notified of the attacks but the pent upon made a point of saying that the u.s. is not coordinating or cooperating with russia. and the question is that something that could change in the future. french president francoise allan has express add desire for the quite, russia, and france, to form a an alliance against isil, in iraq and syria. he plans to meet with president putin, and american president barack obama to see if they can facilitate that. there's some skepticism here at the pent upon, that any sort of rug u.s. alliance would be able to work in syria. we will have to see what happens. >> jamie, thank you very much. the white house announcing just a short while ago that the french president as you heard jamie say, will travel to washington, d.c. next week. that an nouns coming shortly after the secretary of state wrapped up his meeting on a
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coordinated anti-isil strategy. >> we have to step up our efforts. to hit them at the core, where they are planning these things. and also, obviously, to do more on borders and then in terms of the movement of people. but the level of chord raying cannot be higher we have agreed even to exchange more information and i am convinced that over the course of the next week, they will feel even greater pressure. they are feeling it today, they felt it yesterday, they felt nit the past weeks. we have gained more territory. >> and we have heard from british prime minister today as well. suggesting that his country now taking steps to join the u.s. and france in those air strikes over isil in syria. meanwhile, france is deploying more than 100,000 police and soldiers around the country, as belgium today, says it is raising it's security threat level now to severe. that man hunt continues for two key suspects in this case. french officials say they did
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find a car with belgium plates today, and may have been used in those attacks. also coming across two safe houses they've that the attackers may have stayed in, and germany arresting several people in connection with the plot as well. adam is live for us at this hour, adam, what is the latest in terms of all of these developments? >> these developments they are really rying to find this fusion. they found another car that he allegedly ditched in a outer neighborhoodhood here. these residents were ran by him and his brother. just days before the a. , of course, they are trying to see if there's any evidence that can lead them to him. they've he caught a ride to belgium after ditching that, but the latest development right now is that his brother another brother, who is not been allegedly involved in the attacks was released
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after being ared he has been speak the media here in france. >> the best thing, obviously, would be to surrender. so that justice can be proud to the story as i remind you, a la has still not heard by the authorities so he should be assumed innocent. he was talking a lot about what his brother should do, he should give himself up, and said that his family is in shock and can't imagine that hi brothers would be involved in this. as you are out there, how are they reacting to the prones of stepped up security. you get a range of opinions. i don't know if you can see behind me, but people are gathers here, the fourth day
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after these attacks. oh than trying to come together and find solace in each other's company, you have some saying we have to hit hard. this is a war, they agree with the president. but i have talked to just as many people that say it is about better intelligence, and it is about finding these people before they ever get guns in their hands and go on a shooting spree. and in fact, it is kind of balancing trying to show he is doing both. he is bombing targets in syria, and also announced he wants to find 8,500 new people to work in intelligence and security here. and has 100,000 people on the streets of the country now working or the security authority. so this is fine line, he has to walk, but it isn't so popular the idea of bombing these targets as much as people want these attacks.
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how are people adjusting to their new lyes the new normal? >> well, some are really enjoying having something to do, they just wanted to speak to their colleagues. and get out of the house, not being shut in. they are walking on edge a little. there's sounds that maybe remind people of gunfire, and sometimes see a certain kind of wearness on people's faces. you don't want to read too much into that, but this is a city coming back to life. some people are very happy. to be back just before 7:00 right now, adam, thank you. [former c.i.a. agents and deputy national intelligence officer glen karl says the issue in dealing with attacks like the ones in paris, isn't identifying the suspects but
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balancing security. >> the challenge all is we know someone might be harboring unfortunate or possibly dangerous ideas. until somebody acts it is illegal to detain one. as the president is trying to address that. in france now, but that raises the issue that american in all free societies has to wrestle with which is the balance between civil liberties and the need for security. >> and karl saying he and other officials should be more concerned about isil shift from accomplishing and holding territory to launching these global attacks like we see now. president obama is in the philippines at this hour, there for the apeck meeting. the president arriving in the capitol city of manila earlier today. the discussions over trade and economics, he then heads to kuala lampur for the east asia summit.
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>> the united states has been committed to the security of this region for more than 70 years. ask ironclad commitment to the defense of our ally in the philippines. you can count on the united states. >> during that, president obama plans to meet with the leaders in the 12 member trance specific partnership group. there are blizzard warnings in effect. as high winds approach, tornadoes leaving behind a trail of damage of destruction and texas and kansas all of those by the way is moving east. >> more protest is expected in minneapolis, we follow the shooting of a black man there, more than 50 were arrested last night, they shut down a section of interstate 94 for more than two hours.
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stopping sir january refugees before they reach the u.s., another top official joining the cause, to keep the migrants out of the country. and using online informing to stop attacks balancing privacy and your security.
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house speaker paul ryan says he is introducing legislation that will strengthen the fight against isil.
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he also promise add measure to pause the federal program that would allow refugees to move to the u.s., he says he is worried isil members can speak into the country pretending to be refugees. >> our neigh has always been welcoming. but we cannot letter errorist take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it's better to be safe than tor sorry. >> the white house suspect doing enough to defeat isil. he says his bill would force the administration to come one a tougher stance against the group. meanwhile, governors in 20 with six stays say they agree with ryan, and they are saying no to any syrian refugees only 15 governors now saying they will still accept refugees from the middle east, and as al jazeera reports michigan is one of the first to express it's objections. >> we are going to suspend things until we have the chan to talk to homeland security. >> reacting to the attacks michigan governor is suspending the state's efforts to take in more syrian refugees.
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the concern, refugees can pose a threat to u.s. security. >> most people are not terrorists and we need to be thoughtble about helping people around the world. this is just to be prudent, to make sure that some terrorist level is not entering our country. >> not long after snyder's announcement sunday, several other republican governors followed suit. the move is an about face for the governor, who two months ago welcomed plans to help the conflict in syria. >> we have all been a diverse state, and we have always been very open and welcoming and now he is closed the door, but it is just not closing doors it send as strong message. that puts the blame on innocent people [former state representative is with take on hate, a campaign that addresses discrimination against muslim americans. as governor of a state with one of the largest middle eastern populations in the u.s. he says snyder missed the mark.
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>> governor snyder could have displaced some leadership here, and could have taken to lead of how we can do it right, through partners and americans that are currently here. connecting them with their family members. and said we took an extreme position. >> so far it is estimated that more than 4 million have left the country since the crisis began, 1600 have come into the u.s. and the obama administration says the pledge to take in more syrian refugees in the next year, still stands. and the state department is looking into whether states can block refugees on their own. >> it is incumbent on us moving forward as we strive to reach this target. of at least 10,000 for the year 2016. to work this state and local governments.
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>> meanwhile, most of the critics of america's refugee program have been republicans they say they are vetting process isn't strong enough.
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folks know this, so it is surprising that this process can be attacked. >> the american resettlement process is different than the european process we don't have syrian refugees showing up at land borders. they are specifically brought here by the quite through heavy security checks through the department of homeland security. through the state department. with with the fbi, and it takes over two years or even more for folks to arrive here, and there's multiple security clearances. it is not easy, and the resettlement would be the most unlikely entry point for a terrorist to enter the united states. because it is so different. one of the key questions nor investigators is how those attackers were able to coordinate without being
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detected. they may have been using strong encryption technology. >> if someone wanted a secure application to communicate plans they would have no end of offings. the world's leading message app would be a logical fist choice. and security sources close to the investigation tell thaws the app may have been used by the paris attackers. in the aftermath of the bombings in august, it was told that they used it to communicate, but that's not because it is the preferred means of communication, it is because it is the preferred means of communication for nearly 17th of the world's population. the company did not respond to our question for comments. and while 20 billion messages are transmitted each day, the world uses to send 30 billion messages. it is a free alternative to
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text messaging. >> in it's early days it has a weak security reputation and so after the company was acquired by facebook, it implemented a new encryption, one that even the company itself cannot decode. basically, when i send a message on it, my phone does the encrypting and the phone on the other end does the decrypting. basically a range of hand shapes. as a result, it does not have access to my message, it cannot decrypt it. that also means there is no back door that it can often it is that kind of encryption, that is used by a lot of platforms that has members complaining that it makes their jobs more difficult if not impossible. >> speaking on monday, c.i.a. director describes it this way. >> the responsal gaps and the
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security services to protect the people, that they are asked to serve. >> david cameron in the aftermath of the shootings even called for banning encrypted messages app. a move struck down by the high court. >> it is important to remember that while we have discovered company and again, that people use these to plot violence, it's always in retrospect. >> by monitoring these communications, those efforts are incredibly difficult. >> it is difficult to take a signal that small. even if they could there's nothing that can prevent terrorist for starting to use their own code word. oh we will go forward with an attack.
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>> multiply that kind of complication by 30 billion daily messages and the problem doesn't seem to be a matter of gathering the information, it is a matter of what to do with it. finding distraction through soccer the french national team getting ready to play england.
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[after the state attorney general ruled that they are gambling and there are reports that the a.g. will also ask for both sites to be barred from operating in new york state. the judge is said to make a final decision next week. and just a few hours the french national team, will be taking the field in england, they are playing a friendly game against the brettish team, and as al jazeera records security is doing to be tight, and hearts will be heavy. >> up side wembly stadium, the 23 members of france's went through the normal preparation. from a game that will be anything but normal. >> there will be a lot of emotion from us. from players. >> a french national team was on the pitch when the attacks began in pair. this time, there will be
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beefed up security inside and outside the stadium. fans are being asked to arrive early, to go through the security checks. similar steps have been imposed around the world from the ronda rousey fight to all of the nfl games in the united states. as for the match, the coach says he gave each player a chance to skip the game, none has. despite the fact that friday's tragedy touched two players personally. and the sister escaped the attack at the concert hall, where dozens were killed. >> i think we were in the -- and the british fans will join in that mourning. seeing along to the french national anthem displayed on
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giant screens so that all can sing along. >> it will be good for us to show character, and through that finagle, and we will share this moment with all the people. >> al jazeera. >> for the first time ever the oxford word of the year isn't a word, it is an emofe, it is the most used in the world. it has been around since the late 1990's. this year is use is exploding. the tears of joy captures the mood, the runners up include dark web. on fleet, which means extremely good, attract i or stylish, and that is a young urban man that dresses like a lumberjack. the news continues live from london next, and take you lye
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from paris where the eiffel tower continues to be a symbol of freedom. this is al jazeera. >> this is the al jazeera news hour. with you from the studios in london. and this is some what we have will be examing in the next 60 minutes. france and russia take the first steps toward an alliance to take on isil. israel cracks down on a propalestinian group accusing of it of encouraging violence.