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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> the scenes to make city'sd smarter, but are they making privacy less safe?
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>> hello, following the deadliest attacks on french soil. president francoise alon has called the country to form a grand coalition, to defeet the islamic state of levant. that now appears to be a step closer. russia's leader offering his cooperation. he promised revenge for bombing a russian plane in egypt. in northern syria. france is also reaching out to it's european allies. from paris, the own measure of support.
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begins to take place, u.s. secretary of state met the president to discuss what he on monday described as a grand coalition against isil. >> we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core, where they are planning these things. and al obviously to do more on the boarders and in terms of the movement of people. but the level of cooperation could not be higher. >> france is rallying the allying abroad, while at home the president continues to strike a consistent chord of defiance. >> an american rochon setter, an international football match. frequented by people of different nationalities 19 different nationalities. they thought they would weaken the passion to welcome the whole world. the pride we have in exchange with all cultures.
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we want that mark our attachment, to freedom. hitting icy without mercy as the president prommed. in operations from north africa to the middle east. the country has called on the neighbors for help invoking for the first time the european uninon's neutral assistance pack. >> what is this going to mean in practice? well, i have been taking part in the operations in syria or iraq, or by easing the load or providing support for france in other operations. >> and searches have
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continues at addresses across france, almost 300 separate raids carried out from the french border in the north to the south, ceasing weapons and making ares. meanwhile, life in the french capitol is being revived. the city motto crowdly painted on hoardings and buildings. heavy waters but unsinkable, and so is paris herself. still very much afloat the city of light is the city of -- the brightest philosophers is the city of liberty and freedom, and paris is al multicultural city. in front of the threat. >> and with that the city prepares to end three days of official mourning.
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>> they detained over suspected links to the paris attacks. police swoops on two locations in the town. near the border on gemny, the number arrests were foreigners. the investigation continues in france itself, this is the scene in the french capitol the remember those that pay tribute to those who were killed on friday. and lye to paris, and jackie we have seen plenty more raids today. prince us up to date where the investigation is now. >> police found a third vehicle, which is connected to the attacks. in fact, the vehicles were renting from a belgium car rental firm by french
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nationals which is what created this very important belgium lead to the investigation inform, they were led to three brothers that were suspected of being in involvement. one of the brothers it is suspected although not confirmed that he may be among the assailants but that is not confirmed yet, another one taken in for questioning but then was released. no evidence against him, he was not a suspect, and the third brother, saleh has now been the subject of an international wanted alert. his photograph has been circulated and the public has been warned he is extremely dangerous. significantly the brother that was released is not considered to be a suspect. from his brother to give himself up to police.
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>> france in particular, still very nervous, after what happened on friday. 8:00 in the evening where you are right now. is it possible to assess how people are feeling? >> the show that they would uhn't be forced to change their way of life as a result of what happened on friday night. >> there has been a response to that, bear in mind it is only a tuesday evening. it is filling up now so much so when i came out here to talk to you, to ask me if she could have my table, and i said no she couldn't.
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an eat rain, people are not keep about coming before the cameras and talking to us, how they feel about the situation now. she says she is still very nervous. in order to get to her work experience. so yes, on the surface people are trying to go about theirer day lives and go back and not be forced to modify their way of life. you only have to remember what happened on sunday night, when there was a false alarm, a panic but there may be something happening that can literally thousands of people were dashing for their lives. jackie with the latest, thank you. >> we get more reaction now, because obviously a french opposition m.p. who viz sited
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the syrian president ba shall al asaad, you can see he is live for us also. we have seen the excerpts of an interview that the president asaad gave to a french magazine. following the attacks on friday and in that he said that france must decide whether it is opposed to the islamic state, isil, or opposed to bashar al asaad himself. does france really have to make that choice? >> this is a must have, because the president said yesterday very clearly that the enemy is the islamic state, and al quaida. so he didn't speak of bashar. so in fact, as you said, earlier this year, i met bashar i can tell you that he
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was prepared to cooperate with france to fight terrorism, but of course there was the principal that he could not give up the means that france should recognize the government, that means to have again, diplomatic relations with hamas. so i think today we are just facing where we are. it means to fight against the enemy, described by allan as being the islamic state, we are to let's say, give way to our posture and resume relation with them. it doesn't mean, that of course, by having diplomatic relation, that we are supporting bashar in all aspect of it's policy. but it is necessary, i think at the sometime. >> that will be a huge change in policy. when you went to see him
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earlier in the year, he was opposed to that visit he also described him a dictator that has killed nows of his own people. this means that isil in some ways sort of succeeded in the fact that it's going to involve more western interference? in a middle eastern country? and isn't that exactly what isil would like to see? >> this is the islamic state. so i think we have to see the world as it is, and not how we would like it to be. so that i think that in in fact, there is a means that we are going to go around and come back. with bashar troops against
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the islamic state, but that leads not to impede what the -- let's say what the government is doing against a terp errorist. you are speaking of him as a dictator. i am not going to deny that he is a very great democratic leader in this world. >> he is a man, though, most analysts agree have killed thousands of his own people in aerial box sometimes. thousands of his own people. >> well, unfortunately, yes, unfortunately, but it is also a war of by proxies have armed so caliber sur gent which is are not, and have been given arms to the it lambic state as well as to al quaida. and those people are also killing as you know civilians.
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what i want to say, is that today france has been hitten by the islamic state and not be bashar. and this is what they have seen as well. we are facing the same challenge, that means that those terror i whose are french, who are belgium. who are british, germman, spanish, italian, or who are there to fight against troops if they win they will come back to frabs and europe, and we will have the war in france. so this is very simple. the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
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this is something that the international community, as it has been decided throughout the involvement, and the scouter council maybe for the first chance to reach a military solution is really out of end. >> thank you for joining us. has offered to cooperate with france in their offensives against isil. reaching out after vying revenge which claim have downed a russian plane in egypt. vladimir putin was briefed by service chief russian sha's
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foreign and defense ministers listened attentively. >> a loam made bomb containing up to one kilogram of tnt detonated causing it to break up in midair. we can unequivocally say it was a terrorist act. >> then the men rose for a moment of silence, before putin deliver as prepared address. we will find them anywhere and punish them. >> within hours of that broadcast, vladimir putin was taken to a new military command center, there he was briefed on a doubling of strikes against isil and other groups in syria. they free to coordinate their strikes, putin has instructed his navy to work with french
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ships in the mediterranean. i think he has the opportunity to improve the standing here, he already has himself a seat at the table by going into syria, and but he was regarded prior to certainly the downing of the jet because of the way he had gone into syria, and because of what he was doing in there. >> the early claim that it kills the 224 people inside this plane, was initially scorned, a technical fault was considered more likely, but in the days following the disaster, more and more countries started to doubt the mall fung theory. the u.k. suspended flights and the u.s. said it was pretty much certain that the plane was brought down by a bomb. but although russia too suspended flights to egypt, giving every impression that it was working for the same
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assumption, it still insists there might be other explanations. >> but that was before following the attacks it is now calling for the very people that vladimir putin has been requested for some time arc grabbed coalition to take on isil. acknowledging that russia has also been hit, gives moscow a chance to repair regulars with the west. still to come, we will hear from the group claiming islam phobia is on the rise in the united kingdom. >> and a fight for justice. as police admit to dutching as police admit to dutching bodies in a mass grave.
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>> german police are releasing seven people they detained over suspected attacks. they were arrested in the west following the attacks france has evoke add never before used e.u. cause. am al jazeera sent this from istanbul we understand that
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the area of border that we are talking about is about 98 to 100-kilometers west of the other side is controlled by isil, it is perhaps the weak link along the boarder with turkey. it has for quite a while now been working to strengthen the border, it is much harder to come and go than it used to be. but there are -- it is still possible if they are intent on getting across there, now the border area we are talking about is willing being secured.
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it is month mountainous, it is flat and hilly, so we understand that the work that will be going on there will be to strengthen already existing measures that have been taken along there to make it much harder to come and go across that border. >> the exiled president has returned home as well as overseaing a campaign to retake the city. the islamic movement of israel has been banned by the government after it was accused of inciting violence, police search more than a dozen offices around the country. groups which help with religion and education, accuses israel of trying to take other the mosque compound. the decision was taken by the security cabinet about two
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weeks ago but was only made public on monday evening, the overnight targeted 17 offices or premises of ngos related to the islamic movement in several towns across israel. now according to israelis at the group, the movement, has been using inciteful speech, one of the slogans says that it is in danger, and from an israeli point of view, that has caused a lot of unrest amock the palestinians many now say that israel wants to change the status quo around mosque compounding something that has been denied several times. nought leader of the movement has been taken in for interrogation, he has been released he remains defiant,
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and says he will continue to lead this movement. >> a number of muslims who have experienced islamic phobia have gone up. a study by the human rights commission, have any increase in anti-muslim discrimination. half of the movement said they have been adversely effected by political policies. john holeman sent this report. another mass brave is unearthed in mexico, but this time, not drug lords but authorities from the central state permitted burying more than 100 bodies in this bit. pit.
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they neglected have been dutched there. only after the family pressures them did they finally admit the truth. >> there's an attitude of
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corruption, and the only thing it provokes is that crimes be evens the people continue. it is illegal to use mass graves to make space in their morgues but only after the family oz if dead are informed when possible, and deaths are first investigated. that didn't happen here, they show that several bodies were dutched in the pit, without identification. more than 100 bodies are still in this grave first admitted this is an illicit
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deprave and then changed their story. we asked them why, and got only this. >> words that ring hollow, at least they have now been able to give him a decent burial, many others have disappeared people are left craving even that. mexico. >> cities around the world are spending billions of dollars on technology to make them safe, and to stay connected. muslim there are concerns of who will own the data. feedback with continuous data. it sends out an alert when it
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is full. these help those at the city central control room, managed the demands and dangers of urban law enforcement. >> the system has advantages because it lous us toppling together the data in a way that lets us make decisions. >> through a smart phone app this aloud to locate and even send photos of problems. >> potential profits. >> advocates of smart cities and there are many of them here, say that the technology can save cities munns, make the services more efficient and more transparent.
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there are concerns over who owns the vast amount of data. >> the system is only as secure as people operating it, so i can switch on the lights right here, i think we do need a central standards for managing this city. services. >> there are also privacy concerns and a lack of clear standards with each city deciding for itself, how private data can be used and shared. standard for security and making it more better for the people and the citizens. >> building and maintaining the trust of the cities population, is a vital part of any smart city system.
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without tut technology is unlikely to realize it's full potential to enhance the lyes of billions of people. al jazeera, barcelona. >> much more on the website, and the address is >> as israelis' decades old occupation of palestinian territory grinds on, commerce and economics are becoming new battle lines. an embargo is the latest weapon of resistance for gaza and the west bank, but how does an internationally supported boycott movement deal with local vested interests?


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