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tv   America Tonight  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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used devices used by the police used to disorient the people inside the apartment before going in. at the moment it's three suspects killed, one which is a woman, three arrested and three police officers were injured during the raid. t the police who were chasing someone down the street have come back. there are emergency vehicles in the street, i can see fire engines an ambulances as well-- and ambulances as well. in terms of the general atmosphere, it seems quite a bit more relaxed. before it was the police were very twitchy and alert and if anyone steps over - a colleague stepped over and found a police gunpointing straight at him. the police rather than alonging
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towards the crowd are actually looking at what's going on down the street in terms of the emergency vehicles that are now down there, presumably dealing with injured people and possibly local people suffering from shock. certainly earlier on we saw people from neighbouring building running down the streets in their pyjamas it must have been quite a frightening experience for people to find themselves in the middle of a massive operation because there are lots of police and military there. just stay with us for one moment. i'm going to bring viewers up-to-date with that ongoing police operation in paris targeting suspects from last week's attacks. let's tell you what we know so far. there have been a series of explosions in stdenis.
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three suspects have been killed, one being a woman, have been killed, three police officers have been injured and three suspects detained. obviously under a lot of pressure to find these suspects because they led to security breaches that led to the attacks. >> reporter: there has been a lot of attention. there appears to be the police have laid siege to two areas here. there is still very big questions about how such series of coordinated, well organised attacks could have taken place on friday without the police or the intelligence services, rather, having picked up any chatter about it.
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when you bear in mind the logistics that must have been involved in organising it, the three vehicles rented from belgium, there was a belgian connection here and the rest have been taking place in bruise els, the fact that there were three separate-- brussels. there's a different targets that were attacked as well. the suicide bombers at the stadium, the stade de france, the team in the vehicle that were driving through a very busy, lively restaurant district of the 11th and 10th districts of paris, just basically firing blindly on to restaurants in that area, killing a large number of people, and, of course, that third team that went into the bataclan concert hall appeared held people
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hostage and killed around 80 people before that situation was broken up by special forces. when you bear in mind the level of coordination that must have been involved in that, and the planning and the people involved, the financing and logistics, people are entitled to ask how it could be that it happened. the people are entitled to ask how it could be that how all this could be going on without the security forces ares without the intelligence agencies having picked up any kind of indication of what was happening we have talked about two of the suspects still at large, salah abdeslam, abdel hamid abaaoud. there is another one who has been seen on surveillance video. i understand this video hasn't been released, but it has been acquired by a news agency showing a team of three attackers in a bar with two opening fire and the third
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suspect in a get-away car. the three in the cars that were associated with this - the attacks on friday were all belgian registered. they had belgian licence plates, which made it easier for the police to track them down and made them recognizable by witnesses. these three vehicles, a black fiat, a vc and polo. the police were visit to identifying the names of the people who rented them. they were a couple of the abdeslam brothers. they appeared to have rented the vehicle. the first vehicle was found abandoned outside the bataclan concert hall and that was the
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vehicle that had been used by the attackers that went - well, they never went out because they were killed. the black seat was found to the east of paris. that was found on saturday, the black seat. the first was the vw and the second was the seat and the third vehicle was found on tuesday and that was the renault that was found not far from here. it's within the boundaries of paris and not in the suburbs. so clearly these are vehicles that were obtained and very important. the names of the person who hired them as well, that's what tracked them down and drew their
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attention to a.m. -- drawn attention to salah abdeslam. another brother, who died in one of the attacks on friday nighed omar ismail mostefai, and another one was exonerated. salah abdeslam's brother appeared on television appealing to his brother to give himself up. we don't know whether abdel hamid abaaoud the supposed organiser, whether he was killed actually in that raid as well, but we do know that the three suspects were killed, three arrested. one of them killed was a woman. three arrested and also three police officers injured during the operation thank you for that. for the moment jacky rowland reporting live at the scene in
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st denis where the police operation is ongoing. it is believed that there are suspects at large in the apartments currently being targeted by that swot team and that police operation there. let's speak to the guest in the studio, assistant professor of international affairs. you were saying a moment ago about the intelligence failures that partially led to the attacks in france. france is now saying that it wants this global coalition, wants better intelligence sharing with the u.s. why on earth isn't intelligence sharing done as a matter of course when it comes to global terror threats? >> because it is very hard to see the difference between domestic intelligence and other intelligence that might be linked. here we are touching different issues. we can go into this further, but again on a - it's easy after the
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fact to say that, yes, indeed there was maybe one clue here there could have led us to believe that something could have happened in the bataclan. one of the known supporter terrorists which is linked to teleuse had sent a message i think by mail saying that he would directae a concert hall, but that was in 2009-- target a concert hall. the problem is not to collect intelligence but to find the right one. the events from two or three days ago, we've had close to hundreds of calls for potential bombs, people making pranks. there's movement of panic. there's people want to give intelligence. which one is the right one here you have a group of men planning for, presumably, some time and moving weapons around paris. how is that not picked up?
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>> the weapon is tricky. the first thing is the access to the weapons. it is easy to have access to rifles. you can buy a rifle for 600 euros. they're brought back to different countries in europe. it's not that hard. they have detained two people in germany who were allowed to bring weapons into france. having access to the weapons that were the basis of the shooting in paris, it's not complicated. the second one is the question of the suicide bombers. that's the first time in history that you have suicide bombers blowing up themselves in france. that's more difficult. you have to assemble the vest. this is something not coming from outside. it is actually put together inside france. if you're looking at the weapons, there's two different
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trails of where you can try to limit this. either the international trail and you actually have the question of the vest which would be actually done inside paris. that's where maybe now we're going to have more research into what is the trail as to arriving to that. it's a trademark of i.s.i.s. on this one thank you very much indeed for that. let's go to tristan redman who is an al jazeera producer at the scene. we have just seen - okay, we've lost tristan, unfortunately. i was going to ask him about the military who have just arrived. we just saw them walking through the picture a few moments ago, some french soldiers and tristan has been saying that the military have arrived on the scene. let's go back to reme in the studio. this is a multifaceted operation
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going on here. >> they are trying to disman el arrest people. we don't have reports here, but if abdel hamid abaaoud had not been killed but had been detained, that would be very responsible. the swot team would be trying to have no bomb go off. if you look back at what happened on friday night and today, they have been effective minimising the number of casualities. they were able to try to limit this. here they stormed the building and they're seem - it could have been in a way more important for damaging to have people inside that building that were heavily, with heavy weapons and with
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vests. we see there's no harm from the swat teams. they are working in good fashion to be effective on the ground here thank you for that. i think we've got tristan redman back again. you've been telling us earlier that the military had arrived on the scene and we've just seen them walking through. what we're looking at now are armed police officers. tell us what's going on at the scene right now. >> reporter: well, there are many different units here. we have the french military, around 100 of them. we've got units from raid, which is the french intervention swot unit. we've got french special forces police and there's a lot of
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personnel here. there was an interesting incident about 15 minutes ago which just demonstrates how fluid the situation is where we were all standing in the square with many on lookers and all of a sudden there were two policemen running across the road through the square with their weapons drawn. one of them with an automatic weapon, and they were chasing someone crass the square. it was-- across the square. it was impossible to see who they were chasing. they were very jumpy. the report of police injuries, it seems that the injuries are not as heavy as we initially thought. there may only be three lightly injured police. initially we thought that that was contributing to the
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nervousness of the police personnel on site, but i think they're aware that this is a very high-pressure situation, they have to deliver results. they've become very practiced in these kinds of events over the last few years, after the events in january in france there was a significant boosting of the personnel in the police. they increased budgets and manpower. i think many people are concerned that the french police are just over whelmed by the amount of work, with the amount of work, the number of leads they have to follow at any one time, the number of people that they have to keep under watch. it's a huge task for them. it must be said that they've
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moved very swiftly in this investigation. it's only a few days since the attacks late on friday. they have suspects down in this house in st denis when the reports were they were in belgium or in syria, and they seem to be working effectively and fast just to ask, this might be a stupid question, but we know that a number of suspects have been killed and a number of suspects have been arrested. if there are more suspects within the apartment, why are the police not going into the apartment, because they think that there may be more ebbs employee sieves in there-- explosives in there? >> reporter: it's impossible to say whether there's some sort of negotiation going on or, indeed, if the people inside the house have already been neutralized
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and they're in an evidence-collection phase. it's impossible to say, but we have certainly - the al jazeera team has covered these kind of sieges before. there is a certain amount of pride in france in these teams. we have the three top french police units here. they consider them to be crack units and they have negotiators that they bring to these events. when we saw the siege in 2012, it went on for several days. they had listening devices, they were pumping gas into the house
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where the man was hiding. there were several attempts to actually go into the house before there was finally a successful operation of the we don't know whether we're in that kind of situation now. they certainly have shown in the past that they are skilled with that kind of thing. in the other situation there was a policeman very lightlily injured and he was neutralized, as they would say. he was shot and killed on site, but very few police were injured, which was remarkable considering the very small space they were operating in. it was the same situation for in the supermarket killing in january. they were working in a very
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confined space. they somehow managed to avoid shooting the hostages who were inside the supermarket. they neutralized, they killed the suspect. there were some police lightly injured. the videos of that raid were very impressive. there were a huge number of shots fired. by the time we spoke to experts and said this looks like it's very heavy-handed situation and how could they go in like that and not risk shooting the hostages inside, and the people said it may look like they're firing a lot of random fire, but it is very surgical, it's very precise, it has the intention of distracting and pushing a
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suspect in a confined space into a particular area so that they cannot harm the hostages inside. now, we have no evidence whatsoever that there is anything like a host appling situation here, but we have seen over the last few years the french police, the so-called crack units, the raid units, the gign and the gipn involved in these kind of sieges and they're very practiced at it now thanks very much indeed for that. just to bring you up-to-date with some other items that have been dropping into the news wires while we've been on air, there is apparently a man has been identified who he is the owner of this flat apparently in the name of gerard bendown. he said he found out that the siege was at his house, people
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are holidayed up in his flat. he was asked to do someone a favor. he said, did the "someone asked me a favor and i did them a favor. someone asked me to put two people up for three days. i didn't know where they came from. i didn't know anything. if i had have known, do you think i would have done it? ". hopefully we will have more on that. let us bring you up-to-date with our continuing coverage of the ongoing police operation in paris. this is, of course, targeting suspects from last week's attacks. we go through what we know so far. there have been a series of explosions in st denis. this is a suburb in northern paris very close to the stade de france which was one of the areas attacked by suicide bombers on friday. three people have been killed in the raid, including one woman. we don't know who the three
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suspect who have been detained are. there have also been three policemen that have been injured, but they are minor injuries. now to a journalism based in paris and joining us on the phone. just brings us up-to-date with what is happening at the moment. it seems to be a lot quiter than it was an hour ago >> the last explosions took place at 7.30, so farrise time. the situation is now calm. apparently one or two terrorists are still believed to be inside the apartment in the heart of st denis. of course, police and the personnel are present. the situation seems to be in a stand by situation. i assume the police will try to somehow contact the terrorists or terrorists.
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we haven't confirmed how many there are there. the city of st denis completely locked we know that police have been looking for the man who is supposed to be the mastermind of the attacks on friday, abdel hamid abaaoud. he was thought to be in syria, but he is in france and he is one of the suspects that this operation is targeting. >> that's rise. he was one of the most wanted man in europe but he was apparently hiding out in paris. he is supposed to be the mastermind of the attacks on friday. he is behind an attack earlier this year. he is 28, belgian, he was able to get back to europe for these
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attacks in paris just tell us a little bit about this area where the operation is ongoing. it's very close to one of the sites of suicide bombings friday. >> yes. absolutely. st denis is a large suburb of paris. it has 100,000 people there. the operation is only about 2 kilometres from the stade de france, so the place where the first attacks happened on friday. it is a very mixed neighborhood. it is a poor city as well, but it's also a city where all kings of france are buried in the cathedral. so people with very poor, but it has a rich cultural heritage. it's just one of those many many, suburbs we have in paris with decrepid neighborhoods
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thank you for that. updating us on that situation, the ongoing siege with swot teams, police and now soldiers are on the scene. let's bring in remi peret who is in the studio with us. the favord outcome, if there is one, is to take whichever suspect is in that apartment alive. >> they were able to detain three people inside that flat. it is also for a better understanding of i.s.i.s. itself, how it works and operates, where it is located inside syria. that will be strong assets for police forces, yes we also heard today that two air france jets were diverted from america on their way to
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paris. this kind of security fear, is this now going to become the norm for france because it's taking part in these air strikes against sir? >> there were several in question of airlines. there was a debate whether or not planes should be operating. the american airline decided not to continue the flights. i think it's a matter of being very cautious. we're talking about an ongoing operation in the last three days. st denis is just 10 kilometres away from the airport. in the case of january when it ended up in a warehouse, that was five mills away from the airport. i think it is to be very cautious about it, not to land in paris at the time of a potentially operation. the airlines are very sensitive to not being seen and not taking the necessary operations. you have to link it to the fact
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that it was a plane that got attacked. here everything eh every sipping will airline is caution to not taking into account this issue seriously. whether or not it's going to be an ongoing trend, if you are actually be able to kill like abdel hamid abaaoud, a key mastermind is in control. that would be positive news if he is detained here today. i would be more optimistic than i was 24 hours ago thank you very much indeed for that. the ongoing police operation taking place in a northern suburb of paris following friday's series of attacks claimed by i.s.i.l. which took 129 lives in paris. we will have extended coverage of that operation in which three
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suspects have been killed and three detained, and several police officers have also been injured. do stay with us.
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you're with al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with our continuing coverage of police raids taking place right now in france. a major operation underway in the paris suburb of st denis to track down those responsible for those attacks in the french capital. several events have happened so far. three people killed, three suspects killed. three have been arrested, several police officers have been injured. to jacky rowland live from paris. you were on the scene very


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