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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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explosions and gun fire as french police track down suspects in the attack. french officials say the raid is now over i'm shiulie ghosh in doha. also on the programme. >> afghanistan is better for me. they take afghan from me what lies ahead as the e.u.
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tightens borders apec - trade on the agenda. tension over the south china sea is taking center stage shay butter, a beauty product scarring nigeria's economy. a police raid in the paris suburb is now officially over. the area is secured. the operation which began in the early hours of wednesday morning was linked to the attacks in the french capital. two pictures were killed in the raid. including a woman wearing an explosive vest. one of those detained in that operation was a man that said the suspect was stays in his flat.
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>> i found out it was at my house. someone did me a favour, asking me to put two people up for three days, i did them a favour. i don't know anything. do you think i would have done. >> after several hours of a standoff in saint-denis, these are the live shots there were hundreds of police officers of anti-terror officers, and the french military who were on the scene. it's thought that the suspects were inside the building, shots were fired and there were several explosions during the course of this police raid. several police officers were injured during the raid. let's go to jacky rowland, live from paris. at the end of that operation, let's bring us up to date with how it came to an end.
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>> well, we heard from the french government that it was over, that said there's something going on in a church behind me, in fact, maybe we can see the church in the shot. we are on the boulevard in saint-denis, and in the last minutes we have seen police making a hole in the church door, and eight police entering the church. we are not quite sure what is going on bearing in mind the french government spokesman announced the operation was over. it focus the on two apartments in saint-denis, from one apartment there were two people killed, a man and woman wearing a westpaced with explosives, three more people were arrested from the apartment. the prosecutor confirmed that another man, woman nearby were arrested, and also there are reports on french media.
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which we hadn't had confirmed. we are talking about potentially seven people have been arrested and two killed on the police side. five members of security forces injured. we are told by the french authorities that this operation, targetting the supposed rink leader. that this operation is finished. >> yes, and we could see the pictures of the church you are talking about with officers, indeed, at the door there. you say the man they want to get their hands on, abdelhamid abbaaoud, who was believed to be in syria, but thought to be back on french soil. >> yes, his was a name that surfaced around sunday as someone suspected of involved in the attacks.
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very much from a sting. a belgium national, understood to be based in syria, late on tuesday, the police started talking about another suspect on the run who they were looking for. they specifically did not name the individual, unlike in the past. they did not name or public a photograph of him. now it appears that individual was, in fact, abdelhamid abbaaoud, not in syria, but close to the scene of the attacks in paris. we don't know whether he was in the apartment. we don't know if he was among those killed or arrested. the authorities are being careful with how much information they are releasing, and in terms of official information, it's been sparse so far. >> and on that investigation, do
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we think that all the suspects have been identified in the attacks. we have seen a number of raids and now this police operation, or are there others that could be at large? >> there could be potentially some at large. whether they were directly involved in the attacks or involved in providing logistical or financial support. that is a question. obviously the priority for the security forces is to actually track down the attackers. as they track them down, the problem is so many have been killed. if they can carry out arrests, they can start to ask questions and try to fill in the picture. while the attackers or perpetrators are very much being hunted, police are also very concerned to track down anyone who may share the kind of ideological values of the areas involved in the attack.
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certainly those involving lodge stackal and financial support. there has been hundreds of operations in towns and cities over france. search operations, people taken in core questions as parts of effort to fill in the broader picture in terms of cells, and other groups and individuals who could be like-minded with those who carried out the attacks on friday. >> thank you for that. jacky rowland updating us on the apparent end of that police operation. >> france has stepped up the air strikes against i.s.i.l. in retaliation for the paris attacks. french fighter jets intensified their raids. the french defence ministry says it was part of operation channel. 10 mir age fighter jets said to
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leave for syria, where they bombed two command centers. >> i can said it struck i.s.i.l. targets. the defence ministry released this video showing military depots hit. nil suffered losses in men and equipment. the fight against i.s.i.l. continued to drive refugees in europe. turkey accepted more that two refugees. hundreds continued to attempt the dangerous journal across the mediterranean. >> freld, along the coast. november is so far unseasonably mild and calm. for the refugees heading to the greek island of lesbos, the journey is perilous.
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already in morning 14 people were found in the waters here. seven of them children. most of the people in this group are from afghanistan. a few are pakistany. >> i'm not interested no going to europe. it's not better for me, afghanistan is better for me. they take afghanistan from me. they do not take me to afghanistan. >> most are escaping from conflict, some running from poverty and stability. >> we cannot move freely, because we go to europe, people dream. >> threats from the coast guard were a brief deterrent. there were thousands of kilometres. some will always get through. it do take a major operation to
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stop the flow of dinghies carrying more than 200,000 refugees in october alone. most are syrians. these were caught hiding in the bushes waiting for the smuggler. >> i love syria. abbotsford says everyone crossing the see. including this man and his 16 day old sun. security registered them and checks their name against a list of people. if they are syrian, they'll be set free. many come back and try to cross to grease.
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along the way you see them draining away. many were eager to contribute to society. the resolve they called on to make this journey will be needed again when they get to europe at least 32 people have died in an explosion in nigeria, the blast happened in yola in a busy market area where traders were closing up for the day. 80 other were injured. >> the suicide bomber wanted to take as many lives, he started handing out money, women and children. and when a huge crowd gathered he detonated the device, killing those and injuring a lot of
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people. a few kilometres where a shuffed attacked a mosque. the military has given book were many areas, claiming victory on boko haram. but what the military failed to do so far is stop the spate of matters happening across the county. we have seen over the last five or six months, hundreds of people have been killed by boko haram, and a vast majority of those that are killed in these attacks are actually killed by suicide bombers, and i.e.d.s planted at the locations such as markets, mosques, churches and other places where people patronise in large numbers. more to come, including a malaysian taxi protest against what they say is the failure of the government to protect them.
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>> and tributes pouring in for rugby superstar jonah lomu at the age of 40. 40.
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a major operation to track down those responsible for attacks in the french capital has ended. two suspects have been killed including a woman wearing an explosives vest. several have been wounded in the operation.
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overnight. french fighter jets intense fied action in syria. president francis hollande called phofor an international group to defeat i.s.i.l. >> this is a church. they were making sure no one was hiding in there. let's speak to a member of the national assembly of france. first of all, i don't know if you were getting for information. is there anything you can tell us about that operation?
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>> first of all, good afternoon to all. i would repeat what i have heard, that the attorney-general have said that two people have been killed. five have been arrested. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> we know that president francis hollande is bringing in a raft of the security measures. what do you think about the emergency and giving the police power. all the opposition is in favour of implementation of the emergency law, which we need to
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protect ourselves. as you have seen. last night, which began at 4 o'clock was conducted on the base that means that during the night they can have police inspection when you have suspect, and this is the right thing to do. i, myself asked for this emergency law to be implemented, and i'm glad that's a government. at least it's going to be implemented. >> if there were draconian security measures, you run the risk of authorities made to feel more repressed and contrained. doesn't it united mine the commitment to libber ta and agalota. >> the question of public liberties, the one in front today is security for everyone.
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that means that if you walk on the treats you cannot be killed by terrorists. french men, whatever is the religion, are confident in those laws laws. 84 are in favour of security, to have strict measure. we don't confuse, and i would like too say, it doesn't representatives those citizens who face islam. we don't confuse. those are terrorists, and at first never forget that the first victim of the terrorists are louis limes. >> indeed. you have been talking about the policy of open borders, by you
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say is a failure, closing the borders has an impact on the refugees fleeing the war in i.s.i.l. and syria. the answer is that we should try to find a political solution, which is dangerous, which is for not only europe, but for the near east and the middle east, so there is a need so urge a political solution. secondly, meanwhile. we need to maintain the operation. and i'm glad that at last the european union is trying to help. and the state that wednesday those injuries. this is something that we should go all dooght. this is not the sake of france. it's the sake of the near east,
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the middle east and from new york. seems to move in the vienna. and we hope it will find a way. we need it. otherwise it will be chaos for everyone. >> thank you for joining us, good to get your thoughts. >> that police operation and paris is over. the area is still secured. let's join jacky rowland, who is live in paris, what is happening in the aftermath of that, jacky? >> as we heard, the operation is over, we had more details, a brief news conference by the french interior minister and the paris prosecutor. the proffer giving us more details of what happened. he said that they had received
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information that the main suspect was in the area. he cannot say or is not saying whether he was among the people in the apartment. according to the prosecutor, there were seven suspects in the apartment. more than the security forces expected. some were riding behind rubble. in terms of arrests and deaths, there was a young woman that blew herself up. security found a second dead body or suspect who they said was killed by projectiles and grenades. there were a further three arrests from the apartment. no identities were given of people in the apartment. they are in the process of trying to identify the body of the young woman. even after the operation was finished, there was more activity in the church behind me. security forces made a hole in
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the door of the church. about saying of them piled in. we were reassured that there were not more suspects in the church, it was part of the operations to secure the area. someone thought they heard a counselled in the church and security wanted to make sure there wasn't anything in the church to pose a threat. the prosecutor and from the french interior minister, the confirmation that the operation is over. two suspects have been killed, three have been arrested. a further two people who were nearby, a man and a woman were arrested. a total of seven people who were arrested and questioned. and two dead - one man, one woman. >> thank you for that. jacky rowland updating us now, in some other news
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president obama is in the philippines for the apec summit. on the opening day he addressed a meeting of business leaders and policy makers and said the most important challenge is climate change. president obama said the time to act to protect the planet is now. >> the urgent threat of climate change. a challenge but also, i would argue, an opportunity. nop nation is immune to the -- no nation is immune to the changing environment. few regions have more at stake in needing this change than the asia pacific region. scott heidler is in manila and sent this update.
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>> there was a similar theme in the president's speech on the first day of all the leaders being here at a.p.e.c. that was the environment. both of them talked about how that is tied to the economy and trade deals. this region accounts for 60%. of global g.d.p.s. they'll be meeting to carry on. on thursday, the last day at the summit. >> there'll be something discussed on the sidelines, that is the dispute over territory. the united states visited a frigate, a ship that it gave to the philippines. that is used by them to control the areas, and it's president barack obama's way of saying they are supporting the philippines and freedom of movement in this part of the world. we'll hear on the sidelines a discussion about attacks around the world. that could be part of the agenda, there's some reports saying the communique, the document coming out of this meeting might make a mention of that.
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there'll be a paragraph about those attacks. it has not been confirmed, the focus, the main agenda is the focus, the main agenda is the economy and trade deals, because we have so many world leaders, geopolitics will be brought up as well. . >> malaysian prime minister confirmed that a malaysian man held by i.s.i.l. has been murdered. the plm promised to take action. the military confirmed the man had been beheaded. they had been abducted. a woman abducted with him has been released now, if you use skin moisturizer chances are it contains an ingredient which comes from nigeria. it's home to half the world tries to which a natural oil is made into shay butter.
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nigerian producers say they cannot make enough from it. >> women that depend on the trees say they should make more money from the nuts that fall from them. the nuts are made into oil in shay butter, it's an ingredient in many product. the women process the butter mainly by hand, because they
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can't repackage and label it. it's sold for $1.5 a litre. >> those are the challenges. the middlemen buy from there at a cheaper price, and take it and sell it at the highest price. >> an industry body called the global share alliance says the trade was worth $50 billion. nigeria that has the sheer butter trees. the sheer butter has been sold to a nigerian who plans to export it to the united states. every year nigeria losses 1.7 million in profits from the export of shia butter. >> that's according to the export council. the agency says local producers don't have the skills to meet rules in the markets. the u.s. and europe. >> equality is a main challenge we do have. we looked at it. it's training, you know. first. through best practices. this trade fair in lagos was organized to showcase the best in butter. industry says quality is approved. one of the problems is high levels of naturally occurring fatty acids. >> we have loads of processing centers, but we need quality in place. and working on putting on a mini lab. and we are able to process and
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at the same time check the quality of the butter. before it's exploited. -- before it's exported or sent out of the processing center. >> small-scale shale producers hope to have more money in their pocket. >> industry leaders say they need $2 billion worth of investment. not easy to find with the economic downturn. four people have been killed as a result of a series of wild fairs in western australia. the bushfires have so far destroyed 300,000 hectares of land. they have been burning across the state on saturday. there's fears stream temperatures could spark fires in south australia. heads of states, fans, team-mates and rivals expressed shock and sadness at the
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unexpected teeth of jonah looum u. the new zealand rugby player died at the age of 40. he had health problems since a kidney transplant in 2004. he play the 62 tests. more on the website. we continue to follow this breaking news. france raiding the suspected hideout of the master find of the attacks. >> someone ask said me to puts this up. it's normal. i don't know where they came from. if i had known, do you think i would have done it. suspects


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