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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EST

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u. the new zealand rugby player died at the age of 40. he had health problems since a kidney transplant in 2004. he play the 62 tests. more on the website. we continue to follow this breaking news. france raiding the suspected hideout of the master find of the attacks. >> someone ask said me to puts this up. it's normal. i don't know where they came from. if i had known, do you think i would have done it. suspects killed, more arrested as france's president holds an
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emergency session with his cabinets. gun fire before down. police storm an apartment. this is a special edition of your world. french authorities saying two suspects are dead after an early morning police operation. that is just outside of paris. they are telling us seven detained. five wounded. authorities say the reported masterminder of the attacks was the target of the early morning
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raid. dana lewis is in paris. what do we know right now? >> what a dramatics development in this story that has taken us on a wild ride. here is what we know, most coming from the interior minister. he held a news conference at the scene, and confirmed that, in fact, there were three arrests in the apartment. two killed, and another four arrests that took place after that. seven arrests, and here is hoy he laid it out for us, saying essentially there was information that abdelhamid abbaaoud was in the area, the
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supposed ringleader of the group. they didn't think he was in paris. they came across a tip or information that he was in the area of the northern paris, saint-denis, about a mile of the attack on the football stadium. the police closed into that area. they may have been clearing residents out of the building: gun fire erupted. they got inside the apartment with the police. according to bernard cazeneuve and his chronology, they got inside the... >> okay. >>..people on the secrets -- people on the streets heard
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multiple explosions. >> we lost you during some of what you were saying. they were going after abdelhamid abbaaoud, did you say whether he was in custody or among those in the eight partment building? -- apartment building? >> the interior minister of france says they have not identified anyone in the apartment but they had a tip he was in the area, they were following up on that, following up on that with the anti-terror unit. that's when they went to the apartment, they were likely inside the area when the one set off a suicide gun belt. another was killed by grenades and project aisles. they arrested two in the apartment. and two others outside the apartment, providing that apartment to the men and women
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said. you have a dramatic 7-hour gun battle and two attackers, dead. and three of them arrested nods the apartment. >> do you have an indication from what was said, about whether police expected to confront violent resistance. there has been dozens of raids. more than 150 since the attacks on friday. did they expect to confront the possibilitiy of a suicide bomber? i think they went there with some force. we were told that there was about 300 raids understand the state of emergency over the last 48 hours, this was one of those.
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they went there based on a tip that may be the ring leather ab ute had been in the area, did they expect to find him in the apartment, likely not. as the gunfire started, more and more troop were brought in, and the raid unit, the french s.w.a.t. team came in, that's when there were heavy exchanges of gun fire that went on and on. french media, one station, reported that they did not expect initial lay that abdelhamid abbaaoud would be there and the gun fire started. we need to be careful with that because the french interior minister said they have not identified anyone so far. if they have, they have not released the details yet. >> you said that this neighbourhood is about a mile from the stade de france, which is where two of those suicide bomb attacks happened on friday.
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what do we know about na neighbourhood and the apartment where the suspects were napped. it's been described as a mixed neighbour hood. it is a mile away from the stadium. most notably, it is probably on the way from the stadium where this car was found yesterday. that they believe was involved in one of the attacks. and - is so there you have it, a very populate area of paris, where one of the neighbours was interviewed by french television and it's notable that she lived under the apartment. we are hearing that there were, you know, half-a-dozen people in the apartment.
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they went to the area, based on a tip, one followed up since friday night, and it was based on the idea that abdelhamid abbaaoud might be there, this ringleader, belgium born, tied to the planned attack on the train, which several americans managed to tackle the gunmen on the train. he made an interview with the main i.s.i.s.-english language media propaganda sight in june saying he slipped out of france and was back in syria. it is a tremendous surprise. the reaction to this will be multilayered. you'll have french believing that they probably averted an attack. they are still in paris, armed.
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there was one suicide bomb vest in the apartment. they could have been planning an attack on the financial district. but a major question, this sell is so big. you are not talking about 2-3 attackers here. you have seven attackers that blew themselves up friday fight. two more that were fugitives. there's a cell. one of them was wanted by the authorities. abdelhamid abbaaoud is a terror figure that has been in i.s.i.s., syria, putting out glimmers of promma behind e, towing bodies of a pick up truck. not only is he back in your
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honour, but he's here in paris, if that is true. that will be a shock and a major question about a security failure for the french intelligence services. >> i think what is striking as you point out is the fact that the used vest was deployed. it was a sophisticated device. you have to wonder whether the residents expected there to be a raid. we were looking at live pictures. it lasted for about seven hours, what else are you seeing in and around paris as far as further police raids to find the remaining suspects? >> so far i have not heard of any more raids beyond that. there was a report that they surrounded a church, and checking on that. they are following up hundreds of leads all over france and in
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belgium. there was a football game called off. there were two french aircraft diverted n the united states because of bomb threats. they are dealing with a tsunami of informs now, and many warns about terror attacks, and they are worried about more of them. and that's why they are frantically on the move. retracing the steps of the suicide bombers, trying to get to them before carrying out another attack. last night we heard information overnight that you have three independent attack cells hitting six areas of paverize, three of them blew themselves up. you have seven - four others that were killed inside the music ham, but one car, at the center of paris, and that is responsible for carrying the
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gunmen that got out, gunning down people at cafes and restaurants, that there was a surveillance that saw three men. one that was manoeuvring the car behind them, helping them to move are for them. they knew that they had two huge tifs on the run. they were reports that one came interest belgium. they still have not confirmed whether he's one of the two. whether they could be in that apartment. that could be the question. dana reporting. >> that is a scene that we were
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following, and they were following this scene, that is a meeting of the mayors in paris. they are talking about this morning's situation in paris, and we have adam raney live on the scene. you are joining us by phone. we heard from dana lewis, and said a suicide bomber blew up her vest and we understand that a vests was recovered. is there a sense among nts authorities that they sopped an attack that was ix incident. >> they are not saying that now, they are saying seven people are arrested and two killed, one being a woman who blew herself up. they'll try to understand what the people were planning. there's only a few businesses in paris that are totally in lock
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down, walking around. it feels like a ghost town, everything is closed up. we got here very early. we have no problem. we got a little close to a perimeter. pushing us back. it will show the edgy innocence to get to the bottom of this case. it she is it has not done that. they are not saying whether or not the two prime suspects were among the people. it is clear there's tension in the city. a lot of pressure, and probably
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increasing pressure within the police and the military, that it could get to the bottom of the case. it shows that this had left many flip past them. is there a sense of shock that the suspects were believed to have hidden somewhere else. there were reports that the mastermind made his way outs to syria. is there shock that this would happen in a suburb of paris? >>. >> there is a bit of shock about that. the main thing was the first thing they thought was that they, themselves was understand attack from people, and it wasn't a police operation. people we spoke to were mistaken up. they thought a bomb was going
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off and they didn't know what to expect. they are worried. authorities are not doing enough. they want them to crack down more on i.s.i.l., more than half-a-dozen told us that they believe this will happen in france. this is a political argument. they were worried that actions would fuel this here in france. they are desperate to figure out how to deal with this. >> set the table for us, as we look at the images live from saint-denis, we appear to see local police, the social forces of the authorities, and what appears to be military police - we have lost the images for now. set the table for us. how many different factions of law enforcement are you seeing
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where you are, adam. >> i think you wept flow it -- went through it. i've seen the army, police. dozens of medical personnel here. at first we thought maybe there would be larger numbers of injuries, but we have seen dozens and dozens of vans at the red cross. local hospitals. so it looked like you were showing up at some place in a war zone with the military, police and medical personnel. it has surprising to arrive and see so much thrown at the outskirts of paris. >> i just want to update the audience. police conducting a massive operation in the suburbs of france, two are confirmed dead. seven taken in to custody, we are told that a woman detonated
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a suicide vest. dana lewis reporting that another suicide vote was obtained as part of the evidence. adam raney with us by phone. francis hollande will address the nation in a short while. adam, as you are seeing the scene where you are, there are evacuations, how widespread was the evacuation effort. >> by the time we got here we saw dozens of people on the perimeter. as we are here now, we see a lot of people here, a lot of people in the community meandering around the streets where everything is closed up. it's not clear what the numbers much people who were evacuated from the treat that you might see from the pictures we've been showing, closed down with the heavy presence. i can't give you the specific
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numbers, we have seen many milling render. i'm going to toss it to stephanie. >> we'll listen in to the mayor of paris who is speaking now. let's listen to her reaction to the race. >> translation: we need to make sure we protect the free life which the terrorists want to take away from us. deer colleagues, we believe that this communion, the sense of community is halo, sacred, confronted by the terrible terrorist threat. and i just want to say that we are not afraid. i want to say that to the entire world. we should, of course, fear the feelings that we might be inspired by fear, is obvious. but also anger. and doubt which giffedz.
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-- divides. we will not pay the honour of all that, they will find us on our guard. we will not give them the privilege of our anger, but we will be impeccable. we will not give them the honour of doubting. we will be committed to et democratic dialogue which they detest. >> you are listening to ann, the mayor of paris, telling those gathered, a conference of mares saying we are not afraid. >> yes, elected this year. i want to go to dana lewis, who has new information on the woman that blew herself up. what else can you tell us? >> well, what they are saying is the woman that blew herself up an hour and a half into the
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siege was the cousin of abdelhamid abbaaoud... ..believed to be the ringleader of the attacks. they said she was his cousin, that is coming - i believe the details from the prosecutor, saying that they went there, based on telephone and video surveillance. we heard there were some 300 raids. this was obviously very specific and targeted. fairly hard intel based on telephone surveillance that led them to this apartment. >> they, at some point, get inside the apartment. they arrest three. the bomb belt goes off - the
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woman, the cousin of abdelhamid abbaaoud, and they got all the way inside and find three more hiding. there were several outside the apartment renting that apartment to the men. they came several days ago. presumably before the attack on friday, and told media that there were no bets and mattresses and they told them it didn't matter. they came to pray. they are getting detail about the apartment. which was in a poor area. very close to the football stadium in northern paris, a mixed area. not very far from where they found, one of the cars used in
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the attack. they were fortunately able to focus in on the apartment, picked up chatter. no one came out and said that's what they were planning. there was also intel that another attack may occur in paris. maybe in the financial district of paris. >> thank you. we need to take a writtening break. the french prosecutor confirmed it was the cousins of abdelhamid abbaaoud who blew herself up this morning as police raided the suburb, we'll take a quick break and there'll be more on the other end. ther end.
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police raided an apartment, arresting seven suspects. we are hearing from reporters on the scene that two are dead, including a bombans, identified -- woman, a cousin. five officers were wounded. authorities say the reported ringleader of friday's attacks was the target of today's erly morning raid. dana lewis says in tell led them to the apartment building. it's not clear this was one of the suspects arrested or killed. >> six people have been named that carried outed the operation, including the person we have been talking about.
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the target. abdelhamid abbaaoud, is a belgium of moroccan orange jig, believed to -- origin, believe to be in his late 20s. he's believed to be behind the attacks. they spent time along side i.s.i.l. >> there was another key suspect that may or may not have been part of the raid. his name is salah abdeslam. he's 26, born in brussels. his other brother blew himself up during the attacks in paris. police say salah abdeslam was the get away driver. >> and we follow the diplomatic front. we heard from the mayor of paris saying we are not afraid. we are awaiting word from french president francis hollande. we'll take a break and bring you his speech. we are hearing about other air strikes in syria, carried out by
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france and russia. vladimir putin promising, he is says, to step up attacks against i.s.i.l. the group bombed a russian plane. >> and just to recap. what we know so far, we should put this into the context. last night was reported a serious threat in a soccer game. there were two air france flights originating from the united states, diverted because of bomb threats. dana lewis on the ground said there have been more than 300 raids looking for passengers suspects. just in the last 48 hours, the associated press reports that there's a second possible fugitive unaccounted for in the attack. >> we know two are dead as a result of a raid in france. senn have been arrested. one of the dead was a suicide
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bomber, a woman identified as the cousin of the prime suspect and a police dog that was getting a lot of attention was killed as part of the suicide bombing vest that exploded. dana lewis reporting that many of those injured, were injured when the suicide vest went af, an operation lasting at least seven hours. we are standing by to wait to hear from the french president francis hollande who invoked a part of the e.u. charter, the lisbon treaty, obliging the 28 nation block to give aid and assistance to the french who are facing a major challenge from foreign or french fighters that they believe have gone to syria, trained and come back and orchestrated the attacks. you are watching al jazeera, special coverage of the raids in
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paris, we'll be right back. >> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with
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people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. ploegs ploes breaking news. police raid a paris suburb hitting the suspected hideout of the mastermind behind last week adds attack. >> someone arrived mean to put up two people for three days, i did it for three days, it's normal, had i known, do you think i would have done it. >> we are toldwo


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