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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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another raid, this one lasting eight hours before all was said and done. >> hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes a woman blows herself up and a man is shot dead as the police raid an apartment in the hunt of the paris attackers. is this the device that brought an airliner down over egypt? isil says it is. we'll speak with a bomb specialist. and into the unknown we meet
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more of the refugees risking everything to reach europe. and sport has been a hair-raising night for andy murray. murray cut down by a resurgent ralph nadal. we have more coming up in the program. . >> two people have died and seven under arrest afte they were looking for the suspect believed to be play a key role in the suicide-bombings and shootings across paris which left 129 people dead.
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>> once again gunfire and explosions in paris. a residential suburb looks and sounds like a war zone. [ gunfire ] it's a raid by security forces under the cover of darkness, and they met fear resistence. three hours of gunfire continued. >> since 4:00 this morning, french special forces police carried out operations to neutralize terrorists. >> police say one of the dead suspects was a woman wearing a suicide invest who blew herself up. for hours now this paris suburb has been in deep shock when gunfire and explosions rattled windows and waking people up in the early hours. everyone thought this was
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another attack. no, it was a pro longed fire fight between a heavily armed group holed up in an apartment at the bottom of this street, and the police. french authorities have maintained that this suspect was likely responsible for all of the attacks. initially they said he was in syria, and he's known to have traveled there to fight long side isil. >> we've done a lot of work elements that could allow us to think that he was maybe in the conspirator's argument. >> this man spoke about how his apartment had been taken over. >> i found out its in my house, and the people are holed up in
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my flat. someone asked me a favor. they asked me a favor. they asked me to put two people up for two days. it's normal. i didn't know they could have done it. >> not pricingly people in this district were frightened and confused. >> so i opened the windows and i saw a policeman running in the street behind people and shouting don't move, close the windows. we shut the windows and stayed home but we could hear loud booms. we heard them three, four, five times. >> the police say arrests have been made of suspects from the apartment and a building nearby. this may have been a breakthrough, but questions persist about the quality of intelligence to the run up of last week's attacks. >> let's look at more details of how events unfolded.
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>> the woman who is blown herself up is a cousin of the main suspect they're hunting. another man was killed by police. the police continued to exchange gunfire by those inside. several officers were injured, although none seriously. but 9:00 a.m. the police confirmed that they had arrested three people in the apartment and another man and woman was detained nearby. there was the arrest of two more men hiding in the argument. bring us the latest. >> lauren, there is still forensic investigation teams looking through various apartments that were raided today. the mood today is much more relaxed than seven hours ago.
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now we're expecting a press conference, it should have started by now. it could happen any time now in the next few moments and we're expecting more details given about the nature of the raids, the suspects that were arrested, the people that were killed. and exactly what drove those swat teams and those officials to this area earlier today in order to conduct those raids. now one other thing to mention that we heard police have stated that they have put out an alert. they're looking for a car that they believe one of the main suspects of the paris attacks who may have been in this area, they may have fled this area in that car. so we're expecting to hear more about that as well. when the prosecutor general speaks. that could be any time now.
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>> in the meantime we've had tough talks from president holland again, haven't we. >> yes, president hollande expected to rally the parliament here. it is expected to be debated tomorrow. presidential holland said that the emergency, the state of emergency that should be extended for another three months. earlier today when he spoke to the citizens of the country and lawmakers here, he said yes there needs to be restrictions on freedoms so we can then have those freedoms reimplemented later on. he said that france is in a car against terrorists, terrorist that is have come to france and have done these horrific attacks in the last few days. they're trying to strike at the heart of democracy and france has no time to waste in responding. president hollande taking a firm
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line saying that these mousse needs to be implemented as soon as possible so that france and the citizens here can be as safe as possible. reporting live from paris. we'll bring you that news conference with the paris prosecutor just as soon as it starts. as he was saying its running a little bit late. we'll bring you that as soon as it starts. >> belgiums have been gathering to hold a vigil for the victims of the paris attacks. candles were lit in tribute of the 129 victims. the area has been in the spotlight as police carried out raids there earlier looking for suspects. france has carried out a third night of airstrikes against isil in syria in retaliation for the pair riggs attacks. the french defense ministry sent ten fighter jets. they targeted isil command
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centers in northern syria. france said it would continue air raids in coming days over raqqa and to its south. france's only aircraft carrier has left the country, and let's take you--sorry to interrupt. real' go to the french prosecute who are is giving details of the raids that were carried out earlier. >> okay, can you hear? i'm not going to touch the mic. tell me when you are ready. is the sound good enough? is the sound working?
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you. >> the prosecutor prepares to give a detailed account of what happened during those raids there are some sound issues there. >> there is still no sound on the prosecutor. well, we can hear him now. >> the press release like last saturday wit with the director of police in paris ladies and gentlemen, more than 800 policemen from paris as well as the interior forces have been
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investigating the case under the anti-terrorist tribunal of paris. i should like to thank all the people concerned, but particularly my staff involved in this affair. the events have progressed, and this morning was a progression of that, a development of that. and the cell has been neutralized, and all their arms, their structured organization, all that was investigated and it moved into action. i should like to tell you about the numerous investigations afoot, the interceptions, the garnering of witnesses and so
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on, an investigation which has allowed us at this stage to uncover the logistical organization, the armament, and the hide outs. this logistics was used to buy three coordinated commanders, the tw the investigations have shown that three vehicles, arrived almost as a convoy from belgium in the parisian region at 12 minutes distance from each other last friday. they were hired or rented from a belgium company by the brothers
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and driven by ibrahim. at this stage it would appear that the vehicle parked outside of the bataclan was used by the commander just before they rushed into the entertainment venue. th anothervenue. thinwe have video equipment discovered at the cafe, and it has allowed us to uncover three weapons also discovered, as well
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as three knives. another car was parked and arrived on the 13th of november in the evening through th at 21:56. they also used the golf vehicle and on the occasion of a simple check on the roads an individual driving car. and one suspect was not involved in the attack as it would appear. and it was--although he was not in our belgium police managed to apprehend him and he was
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questioned by a belgium judge. there are other individuals who arrived on the 13th, and after the vehicles other logistical means used by the terrorists, after investigations which have been held, we have managed to locate the movement of the terrorists before the attack and we determined the contacts which they had. outside bataclan concert hall we found telephones in dust bins
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which indicated that led us to begin the attack, and we still have to determine who was the person, this message was sent to. a number of personal arms were were discovered also explosive vests full of tnt. in another place there were other arms that were discovered and located at the stade de france. the detonators, batteries, to reinforce the explosion were also found.
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so we can see that this was very determined operation on the part of the terrorists. which were seen again after the raid. there were various hideouts. there were two rooms taken, and another was identified thanks to a witness. it was a small villa which was rented from the 16th of november by islam. and you know, of course, there was a third hide away i. we can say that this very, very broad based logistics that put in place by an operational commander of terrorists, as you
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say already we could identify five of the seven terrorists on the 13th of november. two of them are dead. the other one exploded themselves o, and the other is still not identified, but the investigation is continuing. we still have to determine the exact composition of the commanders. let me now come to the operation of last night and this morning. the very numerous investigations allowed by the inspectors allowed us to identify flats, particularly on the third floor the investigators, thanks to a witness, got on that track and
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the suspect is suspected of carrying out several terror attacks. this witness received on the 16th of november, and with great caution we verified telephone and bank accounts. there was an investigation on apartments and odometer side. and i would like to express the courage, the rigor, the cool, calm, and the professionalism, dedication of the team which
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conducted this raid. this was extremely difficult, and it meant that it was all the more more difficult because there were explosives which the terrorists had actually prepared. and i just like to say that police have shot something like five thousand bullets in the raid. we took a number of factors as the various arms used, the bullets, the partial destruction within the block of the ceiling of the third floor, and there will be a whole number of investigations, which will have to be conducted further. three individuals were wounded
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in the arm, and they were immediately taken into custody. i can therefore tell you nothing precise about them in germ here in specifics, and a body was also found in the debris, but the state does not allow us to identify who it is at the moment. it leads us to think that the explosion was that of a woman who activated a suicide vest. this has not yet been properly verified. we have to do that through investigation of the body, the debris and so on, as i said before, and i repeat, the verification in the block of flats is very difficult, so i'm not able to give a definitive
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view of that yet. we do know that there are two dead, and the investigation is difficult as the building is in vicarious state of collapse. two men in the building, one was wounded, and they were put immediately into custody, and investigations were also conducted in a nearby flat. we believe this person allowed them to come in, immediately in front of the flat people from
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questioned as well as a woman. i would like to say that the seven of this apartment has not allowed us to check that there were any kind of explosives. eight people in custody, seven men and one woman have been taken into custody, as i said, and the investigation of the block of flats, and the people in the block of flats has not been finished, but i would like to say that the suspects were not in custody. or those who were likely involved in one way or another in this terrorist attack have been put into investigation custody. and the investigations into
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exactly which circumstances the attacks took place, and how they were claimed by the perpetrato perpetrators. these terrorists ruthlessly. and i just like to finish by saying that the public authorities and the office of the prosecutor in paris is absolutely committed to making sure that the truth comes to light for the benefit of the victims and their nearest and dearest. >> we've been listening to the paris prosecutor outlining what he described as broad-based logistical operation for the attackers detailing some of the methods they used. they arrived in a convoy of represented cars 12 minutes apart and detailed some of the raids information from this morning overnight and this morning saying that at the
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moment the prosecutor is not in position to identify who died in the raid, but they have identified the ringleader who was not amongst the dead, so they are still looking for him. let's bring in our guest, who has been following events. what do you make of what has been outlined here by the prosecutor? >> they give us a run found of what happened by friday the 13th. three groups came together. 12 minutes apart. so confirmed what which already heard. that the commander was stopped by the police. he was not suspected at the time.
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that we already know. we're interested in learning what was happening tonight or this morning especially. and whether really they were sure as to mastermind was in the flat in paris. he told us that they had information on monday the 16th, two days ago. that he might be there. that the flat has since been put under close surveillance, and unfortunately no trace. >> it does seem to suggest that by raiding this apartment they seem to have neutralized people who might be ready to carry out other attacks. >> we have not been given any information on these people.
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we don't know if they come from belgium or france. they're cagey, they're continuing their investigations, but it does not give us that much meaty information tonight. they're going to still carry on. they're very careful, many people under arrest, and they can be sure that they will be interrogated, and that they're hoping through this interrogation they might get more information about the coordination of this event. hopefully for them because they have become wanted man number one about the wheres.
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>> let's bring in mohammed. they don't seem to know yet or they weren't confirming yet whether the mastermind as they implied he was was amongst the republic or in the remains of that building. >> it really goes to show that at this hour there are a lot more questions than there are answers. i do want to point out something that happened. while the prosecutor general was delivering remarks to the press, we heard quite a loud boom emanating from the area a few hundred meters behind us where the raids took place earlier today. now we don't know what that was. we are trying to get comment from the officials here. there are still forensic investigators on the ground, but we're trying to find out what exactly that sound was, and what exactly is going on in that building behind us. as far as the prosecutor general
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one of the more interesting things that he mentioned to give you a sense of just how big of an operation there was. he said that the special forces here, the swat team, that they had shot somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 bullets. so that really goes to show just how much of a fire fight that there was going on. he also spoke about the fact that neither suspects were in custody at this hour. they did mention eight were in custody. several of them men, one woman. they didn't speak at length for those who died in this attack. there were questions emerging about whether it was two people or perhaps three people who died in the raids earlier. so again, a lot more questions than answers. certainly that was the sentiment echoed by the prosecutor general. they did say that the investigation was ongoing. they did say that officials were
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doing as much as they can to protect the sinry of france. but again, we're just going to need to wait a little bit longer for more details specifically about the raid today. more about the people they have in custody, and more about the suspect that they're still pursuing at this hour. >> thank you very much, indeed. joining us is the editor of the french publication, and he interviewed bashar al-assad in damascus the day after the paris attacks. thanks for coming to talk to us. tell us a little bit about the your interview, first of all, and what you think has changed after these attacks in paris?
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>> because mr. hollande is now changing, now mr. hollande has recognized that the men in the front is not syria but daesh. that is very important. that is the first time he said that in three years. >> in terms of the kind of radicalization or the people who have gone over to syria, come back and possibly being trained to carry out these attacks. did he talk about that aspect of it? >> sorry? >> did you talk to assad about the problem that france had with french people or the people who live in france travel to go syria to then get training and come back to france and possibly carry out attacks?
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>> yes, yes, mr. assad said that french people are going to syria in order to fight with daesh. >> there are french jihaddists. he said that french government does not want to cooperate with syria. >> thank you very much, indeed. we appreciate your time.
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>> isil said it's smuggled an explosive on the russian plane in st. on its way to st. petersburg. let's get more on this. joining us live is a former bomb disposal operator. thank you for coming in to talk with us. what do you make of this picture. it looks basic, but if that's what carried out the explosion, it's pretty deadly. >> yes, i have had a look at it, and it looks viable. you can see the timing and power unit. this is the plains of the bomb. that's effectively what contains the safe to arms switches, the timers, for example, and the power source itself. in the center of the photograph is the detonator, which is used to trigger the high explosive.
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and in the can itself is the high explosive presumably. those three individual components would have been smuggled on board. what is worrying they all should be detectable through a normal spray mel metal detector. it is suggested that it was smuggled on board. the checks were definitely lax. but if it was taken into the hold itself, unless it was placed in intimate contact with the shell it potentially would not have worked. that means that someone would have had to place it in position. >> how in general what do you make of isil's capability of bomb making? they've used suicide vests in pair his, car bombs in syria. what do you think of their bombs and sophistication?
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>> i went to iraq in 2004 as a bomb operator. and the ira up to that point had been the leaders of bomb making. and the level of achievement they had achieved in years was superseded in several months by iraq. it's no real surprise that they're technically advised. >> they can adapt to the circumstances because it's difficult to get a car bomb in london when people are checking cars. in big cities they'll go for things like suicide vests? >> absolutely. we've seen suicide vests for decades really. >> are they an easy thing to make? >> yes, they are. in short they are quite easy to make. what is interesting is that the type of targets they go for. you know, if there is a bomb in syria, and a bomb in iraq, it probably won't even make the news in the u.k. or the west. if there is a western target hit, then it's a very, very
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different story. if you bear in mind that terrorism is ultimately to achieve terror, then if you can carry out the terror attack against a western attack or a russian target, or an attack in russia or in the west, it achieves significantly more kudos for the organization, if you like. >> thank you for your expertise. thank you. greek prime minister tsipras. he said that greece and turkey needs to do more to fight people smugglers. greece has received 2.2 million refugees, most of them from syria. >> november is so far unseasonbly mild and calm. but for these refugees heading
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to the greek island of lesbos the journey is perilous. already this morning 14 people have drowned in the waters here. seven of them children. most of the people in this group are from afghanistan, a few are pakistani. >> i'm not interested to go to europe. europe is not better for me. afghanistan is better for me. but they take afghanistan from me. they do not let me to live here in afghanistan. >> most are escaping from conflict. some are running from the poverty instability creates. >> in pakistan we can't work freely. because because you go to europe. people dream. europe is better. >> threats from the coast guard are a brief deterrent. but there are thousands of
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kilometers of coast line to patrol. some will always get through. it would take a major naval operation to stop the flow of rubber dinkies that carried more than 200,000 refugees in october alone according to u.n. estimates. most are syrians. these were caught hyder in the bushes waiting for their smuggler. >> my home. i love syria. >> he said what everyone we talk to says, they would rather be in their home country than crossing the sea, including this man and his 16-day-old son. >> they're involved in this endless cycle. if they intercept refugees they'll register them and check their name against wanted people and then they're bussed to a reception center.
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and many will just try again to cross to greece. all along you see the human capital of syria and other unstable places. draining away. most of the people we met were educated and eagle for contribute to society. the resolve they called on to make this journey will be needed again when they get to europe. >> the police say 15 people have been killed after two female suicide-bombers detonated devices in a city marketplace. it comes 24 hours after an attack at a truck stop that killed 32 people. another 80 were injured in that blast. we have reports from the capital of abuja. >> these are the latest victims of a six year cycle of violence. the attacker was looking to cause maximum damage.
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most of the victims were young men and women. >> we went to eat after eating we sat with some tea, and then the blast. three of my friends were killed. >> this is the third of such attacks. in hospitals here struggling with the injured. some of whom are in critical continue. although no one has claimed responsibility, the attack resembles similar ones carried out by boko haram. the last being a friday mosque attacks just a few kilometers from here. dozens were killed. boko haram may be investigated as police step up operations. this year alone hundreds of people have been killed in such attacks. security experts warn that suicide attacks will increase as deadlines set by the president for the military to defeat the
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fighters nears. >> nigeria's president has ordered the arrest of a former national security adviser who is accused of stealing $2 billion intended to be used in the fight against boko haram. they funneled money, ammunition and aircraft. they said they wanted $140 million to be transferred to accounts in the united states and elsewhere. >> firselsewhere. >> tell us more. >> this is a target because they have received a lot of interna internally he's placed people as well. and don't forget there have been
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many attacks in cameroon. we expect some of these attacks to take place in the populated area. probably. >> it was interesting that it was septembesentthat was sent. >> to get out there and publicize and ensure that we're not defeated. we're not frightened. an >> presumably this is very worrying for people going about their daily lives. they hit markets and places people have to go to, to get food. >> this is important for people
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who have their families and their friends, ordinary people who probably don't even dependent on the government. they go to workday to day to work for their family. these attacks are very frightening, boko haram is using the strategy of fear. >> now to the other story we referred to by nigeria, the arrest of a former national security adviser accused of stealing billions of dollars dissupposed to be part of the fight against boko haram. tell us more about that. from my research i know there are soldiers who complain of lack of support, lack of weapons, and particularly in the
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state of disrepair. so we wait and see because the teams pointed out at the end of the day it was not invited to testify, at the same time they are investigated. it is too early to say what happened in the coming days. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you very much. >> well, nigerian president hu buhari has asked the senate for extra money. the petrol stations have run out of petrol and they hope to use the money to clear debt and end the shortage. >> riot police dispersed crowds.
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unrest in kosovo's comes after opposition lawmakers brokered an accord with serbia and fired tear gas in kosovo's parliament on tuesday. there have been angry scenes in athens when police fired tear gas at farmers who planned to storm the parliament. they through stones and oranges at riot police who were trying to hold them back from the building. malaysia's moment has confirmed that the fighters beheaded a malaysian hostage in the philippines. he was abducted in may and held captive. ththey gave more details saying that a woman kidnapped at the same time has been released.
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>> there were efforts being done to rescue them. they managed to get one hostage out. in this case they were unfortunately unable to retief the other one. >> four people have been killed in bush fires in western australia. three germany backpackers east of perth. another man who is understood to be a local farmer was also found dead in his vehicle. the bush fires were thought to be sparked by lightening. strong winds are hampering efforts to bring them under control. coming up after the break. >> an exhibition marking 100 years since the polar expediti expedition. >> in sport the world remembers one of rugby's greatest-ever players.
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who has died at the age of 40.
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>> a new exhibition is shedding light on an explorer from 100 years ago. his ship was trapped in ice for months before he led his men to safety. we can see enhanced photos from the expedition of the photographer. >> marooned for months, a far cry from their goal of becoming the first men to cross the icy
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continent. they took hundreds of images of the expedition. they've now been digitized and enlarged. it's easy to forget how difficult photographry was 100 years ago. the bulky gear. the ship eventually did sink leaving the men to camp on a slab of eyes never knowing if it would break free, sending them out to the brutal southern association. jim mcneil nose more than anyone what it's like to lead an expedition into the unknown. he has been doing it for 30 years. >> what would he be looking like? >> i should think that he's a really unhappy person. he has come down here to make a name for himself. and he's in danger of no one surviving at this stage. he's very concerned, i would s
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say. >> he devised activities to keep the men busy. weighing the dogs and non-essential tasks to keep the men busy. >> you have to keep the morale up. it's important to do so. to bring out treats at various times when the morale is dipping. >> shackleton led an expedition in a life boat and returned with a ship. hurley had to leave behind many of his plates. but he had time to cull the best, and it's an amazing record. >> it's an extraordinary story of survival, and these new larger more detailed pictures really give you a sense of what the men went through. >> some artifacts are on show at the royal geographical society
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including the flag give by the british king when shackleton set off on his journey. the trip made history, not for exploration but for endurance. >> now to andy for sport. >> thanks so much, well, raphael nadal made it two wins in london this time beating andy murray. murray doing everything he could to keep him in his sights. nadal winning this group gain 6-4, 6-1. the grand slam champion is placed in the finals. now fifa president sepp blatter and michel platini both have their appeals against 90 day bans rejected. the decision is a further blow
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to michel platini, who planned to run for president of the committee. they will not let hinn run while he's suspended. both deny wrongdoing and will appeal oh to the court of arbitration for short. a match was called off a couple of hours before kick off. the hanover stadium evacuated after police received concrete information that there were planned explosives in the venue. there were no explosives found and no arrests made. i was. >> just azad as the millions of men that this cancellation had to happen, but they took a responsible decision. these are difficult decisions possibly the most difficult decisions between freedom and security. but yesterday it was taken in favor of security, and that's
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right. >> rory mcilroy has a chance to finish as the top golfer for the third time in four years. >> i find myself in a position where it's totally in my hands. if i go to win tournaments i win the over all thing no matter what everybody else does. that's the main objective this week. i feel like i'm playing well enough to do that. about. >> the widespread doping corruption said that the county could still be at next year's olympics. they believe reforms can happen before rio. >> russia built sochi in seven
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years. this is child's play. you just need direction from the political authorities. the lab is independent, and anybody who doesn't make that happen is in trouble. >> the rugby world is coming to death of a player who is arguebly the sport's first global superstar. he died at the age of 40 after a long battle of a rare kiddie disorders reflecting on a man who brought rugby to a whole new level. >> the students at the new zealand school where he first picked up a rugby ball, the performance of the pre-match ritual of the haka was the fitting tribute to the worth' worth--the sport's great. >> we should reflect on the
1:55 pm
contribution that jonah made. i think that he burst on the international stage and brought the game to another level and was responsible for the spark that wrought the game to become professional. >> in 1994 he made his new zealand debut at the age of 19. his big break through was the world cup scoring seven tries, running past and at times over anyone who dared to try to stop him. >> the way he played that role so superbly and with such tower around to score and shake the earth and shake the rugby world will be his legacy. >> he's just an elite person. tried to put forwards on the backs and put someone on the wings, but there is no one like him. >> the only opponent who could
1:56 pm
slow him down was illness. a rare kidney disease was diagnosed in 1996. he managed the condition well enough to continue playing. >> he'll be remembered for his sportsmanship. some of the fate on the field in '99, in france the semifinal when we lost that game. >> he underwent an ultimately unsuccessful kidney transplant in 2004, and he was awaiting further surgery at the time of his death. but at all times he was upbeat about his prospects. >> i knew that i had this problem. i just had to cherish everything day by day, and i'm cherishing it day by day now. it's just a different opportunity that is out there now. >> he spent his final weeks in england watching his country win the world cup, a tournament that
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will forever be associated with his name. al jazeera. >> he died at the age of just 40. that's all your sport for now. we'll hand you back to loner in london. >> andy, thank you. let's just bring you the latest on the paris attacks following a news conference held by the city's prosecutor. he said that authorities are still trying to determine the identities of two people who were killed and eight others who were arrested in a raid this morning. speaking a short time ago he said the suspected mastermind behind the attack and his accomplice are not among those who were arrested. and you can always get up-to-date on the news at our address you can also watch us live on the "watch now" icon.
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that's it for this hour. more from me in just a moment.
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
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>> isil says this is the bomb it used to bring down a russian passenger plane over egypt. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. [ explosions ] >> the paris prosecutor said that the early morning raid was ready to act. a day after the bomb attack killed 32 in the my year january cit--nigerian


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