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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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protests outside a meeting of asia pacific leaders being shouted at about the south china sea. hello. in doha with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead, isil said this is the it used to blow up a russian airliner over egypt. french investigators say they have stopped a terror cell to hunt down paris suspects. >> i am report from thailand where police are in a new push to try to stop the huge flow of drugs coming across the border
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from myanmar. ♪ massive protests are taking place outside the asia pacific economic corporation's annual meeting in the philippines capital, manila. riot police have been using water canon to break up protests. demonstrators want apek to be dismantled saying it only benefits corporations. >> leaders say there is an urgent need for international corporation to fight terrorism and u.s. president barack obama has called on china to stop land reclamation in the disputed south china sea. margo teague cement this will from manila. >> we are less than a kilometer away from where those 21 economic leaders are currently meeting. now, the people here called themselves a coalition of the people standing against
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coalition of oppressors as he did indeed mention earlier, they see trade groups such as apec basically helping only big corporations. they say they are the ones who are meant to be helped. it is precisely that point that this year's apec summit is trying to address. they want to create more inclusive economy as well as shortening or, rather, lessening the wealth gap, not just internal lee in each apeck economy but along the apec economic. it's the first time the apec economic leaders have sat down together to meet. they expect to come up with some sort of draft by the end of the day to claim exactly how they intend to make the economies more inclusive for the people that are out on the streets will feel more included in the growth nat apec economy are striving for. >> isil has published a picture of the bomb it says brought down
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an russian liner killing all 224 people on board last month. the group said lack security at the airport allowed it to smuggle the explosives on the plane. rory challands reports. >> an every day term. this is the can of soft drink isil claims it used to bring down a russian airliner. beside it, what appears to be a detonater, power source and switch. one bomb expert said the claim is credible. inside the can, itself, if it's full to capacity, probably two to three grams of high explosive in there. this is a viable device. certainly it's the sort of thing that if it was placed in the optimum position could potentially destroy the aircraft, cause catastrophic failure and breach the shell of the aircraft at 30,000 feet going to cause it to disintegrate. isil displayed it on it's
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england magazine saying it was revenge for the bombing of territory it controls by russia and western country. the metro jet air bus broke up over the sinai killing everyone on board on october 31st. on tuesday, russia said it believed a bomb was to blame, a conclusion several western governments haul already reached. president vladimir putin has offered a $15 million reward for information lead to go those who destroyed the jet. isil claims to have exploited a loop hole at sharmel sheik airport to smuggling it on board. >> it tells you isis can operate away from syria, away from iraq and north sinai because the operation happened south of sinai and, also, the capacity to bring down an airliner is very -- al-qaeda has been attempting to do that since
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after 9/11. >> since the crash, shaz has stepped up airstrikes on isil and other opposition groups in syria. isil said it had planned to target a western aircraft but changed it's mind in reaction to russian bombardment. the release of the photo raises more difficult questions for egypt and the security at the airports. yet, it has given no official reason why it thinks the plane crashed, calling on all sides to await the results of an official egyptian investigation. now, even if this photo is of the very device that brought down the russian airliner, i am not sure that there is a huge amount of information that may glean from this feet to that goes beyond what the russians know and that's perhaps why the kremlin hasn't really said too much about it. it has acknowledged that it's seen the photo. behind that, it hasn't said very much at all. if you look at this picture, it shows a very rough and rallied
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looking device. on tuesday, alexander bornikov, the head of the f sp was showing on television this was probably a homemade explosive device. if you look at the photo, it looks pretty small. he was also saying he didn't think this device was much more than one kilogram or its equivalent of tnd. perhaps if you are a particularly sharp-eyed bomb expert, you could find something from maybe the can or looking at the electrical components here, but i think the big questions still remain, and those questions are: who are the people that will planted this bomb on the plane? how did they get it there? what were these scald security loopholes at sharmel sheik airport that were exploited? and where are those people who planted this bomb now? if those questions do have answers, they aren't yet in the public dom ane. >> egypt's tourism ministry is using prominent actors to report
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the city of sharmal sheik as safe. >> britain has halted flights to the country and they say it could have happened anywhere. >> our country is a country of peace and is safe. what happened here is, of course, sad. about you it could have happened anywhere, not egypt alone. they can see what terry rim is doing to other countries. in france and before that, explosion in lebanon in syria, yemen and iraq. >> china says one of its citizens who was kidnapped in syria has been killed by isil, 50s-year-old san jan hul was a freelance consultant. isil claims to have killed a norwegian. they demanded a ransom for the release of the men two months ago. norway's prime minister has condemned the killings. >> there is no excuse for the treatment our countrymen have been expose did to.
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neither in religion or in ideology. this is a cold-blooded murder and the government strongly condemns the killing of a norwegian citizen. this is a despicable and barbaric act. >> russia is continuing to hit targets, oil infrastructure controlled by the group in syria. a 7ier military official says russia has already destroyed some 500 fuel trucks over the past five days, transporting oil from syria to refineries in iraq. isil relies heavily on oil revenues to fund itself. the u.s. has been hitting similar targets. its released pictures of air straikz against isil-controlled oil infra structure. it says more than 100 trucks were destroyed in monday's campaign. france's only aircraft-carrier, the charles de gaulle has left to join. the vessel carries 20 aircraft
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allowing france to conduct more raids against isil targets. those air raids have been stepped up after friday's attacks in paris where the lead investigator says police have taken out a terror cell that was ready to act. at least two people were killed and eight arrested during a seven-hour operation which began with hundreds of special forces and soldiers descending on the paris suburb ol wednesday. the fate of the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks which killed 129 people still remains unknown. the prosecutor says he and another fugitive were not among those arrested. the police fired more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition during the raid. from the scene, andrew simmons reports. >> it sounds like a war zone, yet this is a residential suburb of northern paris.
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any illusion that some normalty might have been returning to france is shattered in the darkness. bullets whistling by. al search light from a helicopter picking out targets for the police special forces. gunfire and explosions going on for hours. cell phone cameras held dangerously at windows catching some of the gun fights and the rest, army reinforcements are september in as back-up. this suspect survives, holding his hands on his head. "on your knees. show me your backs" shouts an officer in english. in a second arrest, the suspect is seen on the ground with two policemen having to restrain him. other arrests were made. some of the suspects forced to strip to prove they weren't armed. for hours now, this paris suburb has been in deep shock.
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when gunfire and explosions rattled windows waking people up in the early hours, everyone had thought this was another attack, but no. it was a prolonged fire fight between a heavily-armed group holed up in an apartment down at the bottom of this street and the police. later, behind sheeting, the body of at least one of the suspects was removed. another dead suspect was a woman wearing a suicide vest who detonated her explosives. she is understood to be hasm hasma h bulam, a cousin of the suspected planner of last friday's attacks. authorities believed he was in syria. now they say they received information he was here, and that's why the raid was ordered. >> there were explosives which the terrorists had prepared an the police shot 5,000 bullets in the raid. we took note of the various arms
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used, the shootings, bullets, partial desconstruction within the ceiling of the third floor and there will be a number of forensic and police investigations that need to be conducted further. >> this man who had let the suspects enter his flat was arrested after this interview. >> translator: i found out they were in my house, holed up in my flat. i didn't know they were terrorists. someone asked me a favor. i did them a favor. someone asked me to put two people up for three days and i did them a favor. that's normal. i don't know where they came from. i don't know where they came from. if i had known, do you think i would have done that? >> not surprisingly people in this district are frighten and confus confused. some decided not to leave their home even after the operation was over. >> translator: i called the police. they told me. don't worry. stay safe at home. it's police action somewhere in the city, it was so close on us because we could hear that. >> reporter: the scale of this operation was vast. some special forces police were
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injured. it all ended after more than seven hours with a motor kade of police special forces speeding out of, leaving behind another painstaking inquiry, a question mark over the whereabouts of abdel hamid aboud who hasn't been arrested and the chilling prospect. this could have been a defendant previously unknown isil cell. as crowds of people returned to their homes, there are more questions about the effectiveness of intelligence and whether there could be plans for more attacks. andrew simmons, al jazeera, paris. new york police say they are aware of a new lee released isil video suggesting the city is a potential target of paris style attacks. the mayor has enkurnlingdz people to live out their lives normally. >> we understand it is the goal
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of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. we will not submit to their wishes. i want to encourage all new yorkers to continue to go about their business normally. it's important to note that there is no credible and specific threat against new york city. >> five syrian citizens who allegedly traveled to hon did youas on stroenl greek passports have been retained after an alert was issued by inter poll. officials say the syrian men were being tracked since leaving greece. it's believed they were trying to make their way to the united states. >> a lot more still to come here on al jazeera including we take a closer look at the man suspected of planning and organizing the paris attacks, plus: >> i am robin foriestier walker where soviet contamination
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threatens this region with an environmental catastrophe.
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i was super scared and my brother was very little. so he had no idea what was going on. i was really scared. sop i am really glad she
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survived. survived. welcome back. a quick recap the top stories. massive protests taking place outside the asia pacific annual corporation's meeting in manila. riot police have been using water canon to break up protests. the last day of the 21 day bloc's meeting. >>its ill published a picture of a bomb it says it used to bring
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down the russian airliner. they say lax security allowed it to smuggle explosives on the plane. french investigators say they stopped a terror cell ready to act. two people were killed and eight arrested during a raid on wednesday morning. looking for the main suspects of friday's attacks in paris. now, french investigators are trying to work out whether one of the people killed in that raid was the suspected mast mastermind behind the paris attacks. jonah hull has more on abdul hamyd aboud. >> this is the man the french security officials believe planned an organized last friday's attacks. bell jan born hamyd aboud seen here in video footage filmed perhaps in syria where he spent time fighting for islamic state, date unknown. >> i would like to send a message to those who stayed
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sitting. stand up. spring. jump. rush for the victory. are you satisfied with this life you have staying home, this hugh milating life whether it's in europe, america, arabic countries where you call yourself muslim. you still dare to be called a muslim? >> reporter: according to european security officials quoted in a "new york times" report, he was among a number of mean citizens fighting for isil in syria now making their way back to the continent to plot attacks and recruit fellow fighters. security agencies became aware of his presence in athens last december because of a phone call he made. he then escaped a police raid in january at an address in eastern belgium before traveling back to syria. >> look for pride and honor. you will only find it in your religion, in jihadism. >> the young man who railed against the lives of muslims in
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europe and himself enjoyed a life of privilege in the brussels suburb where police raids took place this week. his moroccan father own did a clothing busy. he attended an exclusive school. among his friends were ibrahim & al he em, one of the suicide attackers saleem still on the run. >> he is thought to have first traveled to syria in 2014 where he quickly embraced isil's propapa began a. he also bragged on liet lying about the easy with which he was able to travel to europe and syria. >> appears to be a major security lapse by the intelligence services. accounts of him suggest a man not just with personal passion for isil's ideology but something else of great value to the group: friends in a brussels suburb, restless drop
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outs searching for meaning. it seems he was able to offer them some. jonah hull, al jazeera, paris. >> in nigeria, at least 15 people have been killed by two suicide bombers. the attack happened in the northern city of kano. police say two women blew themselves up in a mobile phone margaret near the center of the city. it bears the heart attacks of a boko haram attaching. this latest attack comes less than 24 hours after 32 people were killed in a similar bombing in yolo. a report. >> reporter: these are the latest victims of a six-year circle of violence devastating nigeria. the attacker was looking to cause maximum damage. most of the virgims were young men and women. >> we went to eat. after eating, we sat with some tea and then the blast. three of my friends were killed. this is the third of such attacks this year in hospitals
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here struggling with the injured. some of whom are in critical condition. although no one has claimed responsibility, the attack resembles similar ones carried out by boko haram. the last being a friday mosque attack a few kilometers from here. dozens were killed. >> boko haram may be on the back foot as the military it is up operations but awhat their separations have failed to do is stop soft targets such as markets and places of worship. >> hundreds of people have been killed in such attacks. security experts warn suicide attacks will increase as the de deadline said for the military to defeat the fighters nears. mohammed degris, al jazeera, abu gentleman, nigh year i can't. the global terrorism index says terrorism rose by 80% last year compared to 2013, the highest level ever recorded. boko haram and isil are
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responsible for a majority of the attacks. the number of deaths attributed to boko haram increased by 317%. over 6,60 om me were killed in 2014. isil has been blamed for the deaths of over 6,000 people. in haiti, a protest against the results of last month's presidential election has turned violent. police used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse protesters. demonstrators allege voter fraud and accuse the current president of manipulating results to give the ruling parent candidate the lead. >> malacia's prime minister says the armed group has beheaded a malaysian hostage in the philippines. bernard tin was abducted in may and held captive in suli province. malacia has asked philippine authorities to pin issue the kidnappers. >> two malaisians were kidnapped earlier this year. there was efforts then to rescue
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them. we managed to get one hostage out. in this case, we remember unfortunately unable retrieve the other one. >> now, the u.n. estimates that drug trafficking across southeast asia is worth more than $33,000,000,000 a year. in a bid to stop the trade, several nations, including thailand and myanmar is taking action. in thailand, the biggest victims caught in this war are children. >> in a dawn raid on a remote village in tie land, the world of a small girl was turned upside down. one of the targets of the raid near the border with myanmar was her stepfather, wanted in connection with drug trafficking and killing a policeman. he wasn't there but the mother of the tep-year-old was caught with a small bag of methamphetamine pills, enough to be charged as a dealer. at the police station in town,
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able to contemplate two years in jail and years away from her daughter. >> since there is no one taking care of her now, she will have to get a job and take care of herself. is it that's exactly what wiferov has had to do for the past three years since her parents were jailed for dealing. when she is not workingfields, the 15-year-old is looking after her brother and sister. they lived with extended family but she has become the main caregiver while their mother serves another three years. their father killed himself in custody. >> living with my parents was a happy time. now my happiness has ended. >> despite increasing regional cooperation, lives continue to be destroyed in a prist each part of the world that's a key transit appropriate for drugs. >> the path of myanmar across the border is controlled by a rebel army, the united state
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army which is believed to be one off if not the largest producer and traffic for drugs in southeast asia. >> the people living in the villages al ready supply. >> after each arrest, we investigate further to uncover the send cats. we have people working in each area and we see the assets of those key drug trafficers. last year, we dismantled some big networks. >> but in this case, another child is left behind as another parent is taken away, another casualty of a growing i will is it border trade. wayne hay, al jazeera, thailand. >> now one of the legacies of the soviet era has been the dumping of radioactive waste in countries that were once part of the ussr. according to the u.n., up to 55
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million tons of waste from ur uranium mines remains in norther tajikist a. n. environmentalists warn around 19 million people could be exposed today high levels of laidation. in kurdistan p it is threatening not only people but the environment. robin forest ier walker reports where the government says it needs million dollars of dollars to clean up the problem. >> it's a race to contain an invisible menace. these men are rebuilding the defenses around a radio-active dump to protect it from flooding. i am told the risk of inhaling dangerous particles is small, but it's dusty work. so, i am not taking any chances. 23 dumps, waste from uranium
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mined during the soft union threaten the town. the world bank has helped move some of the material but it's this official -- as this official explains, they want more foreign aid to finish the job. >> 50 million euros and they can sort this out. they are buried. until that happens, a landslide or a flood could dump radioactive sludge in to the region's river system. >> the town is under siege from radiation. the government is doing what it can with limited resources to hold back the contamination. until some places, uranium is he is posed. here, radiation levels are up to eight times higher than the norm. this site is also a dumping ground for ordinary waste. another concern for health
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officials. local medical professionals assume a link between the presence of the waste because we have slightly higher cancer raises over other areas. in the look into the radiation study obvious public health, the link is anectotal but that is little consolation for a town in decline once famous in providing the uranium used to make the soviet union's first atomic bombs. >> golora scattered showers the dumps every day. she has her own remedy. >> you don't need to drink much. maybe 50 or 100 grams of vodka a day. it's good for you because of the uranium here. >> three bags will earn her a dollar a day. radiation is the least of her worries. robin forest ier walker,
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al jazeera. >> a quick reminder, you can keep up-to-date with all of the news. join us on our website. there it is on your screen. that's >> often "america tonight," after paris. can drones do the job of stopping i.s.i.l? we consider the human cost of a fire from the sky. >> i participated in extra judicial actions, via the drone program in killing people i'm pretty sure were innocent. >> the man who had his finger on the trigger, a conversation with al jazeera's lindsay moran.


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