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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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france prepares to extend the state of emergency following raids to find the man behind the paris attacks. hello. also coming up on the program in the aftermath of the paris attacks how will increased air strikes affect the war in syria. i.s.i.l. says this is the bomb it used to blow up a russian airliner over egypt. plus. >> reporter: i'm where contamination threatens this region with an environmental t
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catastrophe france's parliament is getting ready to talk about extending the country's state of emergency for another three months. the security measure was put in place after last week's attacks in paris which killed at least 129 people. now, if it's extended the government will have more power to conduct searches and set curfews. at least two people were killed and eight were arrested in a seven-hour police raid in the paris suburb of st denis on wednesday. the police say the raid took out a terrorist cell that was ready to act, but abdel hamid abaaoud the main suspect in friday's attacks was not among those arrested and his fate remains unknown. >> reporter: this is the man that french security officials believe planned and organised last friday's attacks.
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belgian born 27-year-old abdel hamid abaaoud seen here in video footage filmed perhaps in syria where he spent time fighting for islamic state. date unknown. >> translation: i would like to send a message to those who stayed sitting. stand up, spring, jump, rush for the victory. are you satisfied with this life you have staying home sitting at your place, humiliating place wherever you are, where you call yourself muslim, you still dare to be called a muslim. >> reporter: according to european security officials quoted in a new york times report abdel hamid abaaoud was among a number of european citizens fighting for i.s.i.l. in syria now making their way back to the continent to plot attacks and recruit fellow fighters of the security agencies became aware of his presence in athens last
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december. he escaped and travelled back to syria. >> translation: look for pride and honor. you will only find it in your religion. you will only find it in your religion, in jihadism. >> reporter: the young man who railed against the lives of those in you're was in molembeek where raids took place this week. his father owned a clothing business. when young he attended a school with two friends. >> reporter: abdel hamid abaaoud is thought to have first travelled to syria in earlier 2014 where he quickly embraced i.s.i.l.'s propoganda causing for muslims in europe to step up. he bragged on line about the ease with which he was able to travel between syria and you're.
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that appears to be a major security lapse by the intelligence services. accounts of abdel hamid abaaoud suggests a man not with just personal passion for i.s.i.l.'s ideology but something of great value to the group, friends in a brussels suburb, restless drop-outs seek for something. he seems to offer them some the critical thing right now seems to be the whereabouts of this man that you have just proceed filed for us, a man considered to be the mastermind behind these attacks. >> reporter: we know, of course, what drew the police to that apartment block on wednesday morning in st denis. it was a phone intercept evidence and witness accounts that suggested that abdel hamid abaaoud had been or was in that apartment and, indeed, they
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clearly stumbled upon something. there must have been some veracity of those reports because the police that they have disrupted a cell that may have been planning a new attack here in france, but the french prosecutor, who has been giving regular updates since that raid yesterday morning, has made it clear that abdel hamid abaaoud was not among the eight people arrested nor, indeed, was salah abdeslam, the brother of one of the suicide attackers last friday. what he can't say with any definitive certainty, the prosecutor, is whether or not either of these man were among the dead or even how many dead there were because of the state of remains found in that apartment, but the possibility clearly exists that both of these men remain on the run. there is another piece of information, and that comes from the u.s. intelligence report just published which notes that the f.b.i. passed on information to european security services, including the french, in may
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last year that there was a cell of so-called plotters in belgium. the ring leader was none other than abdel hamid abaaoud according to the f.b.i. which was capable of carrying out assaults in europe. the two brothers were questioned but they were let go because they weren't considered at that time to be a threat. it was clear that intelligence was moving close towards identifying the people involved in friday's attacks, perhaps identifying the likelihood of such an attack taking place, but, of course, not coming close enough to prevent it meanwhile the french parliament will be considering the extended state of emergency. what does it allow, the state of emergency the authorities to do that otherwise they wouldn't be able to do? >> reporter: there is, of course, a state of emergency underway. it was called by the president memorandumed after friday's attacks, a substantially unusual
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situation for france to find themselvess in. it gives the forces, intelligence agencies, judiciary reand others, heavily stepped up powers to be able to go in all gun blazing and do what they did in st denis, five thousand rounds of ammunition fired in that raid, at an apartment building and there have been something like 300 raids that have taken place this week since those attacks, all of that happening under state of emergency. the president believes this needs to be extended. he will know that there have been lapses thus far. he will want to make sure there's no more mistakes and that everybody involved in these attacks and possible future attacks, so he wants to extend it. politicians will support that. france understands the threat that exists. it is a very jittery country now
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and they will back their president in relation to this thank you for that. the paris attacks have an an aeffect in the found of raqqa, the strong island of i.s.i.l. in syria. they of intensified over the past few days. campaigns have been stepped up. russian bombs hit oil fields controlled by the group. refugees are trying to escape the war and they face increasingly hostile back lack with some nations refusing to take them in. the syrian president bashar al-assad, his position appears to be okay, stable, if not strengthened, russia continuing to back him and making him stronger, helping him to take territory from both i.s.i.l. as well as other opposition groups. he has been speaking about those paris attacks. >> translation: we can start by saying it's a horrible crime and at the same time it's a sad
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event when you heard about innocents being killed without any reason and for nothing. we understand the meaning of losing a dear member of the family or anyone in such a horrible crime. we've been suffering from that for five years. we feel for the french as for the lebanese a few days before that and russians regarding the aeroplane shot down and for the yemeni maybe. does the world feel for those people or only the forensic? do they feel for the syrians who have been suffering for the same terrorism? feeling is not about nationality. it's about the human in general we can speak to a senior associate at middle east center in beirut joining us live from the lebanese capital. these attack new zealand paris seem to have had an fact well beyond the french borders. some have described this moment as being quite seminal in the
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attack against i.s.i.l. would you agree? >> i'm not sure about that. until now, unless we see what is being planned. until now the only reaction we've seen is the increased attacks against draka but not much more. the rest of the reactions have been in france itself in terms of shutting down borders, state of emergency talking about the changes in the constitution, stripping people of nationality, which actually play into the hands of i.s.i.l. what about the fact that this show of strength, if you like, on the part of i.s.i.l., i.s.i.l. sympathisers way beyond the middle east, what does this reveal as to the strength and capacity of i.s.i.l. now? >> i.s.i.l. is a decentralised organizations. the fact that it is able to conduct terror attacks in different regions and different countries, i mean the day before the attack there was another
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aattack in lebanon that i.s.i.l. claimed. now we find out that - there's now acknowledgment that the downing of the russian plane was also conducted by i.s.i.l. so the fact that it is able to or it is able to claim responsibility for acts that are being committed in its name, it's a message to say we're able to reach anywhere and everywhere and we're now willing to go global. it's also, i think, a recruitment strategy. it's saying to its followers everywhere look how strong we are, we're able to strike at the heart of the western heart land so to speak the immediate response from the big powers has been to intensify their air strikes, particularly on raqqa, the i.s.i.l. strong hold in syria. is this the way forward? is this the way that the fight against i.s.i.l. can be brought to a successful collusion
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conclusion. >> air strikes are just not sufficient. reports out of raqqa, apparently large numbers have fled, but historically air strikes do not accomplish much in that way. they can diminish the people. unless we have a strategy that looks at the military campaign, boots on the ground, but also looks at the root causes of why people are flocking to i.s.i.l. at the end of the day the people who carried out the attacks in france are predominantly french citizens. they lived in belgium. so clamping down on refugees, clamping down on border movements is dancing to the tune of i.s.i.l. this is exactly what they want. it wants to create a view of the
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world that is dicotomous. it's us against them. white and black. that's why they chose these targets in france for their mixture. they are theant tithesi. it is not enough. it is more about saying we're going to respond for the innocent deaths, but it really is venting for me at this point thank you very much indeed. >> a pleasure thank you an hour or so ago we were bringing you breaking news of the passenger news that was going from the polish capital and making an emergency landing. it was not a bomb scare. it was actually a bomb threat, a hoax made by an unruly passenger. the plane had landed safely en
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route to an egyptian resort. there has been renewed sighting in yemen and forces loyal to president hardy take over houthi positions. 17 houthis died. the resistance army began an operation to cut off houthi supply lines. 16 people were injured in residential parts of the city. more to come here including protest in the philippine against apec as asia-pacific leaders call for urgent action against terrorism. stepping up security, how cities are using the latest technology to prevent possible paris-style attacks.
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our world what it is. welcome back. a look at the top stories. the french parliament is getting ready to talk about extending the country's state of emergency for three more months. teams are investigating the scene of wednesday's police raid in the paris suburb of st denis. police say the operation took out a terrorist cell that was ready to act. the syrian president bashar al-assad has spoken about the paris attacks in an interview. he condemned the killings but also offered a reminder of syrian's losses oh the past five years. -- syrian's losses.
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forces try to take over houthi positions. 17 houthi fighters were were killed in the clashes. the pop resistance army fighting began an operation to cut off houthi supply lines. i.s.i.l. has published a picture of the bomb that it says braulgt down a russian airline over egypt calling all people on board. lacks security at sharm el-sheikh airport allowed it to smuggle these explosives on board. >> reporter: every day item that could have led to the deaths of hundreds of people. this is the can of soft drink i.s.i.l. claims it used to bring down a russian airliner. beside it is what appears to be a detonator power source and switch. >> inside the can itself if it's full to capacity, probably two to 300 grams of high explosive in there. certainly this is a viable
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device and certainly it's the sort of thing that if it was placed in the opt minimum position could cause catastrophic failure and breach the shell of the aircraft which is going to cause it to completely disintegrate. >> reporter: i.s.i.l. displayed the device on its on line magazine saying it was revenge for bombing of territory it controls by russia and western countries. the air bus carrying russian holiday makers from the egyptian resort of sharm el-sheikh broke up over the sinai killing everybody on board. russia said the bomb was to blame. president putin has offered a $50 million dollar reward leading to those who destroyed the jet. i.s.i.l. claims to have exploited a loophole at sharm
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el-sheikh airport to struggle it on board >> tells you a lot i.s.i.l. can operate away from syria and iraq, and also the capacity to bring down an airline is very - al-qaeda has been attempting to do that since after 911. >> reporter: since the crash russia has stepped up air strikes on i.s.i.l. and other opposition groups in syria. i.s.i.l. said it had planned to target a western aircraft, but changed its mind in reaction to russian bombardments. the release of a photo raises more difficult questions for egypt and the security at its airports. yet it has given no official reason why it thinks the plane crashed calling on all sides to await the results of an official egyptian investigation asia-pacific leaders who are gathered in the philippines capital have called for an
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urgent need for increased international cooperation in the fight against terrorism. scuffles are taking place between police and protestors in manila. the demonstrators want apec dismantled saying it only benefits big companies and this is the last day of the 21 nation block annual summit. our correspondent on the latest e >> reporter: as it wraps up here, a statement by the # 1 heads of state that are part of-- 21 heads of state, read out by the host, president akino and within the statement there a heavy mention of terrorism, specifically the last couple of attacks that we've seen over the last few weeks in paris over the sinai as well as beirut. they say there's an urgent need for better coordination to stop these attacks globely. they also make a connection to what this organizations is all
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about and that's building the economy trade and cooperation of the nations of this region. they say it's critical for development, prosperity to stamp out terrorism and they make that direct connection. chinese president piped in a dialogue today because there was a chinese citizen who was killed and claimed responsibility by i.s.i.l. he condemned that. even though this was supposed to be about the economy, terrorism on the last day took center stage. there was a connection though between the economy and trying to wipe out terrorism, that there needs to be a concerted effort, 21 leaders say, needs to happen. this dialogue will continue as some of these leaders will travel, have begun travelling and will meet over the week so many of these things will continue to be discussed it may be at least two months before myanmar's new government officially takes over but aung san suu kyi is already busy talking.
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the n.l.d.'s leader met the out going speaker. she is also scheduled to meet the president and the military chief to talk about the hand over of power to her new government. phi engineer i can't's-- nigeria's president says this man was accused of stealing in used against the fight of boko haram. bogus ammunition was said to be involved. one of the leaders of a drug's cartel in the west western area, a person was detained after a six month intelligence operation. the 31-year-old who was arrested with three others is accused of drug trafficking, extortion, theft of petroleum and herred. one of the leg cease of this--
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legacies has been the dumping of radioing active waste in countries. 92 nuclear dump sites are threatening not only people but also the environment in one country. >> reporter: it's a race to contain an invisible men ace. these men are rebuilding the defenses around a radio active dump to protect it from flooding. i'm told the risk of inhaling dangerous particles is small, but it's dusty work so i'm not taking any chances. 23 dumps waste from uranium other mined threatens this town. the world bank mass helped move some of the material, but it's this official explains they want
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more foreign aid to finish the job. if we get 50 million, then we can sort this problem out. take it away and burry it in a safer place. >> reporter: until that happens a land slide could dump it into the river. the town is under siege from radiation and the government is doing what if can with limited resources to hold back the contamination. in some places uranium tailings are exposed. he radiation levels are up to eight times higher than the normal. this site is also a dumping grounds for ordinary waste. another concern for health officials. >> translation: local medical professionals assume a link between ilnesses and the present of the waste. we have slightly higher cancer rates compared to other neighbouring areas. >> reporter: in the absence of
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any major study into the impact on radiation on public health, the link is anecdotal, but that is little con solation for a town in decline once famous for providing the uranium for the first automic bombs. strap metal is symbolled every day. she has her own remedy. you don't need to bring much, maybe 50 or 100 grams of water a day. it is good for you because of the uranium mere-- here. >> reporter: three bags of earn her a dollar a day. radiation is the least of her worries police have fired tear gas to disburse crowds in kosovo.
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it is now into its second day with protestors throwing stones and molotov cocktails. in the wake of the paris attacks leaders around the world are now looking at how they can better protect their citizens. one option is the increased use of so-called smart systems. they are networks of sensors and cameras which monitor people and their activity. our technology expert from barcelona >> reporter: a ripple of gun fire recorded and identified by smart roof top sensors and then sent within seconds to the police. along with the precise details of the shooting.
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it is used in 90 cities in the u.s. to combat gun crime. it is considering how it can be used to respond to threats in much the same way as a fire alarm works. >> they're clearly engaged in some gun fire. >> the particular case of the paris attacks, our technology could be firearm alarm for forces to get there sooner and be able to mitigate the downstream consequences of ongoing engagement of shooter >> reporter: coupled with software sensors and cameras are being develop, such as when a person is left leaving a package on the roof top. they're fast becoming the tools of choice for many of the
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world's cities, but they come with a trade-off. the citizens in those cities have to ensure that any loss of privacy is offset by the city becoming a safer place to live. for some that balance has not been achieved with cities too quick to install new technology and yet to see useful results. >> we focus so much on putting everyone under surveillance. with lots of data that is not necessary. there's no reason to get the data. we take the money out of the traditional technique that would you have allowed us to identify specific persons that do pose a risk and follow them up thoroughly. >> reporter: citizens are not comfortable and so analysing it is a challenge
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don't forget you can always go to the website and get the very latest on the day's top stories, particularly, of course, concentrating a lot of effort on paris. currently paris attacks give rise to conspiracy theories. check that out on >> june 2010, fighting erupts between the uzbek and kyrgyz communities of southern kyrgyzstan. the violence spreads from osh to nearby towns. >> they came and started looting houses, killing people.