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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> we'll cross over to andrew simmons. andrew will tell us more about what you're learning on abaaoud's death. >> well, the confirmation of abaaoud is indeed dead.
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it had been suspected that he was in that apartment when so many special forces attacked it for a period of three to four hours with fierce resistance from all of those inside. now there is this confirmation, we are told, it is fingerprint evidence that has convinced the authorities, that it is in fact him, and francoi the french pror has said that this confirmation is indeed the case, but he cannot say whether or not he had actually blown himself up or whether he was crushed when the building partly collapsed, or he was thought repeatedly by the forces. it is unclear, but it is definitely him and of course, this brings to a close the speculation about who this man was and confirms that their intelligence was correct, that
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indeed, this man was not with a string of terrorist attacks behind him, according to intelligence services. he was supposed to be in syria. that's what front was saying initially, but then later on, they got the intelligence of an eyewitness, who had identified him in par requires, and also then wiretaps on phones and surveillance, which led them to attack the believe. now, this issue of the suicide vest, whether it's true or not is unclear, but his cousin, she has not officially been identified, but all sources we've spoken to suggest that she was the suicide bomber who walked towards the police special forces and detonated, dying on the spot.
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she was alleged to have said help me, help me, according to some sources, as a sort of come on to the police. that didn't happen. the police then proceeded to arrest eight other suspects from saint denis, and of course the suggestion that they had been successful in killing abaaoud was unclear at the time, but this has come as a massive relieve to so many people, not least of all french politicians who were coming under some pressure over what seems to be some intelligence failures in the past. >> speaking of toll addition, we'll be speak to go jonah hull about what happened in parliament a short time ago, but let me ask you about the state of investigation now that the announcement of abaaoud said death has been made, also, what are you hearing about the eight other suspects that were taken in during that raid on wednesda?
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they will undoubtedly be under intense negotiation over the coming days and weeks. saleh abdeslam, another suspect louis a friend of abaaoud, he is still on the run. there is a complete uncertainty about his whereabouts. he did pass into belgium. there's a big controversy over that in terms of intelligence between belgium and france, but he is still on the loose. many thought he may have been in the saint denis apartment earlier on. now that is a major cause of concern. not only that, the investigation has to look at whether or not there are other so-called terror cells, isil terror cell ins
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france. >> there is pressure now of reassuring the public that they are not as at risk as they fear. >> they didn't in fact detain him, but he passed through germany on the way to turkey. this fits with the 2014 report that he did in fact go into syria. he was in deed filmed by some journalists on the border with
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turkey. >> reportedly, he was seen around that time dragging corpses from a trailer, and comparing dragging corpses with what he used to do, which is toe jet skis and other sorts of recreational equipment in morocco, the country he originates from. of course he did have belgian citizenship and that was the problem, that is the controversy of the movement of these bombing suspects crossing the borders under the schengen agreement. >> thank you for the time being.
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we'll bring in jonah standing outside parliament. we know now that the lower house has voted to extend that state of emergency. tell us more. >> a short while ago, they voted the lower house of parliament to extend the state of emergency. >> i apologize, while have to stop you for just a moment, because we'll have to cross over and bring the interior minister who is giving a statement right now. let's listen in. >> the president said at the parliamentary congress, the republic is doing its utmost to destroy terrorism. i would like to address my heartfelt congratulations to the investigator who since friday under the justice department has allowed us to identify abaaoud
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and also express my gratitude to the police involved in the raid. who conducted it with determination, as well as to all the police force, the firefighters, the ambulance drivers and also the cool headedness of the in habitants of saint denis. also the staff of the anti terrorism unit, the ministry of justice, the police and also the director general of the security forces of the republic. they were all mobilized completely to make sure that the situation was neutralized and to combat terrorism, which raised its ugly head on friday the 13th.
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>> they play an important role in this, the investigation was also moroccan sources. no information about movements before arriving in france could actually be of help. it is only on the 16th of october, november, rather, after the events in paris, that intelligence services of a country outside of europe confirmed his presence in greece. the fight against terrorism is absolutely crucial and that's why i ask for an exceptional meeting. the justice ministers will meet tomorrow in brussels so that all the issues will be debated in a
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european context. this has a european and international dimension, and there are 20 years sentence, a sentence of 20 years for such people in belgium. >> his organization had been organized in july last -- in paris, and we are thinking about the victims involved in previous attacks here, as well. >> identifying coming back into turkey in july, 2015, we are
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looking at his involvement in the terrorist attack on the amsterdam paris train on the 21st of august last. there is another jihadist questioned in istanbul, as he was going to prague with swedish passport to attack again. in the course of hearing, we heard that it had been determined by abdelhamid abaaoud and he was going to be an operative in france or another european country. this was foiled by the intelligence services of france and abdelhamid abaaoud seems to be involved in four of the cases
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which we foiled. this would all have involved action perpetrated by european jihadists, who would be sent to france to perpetrate the act. once again, it is really up to the prosecutor, francois hollande to give details of this. i would just like to say that europe must otherwise itself and to defend itself against this threat. tomorrow, i will be with the minister of justice and we will be asking all the ministers of justice to make sure that europe urgently puts in place a pan european plan to reinforce external frontiers and also to
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coordinate in a more efficient way a strategy of arms. france has been asking for this for more than 18 monthsnessently. the p.n.r. project has been discussed by the consist as you will of europe, the european parliament and the commission, bub this has not gone fast enough, and it doesn't go far enough, either. i would like to urge therefore from paris where one of the most major terrorist attacks has been perpetrated, that we collectively act here on behalf of all the ministers of the interior tomorrow, which brings into coordination all the departments of anti terrorism. we have to go fast and in a
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determined way the republic is doing its utmost to destroy terrorism. in saint denis, there was one target. it has been hit and it cannot hurt anymore. europe, which we love and built carefully must be put into combat against terrorism. the message will be teen brussels tomorrow. he is the interior minister. the message seems to be that europe must organize and defend itself against such threats and when i talks about such threats, he is referring to the attack that took place in paris last week, friday, and they be there was the subsequent raid that happened on wednesday, and
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reports today confirmed that -- who they believe is the mastermind of the friday attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud has died. jonah joins us from paris. you were listening in as i was to the minister's statement, just outlining a few details about the raid that took place to led to the death of abaaoud. >> yes. well he did say that the real detail will be left to the prosecutor, of course, but this man, the interior minister of france probably laying the way for comments we'll be hearing repeated by the president in an hour or so's time, starting off by congratulating the investigators involved and all the security force ins i.d.'s abdelhamid abaaoud in the first place and then initiating that raid in saint denis, the paris
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suburb in which we now know of course he was killed, and then going on to outline why he was quite such an important figure in the sort of networks that have been in france, that organized planned and cord out last friday's attack, that he was a figure who not only in the words of the minister mastermind that had attack but had a hand in other attacks, notably involvement in the 21 of august train attack which was foiled by americans servicemen traveling from amsterdam to paris, a man walking into a carriage with an a.k.47. four our cases foiled by french security involving abaaoud that's would have involved violent action perpetrated by european ve dadis. he said that he was going to attend a meeting of interior and justice ministers tomorrow at
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which he will demand europe otherwise against this threat, to reinforce external frontiers, that's something the french have been asking for he said for 18 months. the republic is doing what it can to stamp out terrorism. he finished by saying this man was the chief target of wednesday's attack. he has now been hit and he cannot hurt us anymore. >> jonah, it seems that there is going to be european and international dimension to what's going on, but just tell us what happened in france a short time ago with parliament voting on extending that state of emergency in the country. >> no follows on within hours of friday's attacks, declared only
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the second time since the late 1950 that his such a thing has happened and in the national assembly behind when he, the lower house of parliament debated government proposals to extend that state of emergency and about an hour ago passed it with an absolutely overwhelming majority, 551 votes to six against. that state of emergency now in place for three months gives sweeping powers to the security services in this country, the police, the military, the intelligence services and the judiciary to arrest and detain without charge suspects, place suspects under house arrest to arbitrarily close down bars, restaurants, sports venues, music venues, place of public gathering to ban or at least control public gatherings. they've banned two major demonstration that had been planned around the climate summit here in paris in a couple weeks time. president obama is coming here for that.
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this is the state that france finds itself in now on a war footing abroad, bombing targets in syria and here at home very much in a state of emergency. >> ok, jonah, thank you for that update from paris. we're joined in our doha studios by martin with the new york based strategic security intelligence consultancy. what kind of decisions do you expect the justice and interior ministers to be taking in brussels on friday? >> as far as the additional security measures? >> if that is what it is. bernard just said there will be a meeting. >> i think it's discussed what the options are. this friday's attack just puts europe in extraordinary times, which calls for extraordinary measures for a limited period. i think we saw the same thing following the 9/11 attacks in the united states. there were some very extraordinary measures put down, warrantless arrests, lengthy detentions of suspects, for a period of time that it was
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tolerated and then you start once you gain control of what's going on, you know a little more, you start to relax. again, i think extraordinary measures may be called for at this time. they have to be taken into consideration and there has to be a time limit put on it. >> what about the announcement of the death of abdelhamid abaaoud? what do you make of that? it certainly doesn't seem to be the end, because there are reports that he was part of an active group and perhaps even a cell preparing for more attacks. >> apparently so. i mean, he was the leader of this cell, that was significant, but is state is a huge organization, much larger than al-qaeda ever was. they have a well of leaders, both in iraq and syria, and in their different provinces in the of a pack region, yemen, north africa and the sinai and certainly in europe right now. somebody will be able to fill
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that. juror thank you for joining us. >> police launching raised in the suburb outside brussels. they are relate to friday's attacks in paris. some of the suspects in those attacks had links to belgium. the countries prime minister has promised to step up security. he's announce that had 400 mill euros will go to fighting groups like isil. >> we want to act along four major lines, first to eradicate messages of hate and call to say violence. second to concentrate efforts on individuals flagged as potentially dangerous. third to strengthen the security measure and finally to act on an international level. >> paul dronen is in brussels with more. >> strong words from the belgian foreign minister here in brussels this morning, clearly understanding the pressure that he's under and the need to save lives and prevent future
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disasters, future tragedies such as happened in paris. the measures that he's unveiled include 400 million euros, $427 million to beep up the security services, whose limitations here in belgium have been well publicized over the past days. it is estimated there are no more than a thousand state and military intelligence employees. that's not many when you consider the high profile headquarters that are based here in this small country, nato, all the e.u. institutions and dozens of banks and indeed, the european air traffic security system, euro control, as well. the size of the task facing those intelligence operators, trying to stay on top of all the chatter and all the threats clearly needs to be beefed up. that's what the belgian prime minister has said today. the other thing he had strong words for was any radicalized foreign fighters returning from syria. they will go straight to prison now he's announced.
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other radicalized elements will be having to wear electronic tacks. strong words indeed. operationally, there is more work going on in the streets of brussels already now on thursday. wove had a number of raids and at least one arrest, not just in the district, but also in other districts. they are targeting not just direct associates of those involved in the paris attacks, but also looking at previous radicalized element that is perhaps haven't been cleaned up as yet. some of the raids directed at associates of the suicide bomber who blew himself up outside the stadium defrantz in paris, other raids looking at more historical radicalized element that is they've enough decided to tackle. >> the attacks in paris last week have had an effect stretching beyondment borders of france, airstrikes on isil said syrian stronghold of raqqa have intensified over the past few
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days. france, the u.s. and russia stepped up their campaign. overnight, russian bombs hit oil fields controlled by the group, but moscow has been accused of trying to help their ally by also targeting other opposition fighters. >> we can start by saying that it's a horrible crime, a sad event people killed without reason. we've been suffering from that for the past five years. we feel for the french as we feel for the lebanese before that. the russians have an air plane shot down over sinai.
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>> a man armed with an automatic weapon shot and killed two soldiers and fired as a passing passenger bus. the shooter then fled the scene and blew himself up at his home. >> two israelis have been kid in a stabbing attack in tel-aviv. one died of injuries in hospital. a third person was injured. the palestinian who was said to have carried out the attack has been taken into custody. the israeli police are searching the area for more suspects. 14 israelis and 87 palestinians have been killed in such incidents since the beginning of october. >> talks at the annual asia pacific summit wrapped up in the capital manila but security concerns overshadowed trade talks. we have this report. >> calling the summit a success, the leaders of apec showed a united front despite differences. they agreed to keep working together towards inclusive and
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sustainable growth. they also promised to make separate regional trade agreements compliment each other under the world trade organization and to eradicate poverty, all part of what the host leader called a people centered agenda. >> these past couple of days, we discussed the issues we face as one asia pacific region. in the past, meetings were highly technical discussions on trade issues. the past couple days have taken a broader approach. >> the leaders acknowledged that they must cooperate on factors outside of trade that influence the global economy. there were many meetings on the sidelines to discuss those issues. high on that list, particularly after recent attacks in europe, africa and the middle east, defeating armed groups. the leaders of the asia pacific economic cooperation say prosperity is a powerful tool against the root causes of
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radicalization. just outside the leaders meeting, thousands of protestors, including international activists say apec is nothing more than a coalition of oppressors, pushing globalization that only benefits a few. >> these are just some of the people that apec member agreements are meant to help, but they say nothing's change ford them since the group first came toke in 1989. >> indigenous filipinos have joined the criticism, accusing governments and big corporations of harassment and failing on their responsibility to protect the environment. >> they're killing people from our tribe, our relatives, the people because they want our mountains and dig mines. those mountains are natural riches and our lives. it is what sustains us. >> apec leaders say they know they still have much to do, and as they begin to head home, they can only hope their people's
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agenda eventually satisfies all the people. al jazeera, manila. >> it may be months before myanmar's new government officially takes over, but opposition leader aung san suu kyi is liz with talks about the transfer of power, meeting a the outgoing speaker of the lower house. the n.l.d. swept elections early they are month. suu kyi is set to meet with the president and the military chief. >> a libyan man is arrested on conspiracy to murder a police woman decades ago. she was shot outside the libyan embassy in lon down in 1984. detectives describe the arrest of a man in his 50s as a significant development. >> u.n. says serbia and macedonia have begun to limit the number of refugees crossing their borders. syrians and afghans make up the majority of refugees with the
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hope of reaching northern and western europe. the u.n. said africans and asians are also being refused entry. you can read much more on our website, >> french officials confirm, the man accused of organizing the paris attacks in now dead following a raid by police. >> a new look at the horror in paris, video showing people diving as the attackers open fire. >> unvest in minneapolis, police and pro defendantors clashing over the shooting death of an unarmed black man.


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