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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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hope of reaching northern and western europe. the u.n. said africans and asians are also being refused entry. you can read much more on our website, >> french officials confirm, the man accused of organizing the paris attacks in now dead following a raid by police. >> a new look at the horror in paris, video showing people diving as the attackers open fire. >> unvest in minneapolis, police and pro defendantors clashing over the shooting death of an unarmed black man.
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this is aljazeera america live in new york city. french authorities now confirming the man believed to have organized the attacks in paris is dead. abdelhamid abaaoud was killed during that raid in saint denis on wednesday, the prosecutor saying his body was formally identified using d.n.a. samples. his cousin also died when she set off her suicide vest. al jazeera's adam is live for us in paris. when exactly did forensic teams officially identify abaaoud's body? >> they made it known a couple of hours ago in paris, working all through the night, several times last night and this morning, french prosecutors said they could not confirm the identity of the remains there, but then just shortly after saying that this morning in
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early afternoon confirmed it was indeed him. in terrier minister said abaaoud was behind four of six foamed attacks in the last years, so this was an important operator here in france and isil and other parts of europe, who was very set on more attacks on planning further ones. they also say that they probably foiled another attack with the operation yesterday in saint denis outside paris. >> adam, prosecutors also in france explaining why it took so long to report and confirm his death. >> no, they haven't said that so far. they say they were acting all on their own intelligence, they have done this all on their own, but not saying why it was 24 hours it took them to announce the identification of his remains. they only announced after they
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knew. we'll be trying to find out with sources throughout the day. there had been many unconfirmed reports very soon after that raid that he had been killed in it, but the government only confirmed it a couple of hours ago here in france. >> the threat still persists. are you seeing increased security in the aftermath of the announcement this morning? people on the street are saying they are very of course satisfied. they wouldn't say happy, but they feel better that france was successful in this raid and successfully killed abdelhamid
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abaaoud people are debating whether or not this is a good mosh or safer because of the death of one plotter right now. >> that you can very much. >> one house of the french parliament today voting to extend that state of emergency that was put in place after friday's attacks in paris, lawmakers approving a three month extension that continues the government said powers to conduct searches impose occur fuse and ban mass demonstrations, that measure now going before the upper house of parliament tomorrow. >> in belgium, the prime minister promising to put more
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than $400 million towards boll stirring security in that country. he is also calling for tougher detention laws. >> preventing young people from leaving for combat and training zones is not enough. we must prevent those who are not belgian to return to our territory. jihadist it is who come back, their place must be in prison. >> we are in brussels with the latest on the on going security operations there. >> as we know from the prosecutor's office this morning, there were seven raids carried out, some in the west district where we are now, some in the northwest of the capital and some south of the capital. the belgian prosecutors are saying one person has been arrested, although hasn't identified them. those raids were destined really to find out more about the life, activities and network of
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quaintances. they are looking to find out who else he might have had in his network of associates, following a trip that he made to syria earlier this year. what that may suggest is that the belgian authorities until the paris attacks have been very slow in trying to pin down returning jihadis, but also key what the prosecutor's office told us this morning is that those operations were in brussels, there have been no operations elsewhere in belgium and right now, there are no on going operations focused on the whereabouts of saleh abdeslam, and he is the only known surviving fugitive that have jihadi hit squad and he's managed to elude a massive manhunt for six days now. >> officials saying a higher personal of foreign fighters leaving belgium for syria than
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any other country in europe. we talked about abaaoud's death earlier. >> i'm glad that he was one of the people that were killed in that raid, and i'm glad that we don't have to psycho analyze him or defy him or have his name be smeared over the newspapers and television over the next months as trial would proceed. maybe there's some information that he had in his head, but i think it's better just to get this done and say to the world this, if isis is going to come into western civilization and try to kill us, however irrational that reason is, there are hundreds of millions of us and we will eventually take care of them. >> we want to go now to joel day, assistant professor at the university of massachusetts law. he is also with the school center for terrorism and security studies and joins us from washington, d.c. thanks for being with us. as always, you maintain now the messaging is more important now than ever. how should the world react to the fact that the mastermind
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behind the paris attacks is dead? >> well, i think that he says replaceable. i think that isis has a deep back bedroom not just locally in syria, raqqa and the mosul, but the world. in the last 24 months, 40 groups have endorsed isis or pledged allegiance. they used to be domestic terror organizations trying to row place their domestic regimes and tactics have shifted to replicating what they see isis central doing. they went to beheading people and crucifying christians. what's really trouble is that these paris style attacks may be the next wave all across the world from malaysia to mali where these groups who want to be like isis replicate what happened this weekend. >> what about the debate in washington, d.c. about syrian refugees? what does isil want and how is it that you counter what we're
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seeing? >> we need tomorrow that terrorism is about provocation, what are these acts trying to provoke? they are trying to provoke exactly what we heard from congressman keen, unfortunately and other leaders on the right, and that is that refugees are not wanted. we know now that the syrian pat pores that was on the person of one of the terrorists was forged or fake and what they're going to do, what isis central is going to do is repackage the sound bites of people saying we don't want you, we don't want refugees and use that as prop gab da with the local populations in raqqa and mosul and say there's nowhere for you to go, you have to stay here, you have to give us your fighters, you have to give us your money and really seep them there as prisoners. >> eisenhowers farewell address to the nation saying beware of the industrial military complex, as you know, there is no shortage of defense institutions inside washington. how do you push back against the
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message they generate saying that we have to do something, we have to put down this group? >> well, again, if they're trying to provoke a world war three style campaign, this apocalyptic death cult is trying to lure us into the position where we have another 100,000 boots on the ground. remember that the leader of al-qaeda, zarqawi said the invasion of iraq was a gift from allah and the goal should be the abort the u.s. economy by the economy being as it is, the sinew of war. al-qaeda and islamic extremives are interested in putting thousands of boots on the ground and really taking the fight to us there. they don't care if there's just a dozen left, they'll fight us as long as they can, because their-game is more than paris style attacks. it's about world war three. >> what does the leadership do, you see the beheadings, attacks
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in paris, the calls for lone wolf attacks, what should washington do? >> i think that we saw a great model today in paris. we need to start thinking about the analogy of targeted police actions. we need to make sure that isis central is contained and cut off, and that we facilitate people leaving that area. we know now that russia and the united states are targeting their oil rigs and going around hunting for oil rigs, and blowing them up, so as they lose their natural resources where they can no longer sell on the market, isis is going to increase taxes and the increase the amount of pressure that they put on their local population, we need to facilitate their local population leaving and then leave isis to rot. >> final question, congress voting today on the issue of syrian refugees. talk to those members of congress. >> well, i think that it's exactly what isis wants, for us to deny refugees coming into the
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united states. it fits their propaganda and narrative. we need to really consider how our narrative is feeding into the propaganda exactly how isis plans this to go down. >> they are our new huddled masses. we continue to follow breaking news out of paris, the death of the alleged organizer of the attacks. we'll talk about isil's threat of an attack on another major u.s. city. s. city.
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>> french prosecutor saying abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in wednesday's raised at that apartment complex in the paris suburb of saint denis, about 30 miles and you said of paris. it is about one mile from where the other attacks, the bombings took place. officials saying they have linked a bad to four of six recent attempted attacks in france. they also confirm that the woman who blew herself up during that raid was his cousin. france has long been one of the key coalition members in the fight against isil, but the pentagon seems to be firmly entrenched with any coordination with russia over the skies of syria. >> the pentagon says it's not just who russia is targeting
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with its bombers and cruise missiles that's the problem, it's how the airstrikes are carried out, with unguided bombs and slop y targeting the pentagon said shows little concern for innocent syrians trapped in a hellish war zone. russia boasted it deployed heavy bombers to punish isil, a tactic the u.s. military spokesman in baghdad ridiculed also antiquated. >> they are putting 10 ships in the air at one time or 12 or even more, very old fashioned. those are the type of tactics needed only if you don't possess the technology, the skills and the exhibits to conduct the type of precision strikes that our coalition has done. >> the russian bombardment was contrasted with this week's u.s. airstrikes against fuel construction parked in the desert near the southeastern border with iraq. the runs which destroyed more than 100 trucks in spectacular
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fashion were conducted after the drivers were informed by dropped leaflets to get far away. u.s. a10's bombed the trucks and fired warning shots to make sure drivers got the message. >> we are not in this business to kill civilians. we're in this business to stop ice pill, defeat isil. we assessed that these trucks be while they are being used for operations that support isil, the truck drivers them themselves are probably just civilians. granted, they are oil smugglers, but they're not really members of isil, so many of them have got the message that smuggling oil for isil is a much more dangerous business now than last week. >> while president obama seemed to leave the door open to joint u.s. russia airstrikes. >> we are going to wait and see whether or not russia does end up devoting more attention to targets that are isil tares, and
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if it does so, then that's something we welcome. >> the pentagon just and it is quickly slammed it shut. >> the u.s. military of course has the greatest aviators on earth, so are capable of flying over anybody. that said, we now have no plans to conduct coordinated operations with the russians. >> al jazeera, the pentagon. >> police in new york city saying they are aware that new isil video promisees more attacks over image was manhattan. police say there is no specific threat to the city. they point out that most footage in that video not new, there are images of times square, harold's square all mixed in with a video of a man zipping a jacket over a suicide belt and building an explosive device. >> there is as we have repeated frequently no city in america that is better prepared to defend and protect against a terrorist attack. we work tirelessly to ensure
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that, continuously upgrade be exhibits in our systems. >> al jazeera has chosen not to show that video. the nypd is working with the f.b.i.'s joint terrorism task force and additional response command teams to keep the city safe. >> authorities in honduras saying they have intercepted five syrians carrying fake greek passports. those men arrested late tuesday on a flight from costa rica, they were believed to be on their way to the u.s. police say there are no signs that the men had any links to last week's attacks in paris. >> the house is expected to vote in a few hours putting in place tough restrictions on refugees trying to enter the u.s. from iraq and syria. the president is already promising a veto. >> tensions on capitol hill over the syrian refugee program. >> the u.s. should move to indefinitely suspend resettling syrian refugees here. the records simply do not exist to properly vet individuals with
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needed confidence. >> president obama, traveling in the philippines defended the program, and said stoking fears could actually help isil recruit followers. >> we are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic. we don't make good decisions if it's based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks. >> presidential candidate senator ted cruz took the criticism personally. >> i would encourage you mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. >> cruz said it's alone see to welcome syrian ref. >> he's to the country. >> it's quite rich that he chose to make both of those insults on foreign soil, while he was abroad, attacking me and attacking everyone else in the
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country who believes we should not be bringing in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees that the obama administration cannot vet to determine whether or not they are isis terrorists. >> cruz is among the ranks of republicans who say syrian christians should be let into the united states, not muslims, but house speaker paul ryan it is religious screening isn't part of the republican bill hitting the floor. >> we will not have a religious test, only a security test. >> the house bill would adopt the syrian refugee program in its traction until it is considered safe. >> it would stop the program until we determine people coming here is not a threat. i don't think it's asking too much. >> the u.s. has taken in 2,000 syrian refugees out of 4 million registered with the united nations, and the process already takes 18-24 months. ryan said it should be tougher.
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the house bill said the f.b.i. director must certify that a refugee has undergob a background investigation and is not a threat to the u.s. then the heads of the f.b.i., homeland security and director of national intelligence must unanimously certify to congress that the person is not a threat. home land security must report to congress on the program monthly and its inspector general review all certifications annually, but the top democratic on the house homeland security committee said the vetting pros is also rigorous and includes background checks and personal interviews. >> we would not lose site of the fact that three quarters of the refugee population are women and children. >> al jazeera, washington. >> a bomb scare forced a plane to make an emergency landing in bulgaria. the many with 168 passengers and crew onboard was on its way from poland to egypt. a passenger said he had a bomb.
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the plane had to be evacuated and searched. the passenger later admitting it was all a joke. that comes after an is a i'll affiliated magazine showed this image, sake it's the bomb that took down the russian jet over the skies of egypt. >> we continue to follow that breaking news out of paris, the dation of the alleged organizer, mastermind behind the paris attacks. >> police an protestors faceoff concerning the death of an unarmed black man in the united states, the demands they are making in this case.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down
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cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life.
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>> news and you have paris france, abdelhamid abaaoud was killed at a raid in the paris suburb of saint denis. we're getting a closer look at what happened nearly a week ago in paris. this is video published smoke the shooting at the calfify. people are diving for cover as the room is sprayed with bullets. it shows the incredible luck of one woman who managed to escape, the rifle jamming as he held it over her head. you can see the woman getting up to flee when the gunman moves away. 14 died inside that cafe. >> we are following other
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developing stories this morning. the bad weather hitting the northwest nah blamed for flooding and landslides. the govern of washington state declaring a state of emergency as more rains moved in. wednesday, they were clocked at more than 110 miles an hour. at least thee people have been killed, hundreds of thousands losing power as the trees fell. the power company said it may take days to get everybody back on line. >> this morning, pro testers are canned outside a minneapolis police station. they want to know why an officer shot an unarmed black man and if the man was really a threat. john henry smith has more. >> it was a fourth night of protests used the fourth precinct in minneapolis. people have been camped out since sunday, after police shot and killed 24-year-old jamar clark. >> the official narrative has been inconsistent and has changed in significant weighs over time.
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>> there were confrontations as demonstrators crowded the entrance. they demand video of the incident be made public. >> the decision was made to remove people blocking the entrance and covering the security camera within the vestibule. >> they had sniper guns in full army combat in our neighborhoods, our communities, for no other reason than to break up protestors that are mad about a murder. >> some of them had guns that would look like machine guns to the public. they were not that. they are bean bag rounds. they could be gas delivery. >> protestors say police are being disrespectful and not truthful about what really happened. the minneapolis police department said clark was being aggressive and interfered with emergency medical technicians responding to a call. people who witnessed the incident insist clark was unarmed and hand custody when he was shot. >> the convergence of thieves two narratives demands a response.
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>> the city's mayor called for a formal federal investigation and the justice department says it will do one. local authorities are conducting their own investigation, but it could be months before the findings are made public. jen hen smith, al jazeera. >> stay with us on al jazeera as we continue to track major developments coming out of france today, officials confirming the alleged mastermind behind last week's attacks in paris is dead, 129 people died in those attacks, 352 others wounded. the french prosecutor saying this man, abdelhamid abaaoud, was killed in those raids on wednesday at an apartment complex in the suburbs of paris in saint denis. 5,000 rounds were fired at that complex. there were reports of explosions. officials saying they have linked abaaoud to four of six attempt attacks in that country this year. they say he was identified by d.n.a. from skin samples. they also say the woman who blew herself up was his cousin.
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thanks for watching. the news continues next from doha. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ from our head quarters in doha, i'm dareen abughaida. here is what is coming up in this news hour. the man suspected of planning the paris attacks is dead, killed during a police raid. france's lower house votes to expand the state of emergency for three months. protests in manila, as world leaders meet to discuss regionaling tensions and now to boost trade. i'm in


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