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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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fathom how certain pieces really deserve to be in an museum, let alone in an imagined museum. you can find much more on everything we're covering right here, ♪ this man, the man accused of organizing the attacks in paris is now dead, but officials in france are still looking for others who might have been involved. on high alert, belgium conducting more raids and increasing its security. and debating refugees, the house getting ready to vote on stricter rules for refugees trying to come into the u.s. ♪
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this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. french authorities now confirming the man believed to be behind the paris attacks now dead. abdelhamid abaaoud was killed during that raid on wednesday. the prosecutor saying that his body was formally identified using skin samples. also next door, across the border in belgium forces there carrying out more raids in connection with those attacks in paris. al jazeera's dana lewis is live in paris at this hour. what are french officials saying about abaaoud's death >> reporter: of course i think there is some celebration in the intelligence services here, there must be del, that they were able to intercept him before another attack occurred, and they are saying that it was very likely another attack was
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imnext given the tremendous amount of explosives in that apartment. i spent the morning in saint-denis, taking a look at the site, and watching the experts come out in their protective suits. it was a horrendous site to deal with, part of the walls were caved in, it left very little left -- there was very little left inside. so the forensics has a pain-staking challenge ahead of them, and they were able to about 36 hours later identify that abaaoud has been killed in there as well as his 26-year-old cousin. she is the woman wearing the explosive vest and she set it off when the police unsuccessfully at first tried to breach that steal door. once they did get in, she exploded the vest, which helped
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to bring down parts of the building. the interior minister said they did not know this mastermind of the paris attacks was even in europe. and they are now saying he was being hind four of six attacks since the spring of this year that they thwarted. >> he was responsible for masterminding a number of terrorist attacks in france. his organization had been organized in july last -- in paris. and we are thinking about the victims involved in this previous attacks here as well. this would all have involved violent action, perpetrated by european jihadists, who would be sent to france to perpetrate the act. >> reporter: and del, not surprisingly there was very little resistance to the idea of
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the government exing tending this three-month state of emergency across france, and as you know that gives them very wide ranging power. they can enter homes without warrants, there are even things like the police being able to carry their weapons when they are off duty, and now we're looking forward to an e.u. minister's meeting tomorrow in brussel, which will bring a lot of discussion about these porous borders, and how do you stop people like abaaoud from criss crossing, which he appears to do. >> dane that thank you very much. we talked about this issue with congressman steve king earlier on your world this morning. >> i'm glad that he was one of the people that were killed in that raid. and i'm glad we sdronlt to
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psycho analyst him or defy him or have his name be smeared in the papers or television over the next months of his trial. it says to the world this, that if isis is going to come into western civilization, and try to kill us, there are hundreds of millions of us, and we will eventually take care of them. we're also getting a closer look at what happened nearly a week ago in paris. this is the chilling security video that was first publiced by the daily mail. it shows the shooting inside the cafe. the gunman sprays the room with bullets, and shows a woman scrambling to get away after he gunman pointed the gun at her head, his rifle misfired. the prime minister belgium promising to put more than $400 million towards boosting
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security in his country. >> translator: preventing young people from leaving for combat in training zones is not enough. we must also sprekt those who are not belgium from returning to our area. karl pinhall is in brussels with the latest. >> reporter: as we know from the belgian prosecutor's office this morning, there were seven raids that were carried out abrosz brussels. some where we are now, some in the nose of the capitol, and some in an upper class district south of the capitol. they say one person has been arrested, although hasn't identified them. those raids were december contain -- destined to find out more about this 20-year-old who was one of that hit squad. he blew himself up outside of the stadium in paris, and the
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indications are that they were looking to try to find out more about who else he may have had in his network of associates following a trip he made to syria earlier this year. what that may suggest as well, is the belgium authorities until the paris attacks have been very slow in trying to pin down returning jihadis, but also see what the prosecute's office has told us this morning is those operations were centered here in brussels, and right now there are no ongoing operations focused on the whereabouts of this man, the only known surviving fugitive of that jihadi hit squad, and he has managed to elude a massive manhunt. officials say a higher percentage of foreign fighters leaving belgium for syrian than any other country in europe. here in the u.s. the house is debating a bill that would
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require stricter background checks on refugees. senators aren't expected to take up the bill until december, but republicans in both houses speaking out in favor of the bill. >> make no mistake, we have been attacked in the past by refugees or by people posing as refugees. the two boston bombers were here as refugees, in bowling green, kentucky, we had two iraqi refugees who came through the refugee program, and then promptly decided to buy stinger missiles. fortunately they bought them from an fbi agent, and we caught them. but when we caught them, we discovered their fingerprints were already on bomb fragments in iraq in our database, yet we admitted them anyway. >> the white house now threatening to veto that
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measure. authorities in honduras say they intercepted five mean who had fake greek passports. they were believed to be on their way to the u.s. russian air strikes hitting isil-controlled oil refineries inside syria today. moscow stepping up its efforts to try to destroy the group. and patricia sabga reports any pentagon vowed not to work with the kremlin but that could change. >> reporter: from september's icy toast at the united nations, to november's intimate huddle in turkey. vladimir putin's military intervention in syria has moved him from the sidelines of global power to the inner circle in the fight against isil. >> i do think russia has made its point that there is probably not a serious solution without russian involvement. >> reporter: diplomatically
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shunned and sanctioned by the west over russia's policies in ukraine, putin has been pushing for a grand coalition to fight isil since september. but washington has resisted, claiming russian air strikes have been mostly targeting rebels opposed to moscow's client, syrian president, bashar al-assad. but attitudes have shifted sharply in the wake of isil's coordinated attacks in paris. >> translator: so i have asked the security council to meet as soon as possible to adopt a resolution on this common commitment to fight terrorism. >> reporter: monday the french president echoed putin's call for united front against isil, announcing he would travel to moscow and washington next week. tuesday the kremlin said it is now coordinating with the french military in syria. wednesday president obama signals washington is also open to greater cooperation with
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moscow. >> if we get a -- a better understanding with russia about the process for bringing an end to the syrian civil war, that obviously opens up more opportunities for coordination with respect to isil. >> reporter: the paris attacks have also given putin a new platform to sell his syria strategy at home with the kremlin finally acknowledging tuesday that a bomb brought down a russian charter jet over sinai two weeks ago, killing all on board. >> it has actually flipped into this is almost an opportunity, agreeing that we all face the same threat. >> reporter: it's one thing to talk cooperation and quite soot to stand shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield, but the days of
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putin being the odd leader out in global power politics appear to be over. patricia sabga, al jazeera. ruling against russia, the world anti-doping agency slapping russia with tough penalties over the issue of doping. it could keep moscow's team out of next year's olympics. and the demands some students on campuses are making. ♪
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we're following a developing story coming out of israel. authorities saying five people are dead including three in tel-aviv, and two in the west bank. a knife-wielding palestinian man fatally stabbing two israeli men inside an office building. and in the west bank, a man shot and killed two men on the streets. former subway spokesman telling a federal judge he wants to plead guilty to child porn charges. he agreed in august that he would plead guilty as part of a deal with prosecutors. he faces up to 12 years in prison. his attorney is asking for a liekter sentence of five years. a group of students at the michigan state yuft are suing that school. the women saying the university admin straighteders failed to properly investigate claims of sexual assault. the federal government found that michigan state created a hostile environment by failing
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to address their complaints. on other campuses the issue is race. there's a similar situation unfolding in the university of kansas. >> we are aware, we are powerful, and you cannot keep pushing us away. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a townhall meeting on creating better racial harmony on the kansas campus got hot last week when students with signs took over and demanded things like a more diverse familiarity. they face off against the school's black chance lor. >> i have been here for eight years. i hear this every single day. >> reporter: it was the latest in the racially charged campus demonstrations nationwide. but now a group of senators in the school's student body government is demanding their president, vice president, and chief of staff all resign. >> they have not done anything to combat the racism that is
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build into the rules and regulations that makes it exclusionary whether or not it was meant to be that way when it was first created snfrp >> reporter: he says the senate is still dominated by traditionally white and greek organizations. and the call didn't just spring up in the last week. >> the narrative is being crafted this is just a couple of disgruntled students. but this is a culmination of a year and some would argue much longer than that. >> reporter: some black students say it doesn't appear there is as big of racial divide here as other college campuses, but there is still work to be done. >> it is expected that we have to fight a little harder for our voices to be heard if we want the same rights as other students. >> reporter: and harrison baker dismisses the idea that this is
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political correctenings run amuck. >> this is free speech for people who have never really been able to use their free speech. >> reporter: the study body leaders released a statement saying they are taking this seriously. some airport workers are on strike ahead of one of the biggest travel weeks of the year. thousands of cleaners and baggage handlers walking off of their jobs overnight. they say they need a new contract and better wages. the strike effects all three airports in this and around new york also chicago o'hara, but the airlines insisting their walkout will not effect any travel any world anti-doping agency ruling against russia, accusing russia of wide-spread doping in international composition. >> reporter: the world
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anti-doping agency today voted to sanction russia for wide-spread drug cheating. it could bar russian athletes from competing in the olympics in brazil. the evidence we got didn't help us. it was quite clear they are non-compliant. >> reporter: the governing body has documented long term and in its words state-sponsored russian cheating in a report issued earlier this month. the decision comes as no surprise to some american athletes. >> you can't give me my podium celebration or family celebration time. >> reporter: she sees the vote as a long-awaited volation. she finished fifth in the 2012 olympics. two russians finished first and third. the wada commission recommends the russians be banned for life. >> you can't give me the time where are i'm standing there proud that i was able to
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represent my country. you can't give that back to me. and at the end of the day it's robbery. >> reporter: the bans were prompted in part by secretly recorded dope admissions from the gold medal winner and the bronze gedal winner. wada recommends five athletes receive lifetime bans, four coaches, the chief medical director, and the director of the dope-testing laboratory. wada accuses him of destroying evidence and taking bribes. wada also stripped the lab of its accreditation. he resigned soon after. the wada commission wants to ban him for life, because it believes the presense of the russian secret police in the
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labs indicates the corruption went to the highest levels of russian sport. and last week they were suspended from all competition indefinitely. dick pound is past president of w wada and the author of the report. >> here we haddock meants as well as video and audio recordings of people in the system. >> they should be banned from the following olympics, and they need a complete cleanup. in terms of rio, i hope to be racing in a 100% clean women's 800-meter final. >> reporter: the vote is not final, but one more hurdle russia is to overcome if it is to compete in the olympics in 2016. u.s. regulators approving the first genetically is
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modified farm animal. the salmon has been dubbed franken fish. it can't be raised here. it will be raised instead in canada and panama. protesters say they want justice concerning the death of an unarmed black man at the hangs of police. and we take you back out to paris where these are live images coming fromming saint-denis, where it all began less than a week ago.
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los angeles police are look for the people who shot and killed a police officer there on webz. >> he had pulled into the parking lot here and parked his car. while he was sitting there, a couple of individuals ran up on his car, shot into his car, and struck him with gunfire. >> reporter: they believe the officer was targeted. it happened right in the police parking lot while he was wrapping up his shift. police are trying to figure out a motive. also this morning, protesters still catched outside a police station in minneapolis. they want to know why an officer shot an unarmed black man and if the man really posed any type of threat. john henry smith has more. >> reporter: it was a fourth night of protests outside of the fourth precinct in minneapolis. people have been camped out there since sunday.
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>> the official narrative has been inconsistent and has changed significant ways over time >> reporter: there were confrontations earlier as the demonstrators crowded the entrance. they are demanding the video be made public? >> the decision was made to remove the peep blocking the entrance. >> [ inaudible ] in our neighborhoods, in our communities for no other reason than to break protesters that are mad about a murder. >> some of then had guns that wow look like machine guns to the publish. they are not that. they are bean bag rounds. they could be gas delivery. protesters say police are being disrespectful and not truth about what happened. the police department said clark was being aggressive. pee who say they witnessed the
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incident insist clark was unarmed and handcuffed when he was shot. >> the convergence of these two narratives demands a response. >> reporter: though mayor has called for formal federal investigation. local authorities are conducting their own investigation, but it could be months before the findings are made public. and we have an update now on our top story, those major developments coming out of france. officials saying the alleged master mind between last week's attacks in paris is indeed dead. they say they have also identified him through skin samples and they have linked abaaoud to about four of six attempted attacks this year. and the woman who blew herself up during the raid was indeed his cousin. those attacks putting more and
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more scrutiny on muslims in france. >> reporter: he is married, one child with another on the way. to be muslim in france now is to -- is to be afraid? >> translator: it's scary. we feel bad the way people look at us. some people us all in the same basket. we are not all the same. for me, the terrorists are not muslim. i don't know where they come from, or what their religion is, because muslims cannot do this. they cannot. if you believe in god you cannot kill people.
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>> and you on friday night, where were you? >> translator: i was working. i was nearly a victim too. it was a matter of a few minutes. one or two maximum. >> reporter: he had not told us before what happened to him that night. we asked him to take us to where he had been. >> translator: i arrived, and i turned my head and saw the dead here. i saw another by the tree. there was a woman on the ground who was bleeding and wounded and her husband had been shot twice in the arm. i parked my car, and i didn't know what to do. i helped the guy who had been shot twice in the arm. thanks for joining us. i'll del walters in new york. the news continues live from london next. we leave you with these scenes live from paris. a sigh of relief the alleged
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mastermind behind the attacks less than a week ago is now dead. ♪ hello. this is the news hour live from london, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a response extends the state of emergency. >> the discovery scientists say puts the world on the pulse of a post antibiotic era. in


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