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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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a suspected ringleader behind the paris attacks is confirmed dead. france doesn't know the whereabouts of another suspect salah abdeslam i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. coming up. three israelis, one american and a palestinian are killed in two separate attacks in tel aviv and the occupied west bank. the heir to cristina fernandez de kirchner could be faltering in the final stages as the argentinian presidential campaign comes to a close.
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>> and an exhibition where the audience is asked to pretend all the world art is destroyed. >> hello, france's prime minister warns that his country could be under threat from people lioninged to the attacks from paris. forensic examiners identified the alleged mastermind from the attacks, from the apartment in paris. triggering explosions and a fire fight. the french prime minister says it's unclear whether he's in france or belgium. he's ruled out the possibility that there are other groups and individuals connected to the attacks that can be active. andrew simmonds reports from paris. >> in the aftermath of the assault by special forces comes the positive identification of the man french agencies describe
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as the ringleader of the attacks on friday. the french prosecutor says that fingerprints of one of two bodies prove it's abdelhamid abbaaoud. the other dead suspect is a woman believed to be his cousin, the prosecutor says it's not clear whether abdelhamid abbaaoud blew himself up as the woman did, before detonating her suicide vest. this is a recording of an exchange between the special forces and the woman. the prosecutor says it is not clear whether they blew himself up like the woman, belgium born, the 27-year-old from moroccan dissent is filmed perhaps in syria, where he spent time fighting for i.s.i.l., the date is unknown. >> i would like to send a message to those that stayed
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sitting. stand up. spring, jump, rush for the victory. >> according to european security officials quoted in a new york times report, he was among a number of citizens fighting for i.s.i.l., making their way back to plot attacks and recruit fighters. >> security became aware of his presence in athens, because of a phone call he made. he escaped a police raid in jamie lyon, at an address in belgium, before travelling to syria. the satisfaction that the french authorities are feeling are tempered by the failure of intelligence in the run up to friday's attacks. the interior minister says that abdelhamid abbaaoud was implicated in attempted attacks since spring 2016, all thwarted by french intelligence, how different it was last week.
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>> translation: no information coming from a european country where he could have transitted before running in france was given to us, suggesting he must have got into europe, continuing to france. it was on november 16th after the paris attacks, that an intelligence service from a non-european country signalled that it was aware of his presence in greece. >> reporter: it does not do much to reassure french people. >> people are scared. we are suspicious of each other. we are scared at the sound of an ambulance siren. >> nowadays when we see someone with a long bid and shirt, they think it's a terrorist. >> the mastermind of what happened to paris last week may be dead. some here are in an emotional background of greece and insecurity france's lower house voted to extend the state of emergency for three months, allowing
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police extra powers to search homes without a warrant. jonah hull reports from paris. >> france is a country in crisis. on a war footing abroad, and at home in an extended state of emergency. the government's proposal to give the security services sweeping powers for three months adopted unanimously in the national assembly, a show of unity in an adversity. it's not the solution exclusively, but it's one of the solutions allowing the security forces to work in an efficient manner. we could go further, it would allow us to go further. the government has a strong hand, francis hollande, a man with low ratings finds his tough response meets with broad
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approval for now. >> the question re mains which is why can we found so many kalashnikovs in five days, and not a single one during the last 10 months, these type of questions come and come again. >> in the grandeur of the national assembly as security forces are empowered in the dispute of suspects, there's reason for disquiet. not in the challenge, but in the pages of history. >> remember this... ..the moment a republican u.s. president heard the whispered news about the 9/11 attacks, and this the moment france's socialist leader heard something similar. their politics different, the reaction, so far, the same. >> france is at war. the acts committed on interested on paris, near the stade de
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france are acts of war. >> there has been at least 129 dead and numerous injured that constitutes an aggression against the country, its values, against the youth and lifestyle. >> how far is france prepared to go to wage this war. it may be worth remembering what happened the last time a western leader called for a war on terror let's get more from emma heyward, who is live in paris, how significant is the news about the death of abdelhamid abbaaoud. >> i think it's very significantly. i'm quite sure that the security services and the government would have been so released to have been able to announce abdelhamid abbaaoud's death after the long raid yesterday lasting some seven hours. but while the threat from him may have gone, the risk is still out there, and that was something that was acknowledged tonight in an interview by the french prime minister.
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who said that they are still unclear if there are groups or individuals who are linked to those attacks. >> and that clearly is worrying for the french public. you said that you were not sure how long they have been inside france. and clearly that poses a lot of security questions. who had he been talking to. where has he been. also, salah abdeslam is at large. >> in the meantime there has been more raids. tell us about what they have found. >> yes, there has been more raids this afternoon and this evening. one raid french tv reported was on a close relative of the woman who blew herself up yesterday in that raid. another raid further outside of paris, about 3 hours away, and it was reported that there was an explosion during that raid. manuel saying that there were
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more than 600 raids that had taken place over the last week, and i don't think we should be surprised by that number, given what happened in paris almost a week ago, and that the state of emergency was - has now within extended, giving the security services more powers in france. >> thank you very much, indeed. ed. five people have been killed during the latest violence in israel and the occupied west bank, including a teenager who is a u.s. citizen. a palestinian drove along shooting at people near an illegal settlement in the west bank, killing an 18-year-old, an-israeli and palestinian. in a second attack in tel aviv, two were stabbed to death.
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we have this update from west jerusalem. >> reporter: it was a few days of calm, but both attacks today marked a significant escalation. now, the one in tel aviv was, according to the police reports, a stabbing attack by a man who originally came from hebron. he received a month ago a permit to enter and work in israel. he worked in a restaurant near with where the stabbing incident took place, and two israelis died in the attack. the one this the occupied west bank is a different attack in the sense that there was a weapon involved in it. some reports in the local media says it was an israeli use submachine, but that has not been confirmed by the army, there are three people dead in that attack. and israelis, a palestinians in
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the area when it happened, and then, according to reports in the local media again, an american national who was studying in a religious school there police in the u.k. arrested three people in connection with the murder of a police woman outside the libyan embassy. yvonne fletcher was shot dead when policing a demonstration. we have more. >> april 1984, and outside the libyan embassy or people's bureau, an anti-government protest is under way. while nearby the libyan students chant slowing jnls supporting libyan -- slogans supporting muammar gaddafi. there's gun fire, 10 muammar gaddafi's supporters are injured. a police officer was shot in the back, and later died in hospital.
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31 years later british made a break through, arresting through internationals, including a man in their 50s. >> the focus of the investigation is on conspiracy to murder protestors on the day, and we believe it was coordinated and directed within the libyan people's bureau itself, but orchestrated from libya. >> after the shooting, an 11-day siege ended, when the british allowed staff to leave, expelling them from the country ending diplomatic relations with tripoli. later, the family was paid compensation. since being overthrown british investigators made trips to libya. british police do not know who fired the shots from inside the building that killed yvonne
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fletcher, but hope pro-muammar gaddafi activists from the time will come forward with fresh information. >> they may be in london, anywhere in the middle east, libya for around the world. we are appealing to those men to come forward, examine their consciences because allegiances change, and we want them to come forward to speak to us. >> yvonne fletcher's family says the one regret is not to see anyone prosecuted for her killing. they hope she can solve the case. >> ahead on al jazeera. belgium steps up security in the wake of the paris attacks. we'll have the latest, plus. >> i report from western ethiopia, on the blue nile, one of the largest buildings. the grand ethiopian renaissance dam. dam.
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s a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, france confirms that the man they believe planned last friday's attacks in paris was killed in a raid on wednesday. france's prime minister says it's not known if there were groups linked to the paris attackers who are active. france's lower house proved the extension of a states of emergency for three months, allowing police to conduct raids and bans public gatherings. >> five are dead following the violence in israel and the occupied territories. an israeli citizen and a
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bystander were killed. returning to the top stories, nine people have been arrested in brussels for links to the paris attack. the belgium prime minister has unveiled security measures. paul brennan reports from russells. >> the belgium prime minister nose his country was hit with a chorus of criticisms since the paris attacks. criticized for allowing radicalization to grow. blamed and accused for a failure to elaborate on security issues. the premier came before parliament with a plan, 427 million to improve the intelligence services. measures to champ down on propaganda, and a front line to i.s.i.l. fighters who return. >> preventing young people from leaving for combat or training zones is not enough. we must also prevent those that are not belgium from returning
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to the territory, and for us the rule must be clear, the jihadists that come back, their place must be in prison. >> reporter: in molenbeek, the neighbourhood where two grew up, residents rejected their area being a breeding ground for targets. but the disaffected youths, and radical elements have had limited success, in part with the targeted measures being unstigmatised in the area. >> translation: we support the government measures unreservedly. as long as they don't single out any one community. the proposals need to be pit forward in a general way. not just for one neighbourhood. >> there's a place where it was needed and what worked.
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time and time again, what we find in belgium is a disjointed approach between different areas and police forces. we have come here to a place here where the mayor has a different idea to sis counterparts in brussels. the mayor was weeks into his job when visited by intelligence officers, warning him that his town had a serious problem. he set up a programme of intervention. for two years, not one local youth has left to join i.s.i.l. >> you have to open your eyes and put out - your head out of the soil. i hope sincerely that the awful things that happened in paris, that the eyes are open, that they will support the local communities to do their job,
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because radicalism, you win or lose it on the corners of the street. you win it or lose it in these obscure mosques. you win it or lose it by gaining the heart of your mayor. >> belgium faces a big challenge, a challenge that calls into question not just belgian attitudes, but the country's governans and administrative structure, it is lagging behind the european neighbours on security, and needs to catch up 10 people have been arrested in kuwait accused of supplying money and weapons to i.s.i.l. one is a kuwaiti, the rest from syria, egypt, lebanon and australia. kuwait cracked down on armed groups since a bombing in june, killing 27 people. pictures emerged from the double suicide bombing in nigeria.
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12 were killed in kano. two women blew themselves up in a marketplace where mobile phones were sole. the red cross said 60 were injured. >> translation: i was standing close to my table. the next thing i heard was a scary sound and blood from my head. when i looked around i saw people running for my life. >> translation: i saw the two ladies come to the market. i asked one if she came to buy a phone. i followed her. she used her hand to indicate not to follow her. that saved my life, a few blocks later she detonated her iud. >> i came to buy a phone. next thing i was in hospital. >> slovenia will turn back economic migrants. the country will refuse to readmit them. the slovenian army started to
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build a barb's wire phones to control the flow of refugees. >> campaigning against the run-off election on sundays is winding up. mauricio macri and daniel scioli failed to win over all selection. daniel scioli is the predecessor of cristina fernandez de kirchner, up against him is buenos aires mayor mauricio macri, a center right. he campaigns on the promise of change. like daniel scioli, he promised to maintain a safety net for the poor and is pushing to overhaul argentina's economy. teresa bo has the latest. >> reporter: the last day of campaigning in argentina. both presidential candidates are holding a final rally to convince the undecided.
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people here, there's lots of polarization on sunday's vote. people are discussing politics, there's an eternal debate about the role the state would play. the compli, an actor that supports the government said that it is a poor vote four mauricio macri, and it will be as if you voted for hitler. you imagine how tense the situation and what is at stake. we have seen a strategy to link mauricio macri to the 1990. to the international monetary found. >> they are suing argentina for payment. macri is sighing that there's a dirty campaign against him. people are afraid of lousing their. people are seeing a first run off in marge tina's history.
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people are looking forward. >> there's supposed to be a boost to ethiopia's population. the dam will contribute 6,000 megawatts, equal to the combined power of four nuclear reectors. there are concerns. we go to the site in ethiopia. >> reporter: ethiopian legend says the blue nile flows from the biblical garden of eden. the government says the dam will put an end to centuries of argument over sharing the life-giving resource. construction began in april 2011. the government is playing for
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the $4 billion project in partnership with an italian contractor. sudan and egypt were afraid the dam would restrict the flow. with an agreement signed by the countries. the agreement followed each country and analysis with experts. >> we have assured this. >> this will also the countries. it will benefit. it will stretch around 240km in that direction, behind the pound ans you see in the distance. the area of water will be around 2,000 square kilometres. the dam, as you can see, is around 47% complete.
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when the reservoir is filled the water level will come to where i'm standing. >> the government is giving land to around 4,000 families. this man is expecting around 4,000 from the government to help with the move. >> i hope we'll benefit. i'm going to buy cattle, goats and maybe a house. >> around 80% of ethiopia's people work in agriculture, that is something that must change. you have to move to the industry. there are plans to sell electricity. in regulates a flow, throughout
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the dry season and will stop flooding during the months. >> a study will have to be conducted. the outcome will guide us. >> a pledge to change the course of this river's history, and to improve the lives of millions that live along its banks and beyond. >> charles stratford, al jazeera imagine a future with no museums, that's the concept of a new exhibit opening at the tate art gallery in the u.k. city of liverpool, asking visitors to look at modern art in a completely different way. jessica baldwin went to a preview encouraging the audience to preserve great art by committing it to memory. >> modern dancers interpreting modern art. the punched holes explore the idea of space. the show of 60 works is called
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an imagined museum. and asks viewers to suspend disbelief and picture a time in the future where all art has been destroyed. >> the only pictures left are in the viewers minds. we ask two of the dance opportunities to pick their favourites and commit them to memory. emma chose a piece by british. >> memorable in the way that it flows so much. >> steph opted for a photograph by the german artist. >> the idea of escape or something seeping out of the doorway, it's stuck with me, yes. >> the post war works came from across europe, many from its own collection, and others from a star in paris, and the mmk in frank ford. it's an eclectic show, with a lot of different post shaw modern art. we have the big block busters,
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and a lot of conceptual art. like this one, where the viewer comes in, looks at the video. th viewer is not there. it's delayed. it makes them contemplate the idea of time. >> that is one point of the show. asking people to think about lofty ideas, like time and space, what is art, and what it is about art that matters to them. >> in this fictional scenario, you can acknowledge us trying to articulate why we would miss art were it to go away. >> looking at some of the works included. it's hard to fathom how certain pieces deserve to be in a museum, let alone in an imagined museum taking up space in a visitor's mind. now to a sparkling discovery in botswana, the largest diamond in the country, and the second largest in the world in the last century, measuring more than
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1,000 carrots, and about the size of a cricket ball. it was found at a mine, 500km north of the capital. >> plenty more stories any time on the website. the address is >> this week on talk to al jazeera - sonia manzano, otherwise known as maria on 'sesame street'. >> i can't believe i did it. if someone had suggested that this was gonna be my future, i would have suggested that they commit themselves to the nearest insane asylum. >> manzano also wrote for the children's television series and would share in 15 emmy awards. she was a trailblazer - the first leading latina on american television. but after 44 years, >>nzano is retired.


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