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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EST

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place because of emergency powers going through the senate shortly and will definitely be rubber stamped and approved because there can't be any large public gatherings under these measures. there are something like 4.8 million muslims throughout france, more than 2000 places of worship, the vast majority of muslims are getting more and more concerned, worried about moves of real disgust towards them and a real isolation it is feared so we are getting now into more and more of a sensitive time in france, these are very, very different days with relays between the muslim community and the rest of france, a lot of tension about this and this has been born out by the presence of defense minister at the grand mosque for friday prayers and also a number
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of statements which are supporting islam and the vast majority of muslim whose are repulsed by the situation and in fear like other french people about the future for this country. >> indeed andrew thank you for that andrew simmons in paris there and the community where the police raids took place and the key planner of the paris attacks was killed and mohamed met some of them living in the neighborhood and they spoke about the difficulties of their day-to-day life. >> all his life he has struggled with acceptance, a french all gaeran background he tells me he has never truly been allowed to asimulate. >> it was always difficult at school and called me the arab and it always has been hard to get a job with the face i have. >> reporter: born and raised in france he certainly sees himself as french but says his fellow countrymen and women only ever
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identified him as algerian and it was easy for him to deal drugs as easy as it was to slip into despair. >> translator: there was no activity for us, not even a youth association and so many members of the north african community who needs help but the city never has enough money to help them and feel alone in the city. >> reporter: in the wake of attacks muslims in the city feel more alone than ever, in neighborhoods like this resentment is growing as fast as fear is spreading and everyone we have spoken with are saying the attitudes through france will only harden and at the same time they were all too afraid to tell us that on camera. he was collective against islam phobia in france and says it's easy to see why so many muslims in france feel alienated.
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>> from kindergarten treated differently and they are weak enough and slip in the complex and thinking this is not my country, these people hate me and it's normal for me to be treated separately so there are people who get of course hit by violence and criminality and of course the groups who prey on weak elements to turn them into homegrown terrorists. >> reporter: so long as the french government doesn't address the underlying cause of this disenfranchisement it will not improve and it haunts this man and during adolescence he dreamed of a day it would improve, a day when he would have a family of his own and now though while happy to be employed and married he findss himself far more concerned about his two children and the future they will face than he ever was for himself, mohamed with al jazeera, paris. director of f.b.i. has
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warned americans to be vigilant in the wake of the paris attacks but says there is no credible threat to the united states, on thursday the lower house passed a bill to increase screening of syrian refugees and suspends president obama's program to admit 10,000 of them in the next year and obama threatened to veto the measure and now it goes to the senate and we have the latest from washington d.c. >> the f.b.i. director james comey holding a press conference in washington to say the u.s. has no evidence that there is any specific threat of a paris style attack in the united states, still he understands that the are many who may be fearful especially in light of the release of what he called propaganda videos by i.s.i.l. portraying the potential of a future threat in the united states, still the fear that exists in the united states under scored in the house of representatives, a vote being held today to halt or limit
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refugees specifically syrian and iraqi refugees to the united states until they can be thoroughly screened, calling for an additional layer of screening to take place and f.b.i. director to personally certify any individual who is let into the united states has been thoroughly vetted. this is legislation that has been heavily criticized specifically by president obama who says that if it makes it through now the senate, the upper chamber of congress he will veto preventing legislation from becoming law so there is a lot of criticism that is taking place by members of congress who say that this legislation may be potentially racist and also that it may hurt those the u.s. intends to help. >> it's not the issue of refugees, it's the issue of letting i.s.i.s. terrorist get into the country to kill us, mr. speaker. >> mr. speaker, this bill is nothing but a pr piece that could have been written by joseph gobels who said if you
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can make people afraid you can make them do anything. >> while this legislation is not likely to become law, it was supported by 50 members of congress members of the president's own democratic party, it shows again that there is a by partisan consensus in the need for enhanced security, perhaps not just when it comes to refugees but also for the visa waiver program that exists in the united states and allows for last year 20 million people to visit the united states from 38 different countries. >> now former israeli spy has reportedly been released from a u.s. gail after spending 30 years behind bars and jonathan was given a life sentence in 1987 for selling american intelligence to israel, and he is expected to settle in new york state while he completes the next five years on parole and we are joined from west jerusalem and to tell us more about this release. >> pardon me, sorry?
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>> tell us the latest about this release, how it came about. >> well, it came out about really after 30 years, he was eligible for patrol and don't think it has to do with how much pressure the various israeli governments put on the various u.s. administration over these past 30 years to release him. there is a statement of the office of prime minister benjamin netanyahu, in that statement the prime minister says they are some things he worked on personally with a lot of effort throughout the years and it's a day that he has dreamt of however it's also a statement from his wife esther who lives here in israel and who was heading the free polar campaign all these years and she has sort of blamed the u.s. for not allowing jonathan polar, her husband, to travel here to
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israel. he has received while he was in prison the israeli citizenship so but at the moment according to the parole he has got he has to spend five years with the travel ban and not allowed to surf the internet and not allowed to make any television interviews, they can be reviewed in two years time. >> and how has this issue effected relations between the u.s. and israel? >> well, it's been a very thorny issue. the u.s. has been quite angered by it and if you recall back in 85 as the f.b.i. agents were closing on him he had tried to get asylum at the israeli embassy in washington d.c. and was rebuffed at the time. now since then various governments here in israel had tried to lobby washington but
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the u.s. was very angry. they said that he unpassed a lot of information to israel, not information about israel enemies but information about the u.s. itself, the u.s. also says that that information some of it was on passed to at the time the soviet union and put and endangered the life of u.s. operatives in the soviet union and after that both former presidents bill clinton and george w bush rebuffed a demand for clemency and now and then benjamin netanyahu himself has asked more than once the various administrations for that, at some point the issue of jonathan polar was on the table as a precondition for agreeing for peace deal between israelis and the palestinians. it's also an issue that has also put a lot of stress on the relations between americans
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inside the u.s., with the jewish community and also between the jewish communities in the u.s. and here in israel so it's certainly an issue that has caused a lot of strain even president obama wasn't able to release him earlier so certainly a lot of issues. now the next step is for him to come here. several mps have already asked to pass a bill for polar to come here, he is an israeli citizen, he might have to give up his american citizenship if he wants to come here before the end of his five-year parole but that is not clear yet if that could be accepted by the court in the u.s. and then if he comes here well then the bill that would pass will give him certainly full financial support for the rest of his life. >> thank you for that and reporting live from west jerusalem there. at least 29 people is been killed in fighting between the
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army and al-qaeda in central yemen. [gunfire] 15 yemen soldier answer 14 fighters died at a military check point in the province and another 20 civilians were injured. starting next month saudi arabia will try to unite syrian opposition groups, the country will host a december conference aimed at ending syria's nearly five-year civil war and it's hoped the talks will establish an incredible, inclusive and nonsectarian transitional government and open the way for drafting the new constitution and u.n. supervised elections and u.n. special envy forcier yeah says holding a ceasefire is unlikely without the involvement of state sponsors. >> there are indications that those countries who are inside the vienna meeting room and look at who they are and those who
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are there involved or have the capacity of influencing those who are fighting, have an interest in seeing a ceasefire taking place. chinese security forces have killed 28 people described as terrorist and it's a massive manhunt over almost two months and killings took place in the volatile region home to a muslim community and those killed are part of a coal mine back in september. and they busted the country's largest under ground banking system. illegal funds of nearly $64 billion transferred overseas using nonresident accounts and adrian brown is in beijing with more. >> reporter: well, this is where the honest folk come to when they want to transfer money overseas here in china, their local bank but if they want to transfer more than $50,000 u.s. dollars in one year there is a
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problem because currency controls prevents that which is why the under ground banking network is now flourishing, how does it work? essentially these operators set up dummy companies or thousands of overseas bank accounts to which they make legal transfers. now this is one of the reasons why wealthy chinese are able to buy property in places like sidney, hong kong, london and new york, they are using the under ground banking network or middle men. now, because this is a very shady business reliable data is hard to come by. but in august china's foreign exchange reserves fell more than 93 billion u.s. dollars and in september they fell by 40 billion more and remember this was a period when china's stock market was falling and its currency was being devalued. what does it tell us? it tells us wealthy chinese are voting with their feet and leaving the country because they don't believe their money is
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safe here any more. let's take you back to our maintain story, that ongoing hostage situation at the radisson blu hotel in the capitol bamako and we know three people have been killed and security forces have been able to rescue dozens and special forces are at the scene and reports they have actually gone in the hotel and three staff have escaped and initially 140 guests and 30 staff members being held and at least ten gunmen involved in the on going situation and let's take a closer look at where the radisson blu is and this is the capitol bamako and the imposing hotel, luxury hotel and takes up a whole block in the western district of the capitol pretty close to ministries and diplomatic offices. and u yvonne is monitoring from the capitol abuja and there are several nationalitys caught up in this hostage situation.
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>> well, that is right shiulie because it's a hotel that is freaked by people from various countries. it's a hotel where you have a lot of ex patriots and a lot of diplomatic staff staying and using the hotels and the facilities. i stayed at the radisson blu hotel in neighboring qatar and lots of foreigners there and as you were explaining in the intro staff from turkish airlines have escaped the attackers and turkish aunt lines would have been using the hotel for crew and pilots during the lay overs for the various flights that come in from turkey and there are reports of nigerians involved and not known if they are working at the table or trade between nigeria and mali and the united states embassy
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talks of an active on going shooter situation happening at the hotel and warned citizens to stay away and with we also know from security sources that apparently the attackers arrived in vehicles with diplomatic license plates and would have needed to some extent these diplomatic license plates to get in the hotel or to pass off as ordinary visitors if you like because there has been heightened security in this area for some degree of time given the political insecurity situation that we have seen in mali over the last year or so. in march there was a deadly attack at a restaurant in which people were killed. in august there was another attack in which at least five u.n. workers were killed, not all in the capitol bamako and other parts of the country but obviously a huge concern of the area surrounding the capitol and the hotel because obviously that is where you have the large number of internationals and foreign workers.
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all of the embassys in bamako are on heightened alert and various messages on social media from places warning citizens to stay out of sight and stay away from the hotel and do not go there to find out what is going on, this is an area where we have been explaining in the coverage of the latest attack with a lot of personnel and the internationals and ex patriots and government buildings and one man happened to be in bamako in meetings in the surrounds of the hotel and africa's richest man among the world east most richest people were there having business meetings and i asked him when i spoke to him what was the situation and mood like, he said it was completely fine and can't believe what is happening with heightened security in the area, nothing unthwart happening and he had meetings with government leaders and business leaders, everything was okay so this is a very secure area which
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leads to perhaps the idea that this was a carefully planned attack if it's correct, if it's accurate that they used vehicles with diplomatic license plates it means some thought would have gone into planning this siege or attack on the hotel. >> and yvonne just to update you on a couple of the lines that i'm getting here in the newsroom the government in india new deli is saying there are 20 indians who have been help hostage in the mali hotel and also hearing that mali special forces have gone into the radisson blu and penetrated inside the hotel according to police source and operation underway trying to bring the siege situation to an end and you said the security around that area is pretty tight but in general mali and area which has seen a lot of violence, what is the sort of feeling about how secure bamako as a whole is? >> well, i think there will be a
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feeling in a sense and questions raised about how this could have happened when you look at the history of the attacks that have happened at least in 2015, the on going political instability and security situation particularly with the whole separation issue, separatist issue as it were in the north of the country and we know security has been beefed up like where the radisson blu is situated because it's a hotel freaked by politicians and diplomatics and foreigners and business men and of course it is in an area very central where you have a lot of government property, government buildings, government ministries. so questions are obviously going to be asked about exactly how these attackers were able to plan this and execute this attack given the security situation and given heightened
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security and maybe it's possible that the guard had come down. i mean there was an attack in august in which these five u.n. workers were killed. it's not clear what measures were taken by the various security services at the time following that attack, it didn't happen in the capitol bamako and happened in another town some distance away from the capitol. does that mean the security services were not on alert for this attack that is ongoing? it's unclear. these are the questions that are going to be raised obviously when the siege is over. but i can tell you that you know like i said if it is correct and if it's accurate that these attackers did arrive in theirs with diplomatic license plates then it's obviously understandable how they got into the hotel. what is unclear obviously right now which we are still trying to
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as a team the exact number of gunman who may have been involved and the hotel said, en -- owners said in a statement they released there were at least two gunman who were part of this siege and part of this ongoing attack on the hotel but our local freelance reporter who is goen on the ground there and some security sources are saying actually it could have been at many as 10-15 gunmen and one has to again imagine how would they possibly turn up in vehicles, was it two vehicles, was it a bus and all of these are questions that people are going to be asking but in the immediate obviously shiulie is diffuse the situation and get people out and we have been reporting some escaped from turkish airlines and know and reporting that some who were forced to receipt the kuran and able to were let go of and one imagines if that is correct and accurate they are sharing information as we speak with the
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security services about the situation unfolding inside and hopefully that will go some way to aiding the security situations to try to diffuse the situation and end this siege quickly before there is any more blood shed. >> indeed yvonne thank you for that in abuja there. well the french foreign minister has been giving an update on the situation in mali a short while a ago. >> personally i'm in touch with the ambassador and with people in paris. right now there is action by the forces which started and so far the french are concerned about taking all the necessary steps
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in order to solve that crisis, a crisis unit has been installed in the mali and in france. >> freelance journalist outside the radisson blu and speaking to him throughout the afternoon so first of all we know that mali special forces have gone into the hotel, tell us what you have been seeing and what you have been hearing. >> excuse me, please? >> can you hear me properly? >> yes. >> can you tell us what you have been seeing and what you have been hearing? >> the situation is a very calm one now but the operation is not over. they are still inside the hotel, the security border in place.
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we are not allowed to go up to the border but it's very calm. we can't hear a gunshot for 15 minutes, more than 15 minutes, we don't hear a gunshot. >> have you been seeing hostages coming out? have they been saying anything? >> there is no hostages coming out right now but they have 13 minutes ago there were three or five group of civilians who was coming out but right now there is no hostage of who is coming out. >> and what is happening around the hotel? have streets been sealed off or residents being evacuated? what is happening? >> people who live near the hotel are outside here and come
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to look at what is going on with the operation and they are so many to be able to look at the situation. >> okay, and thank you very much indeed for that and reporting from the scene and he is saying that it appears quiet at the moment and let's go to abdullah who is al jazeera correspondent who covered mali in great depth and abdullah obviously security forces trying to bring this situation to an end but i think what it really brings home to people and coming so soon after the par 'tis attacks that paris attacks acting with impunity and local governments are unable to stop it and it's a very frightening situation for people. >> of what happened in paris a week ago which is the geographical factor when we are talking about paris we are talking about the ability of the
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attackers to move free around europe and some come and go without problems due to the movement, this is the same thing happening in west africa and we know the west africa starting from chad and nigeria and guinea and all the areas and citizens of the areas move freely without any problems because they have also the same thing about free movement. we have seen groups like boko haram and nigeria go inside chad and cameroon and do these things. i think the factor of that has been most here in the area makes it very easy for those people to move, looking also at the factor of the government that rule this country has been you know having insufficient about their own borders and been unable to actually control the borders. >> very weak governments. >> definitely.
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>> and honestly democrat governments or non-democrat ones and we just witnessed what happened of what happens and working a few months ago and seen how easily it is for either foreign soldiers for them in the countries or other armed groups just to take in things. that is actually one of the reasons this is happening and doesn't give people the sense of security they should be feeling in this country. >> thank you very much for that, and updating us on the situation in mali, the ongoing siege situation at the radisson blu hotel in mali's capitol bamako and were 170 hostages taking and up to ten gunmen and three people killed and several hostages released and we will have continuing coverage after the break with peter who is up next.
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♪ this is a special edition of your world this morning, i'm stephanie sy in new york and following breaking news this morning gunmen attacking a luxury hotel in the capitol of the west african country of mali and reports that 170 people were taken hostage and mali say three have been killed and some freed and more on that ahead. also this morning convicted spy jonathan has been released from north carolina after nearly 30 years and gave classified information to israel in the 190 1908s -- 1980s and on the paris


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