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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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brussels, a city on high alert as authorities warn of an imminent attack. people are told to stay indoors. ♪ >> you are watching al jazeera. i am david foster. good to have your company. a state of emergency in force in mali, in africa and the hunt continues for three suspects after fridayses siege in a luxury holds. >> a bangladeshi hanging after appeals for presidential clemency were rejected. >> either asian leaders meet and
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agree on new measures against people trafficking. territoryial issues dominate it agenda. authorities say they have precise information about a seriousous and imminent threat of attacks similar to those in pair irs paris. the metro has been shut down, they say, as a precaution. the alert level was raised after a number of weapons were found during police raids on properties allegedly linked to the paris attacks. three people have been arrested. the country's prime minister warned that there is a risk, as he put it, of attacks in a number of places simultaneously. more from paul brennan who is in brussels. >> belgian soldiers patrol where
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once were just brussels police and a city woke to a security threat level not seen for a decade. the prime minister in constant contact with his intelligence chiefs through the early hours called aspection session of his cabinet on saturday morning to brief his ministers. the prime minister did not reveal the exact nature of the danger but urged the public to avoid crowded places. >> the analysis of the situation leads us to identify particular locations. we believe shopping malls, events, demonstrations, and transport are the main targets. the whole of the brussels region has gone over to enhance threat level 4. all four of brussels's main underground metro lines have been shut in response to the raised threat level. notices are warning to switch to over-ground a lot termstives. people in brussels have become used to seeing police and army on the streets. the closure of the metro underground system ramps that up to a whole new level. it's the weekend here so the
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destruction has been less than it could have been but nonetheless, the longer these stations are closed, the bigger the potential for problems. >> on friday a third brussels man was charged with theirrism offenses connected to the paris attacks. the security threat was raised after them in mollenbeck. a cash of weapons -- cache of weapons was discovered. this witness wouldn't give his name but saw the search operation unfold. >> it began around 6:00 p.m. and went on until midnight. dozens of police came from all directions. they shut off all of the roads. i couldn't see much, but i saw them go in. they had a robot, too, in the corner cafe over there. >> the main focus of the massive security operation is this man who escaped capture after the paris attacks and is on the run, described as highly dangerous and believed to be hiding
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somewhere in brussels. despite the tight security and torrential rain, people are refusing to be afraid. >> i think that we have just learned to live with it we can't just stop living because of the security measures. >> if we blocked metros and public transportation, there must be a reason. we are a bit worried about everything that's going on. >> reporter: security forces have been under intention pressure. the public are seeing and feeling the effects. paul brennan, al jazeera, brussels. >> i spoke to the security george redding. he said it suggests to him isil is developing new tactics to target europe. >> the initial indications are the raids in brussels are something to do with what happened in paris. this is, in essence, part of the same cell. that's the initial inindication. it's verisom sophisticated cell,
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a large one with many parts to it. it's also possible that there is more than one cell operating in paris n brussels. what we are seeing at the moment is the launching of a new tactic by islamic state of attacks in europe. they have certainly spent time e establishing capabilities in paris. they have probably done it in other cities as well. >> in paris, itself, security is being further increased after the deadly attacks there. another 1,000 soldiers are being brought on the streets of the french capital as the investigation continues. more from andrew simmons who is there. >> reporter: on the platform, searching starts immediately at the station when any train arrives from belgium. security in paris is getting stricter by the day. the inquiry has taken another twist with arrests made in turkey, akmed damani wearing the black jacket is a bell jan of moroccan dissent. he is suspected as acting as a
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scout. the other two men, sirrians, are accused by being tasked by isil to arrange safe passage over the turkish border. back in paris, investigators are still working on out the exact role of eight people arrested last wednesday in the special forces raid on an apartment. the prosecute ors office has reviewealed that three, not two suspects were killed, including a man suspected of organizing the attacks. 26-year-old bulasan. this is the explosion that's believed to be the detonation of a suicide vest inside the apartment. there are now reports it could be the unidentified man who was the suicide bomber, not hasna hasnar bulasan. >> there are 2,500 troops deployed in the capital, alone.
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the state of emergency has been extended by three months after unanimous support in the senate. on the face of law and order in france has it changed beyond recognition. >> since that state of emergency was declared by francois hollande last friday, there have been 107 arrests without warrants. out of those arrests, 90 people have been held in custody. 164 have been put under house arrest, again, without warrants. 793 searches of buildings, again without warrants. 174 weapons seized including 18 assault rifles and 250,000 euros taken. there are still more revelations of what happened on the night, itself. this is a scene at a restaurant where a nurse is trying to resuscitate a casualty. he turns out to be one of the suicide bombers.
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when i ripped his t-shirt, it was me who did it. i saw some wires. there was blood on the ground. i noticed the first bolts lying there. then i understood immediately. i told myself is an explosion that made the wounds in the site. a suicide bomber. >> now, first respondersers are engaged all over the city with new classes for parisians, learning first aid, another symptom of how life has changed in france. appeared andrew simmons, al jazeera, paris. ♪ >> to africa where a state of emergency is reported in mali a day after an attack on a luxury hotel in the capital. 21 people, including two stackers died during the siege. mali's president said he would do whatever it takes tom gar any tee his country's safety. from mali. >> shaken and still in shock
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survivors are here to pick up belongings. inside, the remains of the carnage. the smell of gun pounder hangs in the air. .2 hard too bear for some. a delegate at a conference hid in room 333 for hours pray that she wouldn't die. >> i was in the room. i tried to hide under my bed. i was safe. i thought about jumping off the balcony. >> 170 people were held hostage before special forces stormed the building shooting the att k attackers dead. at the local hospital, scores are being treated for gunshot wounds. many foreign workers mali's president declared a 10 day state of emergency and three days of national mourning.
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>> no city is safe. we are all at risk. it's affecting all of us. >> this is the worst attack bamaco has experienced. 24 hours after this attack, it's almost as if it is back to normal. survivors are picking up luggage, going back home. meanwhile, the investigation continues security forces are after 3 suspects. a splinter group claimed responsibility for the attack. the government wouldn't confirm this saying the investigation is still underway. i witnesses say the attackers spoke perfect english suggesting they may not be malian but from neighboring countries. >> i was in my room. i knew when i heard the malian language, it was safe to come
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out. >> thmonique and fellow investo are unlikely to stay. mali can ill--afford to see them go. nicholas hawk, balico. let's hear from my colleague also in bamaco. this is what she says. >> reporter: a 10-day state of emergency see is in place. you wouldn't think this is a city under a state of emergency. there was a heavy security presence at the airport. beyond that, nothing more. no major roadblocks in the city, itself. people are going about their daily business. they are going around, shopping and so on. i spoke to some malians who said they were shocked by the attack on friday. but they are not surprised because there have been other attacks in bamaco, itself, in the past, as recently as march of this year, a restaurant which is frequented by tourists came under attack. malians say they are not
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surprised. they are not shocked. but this doesn't perhaps mean that they don't care. perhaps it's a testament to how they have just gotten used to the situation. this is a country that's been at war since 2012, 2013, so malians are getting used to this situation. in place after the government and rebels in the north signed a peace accord earlier in nigh jeers, but it that some groups in the north continue to complain against what they see as their marginalization, and as recently as november the 17th, one of the groups, which took up arms against the government in 2012 and declared an independent state in the north called for more attacks on french interests in mali. now, we are at the scene of the attack on friday, the radson hotel, was failure easy to get to this place. no major security here as well. investigators are still going through the rebel.
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looking for clues inside the hotels. they are still searching for clues trying to find out what exactly happened. >> a suicide bomber has killed at least 10 and wounded dozens more in cameroon. near the border with nigeria. nobody has said they were behind the explosion, but the articles group, boko haram has carried out a number of attacks in that region. cameroon battling boko haram fighters. syrian opposition fighters have seized, they say, territory from isil, certain the villages and doha. both of nem in northern aleppo province. about 70 isil fighters are believed to have been killed in that operation. the opposition fighters were supported by airstrikes out of turkey and the u.s.-led coalition. two bangladeshi opposition leaders have been hanged after their appeals to presidential clemency were rejected.
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ali assanm. ujaheed and dulah hudin choudry from the bangladesh party were executed for war crime said to have been committed during 1971. this update from the capitol, daka. the atmosphere in taka had been tense leading up to the he knew kuingsz and continues to be so now that they have taken place. there is quite a large crowd gathered beyond that intersection, which is as far as the general public are being allowed to come. as far as vehicles are concerned, they are being blocked off either further away about a kilometer from the jail. that will guard tower, the big light over there, there is a sniper so there is clearly concern about potential violence. perhaps with good reason. one of the two men who were
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hanged tonight was the most powerful member of one of bangladeshi's families. he was elected a member of parliament seven times and was the parliamentary advisor to former prime minister kalidizia. he was found guilty of committing war crimes during bangladesh's war of independence in 1971 as was ali mujadeen. he was found -- was accused of being the second in command of the militia that was notorious for targeting the hindu minority during the war. however, the fairness of the trials of these two men had been called into question by amnesty international, by human rights watch, by the u.s. state department among others, and these are high-profile people. these were high-profile people with a lot of supporters and in the run-up to the -- in the
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lead-up to these executions, the government had taken measures to suppress critical voices, particularly through blocking the use of facebook, and other social media applications. now, what people are wondering here is now that these executions have taken place, how long it might take for things to get back to normal. >> coming up here on al jazeera on the front line of the refugee crisis, why there is more pressure on countries such as slovenia after what happened in paris. >> belly danceers, one of russia's greats.
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♪ headlines, belgium still on high alert with people there warned of a serious imminent threat similar to what happened in paris. soldiers patrolling streets and metro has been closed now two leaders have been hanged after appeals for presidential clemency were rejected committed allegedly in the 1971 war with pakistan. mali and on security forces are on the hunt for at least three suspects connected to friday's raid on an up-market hotel in the capital bamaco.
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ordering stronger checks on everyone leaving the border free zone. slovenia at the edge of the zone facing increased pressure to check on the credential did of everybody, every refugee, that is, who passes through. lawrence lee sent us this from slovenia's border with austria. >> by now, pretty much everyone has had their sies on the significance of pairps except the refugees. par paris. 700 lined up on slovenia's border. they knew about paris. they despite isil. they knew full well their journeys would become harder. we see are from you peoples. we will say thanks for everyone, the ones who held us and are against the terrorists. we hate them. >> with european leaders
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admitting their borders leak like an old bucket, it's claimed one of the paris attackers could have made it hiding among everything else on false passports. >> means now, if so many of the people here patient pose no threat, absolutely nothing can be taken for granted any more. >> all it took was one syrian passport, one finger prints from one of the stackers that proves he came through grease and had made this crossing. >> that's changed absolutely everything. no, the authorities aren't wholly trying to prove whether or not they are legitimate -- not only trying to prove they are legitimate refugees but whether or not they are part of isil. >> saturday marked day 1 of the new security regime. country sdpreedz like sl -- countries like slovenia will have to do more with europol but they think criminal
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gangs will find ways around the borders if there is money in it. >> someone will find the loopholes in the fence or the smuggers will know the way how to transport into austria first or italy, but somehow, the root will the stop slightly and some of the magnets will go. they should use the old way of ukraine and russia. >> having been finger printed already, once they crossed into austria, they disappeared again into this massive tents. the army are in charge. they said they have increased their numbers source paris happened. they will need to. 10,000 people pass through here on thursday alone. in security terms, the walls of fortress europe are looking far to easy to breach. >> morocco, dozens of refugees have tried to storm the border
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with the spanish enclave. about 25 people sat on a fence while police tried to get them down. a few managed to cross the border and were taken to the temporary my granted center. >> tensions have been high on macedonian border with greece c >> tensions have been high on macedonian border with greece they won't be allowed access after a policy change. macedonia will only accept people from war zones such as syria, afghanistan, and iraq. 21 people have died in a coal mine fire in china. china eachinese media says one remains missing. china struggles with a poor safety record regarding coal. southeast asian leaders have been meeting in the malaysian
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capitol kaula lumpur. people trafficking at the top of the agenda. tensions in the south china sea have dominated thus far. leaders of southeast asian countries have gathered to talk about trade but the recent attacks in france, egypt, and lebanon dominated the summit. >> our kuntzries are in mourning. we all share in this grief. the purpose at any rate orders of this cowardly and barbaric acts do not represent any race, religion or creed, nor should we allow them to claim to do so they are terrorists. >> after the official welcome, it was down to business and signing agreements that will change the lives of millions.
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the convention against trafficking in persons and, especially women and children, the asean block had been worried about an increase in people fleeing from conflict areas and heading towards countries like malasia. it says it wants to stop those who profit from people trafficking. >> these are mass graves of people who have fled from persecution in south asian countries found in the jung els this year. many here say tackling the issue of human trafficking must be a priority. signing a piece of paper is one thing. implementing it is a larger challenge. >> it doesn't really talk about effective enforcement. it doesn't talk about how to ensure accountability at the national level, and that's the big problem because there are still issues related to corruption and other aspects of maleficence that allow this to go on. >> the u.s. state department has upgraded malacia's status and that paved the way for malacia
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to participate in the transpacific partnership agreement. president barack obama was here to strengthen that economic agreement with his regional alleys. he underlined the country's commitment to continue talking to china despite territory y'all disputes in the south china sea. >> we talked about the south china sea. this will be a major topic. there are a number of claimants there. the united states is not one. the united states does strongly believe in the need to apply a rule of law and international norms to the resolution of maritime disputes and acean has taken a common position on that. and we look forward to working with them to ensure that those pacific rules apply. >> the acean community has made it clear it will stick to the agenda and keep trade talks as a priority, but with president obama making reference to tensions in the south you china sea it's hard for leaders
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gathered here to ignore the issue. al jazeera, kuala lumpur. >> four people have been hurting in a stabbing in israel. they say a man attacked people in the street south of tel aviv. israeli security forces say they are searching for the person who carried out the attack. israel should down a radio station in the west bank, asking it of inciting forcing it off air. >> one of the most celebrated ballet dancers will be celebrated on friday but she died in may. >> her strong, expressive face,
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a supple boyted boyd. in an era where they were famous was perhaps the most famous of all. >> her uniqueness firstly was her look, her image, unrepeatable, but, also, what she had inside was impossible to teach. look at the way she dances balero, step by system. she brings more dynamism. this is the perfect quality for a ballet dancer. >> this weekend in moscow, the brightest stars dancing at the theatre today are celebrating that supreme talent with two gala performances. it she hadn't died in may, friday would have been her 90th birthday. >> b i heard she had passed away, it was a shock. i remember her when we finished discussing the concerted and we were saying goodbye. she said everything looked great. i have called everyone.
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the only thing left is to live until then. >> her life was, as she put it, a battle. this jewish child of the soviet union lost her father to stalin's purges. her mother was cents to the labor camps. the authorities never really trusted her. >> her whole adult life has been devoted to the stage. this is a photo from 10 years ago. she is age 80 and still performing. until she died earlier this year, she was playing a crucial role in the planning of this event. >> in what can be a very formal discipline, her spontaneity was one of the things that set her apart. the bolshoy dancers can't afford to be sofree. they have been rehursting hard. >> it's a very important day for us because we want to do it the way she wanted it. we will try. it's important for the theatre, and it's importance for the people who loved her and saw her performances.
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i don't doubt she will be watching from above. she will somebody joined by thousands below. the ernts are pretty much sold out. >> for more on all of the news, >> the panama canal, an engineering marvel, crammed with billions of dollars in commercial traffic, this canal is considered a wonder of the engineering world. >> okay, vamos. >> nicaraguans pacific coast line, still untouched by development. but perhaps not for long. it could soon feature another grand canal, one designed to accommodate the largest ships on the planet. but even beforou


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