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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> russia steps up its military campaign in syria in what's described as the heaviest bombardment since the conflict began. >> hello there, welcome to al jazeera from doha. voters in argentina go to the polls in a presidential runoff election. >> thousands of extra police in cities. >> wait until you see what all this is going to be turned into.
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>> russia has stepped up in bombing campaign in syria in the heaviest airstrikes since the conflict began in 2011. russian war ships have been targeting the eastern region as well as hitting the provinces of raqqa, idlib and aleppo. the latest strikes, russian defense officials say 18 missiles were fired at seven location across the country. according to syrian observatory for human rights, russian airstrikes have killed 1300 people since it began on september 30. >> let's get more from our reporter in turkey near the syrian border. >> activists on the ground say that the russians have targeted different areas across syria,
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particularly in the eastern city in aleppo and idlib and that some of the targets were basically isil positions. the russians have said the last few days that they have killed hundreds of isil fighters and that they will continue their airstrikes to undermine and destroy the oil installations of the armed group. however, act visits and human rights organizations in aleppo and idlib say that most of the targets in those areas were basically civilians and dozens of men and women were killed since the start of the russian military intervention in syria. i spoke with a seen nor military commander and he said despite the russian campaign, isil still holds ground and is determined to continue the fight until
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assad is kicked out of power. >> president barack obama has been speaking about the syrian crisis and wants russia to focus on isil instead of other armed groups in syria. >> their principal targets have been the moderate opposition that they felt threatened assad. their principal goal appeared to be if you followed the strikes that they took to fortify the position of the assad regime, and that does not add to our efforts against isil. in some ways, it strengthens it, because isil is also fighting many of those groups that the russians were hitting. >> defense and military analyst said moscow is hitting isil as well as other groms. >> the russians have been attacking a lot of the targets that we have been taking out were the target information was provided by the official syrian military by the assat friendly
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people, so they were telling us, giving us targets that we believe are mostly threatens them. ideologically, moscow says that they are all terrorists organizations, all connected to daish or isis, so we are right now attacking both. we are attacking isis and we're attacking non-isis targets in different parts of syria. the russian military say they are doing their best and not hitting civilian targets, most likely, there are, but when such kind of bombing campaigns, sometimes collateral damage is more or less inevitable. >> holding a news conference on whether to extend the state of emergency in brussels, the streets of the capital are in lockdown for a second day. the metro system is closed and people are told to avoid large gatherings. >> many are calling for tighter
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controls at europe's external borders making the link between attackers and the influx of refugees. once inside the european union, the schengen zone makes it easy to move between countries undetected. that's making life even harder for refugees. >> right now pretty much everyone has had their say on the significance of paris except the refugees. here they were, some 700 lined up in the freezing rain on slovenia's border with austria. they all new about paris, they all despise isil and yes, they knew full well their journeys were about to become harder. >> we are saying that we are from your people and we will say thanks to everyone who held us and you are against the tourists and we help them.
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>> it's claimed at least one paris attackers could have mailed this journey, hiding among everybody else on a false passport. that means that now, even if so many of the people here patiently pose no threat, absolutely nothing can be taken for granted anymore. >> all it tack was one syrian passport left on the ground in paris, one fingerprint from one of the attackers that apparently proved that he'd come through greece and had made this crossing and that's changed absolutely everything for every single one of these people because now the authorities aren't totally trying to prove their legitimate refugees, they're also trying to prove whether or not they are part of isil. >> saturday marked day one of the new security regime. countries like slovenia will have to do a lot more joined up thinking with the european police agency europol, yet some
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think they will find their ways around the borders if there is money in it. >> they will find loopholes. the smugglers know how to transport into austria first on ili, but somehow, the route will stop slightly and migrants will go through italy or they should use the old way through ukraine and russia. >> having been fingerprinted already on the border, once they crossed into austria, they disappeared again into these massive tents. the army is in charge here and they've increased their number since paris happened. they'll need to. 10,000 people passed through here on thursday alone. in security terms, the walls of fortress europe are looking far too easy to breach. lawrence lee, al jazeera, on the slovenia-austria border. >> israel place say one israeli has been injured and one
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palestinian man killed following a stabbing attack west of bethlehem, one several attacks on sunday. it happened at a traffic junction south of annapolis. she had tried to stab an israeli, an israeli civilian has shot dead a palestinian man near the kafar settlement. he reportedly tried to ram his car into israelis. 15 israelis and 91 palestinians have been killed. >> people are voting in argentina's first ever presidential runoff. the opposition change coalition will try to beat the ruling party. whoever wins this correct will have some major challenges ahead. it's estimated half of argentina's working population and working wage make less than $1,700 a month.
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argentina is still reeling from its 2001 financial meltdown when it faulted on $93 billion of foreign debt. we are most of. >> there are winds of change in argentina this sunday. as for the first time in 12 years, the opposition has real chances of winning the presidency. the former president of the football club is the current mayor of buenos aires. he promises to open argentina's economy after years of protectionist policies under christina kirchner. he wants to clean break from the policies, which include heavy trade and currency controls. >> argentinians, we are ready to live in a marvelous moment in our history. the momentum has come and it's now, let's go, let's go be a railroad job tina, let's change.
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>> the governor of buenos aires and christina kirchner's hand picked successor promisees to move the economy in a more orthodox direction. >> i guarantee the voters if they join this cause, it will mean a great future for argentina's development to reach victory for all argentinians. >> in the last month, attacks are intensified linking him to argentina when building country defouled on its foreign debt. >> in october's first round, winning by three points, the latest polls show that this time he has the lead. >> it's been a dam painful of aggression because of what is at
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take. mack re is appealing to change. no matter who wins, argentina won't be the same after this election be. >> the opposition expressed fear about the possibility of fraud. the director of the electoral commission said they have taken every measure to prevent anything from going wrong. >> the process is controlled by armed forces, by political parties, by us, by justice. it's impossible to break our system. >> the possibility have change has appealed to many argentinians after 12 years of kirchnerism. there are still many who are afraid about what that change could bring. >> egyptian president al sisi has voted in the latest round of parliamentary elections there. reports suggest the turnout has
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been low. only 22% of voters cast their ballot during the first round in october. >> egypt hasn't had a functioning parliament since 2012, joining the president of the former government. elections for the lower chamber were said to be unconstitutional. al sisi promised a vote would be held within months, but disputes over election laws meant the ballot was delayed. this vote is expected to change the current fails of egypt's politics. the turnout may show whether or not egyptians have any confidence in what president sisi describes as a milestone on the military's road to he democracy. a professor of the modern and contemporary history in the egyptian system said there are serious failures on the political front, security front
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the last two years. let's remember what happened in cairo and all of those failures together contributed to the fact that people are no longer interested to be part of the political process which started on june, 2013. that message is if you play with the will of people, that's the action you will receive. the will of people are prejune 2013 was very sincere of, you know, they are sincere, they won't to be responsibility for change, they want to be part of the political system, however what happened in june of 2013 sends a clear message that our will as a nation is no longer respected, so that was witnessed. in the first round of the election, i think you will also see in this round of the election. >> still ahead: >> overnight -- >> ethiopia defends tight
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controls over the media. >> brazil faces a environmental disaster as toxic murder from a landslide flows across the country.
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>> hello again, you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. russia stepped up its bombing campaign in syria in what activists call the heaviest strikes since the conflict began
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in 2011. >> people are voting in argentina's first ever presidential runoff. the race is between the ruling party and the opposition let's change coalition. arriving to vote in buenos aires just a few moments ago. >> egypt's president al sisi has voted in the latest round of parliamentary elections. reports suggest the turnout so far there has been low. only 22% of voters cast their ballots during the first round in october. >> thousands of extra police have been deployed against bangladesh after two leading opposition members were executed for war crimes committed in 1971. one was the secretary general of the country's largest religious party, the other was influential in the nationalist party. they were convicted in 2013. we have the latest. >> behind me is the square.
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it's been over the years the epicenter of protests calling for the execution of war criminals. in a little bit, there's going to be another gathering over there, but this time, it's going to be a celebration, rather than a protest. that's because two of the most high profile men accused of war crimes were hanged on sunday. the mood across the country is not entirely jubilant. that's because the two men who were hanged were influential politicians and their supporters say they're trial was about neutering the opposition rather than about justice and these supporters have taken to the streets in the past in protests which have resulted in hundreds of people killed and political violence. the government this time has taken fairly extraordinary measures to prevent further violence from taking place. they have deployed tens of thousands of security personnel, police, border guards have been
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deployed across the country and they've clamped down on social media activity with what's app, facebook locked down for a while now. there's been at least one incidence of violence with a journalist, with a t.v. fan fired at by unknown attackers and at least one journalist has been wounded as a result, so the possibility of further violence is certainly there. >> 10 countries of the association of southeast asian nations have agreed trade barriers will be lifted gradually and people in the block move around more freely. >> the motto is forging ahead together. the hope is that the agreement signed this weekend will improve the lives of 620 million people who live in the 10 asian member states. >> we now have to ensure a great
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single market and production base with freer movement of goods and services, with common standards, far greater connectivity and the removal of the barriers that make our borders a hindrance to growth and investment. >> the block which concluded its annual meeting with disagreement is the third largest economy in the region after china and japan. the aims of the newation community agreement known as the a.e.c. is to create a single economic market, one com settive within the region according to asean physician, the economic blocks combined
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g.d.p. grew 4.6% and foreign increased by nearly 16%. much of that success has been down to small and medium business enterprises. >> employing 100 people at this tire factory he set up 20 years ago, its annual turnover is more than $3.5 million. he has plans to expand and export more if trade barriers can be removed. tech savvy entrepreneurs have begun to trade beyond malaysia. his tax see booking app is downloaded by 4 million. this is still only the start of economic integration. >> i think asean will continue to move forward slowly and it will be correct to do so. that's the reason it hasn't faced the problems like the e.u. is facing. it's keeping its people with them. as they make it into a real
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single market, there will be huge gauges for the people in asean. >> asean is in no russia. analysts say the steady, cautious approach has been a strong point in the world of turbulent global finance. >> a mud flow thick with mining waste in brazil has reached the atlantic ocean. it's been glowing downstream this month. it has killed at least 11 people and 12 of missing. we have the latest. >> the river turned a murky orange for as far as the eye can see. the change in color is caused by mining waste unleashed after two dams collapsed around an iron ore mine. in two weeks, the thick sludge traveled more than 500 kilometers through southeastern brazil and into the atlantic. >> all we expect now is the
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death of the river, all of the logistics going on here will not solve our problems. we need a solution. >> the mine is owned by an australian and brazilian joint venture which has agreed to pay more than a quarter billion dollars in compensation. the company continues to insist the mud is not toxic, but those in fishing and farming communities along the river say they are already feeling the effects. >> i'm catching just one or two fish a day now. just recently, i was catching seven. >> i can't save anything now. we can't throw that water on the cocoa plant. it will die. we don't know what's in the water. there's nothing we can do. >> biologists are working to contain the damage. it won't be easy. mud was released, enough to phillie 25,000 olympic sized swimming pools. >> or objective is to reduce the environmental damage, the negative impact, mitigate the
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most we can. with regards to who is to blame and other legal proceedings, that's for the courts. >> brazil's environment minister said it could take up to 30 years to clean up the basin, calling this the country's worst environmental disaster in history. al jazeera. >> a landslide in myanmar killed 94 people and 100 others are missing. it happened near a jade mine in the northern state. emergency services are still looking for survivors. it's not yet clear what caused the collapse. >> ethiopia's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. the government is determined to transform the country into a middle income nation in the next decade, but the country has one of the worst reputations in the world when it comes to media freedom. we have this report. >> he and his fellow blogger and journalist live in fear. the terrorism charges against
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them and seven other bloggers and journalists were dropped after they spent more than a year in jail. he describes what he says were 75 days of often violent interrogation in a windowless cell with only a mattress on the floor. >> i was beaten with a cable on my barefoot. i was forced to do situps. i was slapped a lot of times. i sometimes think that i'm -- my life going to be between jail and the abuse. the only thing that i want from the government is to allow me freely express myself was. >> this is eat eating's state broadcaster. the organization reporters without borders said the ethiopia government has forced numerous private media companies to close in recent years. according to the new york based committee for the protection of journalists, ethiopia is the fourth most sensitive country in
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the world. only eritrea, egypt and saudi arabia rank worst. ethiopia has one of the fastest economies in the world, growing on average 10% a year each decade and for the purpose investment is flooding in. >> this is the easily opened light railway. it cost $475 million to build with the help of a chinese loan. it helps to highlight the rapid pace of development here in ethiopia. the government categorically denies accusations from critics here and abroad to spree dom of speech are sidelined for the sake of economic development. >> the government said it is determined to beat poverty. ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. its military and vast security operators have managed to protect the country from al
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shabab fighters from somalia. it says the media are free to criticized but there are limits including inciting political criticism and riots. but it admits mistakes. >> there might be errors, but we don't have that kind of, you know, procedures of interrogation. it has been among other principals. >> will the government allow a transparent investigation into allegation of torture?
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>> -- yes. >> for journalists and bloggers, words and deeds are sometimes very different things. al jazeera. >> now used plastic is given a new lease of life in kenya, used to make poles for construction and road signs. we have a report on how people are converting waste into building materials. >> it doesn't matter how filthy the job is. in kenya, it's money. samuel gets 15 cents for every kilogram of plastic he collects. what happens to it after he sells it? >> that i don't know. yeah. i don't know what kind of material they make. >> take a look at this, the shredded plastic goes in here. it is then melted down and compressed in this machine.
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drop it in cold water to cool and here is what you get. planks or poles, made out of recycled plastic, an alternative to wood or aluminum. >> i think it's something the word should explore based on the current raw material in the form of plastic waste. >> you can use them to make fences, furniture and in construction. manufacturers say they don't rot and unlike wood, won't be eaten by termites. >> you have different options. some come like this and here is another version. they are actually quite heavy, but they are more expensive than aluminum. that's because production costs are still high. >> a lot of money goes into paying for electricity to make these. the polls are slowly changing the landscape. if kenyans stop and really look, some would be surprised that more and more of these street polls are now made from recycles
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plastic, waste most people would normally just throw away. >> you can always keep up to date with all the very latest news and views on our website. there it is on your screen, >> the panama canal, an engineering marvel, crammed with billions of dollars in commercial traffic, this canal is considered a wonder of the engineering world. >> okay, vamos. >> nicaraguans pacific coast line, still untouched by development. but perhaps not for long. it could soon feature another grand canal, one designed to accommodate the largest ships on the planet. but even before ground


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