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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> hello, from al jazeera's headqus in doha, this is the news hour. i'm laura kyle. coming up in the next 60 minutes: russia steps up its military campaign in syria with the heaviest bombardment since the campaign began. >> going head-to-head in argentina's first ever run off elections. >> thousands of extra police deployed across bangladesh after two opposition leaders are that i can r. hanged.
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>> white until you see what all this plastic is going to be turned into. >> first to the conflict in syria and the latest in the bat toll defeat isil. the international campaign to destroy the group appears to be gathering pace. russia has stepped up its air campaign. it's been pounding isil targets in its eastern stronghold. france's defense minister says a french aircraft carrier will be ready to help operations against isil for monday. he made those comments during an interview on french television. >> barack obama said the u.s. will not relent in its fight against isil. he made the comments during a visit to malaysia.
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>> discrimination helps isil and undermines our national security. even as we destroy isil on the battlefield, and we will destroy them, we will particular back land that they are currently in. we will cut off their financing. we will hunt down their leadership. we will dismantle their networks and supply lines and we will ultimately destroy them. >> our correspondent is following developments from turkey not far from the syrian border. >> this is the first time that the russians have stepped up their military campaign against isil, particularly in the eastern part of syria in the city which is an isil stronghold. there have been fighters jets pounding oil installations. also cruise missiles fired from the caspian sea, the russians have been saying that they have managed to kill hundred was isil
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fighters on those areas. it seems that the russians trying to take on the oil installations knowing that the revenues of oil swell the coffers of isil and help isil to recruit more foreign fighters and expand. there have been russian airstrikes in southern aleppo. here, most of the syrian activists say that the airstrikes have destroyed residential areas, killed more civilians and that the general plan for the strategy of the russians is not to take on isil but pave the way for the syrian government to move forward and reverse gains made by the rebels in aleppo and idlib and also in latakia. the turks summoned their ambassador warning the russian about the escalation in
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particularly latakia where the turkish minty have been threatened by russian air trying. the americans and the national community are willing to see a unified united stance against isil but would like to see it coordinated in a sense that paves the way for isil to be defeated but at the same time for the moderate syrian opposition to take over. >> people in argentina are voting in the country's first ever presidential runoff. he will inherit an economy troubled by inflation and overvalid currency. the government is in a legal dispute over foreign debt. when it comes to fixing the economy, the candidates offered two different approaches. the ruling front for victory party has vowed to maintain the policies of the outgoing president, christina search ner, the second vote is for change with the let's change coalition,
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including scrapping currency and trade controls. that mental seems to be working. >> there are winds of change in argentina this sunday, for the first time in 12 years, the opposition has real chance of winning the presidency. the current mayor of buenos aires promise to say open the economy after years of protectionist policies under kirchner. he wants to clean break from those policies, including heavy trade and currency controls. >> argentinians, we are ready, we are ready to live in a marvelous era in our history and i want each of you to go home today knowing that it's begun, that it's true that the moment has come, that it's now. let's go, let's go, argentina, change. >> he is the govern of buenos
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aires and christina's hand picked successor promise to say retain kirchner's popular welfare programs, while gradually pushing economic policy in a more orthodox direction. >> i guarantee the undersided and independent voters if they join this cause, it will mean a great future for argentina's development. i will continue searching for common ground to reach victory for all people of argentina. >> in the last month, he has ins tensified his attacks linking him to theft when this country fell into debt and with the u.s. based hedge funds which he calls vultures on the debt. >> it's been a campaign full ofgression because which what is
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at stake. he is appealing to hope and change. the opposition says change could be chaotic. no matter who wins, argentina will be different after this election. >> the opposition expressed fear about the possibility of fraud. the director of the electoral commission says that they have taken every measure to prevent anything from going wrong. >> the process is controlled by armed forces by political parties, by us, by justice. it's impossible to break our system. >> the possibility of change has appealed to many inar jen deanna after 12 years of kirchnerism. there are still many who are afraid about what that change could bring. al jazeera, buenos aires. >> the bell jeb prime minister is due to hold a news conference in the coming hours and whether he's extending the state of emergency in brussels. the streets of the capital are
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in lockdown for a second day with warnings of an eminent attack. shops and the metro are closed and people told to avoid large gatherings. >> mali's president have been visiting people injured in friday's attack on a luxury hotel. he went to hospital in the capital to meet survivors. 21 people were killed, including two gunman. a state of emergency is still enforce in mali and police are still looking for suspects. >> shaken and still in shock, survivors walk back into the hotel where they were taken hostage, inside, the remains of the carnage, the spell of gun powder hangs in the air. too hard to bear for some. a delegate at a conference on renewable energy hid in room 333 for hours, operating that she wouldn't die. >> i was in the room.
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i tried to hide under my bed. i was so scared, i thought about jumping off the balcony. >> the 170 people were held hostage beforen and special forces stormed the building, shooting the attackers dead. at the local hospital, scores are still being treated for gunshot wounds, while forensic experts continued to identify the dead, many foreign workers. mali declared a 10 day state of emergency and three days of national mourning. >> no city is safe, whether paris, bamako, it's affecting all of us. >> this is the worst attack bamako has experienced and yet 24 hours later, it's as if bamako is back to normal. survivors are picking up luggage and going book home. meanwhile, the investigation continues. >> security forces after three suspects on the run. a splinter group of al-qaeda in
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north africa used twitter to claim responsibility for the tack. the government wouldn't confirm this, saying the investigation is still underkay. why witnesses say the attackers spoke perfect english, suggesting they may be from neighboring countries. >> i was hiding in my room and i felt reassured when i heard people speaking the malian lake. i knew then it was safe to come out. >> this attack is a severe blow to a country desperately seeking foreign investment. for the purpose investors unlikely to stay and mali can ill afford to see them go. >> we are live in bamako. what's happening where you're at there? >> ok, let me tell you first where i am, because it's quite important. i'm at the lodge restaurant, very popular among foreigners here in bamako. we came here because about an
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hour or so ago, we got a report saying that there was an operation on going at the lodge. when we came, security officers in civilian close told us the surge is almost over. what they were searching for we're unclear, whether it links to the investigation into the attacks at the raddison blu hoe sell on friday. some staff here tell us that earlier today around 6:00 a.m., security officers came to the hotel because they got a call about securing this space. rod son blue is a force many foreigners stayed, many people when they came stayed at raddison blu. there is a sense of fear that other places frequented by foreigners could be targeted. we also heard that the international committee of the red cross sent its staff in
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bamako, telling them to stay away from this lodge because there was an operation on going. it is not clear if the operation is linked into the investigation into friday's attack. we have reports that possibly one of the suspects that is still being searched could have been here. still unconfirmed, so we can't back that, but also we heard that a source of mine in the presidency told me that the reason they came to the lodge earlier was because sometimes at this restaurant, saw some suspicious people, people they thought were suspicious and therefore called the police to come and check it out. so we're unclear exactly what exactly is going on, but it is an estimate to, you know, the sense of fear among these place frequent by tourists in mali. a state of emergency i would remind you is in place right now, so this gives police the right to go and search place and
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try to secure these location. >> absolutely. also we've got senegal's president there in mali, of course head of the regional block. what's he been saying? >> the visit by the president of senegal and also chairman of economic means of the state is symbolic. he is here to express solidarity with the malian people. they are heading to the raddison blu hotel we understand along with the malian president. this is important, because african leaders have been very much criticized for not standing together in this fight against terrorism, the fight against extremism. a lot of africans have criticized this, especially after the attacks in paris in january when no more than six leaders took part in the unity march, saying they stand with front in the stand against
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terrorism. many are asking why frequent ken leaders are not standing together and taking part in owny marches. there is also a threat where civilians are also being killed. why didn't they for instance make a unity march in kenya after the west gate attacks or in nigeria after attacks by boko haram. the message being sent here is african leaders are standing together. they are united in the fight against terrorism. >> many thanks for the update. reporting from bamako. >> much more still to come on this al jazeera news hour, including crimea plunged into barkness. 2 million are without power. russia said it's sabotage. >> a giant trail of sludge that's not stopping mud mixed with mining waste from brazil reaching the atlantic. >> britain's tennis players
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delay travel to belgium for the world cup. we'll have the details later in sport. >> thousands of extra police have been deployed to bangladesh after war crimes committed in 1971. the special tribunal convict them in 2013. we have the latest. >> behind me is the square. it's been over the years the epicenter of protests calling for the execution of war criminals. there is going to be a celebration because two of the most high profile men accused of
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war crimes were hanged on sunday. the mood is not entirely jubilant. that's because the two men that were hanged were influential politicians and their supporters say that their trial was about neutering the opposition rather than about justice and these supporters have taken to the streets in the past in protests which have resulted in hundreds of people killed in political violence. the government this time has taken extraordinary measures to prevent further violence from taking place. they have deployed tens of thousands of security personnel, of police, border guards, paramilitary units have been deployed in cities across the country. they've clamped down on social media activity with what's app, facebook and vibr closed down for a while now. a t.v. van was fired at by
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unknown attackers and one journalist wounded as a result. the possibility of further violence is certainly there. >> let's take you back to argentina where people are voting in that historic presidential runoff. we have seen two candidates voting also, the outgoing president, christina kirchner. much excitement from everybody else at these polls? >> i think there is, simply because this is such a close race. this is the first time as you mentioned that the argentina elections having to a runoff. in this case, it's very, very tight, two candidates offering two very different models about how to tackle argentina's problems, whether we're going to continue with policies much the same as we've seen in the last 12 years under two kirchner governments or the opposition
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candidate offering fundamental changes to the way the economy is run, so it's a very, very tight race. there's been voting for a little over four hours and there's still five and a half hours to go. we should get the result later on tonight. the opinion polls haven't been very reliable so far, certainly not in the first round, so we won't really know until those votes start to come in much later tonight who is likely to be the next president of argentina. >> if we look at those polls, he was trailing, went he, in those opinion polls. if that's an indication the people in argentina want change. >> there are vast sectors of the society that do want change, set up with a very high inflation rate here, the farming community was very much based on agriculture, the farming community say there's been no dialogue with the government for the last few years, the market's would like to see change. they are fed up with a number of
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different exchange rates with dwindling fortune reserves. there's also plenty of people in argentina very happy with the way the government's been running things, quite substantial social programs, the transport system in buenos aires being renovated, an airline company that now seems to run much better than it used to. there certainly are positive elements here. it's a case of who's done very well under the kirchner regime and who has not, which defines which side of the political divide they now stand. >> ok. we'll leave it there. thank you very much from buenos aires. >> israeli place say one israeli has been injured and one palestinian man killed following a stabbing attack south of bethlehem. it's one of several attacks on sunday. israeli security forces shot dead a palestinian woman in the occupied west bank at a traffic junction south of nablis.
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a palestinian man was shot dead in the settlement where he reportedly tried to run his car into israelis. the latest wave of violence began in early october. 15 israelis and 91 palestinians have been killed. >> in australia, there's been fighting between anti muslim and anti racist protestors. six were arrested after arguments turned violent. an anti racist group started their own rally in response. >> two protestors have been shot and killed by police in southern nepal. people from ethnic group living along the border with india have been protesting against the constitution for months. police say the protestors hurled pet troll bombs at them. >> almost 2 million people in crimea have no electricity. russia's energy ministry said
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the blackout happened after electricity pylons were damaged in explosions. >> virginia late on social media, images of the four damaged electric pylons. electricity is completely cut off. attached is a flag. ukraine still continues to supply the peninsula with electricity. overnight, the city was plunged into darkness with thousands of homes left without power. at this city hospital, backup generators were used to keep the lights on and keep vital equipment running. rescue teams have been put on high alert and a state of emergency declared. >> absolutely all services have been fully mobilize. all disease sell generators have been checked. we have 217 in the city.
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schools, hospitals and kindergartens, so in any scenario, they will have electricity. >> two of the four pylons on ukrainian territory were first damaged on friday. ukrainian activists, including crimes tried to repair the lines but were pushed back by police. ukrainian officials believe the pylons were blown up. russia hasn't said who it thinks caused the damage, but state media claimed they were attacked by ukrainian nationalists. if true, the blackouts are likely to increase tensions between russia and ukraine. it's expected to take 48 hours for power to be restored. al jazeera. >> a landslide in myanmar killed 94 people and 100 are missing. it happened near a jade mine in
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the northern state. emergency workers are looking for survivors. it's not clear what caused the collapse a mud flow thick with waste has reached the atlantic ocean. dams burst earlier this month. i have the has killed 11 people. we have the latest. >> the rich turned a murky orange as far as the eye can see. the changing color is changed by mining waste after the collapse of two dams. in two weeks, the thick sludge has traveled more than 500 kilometers through southeastern brazil and into the atlantic. >> all we expect now is the death of the river. all the logistics going on now will not solve our problems. we need a solution. >> the mine is owned by an australian and brazilian joint
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venture, agreeing to pay more than away quarter billion dollars in compensation. the company insists the mud is not toxic, but those in fishing and farming communities along the river say they are already feeling the effects. >> i'm catching just one or two fish a day now. recently, i was catching seven. >> i can't save anything now. we can't throw that water on the cocoa plant. it will die. we don't know what's in the water. there's nothing we can do. >> biologists are working to contain the damage. it won't be easy. 16 million cubic meters of mud was released. >> our objective is to mitigate the most we can. with reward to say who is to blame and other legal proceedings, that's for the courts. >> brazil said environment minister said it could take up to 30 years to clean up the doce
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basin, calling it the worst environmental disaster in the country's history. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> peeping have been voting in hong kong for new local council members. the turnout is high. candidates were still campaigning in a bid to secure last minute votes. the record number of people are competing at this district elections in the wake of last week's protests that brought hong kong to a standstill, it's the younger generation turning up in high numbers to vote. people are concerned, so are more active in participating. >> people want to vote this time, because the umbrella movement last year encouraged
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more young people to vote. >> they are not only voting young we are, but new candidates are challenging the seasoned politicians. he is just 23 years old, disillusioned by the current political landscape, he joined the newly formed young-spiration party. >> this election may be very much a local event dealing with traffic and the day to day complaints of local residents, but the importance of this election should not be underestimated. it is seen by many as a referendum on hong kong's political future. >> he cast his vote early. he and other lawmakers know that this vote could reshape hong kong's political future. >> in a way, it would indicate
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whether or not the umbrella movement does have the support of voters in general, and also, it can be a test for the weakening of hong kong people. >> there's plenty of enthusiasm among voters in hong kong, but a different story in egypt. polls there opened for long delayed parliamentary elections, but will anyone bother to turn up? >> the fight against isil in northern iraq leaves orphaned children with an uncertain future. >> golfs former number one rory mcelroy looks to end his season
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on a high.
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>> hello, again, you're watching the al jazeera news hour. here's a reminder of our top stories. russia stepped up its bombing campaign in syria in what activists are calling the heaviest strike since 2011. they are targeting the easternern region and the capitol held by isil. >> people are voting in senior jen tina's presidential runoff between the rulings party and the opposition let's change coalition. both candidates voted in buenos aires in the past few hours. >> in belgium, whether the state of emergency will be extended. the streets are in lockdown over warnings of an eminent attack. >> children have been orphaned by the fight against isil. the number of other fans could be in the thousands.
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we are a report from erbil. >> their father was killed by isil fighters last year when the armed group took control of the sip jar mount in in northern iraq. she saw the fighters kill her husband and that one gunshot, her whole life changed. >> after they killed my husband, the children and women were put in abandoned buildings. isil then from time to time came and selected the most beautiful girls and took them away. we remained in those buildings for at least two weeks and it was horrible. my kids were crying and they were so afraid. there was fighting and bombings all around us and then airstrikes hit the isil fighters and we escaped. there was no one to look after us. everybody was desperate to look after themselves. >> in iraq, the definition of an orphan is any child who has lost
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one or both parents. there are no accurate figures on how many there are, but the effect on the children have been immense. the families are struggling to cope with the extra mouths to feed. it's only the tight knit community spirit that keeps these families together. living far from the camps that can provide basic services, that's an issue, because the other fans don't get the help they need. at least 1n.g.o. has said 712 or fans have been registered by them, but that's a tiny fraction of the number of or fans out there. >> the u.n.'s children's agency unicef finding and registering or fans is difficult. >> the primary challenge to the work that unicef and others do in iraq are denied portions to anbar. >> dealing with the needs of or fans is also difficult, because it doesn't have the needed
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experience. >> we also lack the professional expertise from workers in the humanitarian aid field who can help us. we don't have the capability to deal with children going through trauma. >> coping with having one or both parents gone means special care is needed and that special care and the available, because aid agencies don't have what they need, leaving an entire generation of orphans to deal with the trauma themselves. >> egyptians have been given a half day off work on monday to encourage them to get out and vote. egypt's is in the latest stage of an election which could result in the country's first parliament in three years. we have this report. >> the egyptian president al sisi cast his ballot in the latest round of voting in long delayed parliamentary elections. polling stations in egypt have now opened. the key question now is how many people will cast their votes. during the first round in
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october, turnout was just under 22%. there are worries the number will be low this time, too. voters complain there is little difference between the parties. >> their parties have joined forces with the current regime. that's my opinion. this is not something i recognize at all. >> in 2012 with a turnout of 46%, mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood's freedom and justice party won what was rewarded as free and fair elections. morsi was deposed in a military coup, which downfield the freedom and justice party. the military security support by offering to hold parliamentary elections within months. it's taken two years for that to happen. tens of thousands of activists
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are still in jail, dozens of journalists are behind bars. the media are tightly controlled. several parties are boycotting this latest vote, saying there is little chance to play a part in egypt's politics. >> there is a widespread sense of frustration and 66 that this upcoming parliament will perform any sirius role. the dominant feeling is that the president wants a parliament that's going to support him in all the decisions that he's going to make. >> president sisi has faced international criticism for cracking down on opponents. this vote is unlikely to change the face of egyptian politics, but the level of turnout may give some indication how many egyptians are behind their president and his policies. >> an associate professor of political science at the doha institution for graduate studies says low confidence and a lack of competition in this election has affected voters.
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>> one of the reasons behind this first phase and second faced is political fatigue. many people think the parliament will not reflect their will and there is not much confidence that this election will lead to something now. there is no competition in the election, given the fact that the main opposition movement right now either in the present or outside the country, mainly the muslim brotherhood, the second thing, particularly those people who participated in july 3 coup, particularly talking about the civilian parties are not part of the game right now. the competition is within the pro regime camps.
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>> the reality of the situation is when you have news coming out haphazardly and half assed that refers to jason as being imprisoned, but not giving any details and then say he's been convicted but without speaks
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filing details, saying that they have evidence against him, but without making public that evidence, it really goes to show that the iranian government has backed itself into a corner. >> do you think it might find that in the process of appeal? >> never say never. you can never rule out the possibility, but because this unjust situation has not followed even iran's only laws, it doesn't in still a lot of confidence that it's going to be resolved using the rule of law. i think this has become politicized both internally, inside ran and externally between iran and the united states. >> have you had word as to how jason's coping with his term in prison? you say it was 487 days he's now spent behind bars. >> well, by all occasion that is we've been able to receive from his family, which they've made very. as they receive information, they say he is not doing well
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mentally and physically. that's entirely understandable, given that it's been 487 days since he was detained. you know, there's a violation of jason's human rights, it goes without saying that it needs to come to a swift end. jason needs to be quickly reunited with his family so not only jason and his family can move forward but the overall political situation can move forward, as well, because imprisons innocent people and keeping them behind bars not only ruins lives, but it adversely affects many other innocent lives, as well. people understands the u.s. and people inside iran. >> there is no evidence that jason did anything wrong. do you have any indication as to why he was arrested? >> i agree there is no evidence jason has done anything wrong
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and that it's the responsibility of the egyptian government to make that information known, which they have not done. i think jason has become a pawn in a broader political game, bolt inside of iran between people that want iran to be connected to the you said world and people who do not wouldn't those bridges to be built and also between iran and the u.s. iran often says there are iranians in american prisons that should be reds. the people they are saying are in american prisons there because of violations of sanctions. that's different than accusing somebody of espionage and providing no legal grounds, no legal explanation why they are imprisoning those journalists. >> ethiopia's economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. the government is determined to transform the country into a middle income nation in the next
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decade but also has one of the worst reputations in the world when it comes to media freedoms. we have this report. >> this blogger and journalist say they live in fear. the terrorism charges against them and other bloggers and journalists were dropped after spending more than a year in jail. he describes what he says were 75 days of often violent interrogation in a windowless cell with only a mattress on the floor. >> i was beaten with a cable on my barefoot. i was forced to do sit ups. i was slapped a lot of times. i sometimes think that my life going to be between jail and getting beaten. the only thing i want is for the government to allow me to freely express myself.
10:43 am
>> reporters without borders said the ethiopian government has forced private media companies to close in recent years and according to the committee for the protection of journalists, ethiopia is the fourth most sensitive country in the world, only eritrea, egypt and saudi arabia rank worst. ethiopia has grown 10% a year over the last decade and foreign investment i guess flooding in. >> this is the recently opened light railway. it costs $475 million to build with the help of a chinese loan and it's projects like these that help to highlight the rapid pace of development here in ethiopia. the government categorically denies accusations from its critics here and abroad to ideas of democratic change and freedom of speech are being sidelined for the sake of economic development. >> the government is determined to beat poverty, but ethiopia
10:44 am
remains one of the poorest countries in the world. its military and vast security have protected the country from al shabab from neighboring somalia. the government said there has to be stability to transform ethiopia into a middle income count rip in the next 10 years. it says the media are free to criticize, but there are limits, including what it describes as inciting political hatred or riots, but it does admit mistakes. >> overnight, we are learning.
10:45 am
>> if evidence is presented, would the government allow a thorough transparent investigation of allegations of torture. >> if it comes with concrete things, yes. because that's unacceptable. >> to bloggers, words and deeds are sometimes very different things. al jazeera, addis ababa. >> the 10 countries of the association of southeastation she been nations, asean agreed to create a single community. trade barriers will be lifted gradually and people to move more freely within the block. we have a report from cool lamb poor. >> the motto is forging ahead together. the hope is that the agreement signed will improve the lives of 620 million people who live in the 10 asean member states. >> we have to insure a single
10:46 am
market and production base with freer movement of goods and services, with common standards, far greater connectivity and the removal of the barriers that make our borders a hindrance to growth and investment. >> the block which concluded its annual meeting with disagreement is the third largest economy in the region after china and japan. the aims of the new asean community agreement known as the a.e.c. is to create a single economic market, one that is competitive within the region and will attract more foreign investment. it also plans to phase out tariffs and taxes and make it easier to get work permits in all member states. since the blue paint for the a.e.c. was first penned in 2007, it was always in advicaged to greater economic incident allegation would be the ultimate goal. according to figures up to 2014, the economic blocks combined
10:47 am
g.d.p. grew and foreign investment increased. much of that success r. success has been down to small and medium business enterprises. >> he employs 20 people at this tire factory. its annual turnover is more than $3.5 million. he has plans to expand and export more if trade barriers can be removed. tech savvy entrepreneurs have begun to trade beyond malaysia. his taxi booking app has been downloaded by 4 million customers in the asean countries where it operates. it's taken 20 years of negotiations to get this far and this is still only the start. >> i think asean will continue to move forward slowly and will continue to do so. it's keeping its peoples with him. i think as governments keep that goal in mind and they keep making it into a real single
10:48 am
market, there will be huge gains to be made for the people of asean. >> asean is in no russia. analysts say its steady, cautious approach has been a strong point in the world of turbulence. >> sport is still to come here on the news hour and greece's biggest football derby called off after violence between fans and police. we're back in a moment.
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>> he is back now with all the sport. >> the great britain tennis club team delayed its trip to belgium. the team is expected to travel on monday. the city is 28 kilometers away from brussels, on its highest level of alert in fears of an attack. the tennis administration i guess aware of the alert but will go ahead. >> security has been stepped up in london hosting the world tour finals. djokovic remains on course to win a fourth successive title. the world number one had an encounter with nadal in london. he swept aside the spaniard in straight sets. now level at 23 matches appease. djokovic is on course to accept the $2 million prize on sunday
10:51 am
as the undefeated champion. >> standing in his way is roger federer, who booked his place in the final with a win in the semi. they advanced for the 10t 10th time in history, breaking the record. security ramped up following the paris attack, as for the game itself, the coach is struggling to explain his team's loss that. two goals from suarez and one more assured the six-point lead at the top. it's the second successive loss. he has to take action.
10:52 am
he goes off the coach goes, because this team is a disaster. >> it's dreadful. the players are laughing at us. they are not laughing at bonitas. the players don't even run. >> away emergency meeting was held to decide whether or not to stay in the country's top league after the game set to be called off because of riots. inside the venue, two players were injured during warmup. one suffered mild burns to his legs when he was hit by a flare. the club have called a rally on wednesday to protest violence in greek football and say they'll keep discussing whether to leave the league. it is reported that the entire league could be temporarily
10:53 am
suspended. >> rory mcelroy won the world tour championship in dubai. by the 17th hole, he had a two shot lead. then disaster struck with his tee shot. into the water he went, however, a brilliant recovery pass allowed him to stay a shot clear, going into the final hole. he tops the european money list for the third time in four years. >> i held a couple of big places
10:54 am
this year. i was a little bit lucky i was able to do it again, put myself in that position. it wasn't obviously what i wanted to do, but to be able to get out of that little hole with a putt like that, it made the difference. >> finishing in style, the italian hitting this hole in one on the sixth. it was a record 46 ace of the season on the european tour. >> rory mcelroy was starring in dubai with an player of older vintage was playing in australia, winning the australian masters. he challenged players half his age to secure the title. twenty years since his last victory at the very same course.
10:55 am
>> australian cricket her with a hole in one for charity. it didn't go in the same direction as marinara's shots. he almost hit the photographer. >> basketball now, miami heat's wade 50th in the all time leaders scoring list. wade ending with a game high 27 points. >> elsewhere, the milwaukee bucks had a horror show in indianapolis as they were beaten 123-86 by the indiana pacers. the teams were actually tied at 23 appease late in the first quarter, but it went very, very wrong ago the bucks went down for their third straight loss. indiana recording their eighth win in 10 games. we'll have more sport for you
10:56 am
later. >> thanks very much. >> moving to kenya, where used plastic has been given a new lease of life. it's being used to make poles for construction and road signs. we have this report from nairobi on how people are turning waste into building materials. >> it doesn't matter how filthy the job is. in kenya, it's money. sam mule can get 15 cents for every kilogram of plastic he collects. as to what happens after he sells it. >> that i don't know. i heard they make materials, but i don't know what kind of materials me make. >> take a look at this. the practices stick goes in here, melted down and compressed in this machine. drop it in cold water to cool, and here is what you get. plank or poles made out of recycled plastic, an alternative
10:57 am
to would or aluminum. >> it is something the world should use. >> manufacturers say they don't rot and unlike wood, won't be eaten by termites. >> you have different options. some come like this and here is another version. they are actually quite heavy, but they are more expensive than your regular aluminum ones, that's because production costs are still high. >> a lot of money goes into paying for electricity to make these. the concept is still new in kenya, but the poles are slowly changing the landscape. if kenyans stop and really look, some would be surprised that more and more of these street poles are now made from recycled plastic. waste most people would ordinarily just throw away. >> more news with david foster, up next.
10:58 am
>> it's like a conveyer belt of storms. >> i felt like i was in a washing machine. >> we're kind of stuck with more than a century of bad choices.
10:59 am
>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target.
11:00 am
>> the fight against isil intensifies, confirmation that a french aircraft carrier will soon be operational in the eastern mediterranean. >> it's good to have you with us. i'm david foster. you're watching al jazeera live from london. >> also in this program, belgian security on a state of high alert. >> in crimea, electricity pylons are broken up, leaving millions without power. >> i'm in


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