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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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belgian to stay on a high state of alert-- belgium - schools and shops will remain closed on monday after warning of an imminent attack. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up stepping up the fight against i.s.i.l. france prepares to launch strikes from an aircraft carrier in the mediterranean. the candidates for change versus the candidate for continuity. the presidency for the argentinian polls are in the
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last hours. belgium's prime minister says the country will stay on the highest state of alert with schools and the metro shut on monday. soldiers and police have been patrolling the streets of a capital on a second day after warnings of an imminent attack. shops have been closed. the prime minister says there's the possibility of a paris style attack involving explosives and weapons at several locations. >> translation: i can give you information about the position of the metro in brussels tomorrow. the metro in brussels will remain closed. we have also formed the addition to close the schools in brussels tomorrow. it is our intention to make a new evaluation on the security
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situation tomorrow afternoon paul brennan is live for us in the capital brussels. these really are extraordinary measures to be taken in a west european country. >> reporter: yes. you have to think about the data that the prime minister and his cabinet ministers have to work with. on friday there was a raid and search of an apartment in molenbeek where weapons were found. information that the police have received of an accomplice and associate of salah abdeslam, the man who helped drive him back from paris to brussels, indicates that salah abdeslam may still be in pokes of a suicide vest with explosives. that's what created the reasoning for a threat level it 4 to be-- imposed. in the absence of an arrest,
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perhaps it was inevitable they were going to maintain the current state owes quo with the schools and metro being closed. you could have perhaps flooded the underground system with security. he has chosen the better option the police operations in the capital continuing. a very nervous capital. >> reporter: indeed. police here, obviously, police here because we're at the center of politics, there are ongoing security alerts right now as i speak to you. members of the public staying at the radisson blu hotel have been told to stay inares doors. soldiers are outside. there's some security operation going on there. it is close to the big square in
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the center of brussels. near that is also part of the security operation. the details are very sketchy. the security services are obviously doing their job and they tell us, the media, significantly later, but it gives you an indication of how tense it is here in the capital. not just today and yesterday and tense it's going to be for many more days to come if it continues like this thanks for that update. police in france are appealing for information about the man they say was one of the sapids bomber-- suicide bombers in the paris attack. this man was one. they don't know his name. he registered as a migrant on the greek island of leros back in october. france says its aircraft carrier will join operations against the
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islamic state in iraq and the levant on monday. the nuclear-powered vessel is the largest warship in europe. russia is intensifying its campaign with war ships in the caspian sea targeting locations across the country. they're the he heaviest attacks since 2011. bashar al-assad said the russian strikes have helped improve the situation in syria and his troops are advancing "on nearly every front". the united states announced the co ignores had 25 strikes on saturday, 16 in iraq and nine in syria. >> reporter: overwhelming support for security measures being put into place by francois hollande according to a new poll released in france on sunday. that poll stating that 91% of
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french citizens support the extension of the state of emergency by three months. that was passed just in the last few days. the poll also saying that 94% of respondents support further border controls. on sunday it was announced that the war craft will be in place and there will be jets that will be bombing syria, that's in addition to those already in force obama has been speaking about the fight against i.s.i.l. in the asian summit. >> the principal targets have been the modern opposition that they felt threatened bashar al-assad. their goal appeared to be, if you follow the strikes they took, to fortify the position of the bashar al-assad regime. that does not add to our efforts
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against i.s.i.l. in some ways it strengthens it because i.s.i.l. is also fighting many of those groups that the russians were hitting turkey and the u.s. are working together to secure a 98 kilometer area inside syria that is currently under i.s.i.l. control. in the last few days turkey has stepped up its assistance to the syrian opposition to try to drive i.s.i.l. away from northern aleppo. defeating the group may take time. >> reporter: this man has just received news her father was killed in what she says was a russian air strike inside syria. because she doesn't have travel documents, she won't be able to attend the funeral. >> translation: we are suffering a lot. i've been away from my family for two years. i just want to get back and say goodbye. >> reporter: she is among many
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syrians who have fled to turkey. this man has been here with his brother and sister for almost two years. their father was badly hurt in a barrel bomb attack. he and his brothers, they drove for 20 hours to get to the border crossing but because he lost his id he won't be able to cross into syria. >> translation: my father called us and said he would love to see us. his health is degenerating, but as you can see i won't be able to join him. >> reporter: turkey has increased security after several attacks for which the government blames i.s.i.l. turkey's western allies have been asking for tighter border controls for some time. there are two reasons to pressure off the borders, to
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stop fighters crossing and to ensure i.s.i.l. won't be able to smuggle oil into turkish markets. hopeful they will lose rev news and the interest in the region will diminish. these are civils on the move. turkish fighter jets are helping them. syrian opposition military commanders say more should be done. >> translation: the international coalition is launching air strikes against i.s.i.l. but they won't defeat i.s.i.l. you need to have boots on the ground. the only way is to give the syrian opposition weapons to lead that fight >> reporter: the u.s. is reluctant to give the wrens advance weapons fearing some of them might fall into groups affiliated with i.s.i.l. or al-qaeda. back at the border crossing,
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this lady and her family and other syrian refugees like them will have to wait until war comes to an end to reunite with their relatives in the aftermath of the paris attack calls for tougher policing at the european borders have been growing louder. any change of the rule could affect the free movement inside the e.u. lawrence lee now from the croatia/slovenia border >> reporter: the european union has campaigned against fences. in north island, in the occupied palestinian territories. inside europe itself security just like everywhere else is trumping high morale talk of human rights. greece has a fence, macedonia is currently making one, hungary
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had already forensic rpd itself off. even slovenia is buying the barbed wire. border free travel was the greatest achievement, otherwise known as schengen. schengen turned 30 this year. in 1985 when it was created academics were writing books calling the end of history a source of boring but safe state of affairs in which nothing significant was going to happen and conflicts were a thing of the past. what a long time ago. that now feels the question really is whether a europe without borders and security checks is really such a good idea in such a violent world. so the populas say it is schengen, lack of border controls which allow for attacks in europe. they say they told you this
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would happen >> schengen is not working because it musts be like it was once in 25 years ago, something like that, when you have to show your passport. it's no need to make sufficient a strong borders but i think it is important to show on each border your passport and the holders must make a control >> reporter: the dutch government is proposing going back to the original mini schengen, open borders with just it, austria, germany. this would leave the knewer european countries out, like slovenia i can't, now a main refugee route under threat. liberal voices here say it would be an economic and social disaster for them. >> i am afraid that we are in the state of disintegration, and
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that will be led by right wings politicians predominantly, so they will impose a europe that will be more and more hard. >> reporter: the doomsday scenario is on the end not just of schengen but of e.u., the collapse of trade movements, unpicking of wound of countries that were two generations were at war there is plenty more still to come on al jazeera including the hunt continuing for people connected to friday's atabbing on a hotel in mali's capital, plus. >> reporter: i'm in kenya. keep watching. wait until you see what all this plastic is going to be turned into.
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welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here. belgium security officials announces brussels will stay at high alert. french police are appealing for help in identifying a man who they say were one of three suicide bombers who attacked the stade de france last week. russia has hit i.s.i.l. targets in syria in one of the heaviest bombardments of the conflict. a french aircraft carrier is beginning to begin its campaign. voting has reached the closing stages in argentina's historic presidential run off. people are choosing between
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macri the con vefshtive mayor-- conservative mayor and scio lurks i. they need 40% plus a 10% lead. if either falls short they will face another round of voting next month. our correspondent sent this update of the voting. >> reporter: this is the heart of the party, a working class neighborhood where many continue to live in poverty. around 900,000 people vote here and that's why many say that this area can define an election in argentina. this place has been a spot where some irregularities have been committed in the past. that's why the opposition has sent 20 people to control election here, 20 people were not allowed to vote by the opposition saying that they're identifications were not valid.
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most of the people are telling us that they support the official - the ruling party candidate they don't trust macri because he doesn't understand the suffering and the needs of people who live in places like this one the president has visited some people injured in the attack in the siege on the radisson blu total including two attackers. state of emergency is still in mirrors in mali and police are looking for more suspects. >> reporter: this is bamako central market, busy as ever. two days of attack that killed sudden of people. like most traders of the market, this man's only concern is that the measures will affect her income. if the state of emergency will bring peace, sobeit.
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i hope it won't stop my customers from coming to the market >> reporter: so far there has not been extra police presence on the streets. the government hopes the emergency security measures will lead to the arrest of suspects on the run and prevent a similar attack. the gunmen knew what they were looking for. people from 20 countries were inside the hotel. the gunmen searched for their victims before the officials arrived. now a man hunt is on. there are concerns that they might strike again. mali has seen attacks before. the armed group who have taken responsibility for the attack also took a pub back in bottom co. in august another hotel was attacked. in both cases people were killed. mali's history with state of emergency is raising concerns for some. >> translation: if i remember,
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there were three states of emergency in the past and on each indication it was - occasion it was the civil population that suffered the most. >> reporter: they will be watching whether this will be another era of peace or unterritority. things are back to normal on the streets of the capital a court in iran has sentenced an american journalism to a jail term. the tehran chief for the washington post was convicted of espionage last month. it carries a maximum of 20 years. the foreign editor for the washington post and explains the difficulty with getting help to the correspondent. >> he is a dual american and
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iranian citizen. iron is treating him purely as an ironian. our journalists have also been arrested. he is alone as a foreign correspondent, detained longer than any in history, more than the american hostages who were taken in 1979. it is time for iron senior leaders to step in. this case has been stuck in the judiciary now for 15 months. this is the moment when the senior leaders have the power to over turn a verdict, to issue a pardon, to make this matter go away and resolve it once and for all an israeli woman has died in hospital after being stabbed by an palestinian in the occupied west bank. the palestinian attacker was shot dead. in a separate attack a 16 yeared girl was shot dead by israeli forces after she tried to stab an israeli near a traffic
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junction. an israeli krillian shot a palestinian man. the man tried to ram his car into israelis. since the latest wave of violence began in early october 16 israelis and 91 palestinians have been killed. the final phase in egypt's parliamentary elections has started but voter turn out is expected to be low. the country has been without a parliament for nearly three years after it was dissolved by court order in 2012. >> reporter: egyptian president sisi cast his ballot in the latest round in voting in long delayed parliamentary elections of the polling stations in egypt have now opened. the key question now is how many people will cast their votes. during the first round in october turn out was just under 22%. worries are that numbers will be below that.
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some voters complain there is little difference between the parties. >> translation: the parties have joined poress with the current regime. for me this next parliament is not something i recognise at all because in my opinion this next parliament is the return of the ndp symbols. >> reporter: in 2012 with the turn out of roughly 46%, the freedom and justice party won what were regarded as free and fair elections. a little over 12 months later he was deposed in a military coup which dissolved the freedom and justice party. the military secured support from other parties by promising to hold parliamentary elections within months. it has taken two years for that to happen. tens of thousands of activists are still in jail, dozens of journalists are behind bars and the media are tightly controlled. several parties are boycotting this latest vote claiming there's little chance for them
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to play a role in egypt politics >> one of the key reasons is a widespread sense of frustration and a kind of cynicism that this upcoming parliament will perform any serious role. the dominant feeling is that the president wants a parliament that is going to support him in all the decisions he is going to make >> reporter: president sisi has faced criticism on cracking down opponents. this is unlikely to change the face of the egyptian politics, but the level of turn out may give some indication as to how many egyptians are behind their president and his policies ethiopia economy is one of the fastest growing in africa. the government says it is determined to transform the country into a middle income nation in the next decade. it has one of the worst reputations when it comes to media freedom. >> reporter: this man and his
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fellow blogger and his associates say they live in fear. there are charges against them that were dropped after they spent more than a year in jail. he describes what he says was 75 days of often violent interrogation. >> i was bitten on my barefoot. i was forced to do sit-ups. i was slapped a lot of times. i sometimes think that my life going to be between jail and getting released. the only thing that i want from the government is to allow me freely express myself. >> reporter: this is ethiopia's state broadcaster. the ethiopian government has forced numerous private media companies to close in recenters. according to the new york based
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committee for the protection of journalists, ethiopia is the fourth most sensitive country in the world. ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. it has grown on average by more than 10% a year over the last decade and foreign investment is flooding in. this is the recently opened light railway. it cost 475 million dollars to build with the help of a chinese loan and it's projects like these to help highlight the flees increase activity. freedom of speech are being side lined for the sake of economic development. the government says it is determined to beat poverty: with a per capita gdp of around $550 ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries in the world.
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the country has been protected by attacks. the government says there has to be stable if it is to achieve its goal of transforming ethiopia into a middle income country in the text ten years. it says the media are free to criticise, but there are limits, including what it describes as inciting political hatred or riots but it does admit mistakes. >> over night, we are learning. one process. so there may be many, many things because of our immaturity. beyond that there might be errors, but we don't have that kind of approach of procedures of interrogation. that's unacceptable. i didn't wants against principles. >> reporter: if evidence is presented, would the government allow a transparent thorough investigation into allegations
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of torture? >> if they have come with concrete things, yes. it is unacceptable >> reporter: the journalists and bloggers like these men, words and deeds with sometimes very different things. charles straigtford kenyans are changing plastic into products as explained. >> reporter: it doesn't matter how filthy the job is. in kenya it's money. this man can get 15 cents for every cull of plastic he protects, but after what happens to it after he sells it? >> that i don't know, yeah. i heard they make materials, but i don't know what kind of material they make, yeah. >> reporter: take a look at this. the shredded plastic goes in here. it is melted down and compressed
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in this machine. drop it in cold water to cool and here is what you get. planks or poles made out of recycle plastic an alternative to wood or aluminium. >> you put it there, you forget. i think it's something that the world should explore based on the current availability raw materials of plastic waste. >> reporter: you can use it to make fences, furniture and in construction. manufacturers say they don't rot and unlike wood won't be eaten by termites. you have different version. they're actually quite heavy but they're more expensive than your regular aluminium ones and that's because production costs are still high. a lot of money goes into paying for electricity to makes these. the concept is still new in kenya, but the poles are slowly changing the landscape. if kenyans stop and look some would be surprised that more and
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more of these street poles are being made from recycled plastic. waste people would ordinarily throw away you can find out much more about many of our stories over on our website. click onto next. i'm ali velshi "on target" in istanbul, in a moment my conversation with former utah governor, ambassador to china and former candidate john huntsman on the greatest dangers facing our world. i'm ali velshi, and we are on target in istanbul. oig at the atlantic council energy and economic summit in istanbul. the atlanta council is a think


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