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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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brussels stays on a high state of alert as the threat of a paris-style attack looms over the belgian capital. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. stepping up the fight against i.s.i.l. france prepares to launch fights from an aircraft carrier. the new president of are gen teen is a-- argentina is
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declared. the washington post journalism prisond to a term in iran. belgium's p.m. says the country will remain on a high state of alert with schools, university and the metro all shut on monday. soldiers and police have been patrolling the streets of the capital for a second day after warnings of an imminent attack. shops remain closed and people have been told to avoid large crowds. there is the possibility the mm said of a paris-style attack at several locations including bombs and explosivexplosives. >> translation: i can give you information about the position about the metro in brussels tomorrow. it will remain closed. we have also formed the decision to close the schools in brussels tomorrow. it is our intention to make a new evaluation on the security
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situation tomorrow afternoon police in france are appealing for information about the man they say was one of the suicide bombers in the paris attacks. investigators say this man is one of three at a tackers who blew themself up outside stade de france. they don't know his name. they say he registered as a migrant on leros in october. france say the aircraft carrier will join operations against islamic state in iraq and the levant on monday. the vessel is the largest warship in western europe. it carries 40 aircraft and will be stationed in the eastern mediterranean. russia is intensifying its campaign in syria with war ships in the caspian sea. activists say the strikes are some of the heaviest since the syrian conflict began in 2011 t in an interview with chinese
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television bashar al-assad says they helped the issues in syria. his troops are advancing on nearly every front. the united states announced that the coalition conducted 29 strikes against i.s.i.l. on saturday, 16 in iraq and nine in syria. >> reporter: overwhelming support for security measures being put into place by french president francois hollande. 91% of frernlg citizens support the extension of the state of emergency by three months. that was passed just in the last few days. the poll also said 94% of the respondents support further border controls. it was also announceed that the aircraft carrier will be in place by monday morning. there will be 26 fighters jets board that will be bombing i.s.i.l. targets in syria. that is in addition to the jets
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already carrying out raids obama spoke about the fight against i.s.i.l. on sunday. he wants russia to focus on i.s.i.l. instead of other armed groups in syria. >> the principal targets have been the moderate opposition that they felt threatened bashar al-assad. their principal goal would be to fortify the position of the bashar al-assad regime. that does not add to our efforts against i.s.i.l. in some ways it strengthens it because i.s.i.l. is also fighting many of those groups that the russians were hitting turkey and the u.s. are working together to secure a 98 kilometer area inside syria that is currently under i.s.i.l. control. in the last few days turkey has stepped up assistance to the opposition to try and drive i.s.i.l. away from northern aleppo but defeating the group
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may take time. >> reporter: this woman has just received news her father was killed in a russian air strike inside syria, but because she doesn't have travel documents she won't be able to attend the funeral. >> translation: we are suffering a lot. i have been away from my family for two years. i want to get back and say goodbye. >> reporter: she is among other syrians who have fled to turkey. this man has been here with his brother and sister for almost two you'res. their father-- years. their father was hurt in a barrel bomb attack. they drove for 20 hours to get to the border crossing but because he lost his id, he won't be able to cross into syria.
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>> translation: my father called us and said he would love to see us. his health is deteriorating but i won't be able to join him. >> reporter: turkey has fleesd security at its border with syria after several attacks for which the government blames i.s.i.l. turkey's western allies have been asking for tighter border controls for some time. there are two reasons why the u.s. is stepping up pressure on turkey to seal off border areas. first to prevent fighters from crossing into syria and second to ensure i.s.i.l. won't be able to smuggle oil into turkish markets. if that happens the u.s. hopes i.s.i.l. will lose significant revenue and influence in the region will diminish. these are syrian ribs on the move to retake i.s.i.l. territory in aleppo. turkish fighters jets are helping them.
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syrian opposition commanders say more should be done. >> translation: the international coalition is launching air strikes against i.s.i.l. but air strikes won't defeat i.s.i.l. you need to have boots on the ground. the only way is to give the syrian opposition weapons to lead that fight. >> reporter: the u.s. is reluctant to give the ribs advanced weapons fearing some of them might fall into the hands of groups affiliated with i.s.i.l. and al-qaeda. back at the border crossing, this woman and her family and other syrian refugees like them will have to wait until war comes to an end to reunite with their relatives exit polls in argentina
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first ever presidential run off vote are indicating that mari is said to be the new president. >> reporter: it came down to the final day of a long campaign. some want radical change, a more open economy, an end to inflation while others believe the country should move forward with what kirchner have given them over the past 12 years. >> translation: we would like to see change and hope the voters do enough to make that happen. >> translation: i want the country to grow. our children had to leave because of the economic situation and we want them to return. >> reporter: the opinion polls proved unreliable in the first round when scioli finished ahead of his main challenger. uncertainty over the result in this second round has led to an
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often bitter campaign with both candidates urging their spouters out to vote. the country divide between those who want change after the same government in office for 12 years and those who want much more of the same with minor adjustments. argentina's future hangs in the balance. the country faces high inflation, dwindling reserves which macri has promised to deal with. it also enjoys high employment, extensive public health and education systems and has been praised for tackling human rights issues which scioli says he will felt to maintain. there are two different models, different ways of tackle their future daniel joins us live. he is with the daniel scioli camp. there must be really doubts now
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about whether or not-- sadness in. camp about the fact that it looks like macri has, indeed, won the presidency. >> reporter: i'm not sure that message has seeped through to the supporters. they're outside the camp. as you can probably hear they're preparing themselves for a party. as you say, the early exit polls are giving macri a substantial victory in these elections, but still no official results. in the past of the exit polls and opinion polls have proved to be wide of the mark. these supporters behind me are hoping that's the case when the official results come out in the next hour or two if he has lost, where did it
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go wrong for him? >> reporter: i think there are many elements involved in. first of all, the kirchner government, eight years of his wife, they have been in power for 12 years. many people in the country were thinking it's time for change. the very name of macri's party is let's change and that has struck a cord with many of the people. the economy, the scioli's camp is going okay, but people are fed up with high inflingss and all-- inflation and all sorts of problems. there are many people hoping and expecting change. also macri saying he is going to deal with the autonomy, trying to find some sort of normality
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life here. also the way in which the scioli ran their campaign, down beat, and people have been critical of how he has been appealing to voters. we're still waiting for the official results to come through. these people here still hoping they many have some kind of party here in the center of the city thanks for that. we will bring you the result as soon as we get it officially announced. the leader of turkey's pro kurdish opposition party has emerged unscathed after his car was firpd on. a spokesman says his car was hit by gun fire as it travelling in the city. it has a large kurdish population. a court in iran has sentenced an
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american journalism to an unspecified jail term. he was convicted of espionage last month which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years. the newspaper has called it a sham, saying iran has produced no evidence of wrongdoing. the editor for the washington post says getting help for their colleague has been difficult. >> he is a dual citizen. he is being treated purely as an iranian. he is not alone. our journalists have also been arrested. he is alone as a foreign correspondent, now being obtained longer than any in history, longer than the american hostages who were taken in 1979. it is time for senior leaders to step in. this case has been stuck in
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iran's judiciary now for 15 months. this is the moment when iron senior leaders have the power to over turn a verdict, to issue a pardon, to make this matter go away and resolve it once and for all more to come on the program, including in the aftermath of the paris attacks, questions are being raised by europe's borderless schengen zone following those attacks. pushing for a single economic community on the final day of the asian summit.
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welcome back.
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a reminder of the top stories. belgian security, the highest level of alert for a third day. the metro and schools will be closed on monday. russia has hit i.s.i.l. targets in syria in one of the heaviest bombardments of the conflict. a french carrier is preparing to begin its campaign. polls in the run off for the argentinian election suggest that macri has won. going to the goning reaction to those attacks in paris. the a week will begin for francois hollande set for talks with the u.s., germany and
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russia. >> reporter: france at war is what the president promised and that's what is being delivered. increased raids on i.s.i.l. and syria. the aircraft carrier is now in position to intensify the strikes. francois hollande finds his popularity rising after a week of trauma and 10 lives lost. one-- 130 lives lost. the people of france appear to be content with what their president is doing and saying, but the week ahead will be the most difficult in his presidency. he has to actually convince people that what he says and does is right. once he was seen as a mild mannered mr grey sort of figure. now he is following a hawkish path. france can't go it alone. francois hollande first meeting this week will be with the u.k. p.m. he is hoping to get enough
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support to extend british air strikes on i.s.i.l. into syria. france isn't just looking at military report. it wants to bolster agreements to increase intelligence and more border checks within the e.u. on tuesday francois hollande will leave paris for washington. he will be after more military commitment in syria from obama. the u.s. president and his russian counterpart putin appear to have broken some ice between them at the g20 meeting in turkey earlier this month. there will be efforts to include russia and francois hollande plans to travel to moscow to secure a deal with putin. not everyone is confident about the end game. >> more bombs, collect in the middle east >> our military chief of staff says that we won't win on the short-term.
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militarily against i.s.i.l. it's about a political and diplomatic solutions >> reporter: francois hollande also plans to meet merkel and consult her on the issue of putin being on board. the russian president is going to want concessions. he is likely to want the lifting of sanctions for his action in crimea and eastern ukraine across the european want change to borders. it could undermine the pre-movement of people inside the e.u. that's a founding principle of the organization. more from the croatia/slovenia border. >> reporter: fences, the european union has for years campaigned against them. in northern ireland divided communities, in the occupied palestinian territories.
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yet now inside europe itself security just like everywhere else is trumping high moral talk of human rights. greece has a fence, mass don't i can't-- macedonia is making one, hungary have forensiced itself off. all this is calling into question what the european union's greatest supporters say was it greatest achievement, border free travel otherwise known as schengen. >> reporter: schengen turns 30 this year. in 1985 it was developed. books were being written the ends of history, a source of boring but safe state of affairs in which nothing really significant was going to happen and conflicts were a thing of the past. what a long time ago that now feels. the question is really whether a europe without borders and security checks is really such a
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good idea in such a violent world. >> reporter: so the populous says it is schengen, lack of border controls which allows for attacks in europe. they say we told you this would happen. >> schengen is not working because it must be like it was once 25 years ago, something like that, when you have to show your passport. it's no need to make such a strong borders, but i think it is important to show on each border your passport and the must make a control >> reporter: the dutch government is proposing going back to the original mini schengen open borders with just it, austria and germany. this will leave the knewer
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companies out like slovenia, which is now a main refugee route suddenly under threat. voices here say it would be an dmik and social disaster for them. >> i am afraid that we are in a state offise integration. they will comprise a europe that will be more and more ultertarian. >> reporter: it is not just the end of schengen but e.u., claps of free trade movement, unpicking of wounds of countries two generations ago at war an israeli woman has died in hospital after being stabbed by a palestinian in the occupied west bank. israeli security forces shot dead the palestinian attacker. in a separate attack a 16-year-old palestinian girl was
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shot dead by israeli security forces after she tried to stab an israeli. an israeli shot dead a palestinian man near a settlement. he tried to ram his car. since the violence began in october 16 israelis and the 1 palestinians have been killed. a-- 91 palestinians. a day after two leaders were put to death, human right groups have condemned. they were hanged in relation to the war back in 1971. >> reporter: they have come to celebrate the hanging, but for some members of the movement calling for the death penalty for those convicted of war crimes, the verdict has arrived 44 years too late.
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hundreds of thousands were killed in 1971. the number is put at three million. >> translation: they took our sisters, our daughters, our sons by force and handed them over to the pakistanis. they tortured them. they looted us. in return they became rich and powerful. >> reporter: these people, the two men who were hanged, certainly were powerful, influential leaders with a lot of supporters. it was a power struggle between the oppositions than about justice >> in this case we had instances of harassment of defense counsel, including one of the lawyers who had to go into hiding before this trial because of raids on his office and threats. the problem is that bangladesh has been cutting corners. the evidence is there and many people believe it may be go
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through a full free fair trial and ensure that historically these are recognised as being prosecutions of the highest standard. >> reporter: executions have resulted in large scale violence on the streets with hundreds killed. this time the reaction was more subdued. many say the opposition is in disarray after it prolonged government crack down. those who support the executions are out in support. thousands of activists are under arrest or in hiding. we tried to speak with opposition leaders and lawyers about their reaction to the executions. they all said they did not feel in a state to comment. the fear remains that the opposition reaction to the hanging could turn violent at any moment. a fear reinforced by the shooting of a journalism covering the burials, with the
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opposition calling for a strike on monday. bangladeshis are worried that the year will end with protests that started its beginning the ten member countries of the association of south-east asian nations have agreed to create a single economic community. trade barriers will be lifted and people in the block will be able to cross borders more easily. >> reporter: the not owe is forging-- motto is forging ahead together. the agreement signed this weekend will improve the lives of 620 million people who live in the ten states. >> we now have to ensure a truly single market and production base with freer movement of goods and services, with common standards, far greater connectivity and removal of the barriers that make our
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borders a hindrance to growth and investment. >> reporter: the block which concluded its annual meeting with disagreement is the third largest economy in the region after china and japan. the aims of the new community agreement known as the aec is to create a single economic market, one that is competitive within the region and will attract more foreign investment. it since the blue print for the aec was first penned in 2007 it was envisaged that greater economic integration would be the common goal. up to 2014 the economic blocks combined gdp by 5.6% and foreign investment increased by 16%. much success has been down to maul and medium enterprises. this man employs 100 people at
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this tyre factory he set up 20 years ago. he has plans to expand and extend more if trade barriers could be removed. man have begun to trade beyond malaysia. his taxi booking app has been download in the cups where it operates. it has taken 27 years of negotiation to get this far and it is the start of economic integration. >> i think asian will move forward slowly and it will be correct to do so. that's the reason it hasn't faced the problem that e.u. have. as governments keep that goal in mine and make it into a single market there will be huge gains for the people to be made. >> reporter: asian is in no serb. analysts say it's steady cautious approach has been a strong pint in a world of
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turbulent global finance-- point you can find out much more on many of our stories over on our website. that is what our front page is looking like at the moment. the address is today the attacks in paris launch a debate over refugees coming to america. what is the u.s. doing to stop violent extremism already here. in our panel hiv isn't the death sentence it used to be, but are more people becoming infected because the government dropped the ball? my final thought have we already forgotten


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