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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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checkout our website lots of news and analysis there. our top story on the website very latest out of mali together with background stories. tories. more. [ ♪ ] hello i'm richard gizbert, and this is "listening post". here are some of the stories we are looking at. the attack in paris, a story of double standards in the
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mainstream media. credit where credit is due. viewing options in turkey is shrinking as the government orders channels to be dumped that they do not like. an irishman walks into los angeles, it's not a joke, it looks like one. beginning with the attacks in paris. the quantity and quality of news coverage, and the idea of a news hierarchy. as the news was breaking, anyone on facebook would have seen an activation of the features. a filter allowing anyone anywhere to overlay the colours. as rer minded. it's a worldwide web. not a western wide web.
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with where was the safety check-in for the students when attacked in april. as for the news media, no one was visit. it's suggested that germans see an attack differently to how they see the bombings in lebanon. this tells us a story or two on how the news media sees things, and how we see ourselves. the starting point is the capital. paris. >> paris suffers numerous gun and grenade attacks. [ speaking foreign language ] wherever news organizations realise it or not. like it or not. they are critical weapons in the terrorist arsenal.
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the bombs that went off in paris, the bullets that flew, would have missed the larger targets. the global audience, and the social media component in the equation looms larger and larger with the passing story and headline. social media brings us closer to the tragedy and victims than they have been before. it's seizy to put ourselves in the victim's news. it brings eco into play. you are inserting yourself into a tragedy that you doesn't witness. that's the point of the attacks, to make people afraid and think that could have been me. >> the social media can offer alternative narratives. critics, when examining social
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and payne stream media xil the flaws. they were not there for the beirut bombing. a short coming, a perceived bias given the nonstop coverage of paris compareded to a rudimentary coverage. >> generally speaking, a white death is more important than a brown death. this has been the case because the media tend to be dominated by a western village. when there's an attack in the middle east, if the death toll is more than here, sadly it attracts least attention, as long as the media is dominated case. >> it's realistic that the demand matters. consumers are interested in certain stories more than others. journalists were suspended.
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many toies had the biroute bombings. many were not focussing on the stories. it's how we covered beirut. the stories came out with a head line. innocent people died. it was a tragedy. that's it. when it came to people, these people died. cur qualifying the victims. you assume everyone in the neighbourhood was part of hezbollah, and you are giving a bit of rational. the headline is on the "new york times". after complaints and online mockery, the headline was changed. cnn heard from the critics as well. when two anchors in los angeles battered spokesman for the
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muslim community. for muslims failing to prevent the attacks, and not saying the right thing after they happened. >> why is it that no one knew what the guys were up to. >> to say that others will know what is happening, as if they know every member. it's not feasible. i think c cnn let viewers down. and to me it's poor journalism. >> can you imagine if there was a shooting by a black person, we must answer the community, that they are also black. there's a double standard. why is it okay to treat the muslim community as one and they are all the same and they need to be responsible. why is it okay to do that. >> it's the condemn nation on the community.
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perhaps it is yet to take care of google. the simplest web search, four words, paris attacks. muslim con dems, producing results and destroys the art in a third of the argument. >> when terror strikes, selledon are the stories seen in is lakes. when "charlie hebdo" was attacked in paris, that turned into a debate on the limits of freedom of expression. this time. the influx of refugees, through the reported discovery outside the football stadium near the body of a suicide bomber. the holder entered the e.u. through october. >> why would a syrian passport be found. they don't belief in citizenship.
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why would they carry the passport to the syrian attack. the answer is that a number of analysts settle the fun. the authenticity came into question, not before the link between the stories, immigration and security in europe had been made and reported widely. >> it turns out that one can buy a fake syrian passport. it's not clear that the syrian passport tell us us much. we were too kick, and newsagencies speculated about what the passport might mean. reaction from pundits and politicians, it feeds the narrative, and thing about how the information will be perceived. with the phobia in europe and the united states, i think the media has a responsibility to
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issue. >> sadly it's used to ren enforce anti-refugee sentiment. the passport was the pretext and the media is not playing their role. an is to create a divide in france, belgium and europe. accepting the debate, while muslim organizations aagainst the attacks, serve the agenda of the islamic state often on the programme we document how news outlets, public and private, can be too willing on national security stories to let governments control the narrative. story. what is striking about the reporting of paris, the interviews that are more accuse tri than informative. >> there are so many radical muslims, so many. >> the refugee stories that divide people. the propagation and the peddling of the us versus them narrative,
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with all of that the media are reading from i.s.i.l.'s playbook, playing into i.s.i.l.'s hands.
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other media stories on the radar, three weeks after the parliamentary elections saw the ruling a.k. party surge into power, there are fewer tv channels available via satellite. the primary network was ordered
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to remove 13 channels. they belonged to a media group asserted with the ghullanist movement. and of supporting the kurdish opposition movement. which ankara labelled a terrorist organization. the channels were dumped by a network. the media group says it has done nothing wrong and vowed to contest court orders. prior to being accused of having an agenda, the media worked closely with the a.k. party government. two journalists are under criminal investigation by the government. they both published books. they were freed behind the scenes with cardinals recording
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pope francis's reasons. and spending big money at odds with the pope's teaching. two vatican insiders have been accused of leaking documents. they refused to appear before magistrate saying the vatican's justice system punishes journalists. they appeared before the prosecutors, however he refused to answer the questions, saying he would rather go to gaol than reveal his sources. if the vatican, an independent state in the center of roam wants to charge the journalists, it would have to request extradition from italy, which would be denied since the constitution guaranteed freedom of the press. a local talk show host was murdered in nearby brazil. part of a recurring pattern. he was shot and killed in a
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store by a man who fled on a mows. he -- motorcycle. he hosted a programme. four peep have been arrested, none knorgeed so far. silva is the fourth reporter murdered this year. in august a radio journalist killed while he was on the air at the studio. it was said: we'll take a look at the story behind the byline. when an article is published from a distant land, the byline tells us who wrote it. the television equivalent is a sign off. if asked few reporters don't credit the fitcher.
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the local man or woman on the ground gets access to that election who reads between the lines. when the situation is rife, in short, a fixer knows how to navigate the way few foreign correspondents can, since they lack the local knowledge, they act. the listening post on fixers, the unsung, uncredited heroes of journalists. . >> it's great. pummelled by air strikes. for every correspondent. there's a fixer who made it possible.
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>> these people are more than people with just solving problems. they are often some of the smartest people in the country. a local that has the place wired. they know the story better than the reporters. they will understand the local sense of humour. they have connections and cultural understandings that
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>> and certainly get a hard conversation going there about intelligence operation, cross-border security which has been discussed again by cameron and hallonde today, suss spenting the schengen-- suspending the schengen until they see a more secure setting, and then he heads to moscow to meet putin. that is a big one. there is more cooperation between russia and the west, but not enough. he wants to get a grand coalition. it is a bit premature to actually expect that to happen right away because putin, although he is keen to cooperate now, having got into this situation and having had the losses with the airliner, colossal losses and damage to
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his whole position within russia because of it, he now wants to get into a deal, but it's likely to be a price to pay and that's likely to be a suspension of the sanctions and there has only just been an agreement at the g20 meeting to actually continue it by six months the sanctions against russia for its actions in eastern ukraine and the annexation process in crimae. it's going to be tough to get a deal done, but that is the objective. of course, everyone, all the military figures, the keel military figures and, indeed, many diplomats are warning to think about the end game, what is going to be the cohere strategy thank from paris. you can see evidence of the
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attacks. we will be back at the top of the hour in a few minutes for a full news bulletin. do stay with us. do stay with us.
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-- build a coalition to defeat-- building a coalition to defeat i.s.i.l. a week of diplomacy for francois hollande by meeting in paris. also ahead police in belgium arrest 16 people in overnight raids across brussels as the hunt continues for a key suspect in the paris attacks. the kirchner era ends in argentina. mauricio macri wins


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