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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the al jazeera news hour with me peter in doha and the top stories, british prime minister tells francois hollande he backs strikes against i.s.i.l. in syria. argentina's president wins a historic presidential runoff animally president tells al jazeera he believes the wrong armed group has been blamed for a luxury hotel in the capitol plus. >> at the iraq museum in central
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baghdad where thousands were looted at the start of the 2003 u.s. led invasion. ♪ welcome to program, beginning this news hour in paris where the french prime minister francois hollande is trying to build support for the coalition to combat i.s.i.l., on visit to prime minute prime minister david cameron told francois hollande he is in favor of attacking i.s.i.l. targets and later today francois hollande goes to washington d.c. and will discuss strategy with barack obama and on wednesday will meet the german chancellor angela merkel for help and to our correspondent andrew simmons and just walk us through what they have been discussing. >> reporter: well, the first thing they did was to go to the
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bataclan at the dismal seen of horrendous attacks on friday the 13th which 90 people died at a rock concert, both cameron and francois hollande laying single roses in homage to the victims and went to a breakfast meeting, an solemn one as well and talking about fighting i.s.i.l. on the ground and some sort of long-term strategy for conflict and david cameron's position is different because he is not in a position where he can immediately order strikes in syria, his world airforce is attacking in arack but there is no parliamentary approval for operations in syria. in fact, you might recall two years ago parliament voted against it, shocking the prime
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minister. he was rebuffed, didn't want to get involved in what many felt would be a long-running, costly conflict but this is what he had to say because now the mood has changed after the paris attacks he feels and there is enough support so he will be going ahead it seems. this is what he had to say. >> and later this week i will set out in parliament a comprehensive strategy for tackling i.s.i.l. i firmly support the action the president francois hollande has taken to strike i.s.i.l. in syria and it's my firm conviction britain should do so too. >> translator: we are convinced we must continue to strike i.s.i.l. in syria. we will intensify our strikes. we will choose the sites that will cause the most damage to the terrorist army and our aircraft care yaer that will soon arrive in the area have been mandated to strike and
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strike hard against i.s.i.l. >> reporter: and so that is the first of this extraordinary week for francois hollande and he is next moving on to washington for a meeting with barack obama, he will want more support for the military efforts in syria. then he comes back to paris, there are further meetings due with chancellor angela merkel from germany taughting about the security positions through europe and the agreement and how it is felt it is not working well at all, more security required and then this meeting with vladimir putin a very difficult one in the kremlin on thursday where the objective is a grand coalition. that is going to be very difficult to achieve for a while pile of reasons with russia's involvement with the syrian president bashar al-assad and of course that is involving iran, there is complications all around the wick etbut for now
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francois hollande is determined and resolved to carry on, searching for more support to continue the conflict in syria, peter? >> andrew many thanks and let's stay with the idea of the objectives they are trying to guest to western powers appear determined to increase the military response to i.s.i.l. and since the attacks on paris on november the 13th france stepped up air strikes against i.s.i.l. in syria and the aircraft is in the mediterranean and fighter gets will be launched from the carrier to attack targets in syria and stepping up since the aircraft over egypt in october and barack obama saying the u.s. will not relent in its fight against i.s.i.l. and we have an expert on middle eastern politics and is live now from beirut and they want a coherent international
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plan, what has to change during this coming, crucial few days to make sure they get that? >> in this coalition there were some efforts created with the coalition that is shooting air strikes against the islamic state in iraq and syria but however what is missing at the present time is the flow of rough gets coming to the european countries does not get infiltrated with a lot of i.s.i.s. people and the danger is there is a new way the islamic state is operating, not defending on more lone wolves but very well coordinated cells that are already established within these particular countries and this coalition no matter how much it would put a lot of efforts in order to shoot the air strikes and have an excessive campaign on islamic state in syria it's not much effective of maintaining security in france or germany or
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belgium et cetera and the rest of the european countries and the main challenge at the present time is to make sure the communities that already exist within these countries are safe and secure and not to get infiltrated by operations and by operators of the islamic state. >> okay, so this is a layer cake if you will of requirements and necessity as well i guess but you're talking there about i.s.i.l. fighters definitely trying to infiltrate "the stream" of people trying to get into europe, is that such a big problem today because of the barbed wire we are seeing going up and down european borders? >> well, the barb wire did not come at the right time because already these people have infiltrated these waters and already operating and a lot of information that was spread these people and previous i.s.i.s. fighters were capable of just shaving their beards and
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getting in the people and with cells or group of interest that are sympathizers with islamic state and is the link between the islamic state and central leadership which is developing this a new form of operation and a decentralized terrorist groups that have the will and capability to launch terror attacks in the country without the needs to have fully committed leaders from islamic state coming to these countries by just using available tools like using the internet which is another way for the islamic state to launch terrorist attacks by having a lot of cyber warfare and cyber security right now is clearly being breached because in raqqa and iraq and seer y are capable of communicating, commanding and leading operations that are happening within the european countries and even outside in the middle east and north africa
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region like the latest attack that happened in tunisia so practically the way these people are commanding and controlling and coordinating these attacks is a clear sign that cyber security is being breached, they are using all available telecommunication network and using them in order to make their attacks successful which is practically a sign that it is not enough to attack the leadership and the location of the islamic state in iraq or syria but to put more efforts in terms of controlling those who are capable of connecting with the islamic state and maybe it could be similar sympathizers or group offenders who have an interest in destabilizing european countries and they are raising the flag and connecting with it and receiving knowledge and information how to coordinate attacks that makes them the most lethal with having civilian casualties. >> many thanks, security forces
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continue their hunt and perpetrators of attacks in paris and the police arrested 16 across the country but the main suspect is still on the run, that is salah abdeslam. believes to have played a major role in attacks in paris, schools and universities across brussels they are closed. and the metro is also shut as part of the increased security measures and paul brennan has the latest from brussels. >> on the face of it major success for the belgium authorities and 22 coordinated raids all within minutes of each other and 16 suspects arrested, a judge will decide whether or not those arrests should turn into longer detention and may well be some of the 16 end up getting released but nonetheless the police and authorities after many days of extreme pressure to make progress appear at last to have made a breakthrough but the prime target of the authorities has still slipped through the
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net. he is still on the run at the moment. and that means that the terror threat here in brussels, the alert level remains at level four and it's not quite locked down and there are trams and buses on the ground and schools in brussels area are shut today and the metro and under ground rail way will remain shut and no way they can lift the level of alert until they get the prime suspect but police at last are trying to make some progress this that direction. paul brennan reporting there, attacks in paris led for policing of european borders but those directly contradict the idea of free movement as proticketed by the area of the orange area on your screen and in place for 30 years and you can enter at any border like spain and travel across europe and countries which are part of the zone and exit through finland without having to pass border control or have your
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passport check and worth noting the uk island despite being part of this it's not part of this orange area and it's a free fundamental right as guaranteed by the eu but that could charge and lawrence lee has more now from the slovenia croatia border. >> reporter: fences the eu for years has campaigned against them divided communities in the occupied palestinian territories and inside europe it side security just like everywhere else is trumping high moral talk of human rights. greece has a fence, macedonia is currently making one. hungry had already fenced itself off and slovenia has been buying barbed wire and calling into question what the eu supporters say it was its greatest achievement, border free travel otherwise known as shangum and
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it turns 30 this year, in 1985 when it was created the soviet union was about to collapse and writing books called the end of history the boring but safe state of affairs where nothing significant was going to happen and conflicts were a thing of the past. a long time ago that now feels the question is really whether a europe without borders and security checks is really such a good idea in such a violent world. and so the populus right any number of countries says the lack of border controls which allows for attacks in europe and says we told you it would happen. >> it's not working because it must be like it was once in 25 years ago or something like that when you have to show your passport. it's no need to make such a strong border but i think it's
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important to show on each border your passport and the or orders must make control. >> reporter: the dutch government is proposing going back to the original mini borders with the austria, germany and the other countries and leave the newer european countries out like slovenia and the border with australia are refugee routes suddenly under threat and they say it would be an economic and social disaster for them. >> i am afraid we are in a state of disintegration and disintegration that will be led by right wing politicians predominately so they will impose a europe that will be more and more tolitarian. >> reporter: the end of u --
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eu and picking of countries which two generations ago were at war, that really would be a victory for i.s.i.l., lawrence lee, al jazeera, on the edge of the zone in slovenia. do stay with us on the news hour and still to come on this program, pro-government fighters in yemen step up the battle to take hold of the country's third largest city. egyptians are given time off work to hold elections but it's unclear how many will bother to turn out. and in the sports news joe will tell you why nba champions the golden state warriors is on the verge of becoming one of the greatest teams of all times. ♪ conservatives in argentina are celebrating the election of their first president in more than a decade and just managed to win enough votes to beat daniel, the chosen successor of
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the outgoing president kirchner and we have more from buenos aires on the country's first ever presidential election runoff. >> reporter: the impossible was possible they said sunday night when he became the elected president of argentina. one month ago his chances were slim against the ruling party candidate. but in one month the center right mayor of buenos aires was able to build enough support to defeat kristina kirchner's hand picked successor. >> translator: i'm here because you brought me here and so i ask you don't abandon me. let us continue together on december the 10th, a wonderful stage for argentina is beginning here and now. >> reporter: and supporters believe him, all of them say they are ready to work for argentina. >> translator: we have the support of the people. we need to start acting and not complain so we can really change
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this country. >> reporter: celebrations continued until late at night. election results show majority of argentina voted for change and the people you can see behind me are not only celebrating the victory but also the end of an era after 12 years of kirchnerism and the movement that kristina and kirchner created this 2003. the left wing movement brought about deep government involvement in the economy and many credited with pulling millions of argentina people out of poverty and among kirchner supporters there was sadness. >> translator: people have no memory. once things are doing okay they decide to throw everything out of the window. local media is brain washing people. >> reporter: she won by only three points raising questions about governability and kristina kirchner will remain powerful in
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argentina once she leaves office and her party has majority in congress and has supporters in the judiciary and the central bank but analysts say the biggest challenge is the economy. >> division of the research of the central bank and macro economic policy especially throughout the last two years has been deficient and the economy has been stagnant for four years so there is a change in the macro economic regime coming and it will be pretty difficult to manage this situation without it having an effect on inflation. >> reporter: sunday was a historical day in argentina, the first second round in this country's history and the first time in 12 years that the people have demanded change. al jazeera, buenos aires. we have a political risk analyst for americas at maple
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kropff and live in our london studio and how have the politics of argentina changed? >> hi, peter, i think what the people are saying is very true. the argintien elaborate went for change and that is based on the policy making of chris tee that kirchner was like, it was very aggressive and at times irridacic and went for a candidate with more consensus building. >> so correct me if i'm wrong it must be a difficult economic model and if it is a different economic model how will that be perceived in the region as a whole? >> clearly they have campaigned on significant economy policy changes and argentina's government has been very involved in managing economic
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policy from in a vertical way from kristina fernandez and it has had a lot of impact because many opposition candidates in other latin american countries took it as a sense as there could be a wave across countries like venezuela or ecuador and, in fact, we saw that the wife of lopez the venezuela opposition leader was at the celebrations with makary. >> this is what we are waiting for key political appointments and not wishing to get too close up to individuals but interested to find out how the center of gravity will shift. >> well, i think you know a lot of this in your appointments will be tecnocrats and used to doing it in buenos aires and he is used to working with a team and he said it yesterday don't expect me to have every solution
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and make every decision because no one can do that. we will be working with my team. so i think the key appointments to what it will be in the economy, the industry, ministry, who will be the next secretary of congress but coming out of buenos aires already is that the two priorities will be to negotiate with bond holders in new york and also continue talks with the chinese government to be sure that financial channels remain open. >> thanks for joining us here on al jazeera. now to egypt where the polls have reopened in the latest round of voting in the first parliamentary election since 2012 and workers given a half day off work to encourage them to cast their ballots, as rob matheson reports it seems low. >> voters at many of egypt's
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session and sisi cast them on sunday and polling stations also on monday and so far many fellow egyptians don't look as interested in elections for years. >> when the young people feel their vote doesn't make a difference and the results are known in advance apparelment that supports the president 100% so i assume a lot of people assumed no to vote. >> reporter: many believe nothing will change and almost all the mp whose are elected will support the government of president sisi and that lack of enthusiasm is frustrating for those who do want to vote. >> translator: this parliament is the most important one to be elected in egypt because they will be tasked with passing many legislations and we will have to figure out why the country doesn't seem to be moving forward. >> reporter: egypt has been without apparelment since the government of deposed president morsi three years ago and dissolved after the court
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allowed the election in the lower chamber was against the coalition and following the coup against morsi they have support by promising to hold apparel menry election in months and taken within two years partly because of an election law dispute and some egyptians are determined to take part. >> translator: this is my first time taking part in an election. i want to see whether or not it will improve after the election because we have unemployment, health issues and other problems. >> reporter: president sisi criticized for cracking down on opponents and described the election as a milestone on the roadmap to democracy and seeming me egyptians don't agree, rob matheson, al jazeera. palestinian woman shot dead and another wounded near a market in west jerusalem and roberting that the report tried to stab israelis with knives and many have died in months of
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violence and one u.s. sit zen and araatrea killed. military commander says control of thai is on a main road linking sanaa and aiden and both controlled by the warring sides and gerald tan has more. >> reporter: the push for tires, it has been a week since pro-government fighters launched offensive for the third largest city supported by the saudi-led coalition on the air and on the ground trying to capture control but people loyal to the old president saleh are digging their heels in. >> translator: this is support of houthis and planted many land mines which slowed progress and caused casualty among soldiers. >> translator: we say to the houthis you will leave this
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sprays and we strike you and evict you from the city of thai and we will strike you voluntarily or forcefully this week. >> reporter: the lines of control are fluid and bombed outbuildings in the factions and a person trying to get on with life. >> translator: i suffered with all the shelling going on. >> reporter: the fight is also on and prime minister is visiting the city and he is meeting troop commanders trying to secure the rest of the province which is the main ours of oil out put and efforts to end the war are sluggish and over the within houthis traveled to iman ahead of peace talks in geneva leader this month. >> translator: the dialog most be serious and lead to end of attacks in our country and the lifting of the siege and continuation of the peace
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process. >> reporter: the houthis are angry that the return of the internationally backed president abd rabbuh mansur hadi who returned from self exile in saudi arabia to the port city of aiden to over see the campaign for thai, his very presence complicating talks for a ceasefire, gerald tan, al jazeera. time for the weather here is richard heavy rain heading our way and that just arrived in time. >> and you just won't believe how excited people get with the prospect of a bit of rain in this part of the world and there is puddles here it's such an unusual events and could get interesting in 24 hours and clouds in northern parts of saudi arabia and further south a trough of low pressure will really start to develop and central parts of saudi arabia and particularly rhea -- riyadh
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and should be 28 or 29 degrees in riyadh and thunder and it will struggle for 20 degrees and in doha today it's about 27 degrees and could be looking at nothing more than 24 and that area of low pressure will be on wednesday and could get worse and riyadh could have a serious tone with flash flooding and could be careful on the roads and we still have rain effecting here 194 millimeters in 24 hours and the northeast monsoon is active in this part of india and more than half a month's worth of rain in 24 hours and it has been particularly bad and the situation we have here and i have to say things are not looking better with rain across southern parts of ionia and should see slightly drier and brighter weather richard. >> coming up, here on the al
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jazeera news hour foreigners in south africa targeted by xeno phobic violence make a desire to regular life. afghanistan faces an up hill struggle to prepare for competition and that is coming up, in the sports news. ♪
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♪ welcome back to the news hour here on al jazeera, i'm peter and reminder of the top stories french president trying to build international support for a coalition to combat i.s.i.l. and francois hollande has been meeting the british prime
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minister david cameron in paris and say france and the uk will step up their intelligence sharing efforts to try and destroy the armed group. security forces are continuing their hunt for those behind the attacks in paris, in belgium the police arrested 16 people in raids across brussels, the police are still hunting for the 26-year-old salah abdeslam. and celebrating after a presidential runoff and just managed to win enough votes to beat daniel the successor of the outgoing president kristina kirchner. vladimir putin arrived in tehran for talks with iran leadership and war in syria is sure to be high on the agenda and rory top of the agenda syria and mr. putin is meeting lots and lots of people over the coming few days, what does he want to hear from the administration in
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tehran? >> well, it's interesting because i think often one of the better ways of working out what is exactly going to be discussed on a diplomatic trip like this to look at what is going on it and besides putin who we know going on the trip are the heads of the two biggest russian energy companies, the state and the gas would suggest this is primarily an energy diplomatic visit but, yes, of course if you look through the communication coming out of the kremlin about what else is going to be discussed in that list there are mentions of syria, there are mentions of countering i.s.i.l. and geo political security in the middle east and looking at syria and lebanon and proxy hezbollah are both committed in syria to supporting the assad regime and fighting and dying there and the russians have been providing air support for the
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army of assad and also supporting the hezbollah forces and iranians there and deeply committed countries in syria and one of the main things they are talking about. what the west is going to be looking for i think is any sign of a potential for discord between tehran and moscow, any signs that they are arguing over the fate of assad potentially that may not come out of this particular trip but it's something that the west is going to be looking for in this seemingly quite cozy relationship. >> when we talk about it being a cozy relationship rory how close are those relations? >> well, at the moment it does seem very close indeed but let's just look at who these countries are, they are both extra -- extrovert in a crowded middle
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east and decided at the moment at least their interests are aligned so they are primarily working with each other in syria. the russians are also selling the iranian's very sophisticated missile defense systems and the russians are also building nuclear reactors for iran but there are potential problems, for one these are both energy-producing countries and iranian oil is soon to come on the world market and that is going to have an impact on the general price of oil and the general price of oil is something that russia is concerned about and doesn't want the oil price to fall any further and might not have as closely aligned interest in syria long-term as they do at the moment, this is the kind of stuff the west will be watching for, rory thanks very much. pieces of iraq history are
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locked away this secret vaults because of threats of i.s.i.l. fighters and other artifacts are in danger of being lost forever and we have been there to see what is being done to protect them sglj iraq's ancient history and relics from the oldest civilizations on display at the museum in central baghdad and the walls and corridors have carveings dating back to syrians and back loan yeahs and predate jesus christ by thousands of years. he has worked at the iraq museum since 1999 and says in the weeks leading up to the 2003 u.s. led invasion she and her colleagues warned iraq and u.s. officials that the museum was vulnerable but no one seemed to listen. >> more than 50,000 things were stolen just from this museum and they damaged everything, the furniture and everything.
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>> reporter: almost immediately officials began efforts to get back the relics along the west support a recovery department was set up, objects were unearthed from private homes, recovered in raids and some simply reappeared on museum shelves and other treasuries seized from markets in jordan, lebanon, syria, kuwait, saudi arabia and as far away as new york. including this piece known as the statute the 150 kilogram relic goes back to mesopotania and on display and some of the finest are not on display at all and are in storage rooms away from public view and the vault and content and safely guarded secrets and we were not allowed anywhere near them because of concerns of iraq to protect the
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treasures and advised of i.s.i.l. ands of violent sectarian divisions all raised questions about the museum history. >> it's my history and proud to put the pieces in this gallery but it's not allowed now. >> reporter: it's not just artifacts stored at the museum, they have sites where arcadia and back loan yeah and ancient sites stood and have been looted for years and some of the artifacts remain on display or hidden away much of the ancient heritage continues to be threatened, al jazeera at the iraq museum in baghdad. iranian court sentenced an american journalist to an unspecified prison term, he is jason the tehran bureau chief for the washington post and
5:37 am
convicted last month on charges of espionage and the newspaper called the sentence a sham, we have have a foreign editor and saying getting help for the correspondent has been difficult. >> reporter: dual iran citizen and has made it difficult because iran will not recognize u.s. citizenship and treating him currently as an iranian and he is not alone being put behind bars in iran and other journalists have also been arrested and alone as a foreign correspondent and now detained longer than any foreign correspondent in history longer than the american hostages taken in 1979 and it's time for iranian leaders to step in and it has been stuck in the iran's judiciary for 15 months and this is the moment when iran senior leaders have the power to overturn a verdict, to issue a pardon, to make this matter go away and resolve it once and for
5:38 am
all. the head of the economic community are considering border restrictions after attacks in mali on friday and 19 were killed when gunmen stormed the blu in bamako and we have been visiting the city and says they will consider limits of free movement of people and goods as well and the mali president told al jazeera that the group was not behind the attacks on friday at that hotel and the al-qaeda affiliate had claimed responsibility. >> translator: initially it was said this was a work of batoon but tonight all indications are it's a front behind it and asking as if it was a country or territory that needed to be liberated. at this precise moment i have no more details. >> reporter: so what is the masina-liberation front? the first purely ethnically
5:39 am
black rebel group to take up arms against the government in mali and members are from the tribe unlike other local rebel groups which are made up mostly of foreign fighters and they geographically spread on guinea and others and could receive support from neighboring countries and joining us in the studio is mohamed and what else do we know about masina? >> the first claim the name masina appeared in the news was last january and since january they have staged a number of operations in several places and it's the name of the area and where the people belong and also the name of an empire that ruled in mali in the 19th century and wars between the people who are with the tribe and majority tribe ruling mali so it's independent with deep routed
5:40 am
animosity and between the people and they have been connected with al-qaeda during the last few years, the al-qaeda groups working in mali but an individual basis when the french came in 2013 and attacked the cities and ejected those al-qaeda linked groups from the cities the masina tribe in the area of masina paid a hefty price according to many reports and they have been and claimed the mali army has taken revenge against them and killed women and children and those individual elements who were initially linked to al-qaeda groups by islamic ideology are taking up arms in their own name to fight against the government. >> within the urban flow of jihad groups given the eventses in bamako on friday how dangerous are that i -- they can
5:41 am
and will they be able to sustain that? >> if foreign fighters from other countries came to northern mali and are able to fight the people deported in the country and who have communities in sight and by the way they can dispurse in the desert very easily and they are also known to be very fierce fighters. they are feared because they are also a very huge tribe and remember as you said in your intro is spread across several countries in the area and the estimations are the number is about 20 million people in all those countries put together and they speak the same language more or less and there is the borders are poor and can move across the border and it's very easy for them according to all the indications to continue to fight if they like to do so. >> okay porous borders and 20 million people doing what i.s.i.l. does and mentioned them this relation to al-qaeda to us
5:42 am
today, if they can just blend away and come back if the government is talking about closing down borders that would seem to be a nonstarter. >> it's a nonstarter because it's easier said than done. they can talk about it but these are thousands and thousands of kilometers of border, how can they close it and the reason why they announced it it's exactly because of what we said the tribe is not just mali but in all the countries and you have seen conflicts in the region easily spill over from chad and do darfur and sedan and have a huge concern here. >> for the moment thank you very much. to the continuing tension in south africa following xeno phobia attacks and many remain in refugee camps scared for their safety and shop owners say enough is not being done to help them. >> reporter: daniel came to
5:43 am
south africa from congo nearly a decade ago and xeno phobic violence happened in april and they moved to refugee camps and after the government closed the camps he came to rebuild his looted shop but still doesn't feel safe. >> back to the community and the integration process is not done. there is no dialog, nothing in the ground the done. we are still exposed and the issue will come again because nothing is done to address it. >> reporter: the only shop owner who had gone on camera for us, the others were too scared and said some taxi drivers are trying to make foreign nationals trying to pay for damage done to their vans during their violence. this was one of the shop points during the worst of the xeno phobic violence right there and on the other side of the road is where the taxi is and although it looks like business as usual many shop owners say they are still being threatened and the under lying problems have not been fixed. xeno phobic violence occurs
5:44 am
every few years in south africa and partly fuelled by people taking their jobs and the shops are looted and burned and people are attacked and sometimes killed, many of those who were voluntarily repatriated says the government is trying its best to ease the enshu shu tensions. >> we have to have situations dealing with the unemployment issues and services because if local citizens feel they are not geting services, it's very easy to find scapegoats. >> reporter: taxi association blames rogue drivers and the latest intimidation of foreigners. >> led to the height doing things in our name so to black list the industry and we made and identify it we don't want things to happen in our name. >> reporter: determined to stay in south africa but he knows the risks. there is still tension here
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which he fears could lead to history repeating itself. tonya page, south africa. still ahead on this program ♪ a slight hiccup with this anthem performance and joe will have this in the sports news. ♪
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♪ welcome back, time for sports news and here is joe. >> one of the greatest long distance athletes of all times
5:47 am
run his last competitive race and bowed out of the sport after nearly three decade long career and did so at the event he founded the great ethiopian run, around 40,000 runners turned up for the 15 edition of the ten kilometer race and has two olympic titles under his belt and an eight time world champion and finished the race in some style with his family waiting at the finish line. a group of kenya athletes stormed the headquarters of the national athletics protesting against alleged corruption police were called after athletes entered the building and shut the gates and this man is one of three if officials being investigated over bribery claims, doping cover up.
5:48 am
well, nba the golden state warriors are on the cusp of history and had the 15th win in a row on sunday and the best ever start to nba season as we report. >> reporter: there have been some great teams in the history of the nba, michael jordan's chicago bulls of the 1990s or the la lakers and boston celtics of the mid 80s and the golden state warriors could be mentioned in the same breath as those teams and sunday victory over denver nugget was the 15th in a row and in front of fans they did the best to keep pace with the warriors but it was
5:49 am
118-105 and this is the third team in history to achieve the feit and the friends are in good company the washington capitol he played in fore runner to nba the basketball association of america won their first 15 games back in season 48-49, the houston rockets repeated in 93, 94 and the warriors but golden state are the first defending nba champions to go 15-0. >> in the game we try to play like 15 home meant something to us and try to get it done. it's kind of weird to celebrate on the floor. >> reporter: with the reigning mvp and golden state teammates and la lakers on tuesday, if they win that the warriors will hold the record out right and well on the way to being acclaimed as being one of the
5:50 am
biggest sights in nba history. >> reporter: he could not have asked for a better finish to the tennis season and complete dominance of the game and winning the tournament four times in the row and world number one was this action against federer at the world tour final and had met in the group stages with federer on top but he is eager to make amends and over in 18 minutes and had 6-3-6-4 win and another season of domination comes to an end and won 11 titles including three grand slams and plus over $2 million in prize money for successfully defending his title in london. >> every big achievement means the world to me and working hard to get in a position to fight for biggest trophys and blessed
5:51 am
to have the year that i had, it's incredible. >> i thought it was a good match and it was close, the first six games were close to be down 4-2 and had my chances to at least be even but i thought i played well and still high quality match oi thought. beating greek club blamed the referee for the violence that took place and the top of the table clash was called off after violence in and around the stadium and the major classes between them and the police took place after the decision to postpone the match. the club is now calling on fans to stage a peaceful protest on wednesday protesting the decision of the referee and the wider promises facing greek futbol. and we have an futbol journalist in athens and at the game on saturday and explains why officials and fans are so unhappy. >> reporter: it is firstly the
5:52 am
club's apparent inability to control those few fans that have that strong tendency to violence. the management has made possible efforts we understand to persuade all fans to be as peaceful as possible and has failed in that. that is one point. the second point is the club's inability to secure equal footing in greek futbol by comforting the widespread corruption because there are quite a few judiciary inquiries on the way about corruption in greek futbol including the chart and including charges of running a criminal organization, match fixing and so on and so forth. and they feel they are the victim of that situation and they have to combat this.
5:53 am
they have not managed to do that successfully in solo part and there is disillusionment to fans. futbol violence marred seven games in the league despite security 196 arrests made at the game by munich and had cold to contain with on sunday, a snowstorm and the ball had to be changed for orange one 14 minutes in and the clearance went wrong on half hour mark and goal line technology confirmed the old goal and 1-0 win and moved to fourth place in the leaguer. golf phenomenon named lpga player of the year, 18-year-old picked up a cool $1 million in the process. the world number one from new zealand finished in time for 7th at the lpga tour in naples, florida and won the player of
5:54 am
the year race and $1 million bonus after the tournament itself and won by christie of the united states by a single stroke. afghanistan has few women in sport but a group of them are training for the country's women cycling team and hoping to be able to compete on the international stage in a few years, jennifer glasse reports. >> reporter: three times a week they take to the roads in central afghanistan hope tolling build a world class cycling team. but first they have to learn the basics. on this day it's learning to ride as a team. in a line close enough to each other so the rider behind can take advantage of the slip stream. and used to cycle as a child in iran, six years after she moved to afghanistan she saw another girl on a bike and started riding again and here in a more progressive part of the country there were objections. >> translator: it's a shame for
5:55 am
women to ride bikes. it's a shame. >> reporter: what do you do about that? >> oh, we talk with mali and we say that if you know it's no problem between men and woman. if men can ride bike then a woman is also, it's no shame. >> reporter: she is now the team's trainer and mechanic. the club has six bicycles to share, new members have to bring their own, like sisters here from one of the poorest neighborhoods here. >> translator: i went to the market to do some shopping. i saw a little girl riding a bicycle and after that i begged my father to get me one. >> reporter: her father bought one bike and borrowed money to
5:56 am
buy a second so both daughters could ride. the bikes cost about $100, a month's salary here but the family thinks it's worth it. the team shares the road with traffic and more traditional forms of transport. >> translator: when you are returning look both ways, when there are no cars then you can turn. >> reporter: the team won't be able to train outside much longer because it will be too cold and icy to ride on the roads and looking for an indoor space to keep cycling all winter and hoping to use the local gym for the winter to get ready for the next competition in march and allows anyone with a bicycle boy, girl, man or woman to compete and wants to continue to do well to show that women's sports have a place here, jennifer glasse, afghanistan. now, singing in front of an audience is terrifying for most of us let alone a seven-year-old who sang the australian national
5:57 am
anthem and see if you can tell why this version has taken the internet by storm. ♪ ethan hiccupped his way from the anthem to amusement of the crowd and players in the stands. ♪ and incredibly he got through the whole performance to receive rounding applause and since then the video of the rendition is the most watched with 800,000 times on the internet. and that is all the sport for now peter. >> he will be emotionally scared for the rest of his life and on the website whenever you want it al and on twitter and i'll be back at the top of the hour, see you then. ♪
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