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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ building a coalition on the british prime minister tells francois hollande he backs strikes against i.s.i.l. in syria. ♪ you are watching al jazeera, i'm peter live from our headquarters in doha, also ahead argentina's new president has the night away after winning a historic presidential runoff animally president tells al jazeera he believes the wrong armed group has been blamed for a luxury attack on a hotel in the capitol plus. iraq museum in central baghdad where thousands were
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looted at the start of the 2003 u.s. led invasion. ♪ welcome to the program, the french president francois hollande trying to build international support for coalition to combat i.s.i.l., on a visit to paris today the british prime minister david cameron said francois hollande he is in favor of attacking targets in syria and will discuss strategy with the u.s. president barack obama and on wednesday he will meet the german chancellor angela merkel asking her for more help too and andrew simmons from paris with the latest. >> reporter: francois hollande with prime minister cameron and talking about the war and the two men at the bataclan and a mass killing at a rock concert,
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90 people died and both paid homage to the dead laying a single rose and promising more support in a second attempt to get parliamentary approval to extend the air strikes of i.s.i.l. into syria. >> later in week i will set out in parliament a comprehensive strategy for tackling i.s.i.l. i firmly support the action that president francois hollande has taken to strike i.s.i.l. in syria and it's my firm conviction that britain should do so too. >> translator: we are convinced we must continue to strike i.s.i.l. in syria and will intensify our strikes and choose the site that will cause the most damage to the terrorist army and our aircraft carrier that will arrive in the area have been mandated to strike and strike hard i.s.i.l. >> reporter: and france is not just looking for military support and it wants to bolster agreements to improve european intelligence cooperation and more border checks within the
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eu. francois hollande finds his popularity rising after a week of national trauma with 130 lives lost in the paris attacks. one poll says more than 90% support his actions so far. right now the people of france appear to be content with what their president is doing and saying. but the week ahead will probably be the most difficult in his presidency. he has to actually convince people that what he says and does is right. once he was seen as a mild mannered mr. gray sort of figure, now he is following a whole path but france can't go it alone and on tuesday francois hollande will leave paris to washington and more commitment from barack obama the u.s. president and russian counterpart vladimir putin appear to have broken some ice between them at the g 20 meeting in turkey earlier this month and efforts for a grand military coalition to include russia and
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francois hollande plans to head to moscow later in the week in attempts to secure a deal with putin and not everyone back home is not confident about the end game. >> conflict in the middle east, our military and chief of staff says that we won't win on the short term military against i.s.i.l. it is about a political and diplomatic solution. >> reporter: francois hollande plans to meet germany chancellor merkel and will console her with putin being on board but the russian president heavily commits to support syria's president bashar all assad with his strikes wants concession and lifting of sanctions for his action in crimea and eastern u ukraine and that may be too high of a price to pay, andrew simmons paris. security forces meanwhile well they are continuing their hunt for perpetrators of the
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paris attacks. on sunday night belgium police arrested 16 people in raids across the country. but their main suspect is still on the run. salah abdeslam is believed to have played a major role in what happened in paris and schools and universities across brussels are closed and the metro is also shut as part of the increased security measures and paul brennan with the latest from brussels. on the face of it major success for the belgium authorities on sunday night total of 22 coordinated raids all within minutes of each other and 16 suspects arrested, a judge will decide whether or not those arrests should turn into longer detention and may well will some 16 get arrested and police and authorities after many days of extreme pressure to make some progress do appear at last to have made a breakthrough. one thing to say is that salah abdeslam the prime target of the authorities has still slipped through the net and still on the
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run at the moment and that means that the terror threat here in brussels, the alert level remains at level four. it's not quite locked down and you can probably see there are trams and the schools are shut and metro under ground rail way will remain shut and no way that i can lift the level of alert until they get the prime suspect and police at last are starting to make some progress in that direction. in the last hour the russian president vladimir putin arrived in tehran for talks with the iran leadership and war in syria is high on the agenda and rory challenge is live in moscow and what is putin's message going to be? >> busy for putin on paper at least he is there just to sign various documents and be on hand for this gas exporters summit. he is addressing the plenary
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session today but of course on the sidelines of that he has various by lateral meetings with the iran leadership, with the iran leadership rouhanni and it's at those meetings he is expected to be talking about various security issues and most noticeably what has been done in syria at the moment, the air campaign supporting bashar al-assad and the fight against i.s.i.l. iran is as heavily committed if not more so as russia is and fighting on the ground, it is through its proxy malitia hezbollah and proxy malitia and people dying there trying to support bashar al-assad and what the west will be looking for is the seemingly cozy relationship between tehran and moscow is under pressures and differ differences between the two
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capitols and leaders may be at the fate of bashar al-assad and are they prepares to give up on assad and we have not seen that yet but it's a possibility. >> thank you very much. palestinian woman shot dead and another wounded near a market in west jerusalem and israeli police report they tried to stab israelis with scizzors and died after two months of violence, u.s. citizen and one aratrean have also been killed. head of economic community is considering border restrictions following friday's attack in mali. 19 people were killed when gunmen stormed the radisson blu hotel in bamako and the president who chairs this has been visiting the city and says they will continue limits to free movements of people and goods and mali president told al jazeera that the group was not behind the attack on friday.
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the al-qaeda affiliate had claimed responsibility. >> translator: initially it was said that this was the work of them but ton all indications it's a liberation behind it and acting as if masina was a country or territory that needed to be liberated. at this precise moment i have no more details. >> reporter: conservatives in argentina are celebrating the election of their first president in more than a decade, makari just managed to win enough votes to beat daniel the chosen successor of the outgoing president kristina kirchner and we have more on the first ever presidential runoff. >> reporter: the impossible was possible they said on sunday night when he became the elected president of argentina. one month ago his chances were slim against the ruling party
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candidate but he won the center right mayor of buenos aires was able to build up enough support to defeat kristina kirchner's successor. >> translator: i'm here because you brought me here and ask you do not abandon me and let's continue together on december 10th, a wonderful stage for argentina is beginning here and now. >> reporter: supporters believe him, all of them say they are >> translator: we have the support of the people and we need to start acting and not complain so we can really change this country. >> reporter: celebrations continued until late at night. election results show argue tee they they continued for change and they are not continuing to celebrate the victory but also the end of an era after 12 years of kirchnerism and the movement that kristina and mr. kirchner created in 2003.
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the left wing movement brought about deep government involvement in the economy and many credited with pulling millions of argentina people out of poverty. among kristina kirchner's supporters there was sadness and defiance. >> translator: people have no memory, once things are doing okay they decide to throw everything out of the window. local media is brain washing people. >> reporter: won by only three points raising questions about governability and kristina kirchner will remain powerful in argentina once she leaves office, her party has majority in congress and has supporters in judiciary and central bank but analysts say the biggest challenge is the economy. >> depletion of the central bank and macro economic policy especially through the last two years has been deficient and a
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change in the macro economics coming and it will be pretty difficult to manage this situation without it having an impact on inflation. >> reporter: sunday was a historical day in argentina, the first and second round in this country's history and the first time in 12 years that the people have demanded change. al jazeera, buenos aires. okay still to come here for you on al jazeera it was a mass killing that shocked the philippines and six years on the victim's families are still looking for answers. and foreigners in south africa targeted by xeno phobic violence have a cautious return to normal life. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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♪ welcome back, the top stories on al jazeera, the french president trying to build international support for a coalition to combat i.s.i.l. and francois hollande meeting the uk prime minister david cameron in paris and say france and u k will step up intelligence efforts to try to destroy the group. continuing the hunt for attacks in paris and in belgium police arrested 16 people in raids in brussels and hunting for a key suspect salah abdeslam. conservatives celebrating after the first ever presidential election runoff in argentina. and just managed to win enough votes to beat daniel the chosen
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successor of the outgoing president kristina kirchner. and history is locked away in secret vaults because of also and in danger of being lost forever and we are seeing what is being done to try and protect them. >> reporter: iraq's ancient history and relics from civilizations on display in central baghdad. the walls have carveings dating back to syrians and back loan yeah and predate jesus christ by thousands of years. and she has worked at the iraq museum since 1999 and she says in the weeks leading up to the 2003 u.s. led invasion she and her colleagues warned iraqi and american officials that the museum was vulnerable but no one seemed to listen. >> more than 50,000 things
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stolen just from this museum and they damaged everything. furniture and everything. >> reporter: almost immediately officials began efforts to get back the relics along with u.s. support a recovery department was set up, objects were unearthed from private homes, recovered in raids and some simply reappeared on the museum shelves and other treasurers were seized from markets in jordan, lebanon, syria, kuwait, saudi arabia and as far away as new york and this dates back to mesotapotamian period and one that has been put back on display. some of iraq's finest are not on display at all and are bricked up in storage rooms far from public view so off limits are the vaults and their contents
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such as safely guarded secret we were not allowed any where near them because of readiness to preserve and protect the treasures and rapid rise of i.s.i.l. have had concerned about the museum safety. >> it's my history and should be proud to put the pieces in this gallery but it's not allowed now. >> reporter: it's not just artifacts stored at the museum that are at risk, iraq has 12000 known arc arc logical sights that once stood and many are not protected and looted for years and some of iraq's artifacts remain on display or hidden away much of the ancient heritage continues to be threatened, al jazeera, at the iraq museum in baghdad. now, six years to the day since a mass killing shook the
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philippines and so far no one brought to justice for the massacre which 58 people were killed, among the dead were 32 members of the media and there have been 150 witnesses and thousands of pages of evidence in the case but no convictions. and dr. steve root is the representative and joins us with the bureauro in manila and six years on and some people say yet to see justice and what is your reading of what has gone wrong here? >> well, the philippine justice system does indeed grind slowly in any kind of case and this is an enormously compound case with as you say 58 victims, dozens accused, many different kinds of motions going forward and so with one judge and she does have an assistant judge trying to wade her way through this it has taken this long just for the prosecution to rest its case.
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we still haven't heard from the defense in court. >> this has been going on for so long now, sir, could it be that perhaps the world of politics has to get involved in this and drive it and push it towards the correct conclusion? >> well, it is certainly the case that the president upon succession to office in 2010 said he wanted to make sure this was prosecuted to the fullest and there is some hope that some convictions will happen by 2016. in the meantime politics has interfered because we do have a new presidential election coming up but when asked if people are still following it it turns out that the average philippine citizen is paying attention and has not faded from view. >> do you have any worries or reservations about the property of the system or is it just that the system is very slow? >> in this particular case in
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such a glare of publicity at the core of it there is no doubt about the property of the system. however, the capacity including to protect witnesses is definitely in doubt as several of them have been killed in the intervening years. >> you have already touched on this idea but flush this out for us, there is a department of justice special team, are they involved in this or should they be involved in it? >> there is indeed a special team. the department of justice has been trying over the last few years to step up its game not only in this particular horrific incident but other instances of extra judicial killings, however, given the resistance of a very well funded defense that does indeed make things slow. >> mr. root thank you.
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nepal police shot dead two in the south and demonstrations in the district for months now over a new constitution that some ethnic groups say marginalizes them and 60,000 trucks with essential supplies for nepal are blocked on the indian side of the border and carolyn malone now reports. >> reporter: the people are angry at how their government is treating them. they have been blocking roads in southe southern nepal since a new one was signed in kathmandu and used guns in self-defense after they stormed a building and attacked vehicles and say members of their group were shot sitting on a road trying to block traffic. either way people are dying, at least 40 have been killed since protests began two months ago, the violence and roadblocks are having an impact in the whole of nepal and bad shortages of fuel
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and medicine since the massive earthquake earlier this year and essential supplies not crossing the border of india for months and the india government denies nepal with an official blockade. >> translator: we are ready to suffer. we are ready to call anybody formal or informal talks for diplomacy and let's not waste time and it's a great and big country and not make much difference to it and nepal is being ruined and say clearly destruction of health is not in india's interest. >> reporter: nepal government tried to negotiate with leaders and say it created new federal says which the people don't want because they cut through lands without proper representation, the u.n. urged all sides to resolve their differences peacefully. so far that is not happening. caroline malone, al jazeera. emergency teams still
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searching for survivors after a huge landslide in northern myanmar and still missing when a jade minute collapsed. a controversial shrine in tokyo and a bathroom damaged and no one injured but a bomb disposal unit is on site and local media reported that suspicious objections were found and this is at the center between china and south korea saying it honors military criminals and continuing tension in south africa following xeno phobic attacks and many are in camps afraid for their safety and some say not enough is being done to help them. >> reporter: daniel came to south africa from congo nearly a decade ago as xeno phobic violence erupted in april and they moved to refugee camps and
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after the camps were closed he came to rebuild his looted shop but still doesn't feel shape. >> come back to the community and to the integration process not done. there is no dialog, nothing on the ground is done. >> we are still exposed and the issue will come again because nothing is done to readdress it. >> reporter: he is the only one on camero for us, the others were too scared and said some taxi drivers are trying to make foreign nationals pay for damage done to their vans during the violence. this was one of the flash points during the worst of the xeno phobic violence and there are many foreign owned shops there and on the other side of the road is where the taxis are and although it looks like business as usual shop owners say they are still threatened and under lying problems not fixed. xeno phobic violence clears every few years in south africa and partly fueled by south africa's fears foreigners are taking their jobs and the shops are looted and burned and people
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attacked and stipes killed. in many of those voluntarily repatriatet returned to south africa where the government says it's doing its best to ease tensions. >> reality is we have got to have ongoing integration, we have got to have situations dealing with unemployment issues and services because if local citizens feel they are not getting services it's very easy to find scapegoats. >> reporter: the taxi association blames rogue drivers for this latest intimidation of foreigners. >> some people would like to hide doing things in our name so that to black list the industry but we have made that that we don't want these things to happen in our name. >> reporter: determined to stay in south africa but he knows the risks, there is still tension here which he fears could lead to history repeating itself. tonya page, al jazeera, south africa. one of the last remaining
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northern white rhinos died leaving three of the species on the planet and was 41 and weighed 1800 kilograms and lived in california since 1989 and put down after the health deteriorated and on extinction for poaching of their horns and the others live in kenya. three women in sport but are trying out for the team and hope to compete on the national stage in a few years time and we report from there. >> reporter: three times a week they take to to roads in central afghanistan hoping to build a world-class cycling team. but first they have to learn the basics. on this day is learning to ride as a team. in a line close enough to each other so the rider behind can take advantage of the slip stream. and mohamed used to cycle as a child in iran, six years after she moved to afghanistan she saw
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another girl on a bike and started riding again. even here in a more progressive part of the country there were objectio objections. >> they say it's a shame for women to ride bikes, it's a shame and bad. >> reporter: what did you do about that? >> oh, we talked with mala and we say if you know the men, it's no problem between men and woman. if men can ride bike then woman is also, it's no shame. >> reporter: she is now the team's trainer and mechanic. the club has six bicycles to share. new members have to bring their own like sisters here from one of the poorest neighborhoods.
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>> translator: i went to the market to do some shopping. i saw a little girl riding a bicycle and after that i begged my father to get me one. >> reporter: their father bought one bike and borrowed money to borrow a second so both daughters could ride, the bikes cost about $100, a month's salary but the family thinks it's worth it. the team shares the road with traffic and more traditional forms of transport. . >> translator: when you are turning look both ways, when there are no cars then you can turn. >> reporter: the team won't be able to train outside much longer and pretty soon it will be too cold and icy to ride on the road and looking for an indoor space they can keep cycling all winter. they are hoping they will be able to use the local gym through the winter to get ready for the next competition in march. the race allows anyone with a bicycle, boy, girl, man or woman to compete. the team wants to do well to continue to prove that women's sports have a place here.
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jennifer glasse, al jazeera, afghanistan. more news when you want it on the website al with lots of interesting articles and talk to me on twitter at aj dobbs website, al conversation with former utah governor, ambassador to china and former candidate john huntsman on the greatest dangers facing our world. i'm ali velshi, and we are on target in istanbul. oig at the atlantic council energy and economic summit in istanbul. the atlanta council is a think


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