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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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bicycle, boy, man, girl or woman to compete. the team wants to do well to continue to prove that women's sports have a place here. jennifer glasse, afghanistan. >> there's much more real news from al jazeera at our website, >> i firmly support the action president hollande has taken to strike isil in syria. >> united in the fight against isil, the british prime minister pledges support as france launches more airstrikes. >> hunting for the shooters, officials in new orleans asking for help, finding whoever opened fire in a park overnight. more than a dozen people were hurt. >> bitter cold follows heavy snow, meaning a white thanksgiving for some parts of the country.
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>> this is aljazeera america live from new york city. high alert in belgium where authorities are trying to find more linked to the paris attacks with no schools, no subways. raised led to the arrest of at least 21 people while france stepped up airstrikes on isil in syria. this is the british prime minister saying he'd ask parliament to let his nation launch airstrikes, as well. we have the latest from paris. >> british prime minister david cameron holding talks with french president francois hollande here in paris. both visited a vigil.
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he is offering support to the french military, offering access to an air force base in cypress, as well as refugue operations for performing war planes. he even said he wants to convince parliament to vote to authorize a british bombing campaign against isil. he said britain must into everything i have the can do to support its ally, france. >> here in france, security operations continue amidst a state of emergency. one city just about an hour south of paris ended a three night curfew on monday morning. the mayor of that city had put a occur tee in effect after security forces found fake documents and prohibited weapons. there have been no other cities that enforced such a curfew, but other local municipalities may follow sues because of a state of emergency. they have the right to conduct warrantless searches and impose occur fuse. >> much of the security focus
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now is to the north in belgium where officials have all but shut down brussels for a third day. they are searching for suspects in those paris attacks. paul brennan is there. >> the number of searches is climbing, the number of arrests climbing, the prosecutor here in brussel has updated that five more searches in brussels, five more arrested, 21 now in custody. a judge will assess when those arrests are confirmed. some may yet be reds. security forces here's in brussels making some progress. that said, that priority target, saleh abdeslam is still not under arrest. it looks as if it will stay at level for security for the time being. the schools and metro system are
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closed. although we're not in full on lockdown, trams still running and you can hear traffic on the streets, there is a real air of tension here and the security forces and army are working very hard to try to bring this to a resolution. so far, saleh abdeslam has evaded capture. >> a former marine now with the council on foreign relations said the fight against isil may be working because it involves conventional warfare. >> i think one of the things that the islamic state has done has in some respects made this fight much more clear that be the fight was seven or eight years ago. by declaring itself a state and by holding territory and trying to administer cities, puts itself in a position where it's a far less murky adversary. one thing the west or a coalition of western and arabic countries knows how to do is to fight a conventional war and
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take back a ground and hold ground. they are wage ago very conventional campaign. we are seeing hundreds of kilometers seized and held. >> what is the view from istanbul like? how do you get turkey and egypt to get more involved on the ground? >> i think that's a huge -- going to be a huge challenge for the this administration. it seems that it's one that they are just start to go now go into in earnest. everybody has different equities in this, whether the turks, the saudis, the iranians for russians, but i think what's going to probably be important is realizing that through strong leadership, we can work together, even if our objectives and our interests are not completely aligned. >> president obama's special envoy said the u.s. and local forces was taken back more than 400 square miles in the last two weeks and killed 300 fighters. >> there is new footage from a hotel in mali in bamako.
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19 civilians were killed along with two gunman. mali disputes that an al-qaeda linked group is responsible, saying a liberation front was behind the assault. >> in three days, new york city hosts the macy's thanksgiving day parade and police here say they are ready. over the weekend, hundred was local and federal agents took part in a security drill in the as i subway system. officers responded to a mock active shooter i want. the nypd said thousands of officers, including 1300 counter terrorism police will be on the street thanksgiving day. >> lessons learned here will certainly be spread quickly throughout the nypd and through homeland security across the country. these period's are vitally necessary particularly in light of all that's going on in the
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world at this particular point in time. in new york city, we are at this time very well prepared and visually improving that respectness. >> this was the first drill ever held underground in new york subway's system. the practice was planned before the attacks in paris. >> this morning, the search is on in new other cleans for the gunman who shot 16 people at a park last night. the shots were fired at a play ground where a large group of people gathered for a block party. two groups of people started shooting at each other. we are live in new orleans. jonathan, what do police think sparked this shooting? >> well, good morning with you, stephanie. police say the shooting appears to have been diamondback related, however haven't been able to say that for sure. two gunman opened fire in some sort of fight or altercation. this happened aren't 6:00 last night here in this park, right at this play ground. 300 people were gathered here. there were two groups of people, some for an after party for
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second line parade and other people for an impromptu music video shoot. some say that was not permitted and that's why police were on their way to this park to break up the crowd. right before they got here, the gunfire erupted and when everything was said and done, 10 victim were wounded on the ground, another six were found at the hospital or they made their way to the hospital. the good news in all of this if there is any is that out of those 16 people wounded, all are in stable condition. this morning, police asking for help in identifying those shooters. >> new orleans was recently out ting news statistics showing crime us noun and now 16 shot in
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one night. ten people were shot in bourbon street last year. the year before that, 20 people were shot during a mother's day gathering, second line parade in 2013. people are trust rated and mayor said one of the things they have trouble with here is getting people to come forward and help them out and identify the shooter, something this he also talked about as he arrived on the scene last night. >> it's really hard to police against a bunch of guys who decide to pull guns and settle disputes with 300 people in between them. that's just not something you can toll late in the city. it's going to require the people in this park to basically say they've had enough and not put themselves in harm's way and give us information to the police can do their job. >> the police trying to get information to identify those
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shooters. we know there were at least two people who fired their weapons here last night against 16 victims said to be in stable condition. police haven't reached information, we do know one was as young as 14. >> thank you. >> also in new orleans, police identified a man they say shot a good samaritan. they are looking for 21-year-old uric kane. he tried to kidnap a woman. two university students stopped to help. the suspect shot him in the stomach. he tried to shoot him again, but his gun failed. >> we know who you are and you need to know that we are going to find you. we need the public's help to do this, but there is no question now that we know who he is, that he will be brought to justice. >> police say they are confident they will capture the suspect. as for the student, still hospitalized and in critical
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condition. >> it is freezing and icy this morning in and around chicago, democrats dropped believe into the 20's over the weekend and a storm dumped almost a foot of snow. it is the biggest november storm to hit the region in 120 years. temperatures set to rise wednesday and heavy rain could then melt much of the snow by thanksgiving morning. in michigan, the problem is freezing temperatures and high winds. that state also hit by the weekend storm, leaving more than a foot of snow there. michigan saw road closures, accidents and flight cancellations. the west is about to get hit with rain and snow. let's bring in nicole mitchell. feeling like winter these days. >> it depends where you were that little hilt with that last system. look at this corridor through the midwest. illinois got more snow than north dakota right now. 22% have the country covered. we had a little more snow. this is what we had currently on the radar. all of that has moved out.
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we have a little snow activity through the great lakes. the combination of temperatures warming causing melting and the fact we have sunshine itself, sunshine can convert snow into water vapor. there's a couple of ways we'll lose snow. the system in the midwest, already just a couple of showers starting to come in. more today and into tomorrow is when we said the brunt of it. we already have winter weather advisories near the coast and winter storm watches. interior, not only significant snow, but high winds and arctic temperatures ins some cases and a lot of don't travel if you don't have to advisories are going to pop up over the next couple days. time to get a winter car kit if you need it approximate initial mainly pulse out into the midwest by wednesday, eating away at the snow. by thursday, widespread rain, so it will be the northwest that
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has the snow versus the mid confident. that's going to impact holiday travel. >> there's going to be travel snafu's whole report on that in the next days. >> vladimir putin visits tehran with syria the key topic of discussion. >> a washington post reporter find his fate after more than a year in jail, why he and his family insist he is innocent.
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>> more violence in israel in the occupied territories. at least two palestinians and an israeli were killed after stabbing tabes. in jerusalem, police say a teen was shot and killed after stabbing a fellow palestinian. the teen had apparently stab the man for an israeli. in a separate attack, be a israeli man was stabbed to death at a gas station in the west bank. police shot and killed the palestinian they say was responsible in that incident. >> russian president vladimir putin is in tehran this morning for an oil and gas summit. he has already met the supreme leader and is expected to meet with president rouhani in coming hours. the war in syria sure to be high on the agenda. monitoring the talks, mr. putin wrapped up talks at the summit earlier this hour. what more do we know about his agenda? >> well, as you say, it's a busy day for vladimir putin in iran,
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speaking and meeting with the supreme leader and iranian president. two items have already been ticked off. we know from the president's spokesperson, the russian president's spokesperson that the talks went on for an hour and a half with the supreme leader, longer than planned for. they covered many things, trade and one of the most important things was syria, taking up the majority of their conversation. from the president's spokesperson, we know that there was broad agreement between putin and the supreme leader on what they would say is the in admissibility of dictating political settlements honest air i can't from outside. what these two men decided was no one can tell syrians which form of government or leaders they must choose. that was greed on. what they didn't say was what they didn't agree on. we don't know that, but that is what western leaders will be looking for, any sign that there
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is a wrist between tehran and moscow, seemingly good buddies at the moment but maybe is there anywhere a wrist between them particularly over the fate of assad. we don't know that yet. >> russia is looking to boost energy ties with iran. what does this mean for the energy program? >> as the wheels of the presidential plane were touching down, we heard russia was formally relaxing its ban on the exportation of variousibilities of nuclear technology and expertise and so on to iran. this is part of the p5 plus one settlement. it's allowed to do this. basemanly it means to the nuclear relationship can be strength they understand. moscow has already got a at the to build several more nuclear reactors in ran. these two countries are also big energy producers. russia exports a huge amount of
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oil and gas. ran would like to be able to export its oil. it is probably going to be able to do that quite soon. when iranian oil hits the international market, that is bog to send seismic ripples through the market, and that is going to be something that will affect russia, because it is very likely that the price of oil is going to drop when that happens. >> rory challands from moscow, thank you. >> both russia and iran reportedly have troops on the ground in syria. experts say this meeting could change the scope of their relationship there. >> a big sticking point is assad, and president obama has actually said a few days ago that russia can't continue to be on the fence about this. in other words, if putin and the kremlin want to be cooperative partners with western governments over syria, they really have to go along with getting assad out of power, and
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persuade, somehow persuade the iranians to comply. up until now, russia has been pretty animate that they're not going to concede to western demand that assad step down when they start to formulate this new government shortly. iran is also against having assad step down. i think russia, in fact, is becoming a little more flexible, and putin perhaps will try to persuade iranian leaders today that they need to moderate their views about assad. i think he's going to have a hard time. >> russian forces have been bombing isil targets, and says that may only increase in the coming weeks. >> the washington post he is calling on tehran to release it's bureau chief, jason
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rezaian. he has been in prison in custody for more than a year. we have this report. >> news about the fate of jason rezaian came sunday on the website of iranian state t.v. the spokesman for iran's judiciary only said that he has been sentenced to prison and the sentence is not yet final. sunday, his brother ali slammed the confusion and lack of transparency surrounding the case saying "my brother is an innocent man and well respected journalist, my family remains hopeful that jason will soon be reunited with us." rezaian is tehran bureau chief for the washington post. the post's foreign editor said part of the secrecy is because rezaian has done nothing wrong. >> if iran had evidence against jason, it would have produced this by now.
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it wouldn't be dragging out this case, verdict, this sentence for many, many months without ever disclosing what it is jason did. >> rezaian and his wife were both arrested in their home in tehran in the middle of the night in 2014. she was later released on bail. when rezaian was convicted of espionage and other crimes, she and his mother went to court a try to learn details but were turned away. he has been in prison far longer than the prisoners held in the iran hostage crisis in 1979. as iran and the u.s. negotiated a deal over the nuclear program was talked about, those held in prisons were repeatedly discussed on the sidelines, but with no resolutions. >> we certainly would have hoped that at that juncture, at any juncture, that iran would have done the right thing, shown its humanitarian concern, released jason, given that there's no evidence against him.
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>> many believe rezaian's case is caught up in iranian internal politics. >> jason was reporting on iran, really writing more about the people, the lifestyle, nothing that would have aroused the sensitivities of the iranian authorities in any way. >> he's been a victim of the collision in iran between more moderate forces and conservative ones. >> evan as the sentence is handed down, it remains shrouded in secrecy. >> a new program is in effect on indian reservations, giving information to tribal police to see if people have been arrested have criminal backgrounds. >> when most police departments pull someone over, they have a computer showing if someone is wanted. in indian country, that is not the case, but here in cherokee
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nation, that's about to change. >> it's called the tribal access program and the cherokee nation police department is one of 10 in the country giving it a trial run. soon, they'll have access to the same federal database that any other police department has, saving them minutes or even hours during dangerous situations. >> just two weeks ago, the department's swat team raided the home of a white supremacist group, using tactics like this. inside they found three more people than they expected, but without access to federal data had no way of knowing whether those people were dangerous. >> are they players, part of this conspiracy, not part of this conspiracy. in this program, the tap program, instead of waiting through all of our state counterparts, they could have looked us up through the system and immediately had them returned to us and we could get realtime data to that commander to say no, these individuals were not involved and that's critically important. >> the program is expected to be
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rolled out in 90 days and cherokees will train others in the system. >> a historic merger in the pharmaceutical industry, two of the world's biggest drug makers joining forces. why taxes should be the reason why.
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>> two of the world's biggest drug makers are joining forces, pfizer and allergan make
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medications many of us have in our medicine cabinets. the deal may be more about taxes than finding new cures. >> the merger is one of the biggest deals in health care history. it's said to be worth $160 billion. >> we need to say what life are we touching today and making better. >> the merger is aimed at helping u.s. based pfizer save billions of dollars in taxes. allergan is headquartered in ireland, subject to the lower tax rate, even though most operations in new jersey. >> from allergan, a company with 60 years of eye care expertise. >> the maker of botox would be the buyer, even though pfizer is the bigger company amounted would side step treasury rooms known as corporate inverses. it would allow pfizer to lower tax rate from 25% to about 15%. speaking to the wall street
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journal recently, pfizer c.e.o. said there's no competitive advantaged to being officially headquartered in the u.s. >> i have fortune companies who have tax rates of 15% who can invest $2 billion to $3 billion more in research than we can, and we're fighting with one hand tied behind our back. >> pfizer, the maker of viagra and lipitor have cut sales by more than $28 billion since 2010. al jazeera. >> facebook's c.e.o. plans to step away from his company for the birth of his first child, taking eight weeks of paternity leave. in a facebook post, zuckerberg called the decision a very personal one. employees at facebook can take up to four months off to be with their newborns. thanks for watching. the news continues next live from doha. have a great day.
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>> welcome to another news hour in al jazeera. our top stories building a coalition of prim british prime minister tells president fran├žois hollande backs that he backs france. the fighting for yemen's third largest city enters it's second week.


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