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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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display and vaulted away, much of its heritage continues to be under threats. >> you can keep updated by checking out our website. you can watch us by clicking on the "watch now" icon. >> united in the fight against isil. key allies why officials are worried about an attack. perhaps
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belgium and shut down in brussels and leading to arrest of 21 people at least and france stepping up air campaign in i.s.i.l. and with charles degal and prime minister asking parliament there to launch air strikes in syria as well and al jazeera's adam has more from paris. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron here in paris on monday holding talks with francois hollande and visited the bataclan a site of attacks in paris and cameron touched by the visit and hoping to get parliament to approve a bombing campaign against i.s.i.l. targets and offering
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logistical support at an airforce base in cyprus to the french military also offering adoption of refueling operations for french planes who carry on these bombing raids on i.s.i.l. targets in syria and iraq. meanwhile security operations are still ongoing here in france and still in a state of emergency and we are seeing thousands of security personnel across this country. one city ended a three-night curfew on monday and reported there on sunday where many people feel they are being unfairly targeted and cast on suspicion and shows you local authorities continue to make decisions during the state of emergency to conduct warrantless searches to put people under house arrest and to even impose a curfew. we are also hearing reports of accustoms official who was killed in france in toulon and not clear if it has to do with
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what took place this paris or plots and investigating it to see if it is related to criminal activity. >> adam in paris. much of the focus security wise is to the north in belgium. officials there are saying they are worried about an attack on brussels so the city all but shut down and al jazeera's paul brennan is there. >> reporter: on the face of it major success for the belgium authorities on sunday night total of 22 coordinated raids all within minutes of each other and 16 suspects arrested, a judge will decide whether or not those arrests should turn into longer detention and may well be that some of those 16 end up getting released but nonetheless the police and the authorities after many days of extreme pressure to make some progress do appear at last to have made a breakthrough. one thing to say though is that salah abdeslam the prime target of the authorities has still slipped through the net. he is still on the run at the moment. and that means that the terror
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threat here in brussels, the alert level remains at level four and it's not quite locked down and probably can see with the trams and buses been schools in brussels are shut today and the metro and under ground rail way will remain shut. no way they can lift the threat and level of alert until they get the prime suspect, the police are at last starting to make some progress in that direction. >> that is paul brennan for us in brussels and nato adjusted operations at the headquarters in brussels, some staff members there being asked to work from home and scheduled visits to the headquarters have now been cancelled. new video out of the attack in mali showing security guards storming the radisson blu hotel in the capitol of bamaco and rescued people and 19 civilians killed along with two gunmen and president disputing claims that an al-qaeda group was responsible and said the radical group the liberation front was
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actually behind that as salt and occupied tear for territories and were killed after stabbing attacks and a teen was shot and killed after stabbing a fellow palestinian and the teen apparently mistook the man for an israeli in a separate attack an israeli man was stabbed to death at a gas station and they shot and killed the palestinian who they say was responsible. russian president vladimir putin is in tehran for an oil and gas summit where he met with leader and he will talk with rouhani in the coming hours and as we report from moscow syria is the main topic of discussion. >> reporter: a visit very vladimir putin and three items on the schedule and speaking at the summit meeting with the leader of iran and also meeting with the iranian president
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rohani and in terms of the meeting with ali we have been told by the russian kremlin spokesperson demetri this was a long conversation, went on for about 1.5 hours and longer than they planned for and the two discussed numerous things and trade and bilateral relations and obviously syria. now, in terms of syria we know that these two men broadly agreed on the inadmissibility as they put it of imposing a political settlement on syria from outside. now that is a reference to what the iranians and the russians think the west is trying to do. they both agree that no one can tell the syrians which form of government and which leader they must choose. that's what they agreed on. what this doesn't say of course is what they disagreed on and that is what western governments will be looking for over the coming days and weeks, any sign this cozy relationship between
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moscow and t mosc moscow tyran and friction over the commitment to the face of assad. >> rory in moscow and russia and tie tyron have troops on the ground to change the way they act. >> a big sticking point is assad and president obama has actually said a few days ago that russia cannot continue to be on the fence about this. in other words, if putin and the kremlin want to be cooperative partners with western governments over syria they have to go with assad getting him out of power and somehow persuade the iranians to comply. up until now russia has been pretty adamant that they are not going to concede to western demands that assad step down when they start to formulate
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this new government shortly. and iran is even is also against having assad step down. so i think russia, in fact, is becoming a little more flexible and putin perhaps will try to persuade iranian leaders today that they need to moderate their views about assad but i think he is going to have a hard time. >> meanwhile russian forces have been bombing i.s.i.l. targets in syria and amy knight says that is only the beginning and will increase in the coming weeks. the washington post calling on iran to immediately release the tehran chief, on sunday the judiciary said he had been sent to prison for spying and did not share details and held in custody more than a year and his family and the newspaper saying he is innocent. two u.s. military pilots dead after the helicopter crashed in
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south korea going down in the central part of the country on a training mission there, the cause is not clear. about 28,000 u.s. troops are still stationed in south korea. closer to homes new orleans police asking for help to find the gunman who shot 17 people at a park there last night and shots fired at a playground where a large group of people gathered for a block party. police say two groups started shooting at each other and al jazeera jonathan martin picks up our story from new orleans. >> reporter: the shooting may have been gang related and still today searching for the gunman who opened fire here last night. it happened around 6:00 in this park in new orleans upper ninth ward and officers say 300 people were in the park and gathered really two groups of people some people here for a second line parade after party, the others here for a music video shoot. police say the music video shoot was not permitted and that reason they were on there way to the park to break up the crowd right before the shooting happened. when all was said and done
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officers say that ten people were found on the ground wounded, another seven people showed up to area hospitals, the good news in all of this if there is any of the victims all are said to be in stable condition. now police this morning again are searching for the gunman so far they have not had much luck in getting people to come forward with information, something that the mayor plead for help when he came on the scene last night. >> it's really hard to police against a bunch of guys who decide to pull out guns and settle disputes with 300 people in between them and not something you can tolerate in the city and again at the end of the day it's going to require the people who were in this park to basically say they had enough and not put themselves in harm's way and give us information so the police can do their job. >> reporter: police have not released specific information about those 17 victims we do know one was as young as 14. >> that is jonathan in new orleans and the murder rate has been going down over the last three years and demonstrations on the greek border and hundreds of desperate people are hungry and refusing to heat and the
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multi-billion merger and to pharmaceutical giants have now agreed to work together. ♪
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some dramatic images coming from the greek border with masedonia and demanding safe passage into europe and they are angry over russia's rules filtering out migrants not from syria, iraq or after georgia -- afghanistan a had their lips sewn up and are from iraq, pakistan and bangladesh. the paris attacks and questions of letting refugees in europe and one of the attackers may be
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with syrian refugees and some in germany are rethinking their open-door policy and we are addressing. >> the clearing ground for a new 350 bed refugee camp. this is an old industrial park in dresdan and the city wrecked by allied bombing in world war ii and became part of the communist east in germany and 25 years after reunification the region remains much further than western germany and just over a week since the paris attacks and fresh graffiti suggests they do not want more refugees here and hence frank who is getting paid to build the camp doesn't want them either. >> translator: my dad was a russian prisoner of war but he came back to rebuild dresden and the syrians could be honest
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people and rebuild their own country but there is a lot of syrian criminals, the only thing we can learn tomorrow them is how to blow ourselves to pieces instead of dying slowly on welfare payments he says. >> reporter: the paris terror attacks my be fueling antirefugee sentiment but the city was already home to a radical anti-muslim political movement. >> translator: we should go back and rebuild the berlin wall again then we could all live in peace, i'm a socialist but do support and not a nazi. >> reporter: a few miles away in the suburb of hide 700 refugees from syria, afghanistan and north africa are sheltered in this building supply store. security is tight because the facility is already been targeted by what police describe as neo nazis. the regulations on the door are clear. no wine, no weapons, no weed.
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we join these refugees as they head to play soccer. here there is a bit of racism but in other cities like dortman, berlin or ham berg but here there is racism. in the nearby suburb residents have also protested the conversion of a hotel into a migrant hostile. and visit a local motorcycle club have been vocal opponents. >> translator: i think we have reached the limit and we need to send half of them home but make no mistake, these refugees will not simply want to go home. among them there will be some like in france or like the ones hiding in belgium and one day they will act, he says. >> reporter: in an area wrecked by high unemployment others regard many of the new arrivals as economic migrants and blame
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them for draining the welfare and health system. >> translator: they should get out of germany. they are scoungers, if one of us do something against the state or economy or cheat on taxes we get taken to court but the refugees get a free pass. they are allowed to steal groceries and even get a free bus ticket he says. >> reporter: those disgruntled voices are at odds with the german government's open-door policy but terror attacks combined with the refugee crisis could fuel potential explosive political mix. carl with al jazeera dresdon germany. >> refugee debate playing out on the campaign trail on the u.s. and donald trump dumbingly down on response to paris attacks and calling for the database to track syrian refugees and also says there should be surveyed on the mosque and latest poll keeping trump on top of
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presidential field and politics alberta says his rhetoric won't change as long as he stays on top. >> trump says what he thinks. and he doesn't necessarily apologize for it. so if that is what he believes he is going to say he probably is going to stick to it. >> what does that say about the voters when they are told over and over again the things that are being said are not true and yet he has been leading in the polls as we just pointed out for four months in the row and he is the frontrunner? >> well, i think the american electorate wants someone who is not in the establishment and support for these outside candidates like trump and carson. that being said when a candidate consistently has something that comes out that is inaccurate that could hurt them in the long run. >> ben carson's numbers one of the outsiders say his numbers are dropping, why? >> well, you have cruz and rubio
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giving him a good run for his money and fighting over the same base where donald trump is not fighting over evangelical, going more for the blue color and you have cruz, cubio and carson targeting the evangelical and see the numbers shift over time because they are going after the same people especially here in iowa. >> isn't rubio an insider excuse me? >> you could say he is. i mean he is a sitting senator, much or just like cruz, right? and you have these candidates that you know are part of the establishment but that being said they can position themselves to be an outsider, we have seen that time and time again with, you know, very successful elected officials being able to sell themselves as the under dog and as the outside of d.c. establishment. >> in that abc news poll donald
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trump on top for four straight months and a new fox poll has him leading carson by ten percent points, two of the large drug makers joining together and planning to merge pfizer and allergan but the deal may be more about taxes than finding cures. pfizer and allergan is one of the biggest deals in healthcare history and said to be worth $160 billion. >> we need to say what life are we touching today and making better. >> reporter: the merger aimed at helping u.s. based pfizer save billions in taxes and allergan is headquarters in ireland and subject to the lower tax rate even though most of the operations are in new jersey. >> a company with 60 years of receipts. >> reporter: the maker of botox would technically be the buyer even though pfizer is the bigger company and the transaction would sidestep treasury rules
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known as corporate inversion and allow pfizer to lower the tax from 25% to about 15. >> increase. >> reporter: speaking to the wall street journal recently pfizer ceo said there is no competitive advantage to officially being headquarters in the u.s. >> foreign companies who have tax rates of 15% who can invest 2-3 billion more in research than we can and we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back. >> reporter: pfizer the maker of viagra and lipator has competition with drugs and cutting sales of $28 billion since 2010, al jazeera. a warning today from ford motors thousands of the cars it says could catch fire, company recalling almost a half million ford fusions and mercury milon from 2010 and 2011 with a facility valve that could cause
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the gas tank to rupture and leak and ford says it's not aware of problems or fires related to that problem. the u.n. is calling for urgent action to prevent climate related deaths and 600,000 died in the last 20 years for weather related disasters, another four billion were injured or in need of emergency assistance. the agency is calling for global leaders to reach a climate deal and next week's talks in paris. a battle over water, playing out in southern california and developers there are looking to build a new town east of los angeles but say the area doesn't have the water it needs, al jazeera's jennifer london has our story. >> reporter: sand, shrubs, dry and desolate and some see this stretch of desert in southern california valley as beautiful as it is inhospitable and others see an opportunity to build big on the southwest of national tree and 85 new homes, schools, restaurants and retail.
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>> right now we are are standing on the northern boundary of the proposed paradise valley development which is in essence a new city. >> reporter: it's one of six proposed or approved new developments in one of the fastest growing regions in california, 15 miles from the sight of paradise valley on the outskirts of the city you will find the future development called la-entrada a massive community and really like a city within a city. developers promise 7800 homes, condos, apartments and retail space and churches and even its own fire department. hard to envision now but picture a place like this. palm springs only a few miles up the interstate, once a barren desert too and they are manufactured oasis in one of the driest places in north america.
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>> if you look around there is not any water. >> reporter: how do you strike the balance between needing the growth and needing the new development and this diminishing resource called water? tonight on al jazeera we will take you on a trip to the desert where the frontier spirit continues to drive development even as california struggles through the worst drought on record, jennifer london, al jazeera, california. up next, trying to stop crimes in the cherokee nation the new program that will give marshals vital information to stop crime.
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getting birth control will soon be easier for women in california and oregon and authority to give out contraception without approval or prescription and pharmacists would screen the patients themselves and rules expected to take effect in the next year, the medication would still be covered by insurance. a new pilot program in effect on some indian reservations that gives tribal police access to federal databases that let's them see if someone has been arrested and a criminal background, as al jazeera kristen explains that is a huge change from the past.
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>> when most police departments pull someone over they have got a computer in their squad car to tell if that person is wanted out of state or federal level. indian country that is not the case but here on the cherokee nation that is about to change. it's called the tribal access program and the police department is one of ten in the country giving it a trial run. soon they will have access to the same federal database that any other police department has, saving them minutes or even hours during dangerous situations. just to weeks ago the department swat team raided the home of a white supremacist group using tactics like this. inside they found three more people than they expected but without access to federal data they had no way of knowing whether those people were dangerous or even involved at all. >> are they players or part of this conconspiracy and with the
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tap program waiting with the counter parts they can look in the system and immediately return to us so we can get real time data to that commander to say no they are not involved. >> reporter: it is expected to be rolled out in 90 days and train others to use the system. al jazeera, cherokee nation, oklahoma. before we go in front of a television audience for one little australia singer. ♪ the young lady hiccupping through the national anthem before the baseball game and didn't let it slow him down singing through the end and finishing to an applause to the audience and high 5 from the players for his efforts. thanks for joining us i'm del in new york and live from london next and reminder you can check
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us out 24 hours a day going to our website, al ♪ pays homage to the dead at bataclan nightclub as he has talks to ramp up the war on i.s.i.l. 21 arrested in belgium on the third day of lock down for brussels. ♪ this is al jazeera live from london also coming up, police shoot to palestinian girls who used scizzrs to attack a man who they thought was israeli. tell you about a ceasefire deal between two tribes in libya to w


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