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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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us out 24 hours a day going to our website, al ♪ pays homage to the dead at bataclan nightclub as he has talks to ramp up the war on i.s.i.l. 21 arrested in belgium on the third day of lock down for brussels. ♪ this is al jazeera live from london also coming up, police shoot to palestinian girls who used scizzrs to attack a man who they thought was israeli. tell you about a ceasefire deal between two tribes in libya to allow hundreds of thousands to return home.
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♪ and fresh from celebrating his victory argentina's new president gets down to business starting with action against venezuela. ♪ hello france has launched its first air strike against islamic state of iraq and levante from the aircraft carrier and as francois hollande ramps up powerful western countries to fight i.s.i.l. with this in mind he started the week visiting the bataclan club with david cameron and next travels to washington to meet barack obama on tuesday and wednesday he will meet the german chancellor angela merkel in paris and on to moscow to meet vladimir putin and this is the belgium capitol patrolled on the third day of lock down and schools and metro rail network
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and museums all closed and more on that in a moment but first this report from andrew simmons in paris. >> reporter: in position and operational the aircraft carrier with war planes in action. the first mission over iraq and syria are reported to have begun. the 20 aircraft on board this nuclear powered vessel triples the capacity of france to attack i.s.i.l. targets in both syria and iraq and was with francois hollande meeting u k prime minister david cameron, a visit that started with an solemn moment and two men at the bataclan neater the scene of mass killings at a rock concert where 90 died and paid homage to the dead by lying a single rose and cameron promising more support with parliamentary approval for air strikes against i.s.i.l. and hope there is not a repeat of years ago when he
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failed the vote with assad forces. >> later this week i will set out in parliament our comprehensive strategy for tackling i.s.i.l. i firmly support the action the president francois hollande has taken to strike i.s.i.l. in syria and it is my firm conviction that britain should do so too. >> translator: we are convinced we must continue to strike i.s.i.l. in syria. we will intensify our strikes. we will choose the sites that will cause the most damage to the terrorist army and our aircraft carrier have been mandated to strike and strike hard against i.s.i.l. >> reporter: france is not just looking for military support and wants agreements to improve european intelligence cooperation and more border checks within the eu and francois hollande finds popularity rising with trauma with 135 lives lost in paris attacks and one poll says 90% support his actions so far and
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the meeting with the gesture laying single roses here amongst the rest of the flowers here at the bataclan mark the start of a really difficult week for the french president. in fact, it could be the hardest in his entire presidency, he has to get more support for what he calls the war against i.s.i.l. but france can't go it alone. on tuesday francois hollande will leave paris for washington and after more military commitment in syria from barack obama. the u.s. president and his russian counterpart vladimir putin appeared to have broken some of the ice between them at the g 20 meeting in turkey earlier this month. will be efforts for a grand military coalition to include russia and francois hollande plans to head to moscow later in the week in an effort to secure a deal with putin. not everyone back home though is confident about the end game. >> more bombs conflict in the
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middle east, our military chief of staff says we won't win on the short term militarily against i.s.i.l. it's about a political and diplomatic solutions. >> reporter: francois hollande also plans to meet germany chancellor merkel and talk about putin being on board but the russian president heavily committed to supporting the president bashar al-assad with his own air strikes is going to want concessions and likely to want the lifting of sanctions for his action in crimea and eastern ukraine and that may be too high a price to pay. andrew simmons, al jazeera, paris. russia's military says it hit 472 targets in syria over the weekend. describing the area as hit as terrorist objects. state media and monitoring group say the strikes are helping syrian government troops recapture areas in the central providence of homs and the campaign started to months ago and tanks with crude ail to
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factories controlled by i.s.i.l. were among the targets. concerns about russia's use of cruise missiles from the caspien forced them to close the air is space to civilian flights and will remain shut until wednesday morning and missiles for targets in syria traveled 1500 kilometers over iraq and iran. russian president has been discussing the syrian conflict with iran leader and president and vladimir putin is in the iran capitol for an oil and gas summit and the war in syria is dominating talks and kremlin spokesman says putin and iran say it should not impose political will and iran and russia support the bashar al-assad regime. thousands of police and soldiers patrolling the streets as it enters the third day and schools and metro rail and shops and cinemas are closed on the hunt
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for the belgium national salah abdeslam who is expected in the attacks. >> reporter: level four emergency status has seen the brussels under ground system closed for a third day and schools shut across brussels and staff try to direct people to alternative routes and the transportation system is running but the count down has been enormous. >> they are driving normally but i just asked and currently they drive normally but a lot of drivers didn't come to workout of just because they are scared. >> i go to work in hospital but the metro no metro so i take tram and tram and tram to get here to go to hospital for work.
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>> reporter: lock down around belgium on sunday night part of a series of coordinated raids related to paris attacks, armed police and mass security forces block the streets, search and arrest operations mounted at locations across brussels and also some 25 kilometers away. after a week of apparently little progress on the manhunt police pounced. it was past midnight when belgium prosecutors gave the details. >> federal prosecution office and the brussels investigation specialize in terrorist cases ordered a total of 19 house searches in the brussels region and until now no firearms or explosives were found. salah abdeslam is not among the persons arrested during the searches. >> reporter: police believe when he escaped after the paris attacks 26-year-old salah abdeslam may have still been wearing an explosive vest. while he remains on the run the
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maximum alert level will continue. at the european union offices nonessential meetings have been cancelled and u.s. embassys closed the services and one belgium bank told employees to work from home and they will meet later on monday but the city can only watch and wait, paul brennan, al jazeera, brussels. ♪ israeli forces shot dead a 16-year-old palestinian girl and wounded a 14-year-old after they at tament tempted to stab a man at a market in central jerusalem and attacked the 70-year-old palestinian after mistaken believing he was an israeli jew, separate attack a palestinian man shot dead by israeli security forces on gas station on road 443 in the occupied west bank anding said and said to stab an israeli man who died
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immediately and it's used by israelis and palestinians and close to the boundary between israel and the occupied west bank. >> translator: we go home and we try to be as strong as we can get and try to move on to keep going and keep as normal as possible and it's hard. it's hard to know that it is just that you might die this day. >> reporter: argentina president elect promised to fix the economy and make key changes to the foreign policy and won the poll and meeting the successor of kristina kirchner and at a news conference he said he would revitalize the economy with free market reforms and improve relations with the united states. >> translator: i'm going to put together the economic team as soon as possible. i'm not going to appoint an economy minister, there will be a minister of finance and there
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will be six members that will makeup an economy cabinet, that way they can immediately determine what the real economic situation is. >> reporter: let's go live to buenos aires and al jazeera and theresa one big area of foreign policy he is tackling straight away is venezuela and talk us through what that means. >> reporter: well, on monday's press conference repeated one of what had been his campaign promise and that is to basically push so that venezuela is expelled from the south american trade block. he is coming to power on december 10th and that is probably going to be one of the first policies he will take in his agenda on sunday night we were able to see the wife of the office who is currently in prison accused of treason in the country and has spoken to her and has afforded her cause so that is one of the key issues we have been seeing. i spoke to some venezuela
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diplomates referring to the declaration and his word as a declaration of war. obviously this is very farfetched and it's just recorded but it shows about the tension we might see in the region if he moves further of what is being contained. >> what about what is in store for him at home? >> well, we will have to see what happens next, although he knows his priority is argentina's economy, inflation, poverty rates, trying to find out which are the real figures of argentina's economy and opposition candidates he was criticized with the government of kristina kirchner of manipulating national statistics of lying he said about inflation rates, poverty rates among other issues. today on his press conference he said that he was trying to find out which were the real triggers of argentina's economy and this is just one of the tensions he is going to have to face and the
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results on sunday's vote was very, very tight. and he is going to face opposition in congress the street of argentina is polarized right now and what we see also is he might get some leverage because he also warned in the largest province of argentina the buenos aires providence and also controls the city of buenos aires so that might give him a chance on the serious opposition he is going to face here in the country. >> reporting live from buenos aires, thank you. ahead on al jazeera, hopes fade as rescue workers search for 100 people still missing after a deadly landslide in myanmar. jessica baldwin in london and a new exhibit looking at the history and the legacy of art and empire. ♪
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♪ hello and reminder of the top stories on al jazeera french president francois hollande looking for western countrys to defeat i.s.i.l. after paris attacks with the first air strikes of i.s.i.l. against the aircraft carrier. and five detained in the latest raids in belgium and taking those in custody since the weekend to 21. one teenage palestinian girl has been shot dead and another wounded after they tried to stab a 70-year-old man they mistook for an israeli. a ceasefire agreement has been signed in qatar ending 14 months of fighting in southern libya and the agreement between the
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tribes also calls for the return of hundreds of thousands of displaced people and our correspondent was at the signing ceremony in doha. >> reporter: to stop fighting and hopefully turn a new leaf in southern libya and are part of the tribes in the city of abadi. the powerful tribes have been fighting each other since september last year. the deal calls for an immediate ceasefire ending the armed presence, returning the displaced and opening the main road leading to abadi. >> translator: this means the start of the construction and development period and reconciliation. after 14 months of war i think all of us are convinced that no one has any interest in war. the implementation is important and we hope neighboring countries will help us because the stark can reach all countries including europe. >> reporter: many here are hailing this deal as a success but there are fears of renewed fighting.
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negotiations were secretly taking place here in doha since april and they were tough and detailed, now the question is if this ceasefire deal will end the clashes between the two tribes which lasted for over a year. some tribal leaders blame foreigners for the crisis and urge unity. >> translator: the tab boo live side by side in the desert for many years but after the war there was external interference and fingers instigating the war and fingers of regional powers and competing political orientation and ideologies and not a tribal conflict. >> reporter: hopes the signing of the deal will stabilize the rest of libya >> we have seen that importance of the stability of this as the cornerstone for the stability of the entire media because you know how spread is the office space there and how easy it's going to be to incubate for
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different extremist groups and different armed groups. >> fighting in libya increased since moammar gaddafi was toppled and they have a social mix and it's home to african, arab and other tribes and some of them extend into neighboring countries. libya has many problems, since last year there has been bloody power struggle between parliaments and governments and one is in the capitol tripoli and the other tobrook and trying to broker a national unity deal and the deal in doha could be a step towards that goal, al jazeera, doha. the parliamentary election in egypt has seen another low turn out and cairo and 14 other
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provinces voting in the second stage of ballots to replace the parliament which was dissolved by a court ruling in 2012. government workers given a half day off work to encourage them to vote but many polling stations are virtually deserted. battling for control of yemen's third largest city of thai and it's strategically important on a main road linking sanaa under houthi control to aiden where the government is based. saudi led air campaign began in march in support of the government, since then the u.n. says 5700 people have been killed and more than 2.3 million displaced and gerald tan has more. >> the push for thai, it has been a week since pro-government fighters launched their offensive for yemen's third largest city, supported by the saudi-led coalition in the air and on the ground, trying to recapture control but groups of fighters loyal to the former
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president saleh and houthis are digging their heels in. >> translator: he is the houthis and planted mines and casualty with soldiers. >> translator: we say to the houthis you will leave the place and we will strike you hard and evict you from the city of thai and fully prepared to evict you forcefully or voluntarily this week. >> reporter: the lines of control are fluid, bombed outbuildings separate the warring factions, in the midst of the destruction a yemen striving to get on with life. >> translator: i've suffered a lot just to get this with all the shelling going on. >> reporter: the fight is also on for them and prime minister is visiting the city. he is meeting troup commanders trying to get the rest of the province which is the main source of yemen oil output and
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to end the war are sluggish and over the weekend a delegation of houthis, traveled to amman for consultations ahead of u.n. peace talks in geneva later this month. >> translator: the dialog must be serious and laid to the end of the attacks on our country and the lifting of the siege and the continuation of the peace process. >> reporter: the houthis are angry at the return of the internationally backed president abd rabbuh mansur hadi. he returned from self exile in saudi arabia to the port city of aiden aimed to over see the campaign for thai. his very presence complicating talks for a ceasefire. gerald tan, al jazeera. mali president says the wrong armed group being blamed for friday's attack and has told al jazeera he believes the liberation front are behind the attack and not the ones who claimed responsibilitresponsibi killed on radisson blu and
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killed to attackers but still searching for three more suspects. >> translator: initially it was said that was a work of one but tonight all indications are it's an masina liberation front who are behind this and acting as if it were a country or territory that needed to be liberated, at this precise moment i have no more details. >> at least 113 people known to have died in northern myanmar after a landslide buried a camp by a mine and searching for estimated 100 people who are missing and disaster happened after a mountain of waste collapsed during a jade mine in the state and many victims are people who picked through the waste in hope of finding a piece of the valuable stone. police trying to workout what sparked a gun battle in new orleans park that injured 16 and hundreds were gathered for a
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block party and music shoot when to groups in the crowd opened fire at each other. people in crimea spending another day without electricity after power lines were sabotaged on friday and hospitals are using backup generators the shops and banks are closed. over the weekend pro-ukrainian activists scuffled from repairing pylons that delivered electricity to crimea and a state of emergency declared in the region. >> translator: of course it's not convenient, we have to light candles but for now we thought of pa way around it and currently have power for three hours and lose it for following six and check what district has power at a given time and visit friends there. >> reporter: a month since a mother and son said good-bye for a final time to the north korean husband and father and separated since 1950s when the two went to war and unions were a rare and
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brief symbol of relations between the governments and harry faucet went to meet them. >> reporter: the story that dominated coverage of last month's reunions between families separated by the korean war and last seen each other 65 years ago when she was pregnant and he was tricked into going north. their son an old man now himself was meeting a father he long assumed dead. a month on the emotional power of the moments is not far away. >> translator: as old as he is my son had not been able to utter the word father even once in his life. he was able to see his father's face and call him father. that was the happiest thing. >> translator: our characters are the same judging from what i felt when i met him and joking and energetic and deep down there is something shared between father and son. >> reporter: they had been married for 7 months when they parted and remembered a somewhat
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hesitant young man. >> translator: at that time he was a new bridegroom and his moves he got better. >> reporter: she says his remarriage in the north prompted no jealousy. >> translator: there is no such feeling. he was forced to go. no need to blame. i think it is only natural. >> reporter: the joy of these reunions are tempered by the brevity and 230 south koreans who responded to a red cross follow-up half of them had difficulties returning to normal life ranging from insomnia and wished the reunion never happened in the first place. returning to normal life after such emotional turbulence is hard and restaurant with the wife and acknowledging he has a father but is unable to contact him. >> translator: when we had to part i wrote a letter, i put in
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the hands of my father through the window of the bus, whoever reads it will burst into tears because i wrote the words miss in every line. >> reporter: nonetheless he says the reunion was a miracle that made him whole and hoping for another with yearly meetings and his mother feels no sadness simply happy to know her husband is alive, south korean bureaucracy will not allow her to rescind his death certificate but no longer has to mourn him that she has every year since he vanished, harry in seoul. the largest the world has ever seen extending the quarter of the world population and covering a fifth of the world's surface and celebrating the former glorys and jessica baldwin went to have a look. queen victoria giving a bible to an unnamed african prince called the secret of england's greatness. >> the crucial thing is this is what empire looks like through
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british eyes, beautiful and quite sophisticated with all these jewels on but in a position where he is boeing. this is how britain likes to think of its subjects. >> reporter: many would argue not much has changed. >> superiority that takes place and britain naturally has a place in the world. >> reporter: the empire was the largest in history and comes in parts of asia, north america, and the show reflects the reach from canada to afghanistan and the continuing controversy of empire. as a benign force for development or a brutal conqueror. each photograph or painting adds to the ongoing story. a trophy for king george the third and this is shown in windsor park with a stag and the war of the 19th century ending the zulo nation independence but that battle has been redefined,
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scottish artist andrew gilbert turned it on its head and rewritten histories so the nulo triumphed and set up soldiers as primitive idols and the artists are reinterpreting images of empire heros like edward now known to be a hugely successful slave trader. much of the show is devoted to the new more informed insight on empire. >> such a complex messy subject that has so many different takes that damned if you do and don't and put the bloody show on anyway. >> reporter: brave to tackle the topic and just the word empire is provocative and loaded but looking at it through artists the subject is less controversial and encourages visitors to reconsider what the concept means to them. jessica baldwin, al jazeera, london. and quick reminder you can
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catch up any time on our website, the address of that is al and also you can watch us by clicking on the watch now icon at the top of the screen there the address is al and updated 24 hours a day and check it out whenever you need to catch up. >> united this is fight against i.s.i.l. a key ally says it wants to launch air strikes snide syria ten days after the attacks in paris. on edge, in belgium. brussels on high alert for the third straight day. worried about a paris size attack. and two megapharmaceutical companies are becoming


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