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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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is sorta baffling to me. so that's success. ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the al jazeera news hour with me peter in doha, top stories, a russian military jet near its border with syria says the aircraft violated its air space and it can prove the jet was not violating air space and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry flies to jerusalem to stop the cycle between israelis and
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palestinians and two men go on trial in thailand accused of carrying out the bank co -- bangkok shrine bombing. ♪ welcome to the program, kicking off this news hour with breaking news for you from the syrian-turkey border and are combing the area after anka rshg a downed a fighter jet and happened in the skies in the province of haiti in turkey by latakia across the border in syria and they say the plane was repeatedly warned ten times before they took action and denies they violated turkish air space at all, monitoring developments out of a turkish city near the syrian border and
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rory challenge is standing by for us in moscow and niev is in brussels and just take us through what happened. >> reporter: peter, at about 9:20 local time here turkish officials say that a russian jet violated the air space and ten warnings within five minutes to the pilot and when the warnings were ignored their airforce shot down the fighter jet in the area which is on in latakia on the border in turkey. now activists on the ground say the pilot ejected from the plane and as we speak russian helicopters are hovering over the area in a search and rescue operation, that particular area was the scene of some intense
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fighting over the last few days before the syrian opposition and the government backed by syrian fighter jets. we know that some of those areas are under the control of factions affiliated with the turkmen minority which lives in that particular border area and know from our sources that some of the factions are now deployed trying to look for the two pilo pilots. >> scene intensified in that region over the past few days or so. >> reporter: it's true. there has been some intensified fighting. the syrian government has been on the offensive to recapture some very strategic areas taken over by the rebels in the past if taken by the government that would give them more leverage in terms of shelling rebel positions around latakia. now the turkish government was
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very concerned when the fighting escalated over the last few days summoning the russian ambassador in ankara saying if the russian continue to use fighter jets to pound villages that would be to serious problems in the near future and this could be a sign of what could be strained ties, further escalation in the region as the fighting continues. peter, as we speak there has also been some significant development on the ground. the syrian rebels have united in different parts of latakia and launched an earlier offensive in the early morning and say they recaptured some of the areas they lost in the last few days in the southern parts and in latakia and could explain why we are seeing further ex escalation on the ground and the presence of fighter jets. >> does that mean this russian fighter jet was in that area
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because russian intelligence via the kremlin told them what was going on on the ground? >> well, very difficult to establish exactly whether it was operating at that very particular time and attached with syrian activists military commanders from the free syrian army and basically they have been saying that the russians have stepped up their push against the rebels and that, in fact, what they are trying is basically to target rebel positions to pave the way for all the syrian government to move forward. this is something that has been many sources say that the government has taken advantage of the intensified air strikes and retaken some of the area that it lost in the past scholarly around aleppo and idlib and latakia. >> thank you very much so what do we know about this down
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airplane? it is reported to be one of these, it's a russian made us 24 a super sonic all weather attack aircraft and introduced in service in 1967 and have flown in conflict since then and reported to have 12, su 24 flying from the base in latakia in syria and we are joined by rory in moscow so what are the russians saying about this? >> reporter: well the russian confirmation that it lost one of the jets in syria came through an hour ago and ministry of defense saying one of the us 24s has gone down and flying at 6,000 meters and absolutely not they stressed crossing into turkish air space and had flown only in syrian air space and they said this could be proven
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through objective means. what they also said was that the pilots they believe that parachuted out safely but what happened to them since then is unknown and were trying to find out. since then we have heard very little from russian officials but you can bet yourself assure behind the scene there is a huge amount of activity going on and first of all they are going to be looking for those pilots and from what we have been able to gather from watching russian television the main thrust of the media coverage of this in russia at the moment is the faith of the pilots, how safe are they, what the general expectation is if they have been captured by either kurds or assad forces they are probably okay and anyone else this was a suggestion on russian t.v. any one else who has taken the pilots then they might be in trouble. beyond that there is also going to be a diplomatic choice to be
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made, how does russia handle this very volitile situation and try and play this down and make things right or if they are going to maintain the line that this plane absolutely did not cross into turkish air space then is it something they are going to get publically angry about and we don't know the answers but they are decided made behind closed doors. >> several warnings were radioed to the russian aircraft but are we convinced that the pilot or pilots were actually listening to that frequency at the time? >> we don't really know about this because we don't know exactly how the russian military operates and don't know the exact rules of engagement but it has been talked about, that russian pilots quite often are operating in syria with their
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trans ponders off and do not look at hailing and we don't know but that is possibly one of the reasons why the turkish really did warn this plane ten times as they say that it didn't take any kind of action but we don't know the answer at the moment. that is nothing that the russians really sort of make public. >> if in the coming hours they say this is an act of self-defense how will that be received at the kremlin? >> well, it depends on whether the kremlin is going to maintain this line that it has not gone, this plane has not crossed into syrian air space because that is what this whole thing hinges on and if it was in the space the turks had every right to shoot it down and if it wasn't in turkish air space it was an aggressive act by the turkish military so that is going to be
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the crucial points on which the reactions of both governments here go forward on because what we are likely to see i think over the coming hours is both of these governments sticking to their guns, both saying yes he did and both other ones saying no i didn't and it will turn into one of those diplomatic spats like that and interestingly sergei fedorov is due to be in turkey tomorrow. now he was going there primarily to talk about gas pipelines and energy and of course he would also be talking about syria as well, i think you can bet that given what has just happened there is going to be a dramatically changed schedule in those conversations and what has happened right now, the fate of this plane and the pilot will be on the top of that agenda. >> work one particular aspect of the story for us, rory, the russians have been quoted on one
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source i noticed in the past hour saying the aircraft was not brought down by turkey but brought down by forces on the ground and if it wasn't brought down by forces on the ground why would moscow say that it was brought down by forces on the ground? >> well, i think moscow at the moment doesn't know. it was very cautious in its statements saying it assumes the plane has been brought down from the ground. the turkish are saying the plane was shot down by two of its own air 16s. basically this is a difficult situation for both russia and turkey to handle diplomatically. russia knows and if it's going into a complicated volitile conflict there is a risk that at some point something like this might happen and may lose one or
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two of its planes that is basically the kind of operating procedures you go on when you start bombing in another country. the difficulty here is that if turkey shot this plane down in any way whether it's from the ground or from the sky, it's a massive diplomatic issue because turkey is a nato member and turkey is also a country that ostensibly has pretty good relations with russia until russian planes started going in the air space a month ago and soured relations between the two dramatically but if this plane had been shot down by rebels on the ground that is a much more simple situation for russia to handle because this is you know it's a complex situation and i was saying in the conflict situations like this it is expected that at some point in that war you might lose your assets. it becomes much more diplomatically difficult if it's one of your friends that shoots
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that plane down. >> thank you. lee barker is in brussels for us this news hour and of course brussels being home to nato headquarters and what are nato officials saying about all this? >> well, nato at the moment are not saying much and saying they are aware of the situation and now are analyzing all the information that is coming in to them and i think it's also important to remember that brussels is on heightened state of emergency and staff are not in nato headquarters and warned to stay at home and potentially work from home where possible and may be a bit of delay when it comes from hearing from nato but we know in the past when there have been accusations of similar incusions in the air space the response from nato has been very, very strong and of course a guiding, founding principle of nato on assault of one of its 28 member states should be seen as an assault on all, incusion into turkish air
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space will therefore be seen possibly if it's proven as an incusion into nato air space and as we heard from rory there is already a dispute between russia and turkey as to where exactly the jet was flying at the time. was it over syrian air space or did it incur into turkish air space and the russians say it never actually crossed the border into turkey so it's vital at this stage for nato to take a closer look at all the data available to it before it issues any kind of strong statement. and as i mentioned there there is a back story, there is a history of apparently incusions by russian jets into turkish air space, in the beginning of october turkey reported it had to scramble some of the f 16 jets because of two incusions and quick succession for a
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matter of several minutes which in aviation terms is pretty much a lifetime said nato chiefs at the time and russia said it was an accident, the nato chief said he didn't feel it was an accident and then shortly after that another incusion into turkish air space according to the turkish military, they say that a russian jet actually locked on to a squadron of turkish f 16s who were controlling the border and according to turkey there is a history and nato issued strong response in the past and at the moment we are behind the scenes and they are watching and waiting before they issue their key response. >> nato member downing a russian plane that is highly significant because we have francois hollande in washington and goes to moscow tomorrow so when it comes to getting that coherent
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i.s.i.l. strategy in place and in play in event today takes their eye off the ball and focuses on reality and arguably perhaps as situation like this was always going to happen when you get this layer cake build up of different people putting different assets into a conflict area. >> yes, that is absolutely right and that has always been one of the biggest fears of the nato lines since russia announced a few months ago it was getting involved in hitting of what it called strategic targets within syria and the concern from nato all along is that russian targets would also include groups organizations, that are actually supported by the united states and by the u.s. alliance so already there was a tense dynamic between all the different armed groups, all the different nations that were involved in fighting in the
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region. we know from an important crisis meeting that was held by nato chiefs a couple months ago when nato began its bombardment of syria that the back diplomatic channels have been opened between nato states and russia precisely to avoid this kind of incident and we know that safeguards apparently have been put in place and that certain countries indeed france and russia should regard each other as allies in dealing with this situation in syria but as more information emerges as to this particular incident of course key questions are going to be asked as to what extent this has been a failure and important communications of channels of all vital players taking part in the conflict in that part of the world. >> thank you very much and let's go back to our correspondent and you have the latest for us, what has been going on?
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>> reporter: basically we are activists on the ground are saying that one of the pilots that ejected from the plane was killed. al jazeera cannot confirm this information from the time being but we are getting this from different sources operating on the ground and they say some of the factions operating here on the border with atakia managed to get to the site where the two pilots were ejected and one of them was killed. >> what of the other pilot? >> they are still searching for the second one but at the same time there is also russian helicopters spotted hovering over the area which obviously could be a sign of the search and rescue operations.
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some of those are delicate task mission for the russians because it's a mountain area with some of the places and spots and the control of the syrian rebels, some of the factions are affiliated with the turkmen minority which live in that particular area so it's going to take some time to establish more about exactly what happened. >> imagine for us you're a pilot, you eject an aircraft, you survive your parachute drop and how dangerous of an area is it to be in when you know helicopters are trying to find you and take you back to safety? >> you see for the helicopters to be able to rescue the two pilots they will need to fly at low altitude and have forces on
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the ground when they spot the pilot and will be an extremely dangerous operation because you have different free syrian army factions and different rebel groups operating in the mountains of latakia, some of them have some advanced weapons that can easily bring down some of those helicopters if they fly at a very low altitude and they are also in control of areas. they establish with different factions and can easily regroup and also launch a operatin oper seize the two pilots because this is going to be a propaganda victory for them to show throughout social media and pictures of the two russian pilots saying this is it, we have got them and to put more pressure on the russians to put an end to their military intervention in syria so as i said it's going to be an extremely delicate task mission
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for the russian helicopters to try to rescue the two pilots who have ejected in that particular area. it's a mountainous area and fighting over the last few days and the reason why the syrian army stepped up the army backed by fighter jets to control the mountains in latakia on the border and turkey and the reason why they desperately wanted to take over those areas is basically it would give the syrian army more leverage to pound and shell rebel positions and we have different factions and very well trained and who have been expanding the control of idlib to try to consolidate
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their grip of areas in latakia. why latakia? for simply one reason, they know the eastern part of the country is a bashar el assad stronghold and wanted to pound the stronghold to bashar al-assad and send a message they have the military capabilities to move forward and hit swiftly of what it is supposed to be the assad stronghold. >> the rebel groups on the ground how many are there and what do they want? >> peter, we have different factions with different affiliations and sometimes with different agendas but sometimes they unite when they are faced with major threats just to give you an idea, we had two main blocks operating particularly in the northern part of the country in idlib and in aleppo, free
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syrian army and conservative factions particularly affiliated with al-qaeda. the moment they sense there is a massive military operation in the offering by the syrian government they unite and form what they call an operations military rule where you have top military commanders, intelligence leaders from all the factions unite, launch the fight, gain territory but by the end of the day they each pass its own way. efforts by different donors to try to and by the free syrian army and the syrian coalition to unite the free the armed groups failed so in aleppo for example you have different factions with different loyalties. in idlib different factions with differ loyalties and the same thing for latakia where the plane was shot down which means
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that it's going to be extremely delicate for the russian army and for the syrian army to try to move forward for those areas and secure them to be able to do this to the pilots because definitely it is under massive fire power by the opposition in that particular area. the free syrian army and the syrian main factions, particularly the al-nusra front have huge leverage in the northern part of syria. i'm talking about the area that stretches from aleppo eastward toward idlib and also towards latakia. >> i know you will carry on monitoring the latest for us and come back when you have the latest developments and let's put this in some broader complex in the al jazeera news hour and we will talk to assist and professor of international relations at the university in
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istanbul and when you heard the news that it looks like turkey has downed a russian fighter jet what went through your mind at that point? >> actually there have been several incidents like this since 2013. basically about the same area a turkish jet was down a couple years ago. basically in the last several weeks and a couple of months there were several russian testing of turkish air space as well. so right now at the very latest they responded to turkey as a flight map of what the jets pass through.
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i'm now looking at those maps and it's actually a very small area and basically turkey was growing angry every single day as russia started testing the air spaces so it was i think not expected specifically but i guess to understand how and why it happened so at this point the biggest question is what will russia do and respond and i think we should all wait for putin's announcement of what may happen. i don't think it will be something related to supply, i think russia would rather use especially the kurdish proxy with retaliating. >> what is it about the russians or russian military that make them want to push the envelope when it comes to this kind of thing apparently on a pretty regular basis? >> russia has been testing nato
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air space, several country's air spaces for the last year especially after the ukraine mi military basically calculated the country's area response times and basically how fast they are able to scramble their jets when their air space is violated. it's one part psychological operation and testing the spaces and, two, they are coming up, with detail and if there is a war and how long it's going to take every country to respond basically so turkey is not the only one that russia is doing but basically in terms of the specific area they did this it's very close to the russian air base and latakia in syria which is about north of the navel base
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so when you will get russia area bombardment and in syria they are not particularly targeting i.s.i.s. but they are targeting other sunni rebel groups that are closer to latakia and practice at the same time so what is particular about this is that it's really close to the russian air space in syria >> thank you. back now to moscow and correspondent rory challenge and we have more news coming to us from the kremlin. >> yes, that is right, the kremlin is saying nothing for the moment but there were statements made by the spokesperson for the kremlin. >> rory i'm going to interrupt you my friend because we have a problem with the audio lines with our bureau in moscow and get that sorted and come back to you as quickly as we can, senior political analyst is with us in
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the studio. this is highly significant, nato country probably now looking like it has downed a russian aircraft and where do we place it in the scheme of very difficult things to deal with and francois hollande is in washington and going to moscow and trying to swin this thing at the moment. >> this is in syria and among the various players some of them are as sending global and original powers and some are declining super powers so syria and the whole question of i.s.i.l. has become a playground for those who want to flex their muscles or mark their territory or influence or those who want to score points at least so this certainly adds to the conflict and as we heard from some of your guests earlier it has been going on for a while and on
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october 6th five or six weeks ago or maybe more seven weeks ago nato alliance condemned russians for violating turkish air space and has been going on a while but certain violation of turkish air space trying to bomb i.s.i.l. the enemy of nato should not be a big deal. i'm sure the turks would welcome united states to violate its air space at any time but there is something different about the russian-turkish issue here and only what was it five years ago in 2010 turkey has lifted russia out of its national security doctrine and no longer a threat to turkey but russian interferes in syria the way it did without starting any conversation with the turks without basically coordinating it with any one and has ticked off the turks in a big way. the turks felt that russia is basically interfering in their own zone of influence without
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any coordination. >> what is the feeling in turkey or in the arab world because there was a point six or eight weeks ago when it was like mr. putin looked at ukraine and crimea and said i'm done with that, i'm going to get involved in what is going on in syria so describe the reaction for us through that particular prism. >> through that perspective historians or students of history will tell you or those with deep memories will tell you that there is a history of 12 wars between the turks/ottoman empire and russian empire from 1560 through 1920 something so 12 wars, this is not a joke. these powers have long memories because they have been super
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powers for hundreds of years, for centuries and they have memories and have a lot of insecuritys and now you next mentioned crimea and syria in the same sentence and this is exactly what the russians and the turks were fighting about for centuries so in so many ways this is a part of history and not much new but there is something surprising about what is going on, meaning we have seen it happening over centuries, that kind of a super power rivalries if you will with the brits and the french playing roles and so forth, 12 wars and now seeing it back in a whole different way in total different regimes and there is not that russian empire and is not the soviet union and putanism with two people vying for power and influence and meeting somewhere in the middle and in the middle not just syria and extends between turkey and russia. >> mr. putin has been clever at
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kind of doing things that speak to a russian/nationalist agenda and establishing a connection that if you are a russian in russia you get it but if you are not you perhaps don't. >> well, you know, populism is not new for those who want power so if it's the assad of the world or putin and some would argue others of the world that some of the moves by erdogan in the past few years were meant for election and some were for power and leaders who are ambitious and want certain status for the countries to take the populus course and putin is the master of that game and seeing putin or basically erdogan and putin restarting the conversation or basically starting the conversation which they didn't have over who has what influence over the future
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of syria. >> for the moment thank you very much and let's take you back to moscow and our correspondent rory so get us right up to speed here. >> yeah, the latest lines from the kremlin coming from demitris and was unsure about what happened and the investigation needs to properly take place. he did say maintaining the line that came out of the defense ministry earlier that this plane had absolutely not gone into turkish air space. whether this would impact on russian-turkish relations demetri said it was too soon to say and waiting to establish all the facts before they could talk about that sort of thing. vladimir putin is likely to address this breaking news at some point today, probably he is
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meeting the jordanism king sorry in sochi and likely some statement about this that comes out of that meeting or at least after it. now in terms of whether sergei fedorov is still going to be going to turkey tomorrow that was the plan, on wednesday he is supposed to be going there to talk about gas and what is going on in syria. the kremlin spokesperson referred any questions about that to the foreign ministry. now, i have been seeing some suggestions that meeting has been cancelled, that is something we will have to verify to say for sure but at the moment it is certainly a degree of doubt about whether that meeting is going to be taking between place the sergei fedorov and the minister. >> a good communication between russian military and involved in the skies over syria and indeed over turkey, do the events of the past two hours or so does that mean they will modify or
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moderate what they are doing in the next 12 hours say to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again? >> well, this is as you say something the has potentially been a risk for as long as new risk different airforces have been operating in the skies over syria. it is crowded air space with lots of different planes from lots of different countries hitting lots of different targets on the ground with competing objectives, a very, very difficult war space to navigate. so there have been various efforts on the half of the different powers involved in syria to try and make sure that there isn't some sort of significant incident, the kind of incident we are looking at the moment. so following the various violations of turkish air space by the russians a month ago
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which the russians did admit or at least admitted to one incident the turkish and the russians got together to make sure that didn't happen again. also the russians and the u.s. led coalition have been engaged in the process of what they were calling decon fliction to avoid different planes and forces coming to blows over syria and there is a certain amount of information sharing that has been going on between all the different players involved in syria at the moment engaged in different bombing campaigns and clearly there is something that has gone wrong and this has led to the incident we are looking at the moment. >> rory thank you very much, if you are just joining us here on the al jazeera news hour to sum up for you what we any has been going on between the border and syria, turkey military downed a russian fighter jet a 24 and
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there were two pilots on board and both ejected safely, one of them did not survive the decent down to the ground. the other one is someplace we think alive. there are russian helicopters circling in that area flying quite low in that area trying to locate that pilot. the russians at one point in the past, what, hour or so now were saying it was down because of actions taken by rebels on the ground, on the syrian side of the border, the turkish say that is not the case and say they warned the aircraft ten times. moscow the kremlin and the russian military all saying the same thing. they are saying we were not in effect in violation of turkish air space. the turks however are saying yes you were and saying we warned you on ten different occasions that this would happen. you can get more on that story of course as it continues to develop here on this channel or
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the website al ♪ you are watching the news hour from al jazeera, i'm peter and good to have you with us, moving on the u.s. secretary of state john kerry met benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem and mr. kerry is in the region to help end the resent wave of violence in israel and palestinian territories, since the beginning of last month 94 palestinians and 16 israelis killed, in the most resent attack a palestinian rammed a car into soldiers and mr. kerry says israel has a right to protect itself. >> the terrorism, these acts of terrorism which have been taking place deserve the condemnation they are resooer -- receiving and i have condom nation for any act of terror that takes
5:40 am
innocent lives and disrupts the day-to-day life of a nation. israel has every right in the world to defend itself, it has an obligation to defend itself and it will and it is. >> reporter: we have a palestinian american political analyst and joins us from the occupied west bank and we heard there from john kerry, what do the palestinians want to hear from him? >> well, i think secretary of state kerry knows very well why the region has become in a spiral of violence. he himself said at the end of 2013 that the two-state solution has one to two years left and then he embarked on nine months of trying to get the two sides to come to the table to resolve
5:41 am
the conflict and couldn't get the israeli side to stop for one day and now we entered year three long after his projection of two years and it's very clear what the palestinians are asking for now is a political horizon. we are a people under 48 years of occupation, secretary of state tekerry talks about disrupting day-to-day life and day-to-day life has been disrupted 48 years from this military occupation and it's time for the united states and the obama administration to recognize the state of palestine and make it very clear that the end game will be two states because we hear from israel one day they will never be two states and one day on the white house lawn there will be two states and we are beyond lip service and time to walk the walk and obama of all administrations in the u.s. know very well because they have seen this continue to grow and
5:42 am
palestinian community continue to lose hope, the time has come to recognize palestine and stop arming and politically continuing this with the military operation. >> if you want a journey to begin to quote your phrase to a political horizon could the first stop on that journey be a demonstrated desire on the part of the palestinians to take the heat out of the current situation? we have seen this wave of violence over the past few months or so. >> well, there is two dynamics that are happening at the same time and i think we need to understand both of them, there are the violent acts that are happening in jerusalem and some israeli cities, that is a very minor incident and it limited to a few people and no one can accept a child stabbing a citizen of israel or any other country but that is the limited dynamic and the more larger dynamic is they are held hostage
5:43 am
by the israeli population and lost hope and i think it's very clear now after 48 years of in the u.s. holds the key to ending this occupation and doesn't make sense for the secretary of state to make yet another trip to israel to pay condolence as they continue to fund israel to the tune of $3.2 billion a year and cover for it politically. the u.s. does have the key to move this process forward. it starts with a political move to recognize the palestinian state. without that political horizon starting i don't see how we can reach another level of negotiations that would be serious. we have been negotiating with syria for 20 years and all we have seen is the settlement move from when the process started to 580,000 settlers today, that cannot continue and the wake up call that is happening in the palestinian street today through these mass demonstrations which are disrupting them to do
5:44 am
business is basically doing that with the loss of hope we should expect violence. it's not violence that we would like to have. we are actually dying to live and the only way we can do that is the occupation comes off our neck. >> talking about recognition with all due respect to you and the office that is a very big ask, that is a very large shopping list, if mr. kerry were to come up with one thing only today that would make you feel that he perhaps had nudged the israelis to being on the right road what would that one thing be? >> it actually would be recognition. it is an elementary move at this late part of the game, 138 countries have already admitted the palestinians in the united nations and palestine is supported by the majority of the world. it's u.s. and eight other countries, israel being one of them, that is blocking the
5:45 am
process for palestine to start to be created on the ground in reality so i don't believe it's a big ask. it's actually something that the obama administration cannot take credit for starting if they would do it. it's the president bush's administration through the roadmap agreement that acknowledged the state of palestine being in the strategic interest of the united states and it's time to take the move and this is part excellence and if it cannot move forward any minor adjustments on the ground is only buying time to the next round of violence, if we are serious about solving this and serious about a two-state resolution we have to give them clear political horizon and comes from recognizing the state of palestine and stop building settlements that palestine is meant to be built on. >> talking about recognition to interrupt you for a second and
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spent madeline albright and hillary clinton trying to be involved with traction to sort out the issues, what would be the real issue, not the broader concept of recognition but fine tune the language for me sir what would be the one issue, the one thing that could come out of this meeting that would make you feel more comfortable that israel was trying to do the right thing? >> well, first and foremost the occupation is not only the separation law that was built between us and the schools and between us and our farms. the occupation is thousands of little acts that the israeli side has taken to make the palestinian lives miserable. one for example is the 400 plus checkpoints that are israeli manned within the west bank separating palestinians from workplaces and schools. so the israeli side has a whole
5:47 am
tool box of items that they can take action on tomorrow morning to relieve the pressures on this community and those apply to our water supply, to our frequencies, for us to be able to have tela communication services and movement and access. the palestinians in the west bank and gaza strip would like to go pray in jerusalem, if they are serious about freedom of religion we should be able to go pray. 1.5, 1.8 million palestinians in the gaza strip have been sealed off from the rest of the world to the point where the u.n. says gaza will not even be livable in 2020 so the israeli side with u.s. pressure could actually take a move tomorrow to remove the boot of occupation partially from our necks. they don't. what we see is that the u.s. continues to support israel regardless of what israel does and mainly settlement building and eating the pizza we are trying to divide the land and until that happens the settlement will be stopped.
5:48 am
>> thank you for joining us on the news hour on al jazeera and good to talk to you united states has a worldwide travel alert and not stopping americans from traveling aboard but says they should be more careful warning that groups like al-qaeda and i.s.i.l. plan attacks in multiple regions. hearing in the past few minutes francois hollande meets barack obama in washington later today concern about i.s.i.l. of course growing in the u.s. the state department issued a worldwide travel warning as we just heard and roslyn jordan has more now out of washington. >> reporter: the attacks in paris shocked people in the u.s. and reminded them of september 11th so the question for the u.s. president from rival politicians and the press isn't it time for the u.s. military to take out i.s.i.l.? >> equation has clearly changed. is it time for your strategy to changed? >> have you under estimated their ability? >> why can't we take out these
5:49 am
b? >> given there re enormous sacrifices we should not shoot first and aim later, it's important to get the strategy right and the strategy we are pursuing is the right one. >> reporter: appetite for the public for sending in u.s. ground troops, even before the paris attacks 54% supported the idea while 38% opposed it. in another poll taken after the attacks support jumped to 65% but in a third poll results were split, 44% support sending troops and some opposed and it's mixed around the country. >> america sees itself as a super power and it's their duty and our responsibility we can have our troops there for a year and get rid of i.s.i.s. but that is not going to be the case. >> tried it twice and didn't
5:50 am
work so well especially in iraq. >> reporter: already has been increasing efforts attacking i.s.i.l. oil supplies and offering rewards for those smuggling into syria and increasing intelligence sharing with friends. >> as one breaks up a cell and another breaks up a cell we have to connect the dots. >> reporter: on monday the u.s. secretary of state called for calm. >> what we need to do is not succumb to fear, people need to not panic. >> reporter: while there is speculation that president francois hollande might ask the u.s. for more military cooperation analysts say that won't be enough to defeat i.s.i.l. >> countries have to think about working together and under cutting the instability so they cannot flourish and the conditions is allowing i.s.i.s. to gain and survive despite u.s. bonding so far. >> reporter: for the patient approach to work the u.s. may have to ignore the emotions at
5:51 am
the moment, roslyn jordan, al jazeera, washington. the police in france have found that they think could be an explosive belt, the object was found by a street cleaner in the rubbish bin south of the capitol and police investigating if it was one of the paris attackers and still searching for salah abdeslam accused of attacks. highest security alert over concerns of an imminent attack there and metro, schools and universities are still closed and will reopen we are told on wednesday. a military court in thailand has formally charged two men accused of bombing the shrine in bangkok. 20 people were killed in the blast in august and more than 100 were injured, many questions about the motives still have not been answered as wayne explains from bangkok. >> reporter: three months after the bombing two suspects arrived at a military court to hear the charges against them, adam and
5:52 am
another have been charged with ten offenses including premeditated murder. >> translator: to efficiently manage the case they scheduled february the 16th next year to be the day the defendants will enter their pleas. >> reporter: 20 people were killed in the attack when the shrine in the heart of bangkok was at the busyist at 7:00 in the evening and camera emerged of a foreign looking man leaving a backpack at the shrine and that was adam who said confessed to the attack. two weeks after the blast he was arrested at an apartment where more bomb making equipment and fake passports were allegedly found. soon after this man was arrested as he was trying to cross the thai border into cambodia and later confesses to being the bomb maker. despite the police and army said this attack was carried out by a note work of foreigners and ties
5:53 am
two people have been arrested, another 15 suspects are wanted but the fact that only two have been caught so far is perhaps further evidence of a case that was miss managed from the start. the crime scene was cleared and the area around the shrine was reopened to the public the day after the explosion. during the investigation there were constant conflicting statements from police, military and the governments. the men are weagers from china and tie land's military government says the attack was revenge for a crack down on human trafficking but there are many other theories including domestic politics being to blame for the explosion. despite the suspects being charged many unanswered questions remain about the attack and why it happened. wane with al jazeera, bangkok. okay we are going to revisit our big story here on the news hour coming to your from al jazeera, turkish forces downing a russian 24 fighter aircraft,
5:54 am
they say in the skies over turkey. the kremlin saying, no, we were flying inside syrian air space. the two pilots ejected one to safety and one did not survive that particular process. the turks saying we warned the airplane ten times. there has been some speculation over the past 90 minutes or so since the story broke that russian pilots regularly turn off that bit of their radio equipment they would use to listen to that kind of communication if they were being warned or not while one assumes maintaining radio contact with the people back at base. and we have a middle east analyst in our bureau in london for us this hour and how significant is this? >> this is very significant because until recently turkey had been careful not to and antagonize people because they know it can happened and turkey
5:55 am
warned russia on many occasions that russian jets according to turkey entering turkish air space so the fact that turkey is feeling now bold enough to take this action i think speaks volumes about turkey's political confidence in this context. >> what is the dynamic here and why did they go not wanting to annoy the russians until quite happily annoying the russians if that indeed is what is happening? >> well, we can just speculate that turkey is feeling more confident as a result of erdogan's reelection with very, very significant victory just recently and also the fact that russia appears to be entering a quagmire in syria and appears weaker than they thought it would be through the military intervention and that is why turkey is perhaps feeling whatever action it takes against russia, russia will not be in a
5:56 am
position to retaliate and we have to remember that russia is nato member and attack on nato member can invoke article five which means it's attack on all nato members so russia has a red line to cross on this. >> can i push on this particular point and why would leader mr. putin go into something that could detonate in his face into a quagmire here and two months ago he moved away of what was going on in crimea and moved away from what was going on in ukraine and turned his gaze here and could see potential hiccups if that is what we are seeing today. >> russian behavior show no hiccups have been anticipated because russia seems to have thought it could engage in a short, sharp, military intervention in syria that would crush the syrian opposition and bring everybody to the negotiating table so that russia
5:57 am
can use this military action to force a political solution that would be in its interest but it has been faced with lots of prepercussions and syrian opposition is not crushed and as we can see i.s.i.s. has also started retaliating against russia and now turkey is now the latest kind of hurdle for russia so i just think that russia really entered this kinds of context without an exit strategy. >> thank you very much. lots more news of course only our website, al, those are the latest pictures as the plane was downed by turkish forces and as you know turkey saying it was downed because it was flying inside turkish air space and the russians say no it wasn't, it was a 24 airplane and you can track that story through the coming hours here on al jazeera and you can also follow us on twitter and you can tweet me, i'll tweet you back at aj and we are back at the top of
5:58 am
the hour. ♪
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♪ turkey shoots down a russian military jet near the border with syria and says the aircraft violated the air space and pilots ejected from the plane and moscow says they can prove that the jet was not in turkish air space. ♪ you are watching al jazeera with peter live in headquarters and stopping violence between israelis and palestinians and aco men go on trial in thailand


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