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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. our top stories, turkey shoots down a russian military jet near its border with syria, saying the aircraft violated its air space. both pilots ejected from the plane but reported to have been killed. moscow said it can prove the jet wasn't in turkish air space. >> this is a stab in the back. the pilot did not threaten anyone. >> russian's president warns of serious consequence for its relationship with turkey.
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france's president francois hollande arrives in washington for talks on syria and isil with barack obama. >> a russian jet has been downed by the turkish military on the turkey square border. it happened in the skies in turkey near la tack i can't province over the border in syria. syrian activists say two pilots have been killed. turkey says the plane was repeatedly warned before its military took action. al jazeera's rob mathieson has the latest. >> a russian jet fighter you go plunges to the ground, shot down close to the syrian border. >> this is a tab in the back. the pilot did not threaten anyone. the plane was shot down in
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syrian air space. this tragic event will have serious consequences for russia and turkey's relations. >> both pilots parachuted to the ground. russian military helicopters are searching for them near the border. the syrian option says it has the body of one of the pilots and that the second one is also dead. turkey released a map which claims to show a russian plane flew across its border, sake the pilots were warned several times before the aircraft was shot down. >> until recently, turkey had been careful not to an tall nice russia because it knows this kind of i understand can happen. turkey warned russia on a number of occasions that russian jets were according to turkey entering turkish air space, so the fact that turkey is feeling now bold enough to take this action, i think speaks volumes about turkey's new political confidence in this context. >> the jet is a su24, the
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russian built all weather attack aircraft has flown in almost all significant russian cob applicants since introduced in 1967. a fleet of around 12su24s are flying from russia's air base in syria. the russian government denies the jet entered air space. turkey said russian military aircraft across the border without authorization several times. last month, a russian military plane flew into turkish air and said it was a mistake. nato warned that turkish armed forces had clear instructions to intercept even a flying bird. russian jets are reported to be carrying out around 100 missions every day in syria, allegedly bashar a al assad's government.t the russian jet crash is
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expected to further strain relations between russia and nato members, unless a diplomatic solution is found fast. rob mathieson, al jazeera. >> we have a report from a city near the syrian border in turkey. hashem, first to you. what is turkey saying about this incident? >> the turkish military has been saying over the last few hours that basically they ned the russian jet before it crossed into turkey and started sending wash ins to the two pilots. after 10 warnings, they said they had to take action and brought down the fighter jet. it fell in an area under the control of the rebels in la tack i can't.
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--latakia. a new video has been released in which they claim is a helicopter shot down by the rebels when it was in a search and rescue operation in the mountainous latakia area. >> have russian aircraft strayed into turkish air space before today? was there tension between russia and turkey over russia's operations in northern syria? >> adrien, there were instances in the past where russia fighter jets strayed into turkey. one of their tribes, turkish fighter jet was involved in a very serious situation but then last week, the turks said they
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were very concerned about the escalation of tensions in latakia on the border with turkey. they summoned the russian ambassador and explained concerns about fighter jets on the border with turkey. the turkish prime minister warned against serious situation if the russian fighter jets continued pounding those areas. this is another instance of strained ties between two countries as both of them seem to be claiming control in what is happening in syria. the turks have been concerned saying russian, not fighting isil, but to undermine some of the syrian opposition groups backed by the americans and
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their military intervention is for one reason, to help assad gain territory lost in the past few years. >> many thanks. the reuters news agency reporting right now that turkey's president erdogan is to chair a security summit with the prime minister through the head of the armed forces and senior ministers after the downing of that jet. it's quoting presidential sources. before we speak to rory in moscow, i want to show you some of the first comments made by president vladimir putin on the down of of that jet, speaking from the russian city of sochi. here's what he had to say: >> this is a stab in the back. the pilot did not threaten anyone. either way, our pilots and our plane were not posing to threat to turkey. this tragic event will have serious consequences for russian-turkish releases. we've always rewarded turkey not only as a close neighbor but
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also as a friendly state. i don't know who wanted what is done today, but we didn't in any case. instead of contacting us immediately, turkey address their nato partners as if it were us who downed their plane, not vice verse. our jet fell six kilometers from the border within syrian air space. >> what do you make of what the president was saying, that the tone of his language, at least? >> well, before putin spoke some hours ago, i was saying that behind the scenes in moscow, there was probably some sort of decision making going on about how they handled this incident. would they possibly at some point at mitt that maybe this plane had strayed into turkish air space and this they were trying to down play the diplomatic ramifications of it, essentially trying to smooth things over or would they maintain the line that this
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plane had not gone they're turkish air space, certainly not crossed into it and adopt an angry response. you only have to listen to know exactly what they have chose. they have chosen the angry response. putin sounding incredibly betrayed there, saying that russia has been stabbed in the back by turkey. he said that turkey amounted essentially to associates of terrorism, not just turkey, as well. he was suggesting that turkey would perhaps wanting nato to be acting in isil said interest, because the implications is by striking against russian planes, and as putin has always said, russian planes are hitting isil targets, that nato and turkey are therefore helping isil. it's a very strong message to come out from putin today. >> turkey has been expressing disquiet for sometime over
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russia's actions in northern syria. there was tension between russia and turkey before this incident. >> yes. there's been tension over a couple of different things. first of all, ankara was not happy that russia started a bombing campaign in syria. it was particularly not happy about some of the targets that russia had hid. turkman rebel groups in northern syria, other particular armed groups that turkey has been aiding and assessing, so that was one of the bones of contention. another one happened about a month ago, the beginning of october, when turkey said that russian planes had started violating its air space. it said there had been a number of particular occasions of this and it essentially referred the
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matter up to nato. russia admitted yes, one of them, it was a mistake, it was bad weather, sorry, it won't happen again. nato expressed anger and said it better not, and following that, there were some moves between the turkish and russian military to get together, have a talk and try to avoid it happening again. however has that gun? we're looking at the fate u. of that policy at the moment. >> russia left to consider its options, if it wanted to take some sort of reprisal action against turkey, what might it do, given that turkey is a member of nato? >> for turkey, kind of the issue, it's closed. it's responded as it would see it to further violation of its
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air space and september a message to russia not to do it again. the onus is on russia to work out what it wants to do next. as you say, if it is contemplating any kind of military response to this, it has to take into very, very careful conversation the fact that turkey is a nato member and the whole point of nato has felt protection, protection of the whole treaty organization. the u.n. charter says an attack on one member is an attack an all. this might escalate, but perhaps it's unlikely, because russia i think in working out what it's going to do next will probably work out some non-military response rather than a military one. >> apology for the quality of the sound on the microphone. you are looking at pictures live from washington, d.c., president
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francois hollande arriving in washington for talks with president barack obama, as president hollande works to build this grand coalition to take on isil after the paris attacks. he was there to discuss the war in syria, as well. we'll go back to washington and speak to our state correspondent in a moment, first, let's take to you brussels. rory challands was talking about nato. what was of the incident there in brussels. >> we are still waiting to hear an official response from the nato alliance, where they have been very quick to call an extraordinary meeting of the north atlantic council. all 28 permanent members of nato
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who are based here in headquarters will take part in that meeting. we believe also that senior nato members of staff will be brought in via video link, possibly including the chief of nato alliances. it's a very rare event, only a handful of extraordinary nato alliances meetings being called in nato's 66 year history. for the last over the summer on want 28 of july was also called by turkey. back then, turkey urged nato to join it in considering a security response to the threat posed by isil. now once again, at turkey's request, it is asking nato to consider its findings as to where exactly the russian jet, where it was brought down in northern syria. it would be up to nato to
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formulate a considered response.
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>> the official went on to stress that the u.s. military was not involved in any way, shape or form in this incident between turkish fighter yet and the russian fighter jet, which was downed near the syrian turkish border. obviously, the situation is very quickly moving officials from both agencies are trying to get
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more information from their turkish counterparts. we don't know whether they've also reached out to their russian counterparts about what happened earlier on tuesday, but there is very much concern about this incident, especially in light of the fact that the u.s. has been trying to as they say in the military, deconflict its own coalition's airstrikes with that of russian inside syrian territory. >> the u.s. categorically denying any incident. what is the protocol here? as a fellow nato member, is turkey supposed to notify the u.s. before taking military action against another no one nato member? >> it doesn't have to, because every country does have the right to defend itself and to protect its citizens, so to actually have to call in, whether it's the u.s. or u.k. or
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france or any of the other members of nato before taking action to protect your own territory does seem to be both a bit unwieldy in terms of the bureaucracy, as well as being rather slow, if you think there's imminent threat to your country and your citizens. so what happens now, though, is whether or not there's going to be any sort of nato defense ministers meeting to discuss what has happened along the turkish-syrian border, because that does raise the concern of whether or not this is something that would require a nato response. certainly this is not something that members of the alliance have been quick to do, because once you invoke article five, we are basically saying we are now committed to actually taking joint military action, and that is something that really needs a unanimous agreement among the members of the alliance. >> a few moments ago, president
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hollande arrived in washington for talks with president barack obama, president hollande trying to get support for this grand coalition to take on isil. to a certain extent i suppose, the u.s. and france both singing from the same hymn sheet here. >> they are, but where there might be a bit of a difference is whether or not the role of rush and role of iran can actually be something that both countries agree upon. certainly, both france and russia now have common causes it were because of the attacks launched on their citizens by isil, but the u.s. has always been clear that if russia and if iran by extension are going to join the existing coalition which the u.s. set up more than a year ago, they have to commit to going after isil. they have to economist to not go after those members of the syrian opposition, who are
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opposed to the leadership of president bashar al assad. that is something which the u.s. says could basically turn what has been a civil war that's gone on for five years into something catastrophic. they don't want to see that happen. they have been very vocal about their distaste for the russian and iranian rule. they'll talk about the way forward in syria, how do you resolve the civil war and death with the threat from isil. when you have countries that seemingly all have the same concerns now getting into it with each other, it does complicate the situation. >> it does indeed. let's brick in our diplomatic
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editor. where does this incident, the shooting down of the russian fighter jet over, well, was it turkey, was it syria, that remains to be seen, but where does that incident leave this grand coalition, this what to do about the war in syria, the threat posed by isil. >> well, i don't think it necessarily at this stage derails those efforts, but it certainly complicates them. turkey a country that i think has been somewhat concerned about some of the recent developments, particularly meetings that tack place in vienna, where some western countries, i think u.s. one of them persuaded a bit by the russian arguments and the idea that perhaps the fights against isil should take place first and then leave the effort to deal with president assad. also, they're trying to revitalize the political pros, those efforts underway.
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that again i think is going to be complicate by what has happened. one of the other things i think we're looking at very closely, adrien, is the key fact that we don't know in all of this, because clearly, the accounts of the russians and the accounts of the turks are different on one issue, did those russian jets cross into turkish territory. we have the russians saying they have proof that they didn't, we have the turks who have even released that radar map showing that they did. i think that is the key point in many ways, because it's about the legality of this under national law. if they cross the border, and they have been warned not to cross the border only occasion and in the past, turkey has warned russia not to go on to its air space and cross into its
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territory, the legality is clear, the turks would be well covered to take any action as they wanted just the same way if another copt roy took their jets on to russian soil, the russians would have the right to shoot them down. much more of a gray area if the turks had been warning the russians but they didn't cross into turkish territory. >> this couldn't have come at a worse time, particularly as the jet posed no threat to turkey. >> the turks will say we didn't take action against a russian jet, we took action against a hostile jet. they will make the point that in the past they have shot down jets from the syrian air force and it is orders they have given to their military teams on the ground and their pilots on the air that they will not let people violate their air space.
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yes, you say it comes at a very difficult time, a time when there had been some movement in the diplomatic maneuvers that have been going on that for so long rewarding syria. one place i think this will be felt particularly is here in london. it's worth reminding you of the u.s. developments recently, where david cameron is now the u.k. prime minister once again trying to do so, test the waters of whether he can go to parliament again and get out ridation for the u.k. to involve itself in military action over syria. they're already involved over rack and he's been testing the waters like that and it's been looking likely that he's going to take it back to the house of commons where he's hoping to persuade m.p.'s to give enough votes. those wavering should we go into syria or not might think what is happening today is a reason not to. >> what is the public mood in britain about this?
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of course the. was very opposed to sending british planes to bomb syrian targets, wasn't it? had that been shifting? what will this do to the public mood? >> all you have to say on that is look at what reaction has been to important things that have happened. one is the downing of that russian jet, sharm el-sheikh and the u.s. heavily involved in that, because they had lots of holiday makers on the ground who couldn't get home, so a great deal of focus on that in the u.k. media and the of course the attacks in paris, the u.k.'s closest neighbor, and wall to wall coverage that have and a great deal of solidarity with the french people here in the united kingdom, so i think some people may have changed their position, but how the house of commons would vote, i think very hard to tell, particularly in the immediate aftermath of this
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very important fresh development. >> many thanks, our diplomatic editor james bays in london. let's listen to the first comments made by president vladimir putin on the downing of that russian fighter jet. he was speaking from the russian city of sochi just a couple of hours ago. >> this is a stab in the back. the pilot did not threaten anyone. either way, our pilots and our plane were not posing a threat to turkey. this tragic event will have serious consequences for russian-turkish releases. we've always regarded turkey not only as a close neighbor but also as a friendly state. i don't know who wanted what is done today, but we didn't in any case. instead of contacting us immediately, turkey addressed their nato partners as if it were us who downed their plane, not vice versa. our jet fell six kilometers from the border within syrian air
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space. >> you heard what president putin had to say about this incident. what do you make of it? >> well, very self rhetoric agreed, the stab in the back everyone will pay attention to. i would point out that president putin is warning about consequences to the russian-turkish relations, not russian-nato relations. we have not heard from any of the nato countries at this point. i hope there will be strong desire on members of the world community to show common sense and not to allow the three way tragic incidents to evolve into something more tragic in larger scale. >> was an incident of this lex
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inevitable given the proximity, the area in which russian jets were operating just across the border in northern syria? >> yes, indeed. in fact, this is not the first incident. of course, this is the first tragic incident of a russian jet being downed, however, turkey warned and made angry statements several times including oral october when a russian jet did vital the turkish air space and the russian ministry of defense admitted that and said that was a mistake. at that point, turkey also made an angry statement and i think president erdogan saying he may be think of breaking relations with russia. that did not happen and since then, there has been contact between the turkish president and the russian president putin, so there was not a desire to
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aggravate the situation and lead it to a point where the two countries cannot communicate. now little not clear what exactly happened. we have two truths now, one coming from the russian government, the other coming from the turkish government. i think this means that indeed, it is not quite clear. it is not crystal clear what happened, where the plane was, at what moment it was down. this possibly also leaves space for discussions and for preventing anymore tragic developments from this point. >> how do you think russia will respond to this incident, militarily, diplomatically, economically? >> well, i think we should differentiate between russian reaction aimed at targets the domestic audience. we heard president putin's
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statements, i'm sure we'll hear more tough statements saying this is in admissible and russia was stabbed in the back and putin referred to turkey as terrorists. this means in the russian environment, what putin says is picked up by all the political loyalists in the country, so the talk will be even tougher. speaking about what russia is likely to do, i hope this will not be along the military lines. after all, turkey is a member of nato, but there are ways to act diplomatically and economically and i think we will see some movement from russia in those two points. >> as far as the international attempts to build some sort of coalition to take on isil in a much more coordinated way, do you th


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