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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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statements, i'm sure we'll hear more tough statements saying this is in admissible and russia was stabbed in the back and putin referred to turkey as terrorists. this means in the russian environment, what putin says is picked up by all the political loyalists in the country, so the talk will be even tougher. speaking about what russia is likely to do, i hope this will not be along the military lines. after all, turkey is a member of nato, but there are ways to act diplomatically and economically and i think we will see some movement from russia in those two points. >> as far as the international attempts to build some sort of coalition to take on isil in a much more coordinated way, do you think this incident will
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make russia much more reluctant to fall into line? >> well, there is not one line there. there are different countries fighting isis in different fashions and we have points of contention between different forces that say that they are fighting isis with regard to president assad, what they think about what the future for syria should be. it's not that russia is alone against everybody else. russia found allies for instance in iran, and president putin had contact with iranian leaders just very recently.
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this i understand now between turkey and nato member and ally of the united states and many european countries, and russia will not help the very cautious attempt to maybe work together on the war on terror with regard to syria. >> turkey shoots down a russian fighter jet near the syrian border. moscow is warning serious consist r. consequences. >> president obama hosts the
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french president at the white house. >> fighting for his land, a native american activist gets one of the nation's highest honors. >> this is aljazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. >> russian president vladimir putin is walking it a stab in the back, the shooting down of a russian war plane by turk i can fighter jets. these i am macies show what happens. both pilots are reportedly dead. nato has called an extraordinary meeting at turkey's request to discuss what happened. we have a report from the turkey-syria border. >> we haven't heard from president erdogan or the prime minister, but the army posted some statement, a radar map they say shows how the plane violated
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the turkish air space and then a statement saying that 15 kilometers before the so-called 24 got into the turkish air space, it got a first warning, then a second, a are and then it crossed into the air space. a body of one of the pilot is with them for the time being. fighting is taking place between the opposition and syrian government. four days ago, the turkish prime minister summoned the russian ambassador expressing concerns about russian airstrikes striking turk mapp minority on the border with turkey.
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turkey has been saying that also that russia is not after isil, russia is intervening in syria to support bashar al assad and to take on the moderate syrian opposition, so you have two conflicting perspectives here. if any in curses continue, this will follow and this is what happened today. this is something that could be further replicated in the near future if fighting continues and airstrikes continue on those areas. >> not long ago, russian vladimir putin said this.
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>> al jazeera has more from moscow. i can't remember a time when president putin has spoken as forcefully as he was. he was talking with the jordanian king, who is visiting putin in sochi. of course they are here to talk about syria. when the trip was planned, there was no indication that there would be discussion about like the downing of this plane. i basically implied that turkey is an associate of terrorism and this associate has stabbed russia in the back. he confirmed properly for the first time from the russian perspective at least today that this was an attack on a russian
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plane by turkish war planes. eggs that it had never threatened turkey and that that was an obvious fact. this according to putin is going to be an incident that severely impacts russian turkish relations. he said that russia had always treat turkey in a friendly way and so whose interest was this in, not ours, he said. so turkey after this happened, the first thing, he said obviously something that putin was angry about and something turkey did was go to his nato allies as if we, russia had downed one of the airplanes. he said does turkey want nato to
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wax in isil's interests, a very, very angry putin. >> let's go to libby casey live at the white house. the administration has responded to the downing of that russian jet. what is the pentagon saying? >> a defense official tells aljazeera america this morning that the u.s. has heard from its turkish amlies and the turks are taking responsibility for shooting down this jet with that the turks are telling the u.s. that the jet was in turkish air space. the defense official telling us that u.s. military was not involved, which of course is significant, because the u.s. does have a large presence on the border and for the most part, the u.s. officials are directing questions about this to the government of russia and turkey. they are trying to put the focus on those two nations. >> the pentagon statement given to aljazeera america says that u.s. forces were not involved, though we know u.s. forces have been helping to enforce turkish
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air space. that crash will be discussed today between president obama and french president francois hollande. >> absolutely. it is a significant development that two leaders will discuss and as president hollande comes here, he comes to visit a long time partner, strange ally, a country that the united states has called america's oldest ally. president hollande comes with a fairly aggressive stance, wanting real action, wanting to develop cooperation, if not coordination between countries like the united states. he met yesterday with the british prime minister, david cameron, getting assurances that he would try to get parliament onboard. he needs to speak with german chancellor angela merkel and perhaps the most significant meeting to moscow later this week with president putin. he hopes to go to that meeting in russia with the strength of allies supporting him. we can expect president hollande
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to ask the u.s. for more in telling, also perhaps more resources for arms like rebels on the ground in syria. the u.s. has its own distinct opinions here, and president obama is going to be hesitant to join any formal coalition that involves the russians, because of course the russians and americans want two very different things. there are fundamental differences that are present as part of this meeting today. >> libby casey at the white house, thanks for laying that out for us and stay with aljazeera america. we will bring you president obama's and president hollande's news conference from the white house, scheduled to take place at 11:30 eastern. >> a former u.s. ambassador said if the u.s. is serious about defeating isil, it must valley whether ground troops are needed to get the job done. >> in terms of what i think a real strategy is, i think we need to no fly zone over air i
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can't or parts of syria. i think we need to safe zone inside syria. i think we need to go after isis as the french have been doing now. we need to destroy isis and make they are they can't have access to in come, mo nine, no oil, no control of cities, no control of territory. they need to be obliterated. with doing that, we can with more credibility and force then start the process of working with others in the region, including neighbors, including turkey, including the kurds, including saudi arabia, trying to carve out a space in syria that's safe for syrian people. then, once we have some balance on the ground, then you might have some prospect of negotiations and maybe some kind of settlement. i think the negotiations now are just doomed to fail because the forces are all on the side of assad with the russians there and no one is going to be making any compromises. >> the shooting down of the russian war plane is not likely to change nato's relationship
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with russia or involvement in syria's war. >> the state department is warning americans traveling overseas to be careful. a new worldwide travel alert sites increasing threats from isil, boko haram and other groups. americans should be vigilant in large public gatherings that. >> a storm is likely going to affect travel conditions for thanksgiving. >> higher elevations, definitely areas of snow, some elevations that will get a foot of snow. in the washington oregon border, we are seeing areas getting ice, walla walla is getting that right now. brighter purposes are the winter
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storm warnings where we have the most imminent conditions. a lot of cautions on traveling over the next couple of days through this region back of all this moving in. if you have to travel and a lot of people will be doing that, have that winter kit in your car. some of this moisture is going to extend through northern california, some could get to southern california. that was today's forecast. as we get into tomorrow, we say more of that heading assaultward. also starting to pull the initial moisture out into the midwest. yesterday is a big travel day. you can see especially the northwest is where we'll have the worst go of it on that thanksgiving, people tend to do the shorter trips and chicago to dallas, with some areas of heavy rain in this system. in central pores of midwest we could have the ice and on the
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backside of that is where we're going to get more of that snow coming in. thursday is tricky as we get to the midsection of the country. if you want warm air, at built of it ahead of that system for now. >> secretary of state john kerry is meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders today and condemning a wave of attacks. kerry met in jerusalem with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, and the president. kerry called on both sides to ease the silence. this is a challenge to all civilized people. we all have a responsibility to condemn that violence, to make it clear that no frustration, no politics, no ideology, and no emotion justifies taking innocent lives. >> earlier today, a palestinian drove his car into a group of dial soldiers and police. the driver was shot and wounded.
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>> 92 palestinians and 16 israelis have been killed in the attacks and one american also died. >> we continue to follow developments along the syrian border, turkey shooting down a russian fighter jet. >> syrians looking for a better life in europe discovering doors in germany are being closed.
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analyzing an explosive belt. it did not have a detonator but contained the same kind of explosives used by the paris attacks. police are still looking for a suspect, saleh abdeslam and brussels is shut down for a fourth day because of what officials are call an imminent threat. it may elax the highest alert level and schools may reopen tomorrow. indiana's governor is being sued for blocking syrian refugees from resettling in the state, accusing him of violating the federal civil rights act. pens is one of more than 30 governors to say he would not accept the refugees. >> europe is being called to limit the number of refugees arriving. we have more from dresden.
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♪ >> they've come by that the thousands, self described german patriots. they are protesting against the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into germany, especially muslims. >> our chancellor incited this flood of refugees. she took selfies and said she couldn't secure our borders. she doesn't want to restore any control, she says. one of the senior organizers of a grassroots movement, this night, it's bitterly cold, but it's a big crowd. the paris terror attacks seem to be fueling fierce.
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>> of course, there are islamists hidden among the refugees. there's no more comfortable way of coming into the country. this policy is irresponsible, she says. >> supporters share her worries. >> i heard a police chief saying we just cannot discover who these people are and those who come will fly under the radar for years and years and suddenly take action. by then, it will be too late, he says. >> many discussed what they call the lying media, complaining they'd been fairly unpointed as right wing extremists, even neonazis. >> people come from varied walks of life, talking to people, some fear that the new arrivals could
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threaten their jobs, others say german culture could be undermind. >> maybe we can deal with morn religion or foreign culture. >> we can't deal with islam or crime. the refugees will damage the economy, too, he says. ♪ >> some demonstrators are call for tighter border controls. hard liners want to expel refugees altogether. outside dresden, the movement may have far fewer supporters, but similar ideas are resonating loudly throughout europe. al jazeera, dresden, germany. >> the refugee controversy is heating up north of the border, canada will reportedly call for excluding single syrian men. multiple news organizations say
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the country will only accept whole families and lone women or children. up to 900 women a day could be flown in and housed in quebec and ontario. it would cost more than a billion dollars. security is high today in uganda, kenya and central african republic. those countries setting up for huge events. hundreds of thousands of people are expect to turn up to the pope's first appearance. africa is home to the fastest growing number of catholics in the world. a federal appeals court has struck down a law rewarding abortion, saying it amounts to an unconstitutional restriction on abortion. the u.s. supreme court will hear a case out of texas. that could decide the law
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nationwide. >> planned parenthood is suing texas over blocking medicaid money there, the series in lawsuits filed against republican led states that have tried to cut funding. planned parenthood receives $500 million through medicaid reimbursements. >> the stair of one native american advocate receiving the medal of freedom today.
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>> an investigation i guess underway in ford hood texas after a military helicopter
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crashed. all four soldiers onboard died. the army said the helicopter was on a routine training mission. >> police are investigating a shooting near a protest site in minneapolis. five were shot near the place where hundreds of gathered for days, angry over the shooting death of a black man by a police officers. all injuries are called non-life threatening. it is unclear what prompt understand the shooting or if there was any connection to those protests. >> 17 americans will be awarded the nation's highest civilian honor today, the presidential medal of freedom. one is a native american activist. the man helped win the fish wars. >> this is with the warden came down on all of us for fishing right here. i was 14 when i got arrested right here. >> early last year on the banks of the river, billie frank, jr. and long time activist friend
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hank adams gave me a history lesson. >> i just kept getting arrested, went in the marine corps, in 1952, got out in 1954, started going back to jail again. >> just months before his death, frank looked back on the fish wars of half a century ago. >> we were fighting battles right and left all the time. you know, it just, you know, we'd beat the hell out of them guys. we had holroid bringing a lot of rocks, just the right size. them guys would come up the river with their boats and we'd pepper them right here. >> it was a fight for the right to harvest salmon. >> we had a treaty approximate the united states in 1916, and that treaty was wrote out for using the custom fishing grounds, which was all of this country.
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the state of washington then started writing laws against us. the game warden says that's our land, all that have, the game warden would sit there and wash us all day, 24 hours a day. we just kept going fishing. there were six of us who just kept going back to jail, 60 days, 30 days, contempt of court, you know. >> their fight finally landed in federal court where frank and other activists won a landmark decision guaranteeing broad fishing rights. >> i think everybody listened to billy. they took his message to heart. >> photographer and filmmaker mark anderson who has documented native america life in the northwest for decades says that victory will never be forgotten. >> billy will live forever. he was one of the people that pointed out to all the other tribal members that if we stand up and stay together, you know, we're going to get there, you know, we're going to protect the
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fish. >> billy frank jr. honored with america's highest civilian award. >> did you ever think about just stopping fishing? >> no. hell no! i mean, our whole life is about salmon. jeez he wanted to be remembered simply as a fisherman. history will tell a bigger story. al jazeera, washington. >> thanks for watching p.m. the news continues next live from doha with the latest on the shooting down of a russian war plane by turkish jets and a reminder we'll bring you live coverage of president obama said news conference with french president francois hollande. they are expected to deal with the issue of syria, francois hollande wanting to form a larger international military coalition also expect to be on that agenda today, shooting down of a russian jet by turkish fighter jets. thanks for watching.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour live from doha, i'm adrian finighan, our top story this hour. turkey shoots down a russian military jet. it says the aircraft had violated its air space. both pilots ejected from the aircraft, they are reported to have been killed. >> translator: this is a stab in the back, the pilot did not threaten anyone. >> reporter: russia's president


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