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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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for the future. against that background, even though it is a very dire one, i'm pleased to be with barack obama to send across that message to the entire world. thank you. [ changing captioners ]
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in the sense that they are -- and they are going after
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moderate operation. and if russia is directing it's energies towards isil, some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or eggs collation are less likely to occur. this underscores the importance of us making sure that we move this track forward as quickly as possible. our view from the start has been that russia is welcome to be part of this broad based coalition that we have set up. there's never been a point in time in which we said that we don't want russia or other countries that may have differences with us on a whole host of other things to avoided working with us against isil.
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the i had a conversation with president putin in turkey, and i indicated to him at the time to the extend that they make that shift, to the process they have constructed to bring all the parties together, try to execute a political transition. that all parties would agree to. and refocus attention after going after isil, then there's enormous capacity for us to cooperate. until that happened, it's very difficult. it's difficult because their priority is attacking the moderate opposition that might be future members of inclusive syrian government. russia is not going to get the support of us, or a
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ranger of other members of the coalition. but i do think there's the possibility of cooperation the sooner we agree to this political process theless likely that you have the kinds of events that took place apparently today. the event that took place is a serious one, and we can only refret it. turkey is currently providing all of the information to nato so that we can find out what truly happened and turkey's air space was entered into, but we must prevent an escalation.
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that was extremely damageable. the only purpose is to fight against per errorrism and daesh. this is what we must do. we, turkey, russia, and what just took place, like barack obama said, means that we must find a solution to the syrian crisis. because we can see what the risks are otherwise. the risks of esescalation. it will be traveling to russia this week, because we have this resolution of the security council, and it does show that we must take action against daesh, against isil, that resolution has been voted unanimously, many a way that with the broad ohs possible coalition. then we will ask president
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putin when i talked to the russians a number of times already, that the strikes must be against daesh. against terrorism. and those that are threatening us. they are threatening the russians. like france, that was targeted over the past two days. we must, therefore, coordinate ourselves. cooperate. but on that basis, and making sure we are all acting against daesh, and we are part of the political process. one that will lead to the solution. and we all know what the parameters of the solution are or are not. we know there's a deadlock today. lastly i mentioned, the
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aircraft carrier, which is in the mediterranean now. as a matter of fact, they also some russian forces and there are agreed with mr. putin, that we must share our intelligence, so that we can act in coordination. we must not control it ourself, and we will continue to do so. >> mr. president, the american has some forces in syria, beyond the words and beyond what is happen willing you going to send some special forces as well? are you considering some brand intervention there? mr. president, beyond the emotion we feel here, beyond the beautiful statements for more than a year we have heard you saying that asaad
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must go. mr. president, can you today here in front of a deadline for -- i can speak in english if i needed to. >> you said president, we have two presidents here. okay. >> i will not provide you with a date. because it will be as soon as possible. but it is one of the requirements for a solution. but at the same time, allow me to underlie something. there is a new mind set here.
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there are probably more than 300,000. and this is not just relevant to the country's of the region, which are hosting the refugees it is relevant to europe and the entire world now. and those who believe that we could wait some more, and that in many cases it was far away, did not realize that we have an influx of refugees that the terrorists the risk is everywhere due to daesh. we therefore must act. you also asked me what we were going to do, what more.
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we will have specific targets. that are cut off, including the command centers, carrying on. that have -- we will continue, and we will intensify our strikes. at the hearts of the cities that are currently in the hands of daesh. france will no intervene militarily on the ground. it has normed the local forces to do so. we have been sporting them for a number of months. we will continue to do so, and question will do the job on the ground after we -- after strikes that will enable them to do so. but france will take it's responsibilities regarding that support which is absolutely necessary. >> let me make a couple of broader comments about the
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operations against isil. as was already indicated. we have taken thousands of strikes. we have taken thousands of isil fighters, including top commanders and leaders off the battlefield. we have squeezed their supply lines. we have empowered and arms local groups that are pushing against them, including most recently. we are providing training and assistance to the iraqi government as they prepare to take places like ramadi that had been overrun. we have seen some success. but the question now is how can we accelerate. and, in fact, even before the tragedy in paris, i had gathered together my national security forces. it had been a year, to review
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where we had made progress, what worked, what did not, and had put together a plan to accelerate and advance the pressure that had been placed on isil. that help provide additional assistance, both to the coalition as a whole, and to local forces on the ground. with respect to mr. asaad, i think we have to let the process play itself out. it is our best opportunity. and so the motion there would be an immediate date in advance of us getting a broad agreement on that political process, and the details i think doesn't make sense. as soon as we have, a frame
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work for political transition, potentially a new constitutional, elections i think it is in that context we can start looking at mr. asaad choosing not to run and potentially seeing a new syria emerge but it is going to be hard. and we should not be under any illusions. syria has broken down. it began to break down the moment that mr. asaad started killing indiscriminantly his own people. isil was able to move in on part of a thorough rejection on many syrians of the asaad regime, and the power vacuum emerged. and it is going to be a
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difficult long methodical process to bring back together various factions within syria to maintain a syrian state and institutions and to create the stability that allows people to come in and rebuild their lives. but it is possible. and the urgency that we have seen, even before paris, out of countries like russia, indicate they recognize they can't be there too long, and ultimately win a military battle successfully. >> thank you, mr. president. can you tell us whether the tushish plan russian plane read
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turkish air space. and perhapses with expanded action against coalition interests inside syria. >> mr. president, regarding announced today when it comes to threatening the cooperation on military intelligence, had it been taken weeks or months ago do you think it would have -- or enable some further attacks. >> we don't have all the information yet. so i don't want to comment on the specifics. we will be gathering all that information. we expect the turks to provide information. i am sure the russians will have some information, and we will be able to confirm what happened in part through our own intelligence, and our own tracking of that border area. as francoise indicated, my top priority is to make sure this does not escalate. and hopefully this ises a
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moment in which all parties can step bake and make a determination as to how their interests are best serves. the russians had several of their own people killed by isil. and the flow of foreign fighters of russian areas into syria poses enormous long term threat to russian territory. so there is a potential convergence of interests. between the various parties. it requires us working with them to make the kind of strategic shift that is necessary frankly i have talked to pattyn j about for five years now. it requires a recognition that the existing structure cannot gain the legitimacy to stop the war, and until you
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stop the war, you are going to have a vacuum in which these kind of organizations can operate more effectively. so let me say one last thing because i track the question you posed to president hollande about what could have been prevented. all of our intelligence personnel, here in the united states, across the atlantic, works tirelessly as i said earlier, to disrupt plot plotsd prevent terrorist attacks. you never heard about it. but we are not for the dedication of those spell jens, and law enforcement, and military professionals this would be a much more dangerous world.
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so you have to be careful about speculating about what if, and could have, and would have. in a situation like this. because it is hard. you have eight individuals with light weapons that's a hard thing to track. what is true, though, is that ofcan do a better job coordinating between countries. and i have been talking about our european partners for some time now uh, about the need for better intelligence sharing, passing records, working to ensure that when people enter into europe, particularly now, that the information across various borders is shared on a timely basis. and you have buy mow metric information, and other technologies that can make it more accurate.
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and it doesn't mean it will always be 100%, but we can do better on those fronts. and one of the challenges has been frankly, many the past several years, that you have different legal traditions concerns about privacy, and 70 liberties all of which are entirely legitimate. i don't knoi don't think thosee ignored, because those are part of the values that make us who we are, and that we have to adhere to. but i do think that this is a reminder that this is a dangerous world. and rooting out small bands terrorist groups and using technologies in ways that are
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hard to track that's a tough job. and we have to pool our resources more effectively together than we have many the past. and i think francoise goes back to europe, his leadership, and the leadership of other presidents and prime ministers around this issue is going to be as important as anything that we do. allow me to go back to what daesh truly is. it is an organization. killing and we want to inform rules, but dishonor humanity,
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this is what daesh is doing there. and this is what they are trying to do in other countries everywhere. and then we have to deal with the number of networks more or less organized and the number of countries that are being used to lead terror attacks. we know that this treadful plan was prepared in syria. and then organized in a number of countries. and they offed some in france, given that some of the tourists are french. those that committed the acts
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of war. so if we want to tackle terrorism, we must act not only to destroy daesh, where they are, in syria, in iraq, but we must also dismantle and destroy this network, how can we proceed. well, first of all, militarily, by intensifying our strikes by taking back these territories thanks to the local forces on the frowned, which we can support by finding political solution in syria, by making sure that the integrity of iraq is destroyed. then when it comes to protection measures, to protect our territory and our people, this is what i announced in front these networks and all of these
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compasses and those who are present, some of them just arrived others have been there for a long time. and they are not necessary that we. the paris attacks compassion, solidarity, and i take note of it and we must act and fall a number of days now have been trying to convince. convincing all the countries that can act to do so. announced that he would take a number of measures into his parliament, that is important.
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today i am here so that we can act with greeter intensity and coherence as well. >> and only against daesh. and then i will receive ahead of the italian government, i will also have the opportunity to talk of the european leaders given that the european council together with turkey will be held on sunday. so it is all of that that
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must get together and enable us to implement coordination cooperation, no action so that we can act on the source, daesh, and network that and that is trend that will enable us to succeed. does it mean that the single coordination, that the gun event is inconceivable to have the russians and americans to work together under every single command, and that you could not put a date on his departure, does it mean that the departure is not a prerequisite for the future of syria. >> regarding the coalition of
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the community, i believe that was the proof by all of the -- the entire world the committed to fighting against daesh and then and this is we will check when i travel to moscow. in one sing goal, that is to tackle terrorism and fight against daesh and i believe that we can have some cooperation and coordination militarily to do more. 21 that will enable us to find -- and in this respect like we said, we can repeat it. bashar al asaad cannot be the
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future of syria. we are already working with all of the countries, although they don't have the same sense that turkey, iran, those countries the united states, france, and of course, all of those who are meant to find a submission, we must work on that transition. the transition, where bashar al asaad -- he has been the problem, so he can't be the solution. >> just a comment very quickly. we have a coalition. of 65 countries who have been active and pushing back against isil for quite some time. france has been a central part of that coalition, as have the european countries, arab countries, countries as
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far flung as australia, and countries in southeast asia are part of that coalition. russia right now is a coalition of 2. iran and russia supporting asaad. given russia's military capabilities and given the influence they have on the asaad regime, them cooperating would be enormously helpful in bringing about resolution of the war many syria, and allowing us all to refocus our attention on isil. but i think it is important to remember that we have a global coalition organized. russia's the outliar. we hope that they refocus
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their attention on what is the most substantial threat. and that they serve as a constructive partner. if and when they do, it will make it easier for us to go after isil and daesh. although i think it is also important to recognize that the kinds of air strikes that they are carrying out, just like the kinds of air strikes that we are carrying out, in and of themselveses are not sufficient. and the work that we do to bolster local fighting forces, the cutting off of supply lines, financing, oil, reducing the flow of foreign fighters, the intelligence work that needs to be done, all of that is something that we are doing now, and that they can supplement but that's going to be a process
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that involved hard methodical work. it isesn't going to be something that happens just because suddenly we take a few more air strikes. that's the kind of hard work that i know france is prepared to do. the united states is prepared to do, and perhapses in the future russia will be as well. thank you, everybody. >> that is the president of the united states, speaking to reporters along with the french president francoise calling it barbaric. on what has happened in the battle against isil so far, saying there have been 8,000 ai