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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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russian fighter jet, saying the plane violated it's air space. >> i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. >> vladimir putin says it is a stab in the back. president obama finds isil must be destroyed. >> killing 11 people.
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>> one of the most serious incidents in more than half a century. turkey is shot down a russian war plane. the president says his country's planes were protecting their borders after the jet violated it's air space. russia denies that and a furious president has described the downing as a stab in the pack. he said it would have serious consequences for relations with turkey. a helicopter that was scouring the site was attacked. which complicates things who has been meeting barac meeting. in this report now from rob matheson. >> a russian jet fighter plunges to the ground.
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turkey's government says aircraft shot it down. close to the syrian border. >> this is a stab in the pack, the pilot did not threaten anyone, and the plane was shot down in syrian air space. working with us for turkey, this tragic event would have serious consequences for relations. >> both pilots ejected and parachuted to the drowned. russian military helicopters are reported to be searching for them near the border. the syrian opposition says it has the body of one of the pilots and that the second one is also dead.
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the fact that turkey is feeling bold enough to take this action, i think speaks actions about the new political confidence in this context. >> the jet is a 24, the russian built all weather attack aircraft that has flown in almost all conflicts since it was first introduced in 1967. turkey says aircraft have crossed the border several times. last month a plane flew into the air space close to syria and the prime minister described the incident as a mistake. he backs by nato warned then that the armed forces had
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clear instructions to intercept even a flying bird. unless a solution is found, fast, al jazeera. this video show as helicopter being blown up on the ground in the country side near the boarder which tracks the conflict. it said it used a miss tile so destroy the helicopter. it landed because of a technical problem and all onboard are safe. following the reaction in turkey.
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many the fight against isil, the long border with syria. this is exactly who i think the community is willing to have the two countries deescalate so that they can talk about a new protocol, a new modest of remember die about how to take on isil. the problem here is that as long as you have this growing divide between turkey, and russia about how to sort out the crisis will it be extremely difficult to agree on how to take on isil. turkey says that the biggest problem is president bashar al asaad. he has to step aside and then the rest will be easy. russia says that no one has the right to ask asaad to go only the syrian people should
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do that in a referendum. americans and the international coalition against isil i think will step in in the coming days and try to have the turks and the russians agree on how to move forward, because that would be the only way the fighter against isil and to find a permanent political solution to the crisis in syria. >> until now we don't know the fate of the second pilot. he may have been killed for more we will talk to them. >> the russian aircraft violated the air space and it was brought down in the mill area. the pilot was shotted be i the opposition fighters. he was shot while trying to land when he was killed. >> where did it happen exactly.
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>> it was on the right of the mill area. near an area called the northern big river. >> i have heard he may have been killed but we don't know act the second pilot, his fate sun known. >> turkey's president says turkey is protecting the borders. >> we always used to warn russia about penetrating our borders, turkey never penetrated the borders or breeched any violation. that is why turkey has always tries to keep the border and respect the borders of it's neighbors. turkey has the right of course to protect it's own borders and everyone should respect this decision. >> again now to the first comments made by vladimir putin on the downing of the jet. >> this is a stab in the
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back. the pilot did not threaten anyone. either way, our pilots and our plane were not posing a threat to turkey. this tragic event will have serious consequences for relations. we have always ratterred turkey, not only as a close neighbor, but also as a friendly state, i don't know who wanted what was done today, but we didn't. in any case. instead of contacting us immediately, turkey addressed their partners as if it was us who downed the plane, not vice versa. our jet fell six-kilometers away within syrian air space. there shall, we decided to
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caning the plan for wednesday, between the foreign ministers of the russian federation, and the republican of turkey within the planning group, would have reference to the incident that happened today and manifestation is growing in the territory. >> an assessment of the incident shows that the jet did fly into turkish air space. >> i have previously expressed my concerns about the implications of the military actions of the russian federation. close to nato borders. this highlights the importance of having and respecting arrangements to avoided such incidents in the future.
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as we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with turkey, and support the territorial integrity, of our nato ally turkey. we will continue to follow the developments on the south eastern borders of nato very closely. i look forward to further contacts and i call for calm and deescalation al jazeera is lye for the us inside nato headquarters. so the focus there as we heard was calming the situation down, how are we going to do that in practice? >> the key message, that they really wanted to push home, is that the calming the deescalation with russia is absolutely vital, but on the other hand, of course, nato is throwing it's weight behind the line member, and has reiterated the believe that the russian jet was
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indeed in turkish air space when the decision was made to shoot the jet down. for the time being, we believe that all diplomatic channels with russia, at least on the surface are closed for the time being. that no dialog has been really happening either on the surface or behind closed doors between nato and russia. we imagine that will change in the coming days. it has been a time to consider all the evidence that is being presented to it during the course of this exceptional north atlantic meeting a very rare event in nato circles. only a hand full of these exceptional meetings have actually been held, but it was a chance to consider a whole arye of information provide bid the turkish authorities we believe a video may have been played to 28 member states at that meeting too. and the result of which is of course that nato now believed
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very much that turkey had actually spotted the russians 24 jet within it's territory at a time of the decision was made to shoot it down. >> your impression from what you have been hearing that turkey is also in some ways wanting to deescalate this and they called the meeting as a special meeting rather than anything more serious than that. >> much less by way of saber
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rattles this of course, is a very tense time, for all, eses specially when it comes to key nato members like france, who obviously with president allan over in washington, pushing for much more global effort when it comes to defeating isil and ending the war, it's been encredibly important for nato to tread very carefully indeed. these are very difficult times and of course for turkey that remains on the forfront of really what is happening in syria, and the on going conflict the attempts, of course to try to defeat isil, we can't imagine that there will be any stronger reiteration of
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nato's point than has already been made, and of course, that has a call for calm, and a call for deescalation intentions. >> thank you very much indeed. >> . >> near the belgium which is involved several gunshot wounds apparently according to medical services. we hope to speak to our correspondent later. a howses taj situation near belgium. >> right now the conflict t a the edges of the air space began almost as soon as russia started on syria in late september. russia gave little warning to the u.s. led coalition attacking isil in syria and iraq. frantic efforts were made.
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at the start of october, turkey scrambled two f 16 fighters to intercept a plane that crossed into syria. turkey also said that two of the jets had been harassed by an unidentified russia made. on the syrian border. the first time a nato member country has shot down a russian jet since the 1950's. he joins us live via skype. we have heard from the u.n., and a bomber, and nato, that they want an emphasis on deescalation, do you think that's what russia wants after this? >> to some extent, but of course right now, russia is seeing itself on the wrong side, because we lost a plane, we lost pilots and that actually, there was additional announcement here in moscow, but defense ministry the acknowledged
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those losing helicopters and this in the same area, and one russian marine is reported also killed in that action. a syrian opposition they took men opposition forces. there should be some kind of pay back. >> what kind of form do you think that might take? we know the defense ministry says it will suspend contact, what measures beyond that do you think might be taken. >> we should work out of course for more serious things like the rules of engangment, of russian forces there in syria. because it is obvious that
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if -- as russian president said, that this russian bomber was not threatening turkey directly, was not bombing the turkish territory or intending to. the opposition there close to the turkish border, also apparently, attacking the syrian turk which turkey has mow is doing to defend, and turkey has recently made several diplomatic moves telling russia should not do it. >> and russian. >> attacking in that area, there's kind of also a local offensive by the asaad forces. to dislodge these -- and this groups of syrian oppositions with russian air support. >> so the fact that russian sha -- the continued action.
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>> in the past. >> sorry to interrupt you, in the past obama has and some of the others in the anti-isil coalition, if you like have criticized for attacking groups that are not part of it, how do you see this effecting coalition efforts and yet it is brings russia into that coalition against isil. with this coalition is not seeing very feasible right now, because right mow is really -- requires is to prevent further such action, maybe this an incident just isolated incident, because there is high prohibit that there's going to be more air crashing between russian and turkish forces. because russia says it ises going to continue. and attacking targets near the turkish border. and clear that the turkish military will see such attacks as provocation, and may use the planes flying too
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close, they can shoot down more. and see russia can -- russian fighters can begin to escort bombers on sufficient missions to attack the air force if the turkish fighters if they try to shoot down russian bombers so there's a high problem -- >> they are holding a proofing, let's listen in. >> as you correctly noted with president hollande we are still in the processing of getting al the details. he alluded to the fact that he would be reaching out many the next several days.
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but he did stress the fact that it is important for russia and turkey to talk, to find out what happened and also to take measures to deescalate the situation. you heard similar stress on the deescalation point from secretary general of nato. just a little while ago, certainly we are many discussioning or conversations with both russia and turkey. i can't tell you what level they are going on. orb just trying to again at these early stages to decide what happened.
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looking at both sides to deescalation the situation right now. again, what is important here, is -- is -- for us to gather all the facts. to get a clear understanding and we just heard from turkey, on what -- on the series of events that led to the incident. but again, the emphasis we would like to place is on deescalation. >> do you accept the turkish version as fact as what happened? >> again, i think -- you know, turkey is a nato ally, and as such it was discussed
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what happened, but you know, what is important, and the president spoke to this is we need a deescalation, but we also need russia to recognize the fact that the president spoke to the on going problem with russia, the operating very close to turkish boarders, turkey's border, and have been going after and targeting the moderate syrian opposition, and that -- those circumstances might have led to this. >> nato stands in solidarity. >> of course. so that would seem to me that you accept the version of events. or are you looking trying to reconcile that with some competing version? are you in solidarity with
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turkey because it's an ally and nato is expected to act in solidarity? i was a pit confused because the first comments on the record out of the pentagon, this morning were this is an issue between russia and turkey, and not -- and that does not seem to be the case now if nato is in fact standing in solidarity with the turks. >> and the president spoke to this as well. turkey has a right to defend it's territory which includes the air space. again, even if this was a u.s. incident, or any kind of incident, there's going to be a process in place to determine what happened what occurs and even if initial reports seem to indicate one thing or another, we will still do a thorough investigation. that's one thing that is on going right now. wait a second, let me finish answering the question. so again, we don't want to
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rush to judgement. whether or not the russian aircraft entered the turkish air space. >> i don't know that information. i can't write that assessment from here. >> has the state department reached out the -- >> good evening taking you trite to tunisian where the president the talking let's listen in. >> this atrocity. would like after consultation with the president of the government and the counsel to call for emergency state of emergency. and then impose a curfew
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between 9:00 p.m. 25:00 a.m. and that the high security council will have a meeting in the palace at 10:00 a.m. to make the decision. this situation. without any doubt, these terrorists -- they want to take from our win, in order to -- not to confront these situations. i want to get into our heart and the heart of our people, and from this position i would like to say that the fear, will move from here to the terrorist as i said before. that we are in a state of war, against terrorist and so we will continue with this
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war, with all the people and evolution we have. and this victory. will be the -- in the side of tunisia. and stated also earlier. >> confirmed the terrorist due to this, and i would like to assure the tunisian will be with them. and then this equation, for the condition to our people and the families who are victim in the place of honor and those who have been
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wounded which has been quite a big number, but the numbers and the condition we should not talk about it too much. is only after they take place, and then the the state will make the statement, and i would like to address the the journalist we are in a very awkward situation, we should not speak or announce without so we are not going to create fear with our people and our organization. without any investigation in the end, i beg go to bless our models that's the government will be to the level to undertake and take care of all this injured and
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after with the meeting with the higher council will be something else. you are watching the tunisian president announcing that he has called for a state of emergency, this will involve a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. this after 12 people died in tunis after a bus carrying presidential guards was hit by an explosion, that was also in june in the killing of 38 tourists at the beach resort. who is in tunis, declaring a state of emergency, tell us what this will entail aside from the curfew. why he has done this at this point.
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the security forces will be out in force, they can stop and check people on the streets they can arrest people. and basically it gives them a lot of powers to be able to deal with this situation. i mean when it was brought into place after the attacks in june, this was a lot of criticism saying that you are taking away the freedoms that people fought and died for during the revolution by bring manager the state of emergency, but it is very similar to what we are seeing in france, for example, and at other place ms. the world right now, the state of emergency, and also his words that the country is in a state of war. it is not clear still who is behind the attack. the security forces have come under attack. mainly on the border with al jazeera.
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>> what other measures are there against groups like isil and other armed groups that have been causing disruption and sort of outbreaks of violence? what kind of things has the president been doing? >> . >> well, it's been heightened security since june, since march. since the attack here. but this attack, right many the heart -- and i cannot overemphasize how important this street is, really. it is the heart of the center of tunis. there are embassies on this street. the former headquarters of the ruling party. it's a busy area, with cinemas, shops, people this was a busy time, people driving homes after work.


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