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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening. this is al jazeera america. diffusing tension between the west and russia. the diplomat i can manoeuvring underway after turkey shoots down a russian fighter jet and the impact it could have on the war against isil. taking to the streets, the outrage in chicago tonight after dashcam video shows a police officer shooting a black teenager 16 times an the murder charge that officer now phase joining forces to defeat isil. the plan the u.s. and france
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have with the challenge ahead and to get russia's cooperation. a white chicago police officer is under arrest charged with first degree murder in the fatal shooting of a black teenager. tonight, chicago police released dashcam video that shows the october, 2014 shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. prosecutors say jason van dyke shot mcdonald 16 times with the intent to kill. van dyke is being held without bail. the new video has sparked protests tonight in chicago. a group of demonstrators have been walking through the streets of the city for hours now. diane estherbrook has been follow that crowd. more from her in a few minutes. first andy rojde with the latest. andy? >> antonio, can you imagine how bad these protests would have been had that officer not been
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charged with murder today in well, the fant that he was charged with murder just before the video was released was no accident? >> officials in chicago have released this dashcam video of the fatal shooting of laquan mcdonald in 2014. "al jazeera america" is only showing the first few seconds of the deadly altercation in which police officer jason van dyke shot mcdonald 16 times. what we are not showing after the young man falls is the teen writhing on the ground and puffs of smoke coming up from degree around him. tuesday morning, a somber looking van dyke turned himself in and is now being held without bond. prosecutors confirm what has been roomod about this dashcam video. >> to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. i have absolutely no doubt this skied yes will tear at the hearts of all chicagoans. >> on one hand, the prosecutor said they had planned to charge
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officer vann dike with murder before a judge ordered the release of the video. they say that order sped up their timetable to charge him. but they insist they didn't feel pressure to charge van dyke just because of the video and the protests it might trigger. >> pressure? this is no pressure. why -- i would never be pressured in making any kind of decision quickly. >> without the video, prosecutors say there was evidence from witnesses on the scene that showed to them that the shooting was not justified prosecutors also say van dyke started shooting just six seconds after getting out of his squad car as mcdonald was walking away. they insist even though it's been over a year since the shooting, they were digging into this case from the beginning. but the attorney is for officer vann dike says the video won't look the same for people sitting at home. >> from the comfort from their living room and their sofa, it's not the same is it as the
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perspective from my clients. >> chicago's police chief and the mayor have called for calm. >> people have a right to be angry. people have a right to protest. people have a right to free speech but they do not have a right to commit criminal acts. >> we have to get to a place in the city where officers who control communities in our city see a young man not as a potential problem and a risk but they also see in that young man an individual who is worthy of their protection. >> for many in chicago's black community, the murder charge was a clear have i been occur. >> from what i heard in the courtroom and what y'all heard in the courtroom, that man was charged righteously for murder. >> the family of laqu a. n mcdonald issued a short statement saying for protesters to remain calm and that would help maintain laquan's legacy. >> in chicago, you are looking at a live picture of the windy
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city where hundreds of people had taken to the streets the crowd seems to be confined to one intersection diane ester brook. >> we thought the protest ors were coming to police headquarters they began assembly after that was released. they have been walking through the streets blocking traffic this extended into the evening. they were occasionally forming human chains main making it difficult for motorists to pass through. there was some loud. >> actions with police but it never turned violent. these have been peaceful protests. i talked to a lot of the protesters. they say they are angry it's taken so long for charges to be
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filed against officer vann dike. >> it's inappropriate, injustice? >> if one of is civilians murdered someone, we would be in prison the next day. send him to prison today because he is the murderer. >> how come it took them 13 months to charge somebody they went to court and fought and fought and fought to keep the truth from the public. they are just charging him as a sham. >> a few hours ago, we saw a few of these protesters handcuffed by police we will know a little more on that later. >> diane in chicago, thank you. three white men are accused of shootings at a black lives rally in minneapolis minneapolis.
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five were wounded. minneapolis police are investigating along with federal agents. protest ors say they were white supremacists it was a planned hate crime against activists occupying the fourth precinct, to demand justice black lives matter. >> demonstrators are calling on minneapolis police to release video of the jamar clark shooting. >> has so far been refused. >> the increasing tensions between russia and the west over the conflict in syria, turkey says it shot down a russian fighter jet that violated its area space. russia says it was flying over syria at the time. it may complicate efforts to fight isil. jim jimmy mcintire has more from the pentagon.
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>> reporter: 924 in the morning when a pair of turkish f-16s targeted this su-24 russian fighter bomber with air to air missiles sending it streaking to the earth in flames. >> the 23two russian pilots ejected. the other claimed his men shot the pie rats. a possible war crime russia said one of its rescue helicopters came under smile arms fire and had to land. a video from the free syrian army showed the helicopter destroyed by fighters using a western anti-tank weapon. one russian marine was killed. >> the pentagon says no u.s. warplanes were involved in the downing the russian jest. while the u.s. saystie has every right to defend its airspace, the pentagon said an investigation would determine if the shootdown was justified. >> we are not able to conclude definitively right now as to
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exactly where the aircraft was and all of the circumstances that played out here. >> the turkish government released this track which it says traces the path two took o small sliver of turkey near the sir i cant border which it said was a clear violation of turk irwin sovereignty. according totie, it's f-16s radioed warnings 10 times over five minutes. >> change your heading south immediately. >> there was no response. the jets then crossed 1.6 miles into turkey flying for 1.1 miles, an intrusion that lasted just 17 seconds. it says one russian jet was fired on while it was in turkish airspace and it crashed on the syrian side of the border. >> russia countered with its own maps that told a different story insisting there were no radio warnings or attempts to visually contact the russian pilots.
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the turkish f 16s fired from syria airspace, why the su 24 went down 2.4 miles inside syria. it called the attack a severe violation of international law. as u.s. defense secretary ash carter welcomed his french counter part to the pentagon, the new tension between russia and a key nato ally seemed to further complicate the french proposal for more cooperation with moss co. the fentanyl gone says with its air campaign gaining traction, hear pinpoint strike techs out a bridge isil was using to deliver truck bombs, it has little interest in joiming forces with the russians who one spokesman accused of killing as many as a thousand civilians including 100 children while, in his words, slinging lead around the battlefield. >> this is a sloppy military work. this is the reckless and irresponsible imprecise and frankly, uncaring approach to
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operations in syria that the russians have taken on. >> russia has promised a response to the shootdown but says it won't be military. the u.s. is urging turkey and russia to deescalate the situation through diplomacy, discussion and decon flicktion measures. antonio? >> jimmy mcintire at the pentagon. nato is standing squarely behind turkey in this dispute after the jet was shot down. nato convened an emergency meeting in brussels. afterward, a call for calm to urge russia and turkey to doo escalate the situation backedtie-class that the russian did invadetie's airspace. in a few minutes, a former secretary -- assistant secretary of defense will join us for a closer look at the potential fall out from today's incidents and how it puts the united states and other nato alleys in a difficult position the new details of the investigation into the paris attacks are being
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released. bell jump has issued an international arrest warrant for another suspect named mohammed abrini, seen at a gas station with the 8th attackers who is still at large. thorpts warn he is probably armed and dangerous. the wring leader of the attacks is said to have returned to the crime scenes that evening when please stormed the building. a man who police say provided the attackers with an apartment north of paris has now been charged with terrorism-related offenses. french president francois hollande met today. the two leaders vowed to step up airstrikes against isil and emerged victorious. assays's senior washington correspondent reports, turkey's downing of the russian war plane makes coordination among all countries involved more complicated. >> with a potential conflict looming, president obama wants to stop events from getting out of hand. >> my top priority is go to be
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to ensure that this does not escalate. >> french president agrees and as he sat down with president obama in the latest of his meetings with world powers, he asked for allied unity against isil in the wake of the paris attacks. >> today, we wanted on the occasion of that meeting first of all to share our determination, relentless determination to fight trailer everywhere and anywhere. >> even as france and the u.s.-led coalition step up the air campaign against isil, like mr. obama, hollande said french combat florsz not go into syria and both say there is no military solution there. they stress the diplomatic push underway in vienna. leaders stroud keep russia out of those attacks unless russia focus on isil, not other groups opposed to syrian president bash arrest al-assad, groups backed by the u.s. and its alleys.
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>> russia is the outliar. we hope that they re-focus their attention on what is the most substantial threat and that they serve as a constructive partner. >> for president obama, his meeting was meant to send a message of unity, not just with france but within the united states where rancor over what to do about syrian refugees and whether they should gaen interest is a major issue. last week at the g 20, mr. obama scolded those who said refugees should be barred from coming to the u.s.? >> that's not american. that's not who we are. his tone was criticized from bothsized of the political divide. monday, mr. obama said he understood why some are hesitant on the question of ref upees but didn't back away from his vow to allow them access to the u.s. we cannot and we will not succumb to fear, nor can we allow fear to divide us.
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that's how terrorists win. >> antonio, a continuing issue among european countries that need to harmon eyes and share intelligence. president obama today publipushing european nations to share airline passenger information, something that maryland isn't done right now. antonio? >> mike vaquiera at the whitehouse. a criminal trial at the vatican. why some say the catholic church is violating their rights.
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. these are live pictures from chicago where protests have been going on all evening and tensions have flared up in receipt moments at this protest. we saw some scuffles among the protest-offs and police. they are there because today, a white police officer in chicago was charged with first degree murder in the fatal shooting of a black teenager and tonight, police had released video, a dash cam video showing how that teenager was shot 16 times and so that is what led to the protests tonight. they have mostly been peaceful. we saw some small scuffles. we will keep an eye on them andbly you news as it happens. the president of tunisia has declared a curfew after at bombing in the company's capital city. it targeted a bus carrying members of the presidential guard. the explosion killed at least 12 people and wounded more than a dozen others. the interior ministry is calling it a terrorist act. this is the third such attack in
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tunisia this year. 50 million americans will be travelling this holiday weekend in light of the receipt stookz around the world, security is being tightened across country. as al jazeera's lease a stark reports, there is now a special focus on transportation hubs. >> antonio, u.s. officials incest there is no credible or specific intelligence that points to a possible attack here in the u.s. last night, the f.b.i. did send out a bulletin to law enforcement nationwide telling them to be on the lookout for individuals whom they want to rep -- who may want to replicate what happened in. in the after mass of the paris attacks people are on edge. president obama addressed those fears head on during a news conferences with the president french president. saying he wanted to speak directly to the american people groups like isil cannot defeat
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us on the battlefield. so they try to terrorize us at home. against soft target against civilians, against innocent people. even as we are vigilant, we cannot and we will not succumb to fear. >> the president said go about your business, a thought echoed by the head of homeland security. >> my message to the public in this holiday season is wiurge you to go to public places,ents and know that our folks are on the job. >> counter terrorism experts say there is no reason to be any more concerned than last thanksgiving. >> just actually far more likely to have your purse snatched or wallet pick pothed than you are to be targeted by jihadist. >> still from subway platforms to the heart of new york city, tactical units are on patrol. two big cities that have beefed up execute after isil indicated
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it is eyeing times square and the nation's capitol. in new york, security will be tight for the annual thanksgiving day operate. >> we always police that parade with very large numbers of uniformed officers this year, i think you will see a larger presence. it will heighten the sense of execute. supposed to be a booufth weather day, one of the most beautiful days we have hadeautiful weather day, one of the most beautiful days we have had. >> just this weekend, new york police ran are a drill practicing for an active shooter in the subway system planned before the paris attacks but updated because of them to include an attacker wearing a suicide vest. sub wafrmingsz, trains and planes rain top targets, there are at that many to protect. too many potential attackers to monitor all the time. eventually, someone is going to
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slip through the system and they are going to succeed and attack. >> stewart and other security experts say even though the u.s. remains an appealing target, it is less vulnerable than europe, closer to iraq and syria and has many more residents who have embraced isil and its ideology. antonio? >> lisa stark in washington. secretary of state john kerrrk says the recent wave of attacks by palestinians in the middle east must be condemned as terrorism. his comments qaim after separate leaders. kerry said the u.s. remains committed to achieving a two-state solution in an effort to end the current outbreak of violence and the u.s. recognizes israel's right to self defense. >> today, i express my xleetz condemnation for any act of terror that takes innocent lives and disrupts the day-to-day life
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of a nation. itionis has every right in the world to defend it's sell and has an obligation to defend itself. it will and it is. >> the vice lens erupted in mid-september over tensions that the al you can answer a mosque compound. since then action 89 palestinians and 19 israelis and one american have been killed in the unrest a controversial trial is underway at the vatican. five people stand accused of leaking and publishing inaccurate documents. the defendants include two investigative journalists and a priest. journalists say they are being attack attacked. the writers say all 5 could be i am prisoned up to eight years. to space and back on a reusable rocket. next, one of the companies in the grossing paspace travel
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industry hits a major milestone. >> a recycling revolution. >> closing the cycle. it's easy for us to have 100% recycle material. >> transforming one man's trash.
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some space history was made. a privately financed rocket went into space and turned around, coming back again to land safely on earth. john terrett was watching.
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this is the completion or a big step in the dreams of one very successful american entrepreneur. >> living the dream, antonio. no doubt about that for jeff besos, the e-commerce pioneer behind blue origin which one day, fingers crossed will carry people in to orbit at a discount rate. >> 5, 4, general start. >> 110,000 pounds of trust. >> and liftoff. >> blue origins on its way up to the internationally recognized boundary of space more than 60 miles up. the chip is impacted by the shy owner of you can see him creeping into the control room to watch. >> this is the first vehicle that has taken off under its own power that i know of, traveled into space and came back down and the entire vehicle landed again under its own power. >> history in the making as the rocket gently kisses the landing
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pad in west texas, speed down 4.2 miles per hour. what will may be his first ever tweet, a used rocket controlled landing not easy but done right can look easy. the idea is to make blue origin and the new shepherd capsule named for the first american in space, alan shepherd, available to companies and individuals so that going to space becomes almost second nature. >> say you took a 737, an airway plane, boeing airplane and used it once and you had to build a whole new airplane to take another flight. >> rival space x boss tweeted congratulations to jeff bezos. his firm had two unsuccessful attempts to land a falcon 9 rocket on an ocean platform. >> it didn't go to specs. the vehicle went up close to 400,000 feet. it went into space and then came back down and landed under, you know, rocket engine propulsion.
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>> the blue origin crew said their capsule made a controlled landing on legs less than 5 feet from the secenter of the launchpad. they call it a full reused game changer and a red letter day for private space flight. >> touchdown, engine stopped. >> wouldn't you like to be the man that says touchdown, engine stopped. i know i would very much. >> landing u, 4.4 miles per hour, faster than you and i could walk but gentle enough to prevent damage on the spacecraft. >> very exciting. president obama handed out the presidential medal of freedom to seventeen notable americans at the whitehouse late this afternoon. among those receiving the nation's highest honor action civilian, the highest civilian honor, bassie balled legend willie mays. >> i rode with heon air force 1. i told him, just because of giants like willlie someone like me could even think about running for president. >> among the others, steven
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spielberg, barbara streisand and itsak. head to rye suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night. ♪ >> for years, the sporting world has struggled to find out which athletes are cheating, using chemicals to get an edge. now one of the long time sporting powers, russia, is staring at a ban from athletic competition. russian athletes are accused of being engaged in long-term systematic dope, and there's evidence that russian authorities knew all about it. from the olympics in rio and an olympic sized scandal.


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