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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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unite nations tries to deescalate tensions after turkey shoots down a russian jet. ankara says it was in turkey airspace. hello. this is the world news. the russian president vladimir putin is insisting his country didn't violate turkish airspace. also in the news a state of emergency confirm in tunisia after 12 people with are killed on a bus. after a police video is released
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showing a white officer shooting a black teenager creates protests. we will start with the reports that one of the pilots in the russian jet that was drowned by turkey on tuesday has now been picked up by the syrian military. since the incident to which killed the other pilot, russia has warned turkey of some serious consequences. just remind you where we are, turkey defending itself saying the jet entered its airspace for 17 seconds. russia insists it was actually in syria caring out strikes against i.s.i.l. on the border. turkey saying it has the right to defend itself. to our correspondent of the what more has developed since yesterday or is this all just bubbling along at the moment?
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>> reporter: reports of heavy fighting in a particular area where the russian fighter jet crashed after it was shot down by an f16, occur curb plane. heavy fighting. -- turkish plane. we don't know if it is reprisal or the syrian army shooting the area of latakia on the border with turkey. the turkish government insists it was a legitimate act and that the russians ignored ten warnings. therefore, the turkish government had to act and brought down the fighter jet. now, the government says the different statements from different leaders internationally as a sign of support for turkey, particularly president obama, the chief of nato and also different key players, but at the same time i think the president ergodan was saying if we had to do that act,
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we definitely are generally looking to in appeasement in the new future. he was referring to the fact that there needs to be a permanent solution to the crisis in syria. this is why he is floating the same idea of having a safe zone inside syria where refugees and rebel groups could converge to put an end to this ongoing crisis it has to be in the immediate term about diffusing this problem at the moment because the long-term problem has been there for so long and will continue to be one suspects, but right now they have to make sure this doesn't turn into something more or worse. >> reporter: exactly. i think when you look at the media today, there are mixed reactions. pro government, media and also members of other parties say this is a legitimate act, the russians have to understand that
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turkey is a nation and their integrity has to be respected, its airspace should never be violated. but the problem we have at the time being is that we have two over lapping issues now which is the crisis in syria and the fight against i.s.i.l. there's lack of clarity and coordination among the international coalition against i.s.i.s. what you have for the time being is russians launching a military campaign right on the border with you are turkey and international launching against i.s.i.l. in various place. i think there needs to be a certain agreement about how to move forward to avoid this thing happening again. thank you. we will go to moscow now. anything more on the fate of the second russian pilot that we're hearing about? >> reporter: this has come from something that it seems the
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russian ambassador to france has said on europe one radio. i will read you the quotes that i have seen. he was talking about the feet of the two pilots sorry, we've got president ergogan speaking in - i've interrupted you too early. hold on a second. we're just waiting to check. here we go. live pictures coming in now from istanbul. i would like to say welcome. we've got to keep our path cl r clear. in addition to the economic, political and social matters, we
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will continue to deal with, discuss and consider various issues that we will solve. the situation to be reached during this summit, i pray will bring auspicioness and graciousness. the global crisis that came about some years ago has not been or come as yet. the figures of today when compared to the figures of the period pre-crisis we can see
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that the numbers are extremely low. the economic, global economic figures appear to be statement. thankfully here in the last 10 years the share of islamic countries in world trade shows an increase of 40%. similarly, our share in the world product shows a 60% increase. in addition, during recent years member countries have experienced significant
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improech improechts -- improvements. experts by many countries have a significant portion of industry what we've got here, this is a conference, the standing committee for economic and economic cooperation at the oic. that is why you're hearing him talk about the economy. we will monitor this speech as it goes on and when he speaks about the situation with the russian jet, which i'm sure he will, we will come back to that speech. in the meantime, in moscow our correspondent. we come back to you. we asked you about the status of the russian pilots. >> reporter: that's right. what i was saying was that these lines about the second pilot seem to have come from the russian ambassador to france.
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he was speaking on europe one radio and made the following comments. talking about the first pilot, that is dead. the second pilot, one managed to escape. according to the latest information he is being picked up by the syrian army and should be going to - back to the russian air force base in syria. now, he may have been talking out of line, he may have information that has not been made otherwise publicly available. the fact is that at the moment official line from the russian defense ministry is that, yes, one pilot is dead. the fate of the second pilot is still unknown let's get a word also on the situation with the russian leadership. what are they talking about? obviously, they're not happy with ankara, they're talking about relationships changing,
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but that mean any retaliation for this specific event? >> reporter: well, if we listen to vladimir putin on tuesday, a very, very angry russian president. he said that russia had been stabbed in the back he called this a betrayal and he said, of course, there would be some sort of response. it seems like the russian government is trying to work out what that response should be. it mass made a fairly minor reat ataliatry measures but it is still figure out what to be done. we heard this morning from the russian prime minister. he said this was a criminal act. he said that essentially what turkey had done was used the excuse of state border protection to dangerously worsen relations between russia and nato. he said that this was essentially unacceptable. he also talked about what implications this might have for
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concussion/turkish relations. what he talked about was that joint projects, particularly vernal projects, might find themselves to be severed. i think he is referring there to the turkish stream gas pipeline project. he also said that turkish companies might find that they are at some point soon unwelcome in the russian marketplace. of course, what people will be watching very closely for is any sign of military escalation of course. thank you for that in moscow. now to brussels. the other group we have to consider in all of this is nato. what have they been saying? >> reporter: well, nato on the one hand are calling for calm and a deescalation of tension, but on the other hand they have been quick to rally to support to the alliance member turkey. over the course of the extraordinary north atlantic council meeting on tuesday of
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which only a handful have been held over the 66 year history, the delegation presented to all 28 permanent members of the nato alliance a collection of data. we believe a video was played as well. soon after it was very much the position of the secretary general that the russian jet was in turkish airspace when the decision was made to shoot it down. of course, there are convicting opinions over exactly where the jet was. the russians say it didn't go into turkish airspace and the turkish say it did and it is in nobody's interests now for this to play out militarily of course, but we may well see more assertiveness, i think, from turkey and russia in the coming days and because nato has now committed itself in supporting turkey's version of events, of course, that drags in the alliance as well. this, of course, comes at a very challenging time when important nato members like france are
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calling for more global efforts when it comes to defeating i.s.i.l. russia and nato are meant to be on the same sides after all when it comes to defeating i.s.i.l., even though they have differences of opinion about the future of bashar al-assad just a quick word if you wouldn't mind on something else, and that is the situation in brussels. i'm interested to know how things are. obviously, the hunt has been going on to people related to the paris attacks. i can hear sirens behind you. what's going on there this morning? >> reporter: yes. well, that's very, very typical. it's pretty quiet here on the streets of brussels. the silence is punctuated by police sirens now and again. it is meant to be a normal working week, but it is far from normal. this morning a number of metro lines have opened. schools and universities have opened too, although we believe that most schools are locking their doors. the metro au lines are heavily pro trolleyed by police--
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patrolled by police. there's a lot of presence on the streets which remain at category 4, the most critical security level until at least monday next week. this, of course, as the continued operation defined salah abdeslam-- to find salah abdeslam, the man in relation to the attacks in the news ahead nigeria's new president has promised to clean up corruption in the oil sector. we will tell you about that. i've just been told that we can go live about back to istanbul now. there he is, the turkish president. >> translation: 380,000 innocent people have been massacred by state terror caused
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by the current regime in syria. iraq, yemen, palestine, lebanon, egypt and libya are in great difficulties. our brothers and sisters in palestine and are facing assaults and attacks from israel and despite that, they continue a dignified solemn struggle. the siege that's approaching its eight-year has turned gaza into an open-air prison. those who suffer violence in the area, whose houses have been burnt, thousands of others are
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trying to survive. these heart breaking images, as if they're not enough, those who use islam as a tool for their dirty objectives continue to massacre innocent peoples, including muslims. pay attention to the fact that the primary target of such terror organizations is other muslims who do not share their views.
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it is the islamic country's, the most words out of our civilization, people of wisdom that suffer the most due to the acts of such organizations. we all must take a firm stand against such networks, the likes of which we have faced throughout the history as they range from. we have to remember a reminder, being a muslim is a blessing that makes us mature and glorious and a blessing that we can thank for and take pride in. it is high time we urge people to be just patient,
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compassionate and merciful. we are in need of commonsense more than ever and forbidding indecency. it is our duty as muslims to get rid of such cells as they aim at destru destructing the islamic condition. as you know, one of the main agenda items for the g20 summit held under the turkish presidency last week on november 15 and 16 was counter terrorism. as the leaders of countries comprising muslim populations were gathered on the occasion of the summit and signed an
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historic declaration that points to our stance against this matter. we put a particular emphasis on the fact that there's no difference between those killed in paris and those massacred in beirut, ankara, baghdad, kuwait, syria and iraq on a daily basis. as a that has been fighting terrorism for the last 30 years, we have not and will not discriminate between people who died in mali a few days ago or people who were slaughtered in nigeria. he who deems life sacred must adopt same attitudes and have a principled and coherence sense of the issue of terrorism. if one considers the people
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killed in the middle east of africa as some statistics, as they do to hundreds of thousands of people dying in syria, one would only play into the hands of terrorist organizations. if one sees the global sensitivity, birds, plants, animals, innocent children, every single day this indifference would lead to a greater disaster. shutting doors in the face of millions of syrians and iraqis who only strive to survive and hold to life would further deepen this problem. the only way to ensure safety and peace is to embrace and
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protect refugees, not to kick them or sink their boats or turn a deaf ear to their outcrys. everyone should be aware of the fact that hiding behind barbed wires or high walls does not keep any way from any problem. by the same token, we have to admit that islamphobic, zen phobic and-- xenophobic will continue this problem. no nation or region cannot be accepted or excused in any way. it is wrong to blame the
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followers of a certain religion and force them to plead as if they were guilty just by looking at the identification of a tourist. you cannot identify terrorism with islam wherever you are, wherever you are, you cannot use terrorism as an object to islam. no-one has that right. i need to say this again. unfortunately, the marginalised do to their religious belief, appearance, mother tongue and skin color, especially the youths, become more vulnerable to the propaganda of terrorist organizations. we have to award steps that
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would further aggravate this tendency, secretary tearian and-- sectarian and strategies in syria laid the foundation for the emergence of an organization like d.a.e.s.h. right from front of our eyes. insisting on wrong policies by turning a blind eye to the father regime and dropping bombs on syrianss who struggle to lead a free and honourable life is equivalent to feeding the monster. the day before, we all witnessed how careless steps that ignored stability, the future of a whole region can lead to regrettable outcomes. in spite of all our warnings yesterd
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yesterday, an unidentified jet fl flew, violated the turkish airspace. they were warned ten times in five minutes. ten times in five minutes. upon the warnings over military authorities, one of these war planes returned to syrian airspace. however, the other one insisted on violating turkish airspace. one of our f16s, which were patrolling in the area, in line with the rules of engagement, have shot the war plane. the war plane took hit and it crashed into syrian territory.
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some parts of this aeroplane was also fell to our territory injuring two of our citizens. later on this war plane was identified as a russian federation war plane after the declarations made by the relevant authorities of the on fore mentioned country. turkish has made the relevant information available for u.n. security council and nato. they claim to be fighting against d.a.e.s.h. however, they are in latakia and the north area which is for other reasons. there is no d.a.e.s.h. there.
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we know the locations where d.a.e.s.h. are. they are in other areas in the east and the south. for a long time we exerted extensive efforts in order to prevent such a regrettable accident making necessary warnings to relevant countries. however, we have explained our sensitivity towards this issue to our neighbour. until yesterday the reason why such a thing did not happen is because of the cautious and well-intended behaviour of of the government of turkey. turkey is never on the side of tension or hostility. we are always for peace and diplomacy and we will maintain
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our attitude from now on through. no-one, no-one can demand from turkey that turkey will ignore all the acts violating turkish airspace and the infringement of sovereignty rights and the breach of law. turkey does not have a particular negative - we don't have any invention to escal-- intention to eescalate the situation. what we are worried about is to defend our security and the rights of our brothers, in the north of latakia, in the regions around our borders, and we are trying to protect our kin, our brethren who are living in that
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area. we are locating them to the camps in haiti and in syria and the turkish is providing every available support to our brethren. on one hand you have families and on the other hand you see the husband's of these families are struggling to defend their homeland. okay. we should be honest here. supporting someone who is practicing state terror is, if you confirm, if you approve violence or oppression, you are oppressor. muslim is a person that you feel safe about their actions and the words. you must be sure and safe about
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the words and actions of the person. we are against all terrorist organizations. and also we are against the bashar al-assad regime, which is inflicting state terrorism upon its own citizens. on both sides of the border, we are conducting our humanitarian aid and we are determined to take necessary measures to award a new way of migration into turkey. we will continue to do our part for the peace and security of the syrian people, distinguished brothers, distinguished guests. we expect all countries to take acti action. both issues and others -- member
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comes must take responsibility. some of the member countries participated in the section. the sustainable development goals put forward highly comprehensive objectives ranging from combatting poverty and inclusive economic growth to access energy and income justice. i believe that distinguished ministers will take important decision during the 31st session for the successful implementation and follow-up of the sustainable development code. i will like to know that. i attach capital importance to the following appoints to achieve-- points to achieve such major goals. >> reporter: we must actuate our political will in a


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