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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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turkish president says he accident want any escalation after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet. vladimir putin insists his country didn't violate turkish airspace and plans to suspend military cooperation with ankara-- an ca road accident. -- ankara. this is the world news. a suicide bomber blue up a boss carrying presidential guardsment a state of emergency has been declared. in chicago after a police video
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is released showing a white officer killing a black teenager. the ongoing developments on the russian jet which was shot down by turkish military. first of all, the president has spoken out again. he says the russian plane ignored warnings to leave his country's airspace and reiterated that it was within their right to shoot it down. here is more of what president ergogan said a short time ago >> translation: turkey is never on the side of tension or hostility. we're always replete in deloam see. we will not-- dip diplomacy. we do not have any intention to escalate. we are just defending an an air defense missile
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system is going. moscow says one of the pilots from the plane is safe aafter being picked up by the syrian army. the other died after jumping from the plane with a par chute. our correspondent live in moscow for us. tell us more about what russia is doing at the moment. it's not retaliating but making moves nonetheless of the >> reporter: yeah. what we have effectively at the moment is a complete paralysis in relations between russia and turkey. when asked what contacts were going on at the moment between these two countries, the kremlin's spokes person says there's absolutely nothing. we have no top level contacts going on right at the moment and it doesn't look like anything now and it doesn't exist now. it is a dangerous situation to be in when you have two
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countries who are rubbing up against each other not to actually be talking to each other. the kremlin said what has happened is a breach of international - breach of international law. the russian president has been quite forceful today in speaking about the turkish administration. he says that the erd negotiation an administration has for some time being holding a purposeful domestic policy of supporting islamisation in the country. he said islam is a great world religion and we support it. we will be continuing to do so but this is a question relating to turkey of a more radical trend the audio is not great, so we will leave it there. but thank you for that update. brussels now, of course, naivety one of the members. >> reporter: it is an important exercise in damage limitation at
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the moment for nato. on the one hand they're calling for calm and a deescalisation of toppingss between nato and russia. already at an all time low since crimea last year. nato has been quick to rally to support turkey. during the course of the extraordinary north atlantic council meeting on tuesday, the turkish delegation presented its findings and video and data as to how and why the decision was made to shoot down the russian jet. according to the turkish version of events, the jet was over turkish airspace at the time the decision was made. according to the turks a series of warning were given to the pilot of that plane before the decision was finally made. that now, according to nato is the shared position of all 28 members states. of course, nobody at the moment is interested in seeing this play out militarily, but we may
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well see in the coming days more assertiveness from turkey an russia. there may well be a war of words, if nothing else, and at the end of that, of course, nato may end up playing a much more assertive role also the u.s. president obama has reiterated his stance that turkey has a right to defend itself. he hopes that russia will give us the support for syria's president. all this came at a meeting. >> reporter: this was a meeting meant to send a message to u.s. and france stand united in the fight against islamic state in iraq and the levant. we stand by our friends >> reporter: the focus quickly shifted at a russian fighter jet shot down by turkey. they're hoping this won't escalate an already complicated conflict turkey like any country has a right to defend its territory
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and its airspace. i think it's very important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other, find out exactly what happened >> reporter: the leader said they would hope this incident would help push vladimir putin towards their coalition which they said they would welcome as long as he would eventually stop supporting bashar al-assad and stop targeting what they support. an american demonstration of will and capability both for the syrian government and for the russian government, i think would be very helpful at this point. not because you want to start shooting russian pilots out of the sky, but we want to demonstrate that we have an ability to protect the people we work with and if the russians will attack them, there will be consequences for the russians which the russians won't like.
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>> reporter: it remains to be seen if this affects russian trot gee, but it became clear after this press conference their strategy isn't changing only intensifying. >> translation: france will not intervene militarily on the ground. it is local forces who will do so >> reporter: some military experts say that will have a limited impact to be really effective, an air campaign needs something on the ground, an anvil to use the hammer against and that's not obvious to me. >> reporter: the white house believes russia had been starting to play a constructive role in the syrian conflict. the big worry after this is that will no longer be the case tunisian officials say a suicide bomb was used on a bus. 13 people were killed: a state of emergency saying the country
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is at war with terrorists. >> reporter: the remains of the presidential bus hit right in the heart of the city. it was picking up officers at a bus stop when the explosion happened on one of the capital's mine streets it was busy with commuters at the time. it was so loud it was heard across the center. the president called it an act of terror and imposed a state of emergency. >> translation: after consulting with the p.m. and the head of parliament, i would like to declare a state of emergency extending for 30 days as per you the law. secondly, there is a curfew imposed across all the the country starting at 9 this evening until tomorrow morning at 5. >> reporter: it is still recovering from two attacks on tourists this year. security forces were criticised then for not responding quickly. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for tows attacks.
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are accordingly to the government-- though attacks. there are around three thousand of its people fighting in three place. the face of emergency gives-- the state of emergency gives additional powers to make arrests and stop people from protesting as well as restrictions on media coverage. there was already additional security in major cities and strategic areas on the border. but they were unable to prevent the latest attack the shooting of another black teenager by a white policeman in the united states has provoked more protests. the officer has been charged with murder. >> reporter: these are the final moments of this 17-year-old's life. he was walking down a chicago street followed by police. a vandalism suspect.
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he was armed with a small knife. an officer opens fire and he falls to the ground. after that moment, he was shot again and again for a total of 16 times. the release of these pictures was delayed for a month amid fears of a back lash i understand that the people will be understand and will want to protest when they see this video. i would like to you can co the comments of the mcdonald family. they have asked for calm and for those who choose to speak out, to do it peacefully. >> reporter: chicago policeman who shoat the teenager has been charged with murder. his lawyer said he felt throatened by the knife-wielding teenager. he was stripped of his police powers immediately. as we all knowings, today he was charged with first degree murder by the state's attorney and as a result he has been put into what is a no pay status.
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>> reporter: hundreds of people came to the streets of chicago to protest against the killing. they're call for an end of lethal force by the police, predominantly against black young men people have a right to be angry and to protest, also to free speech, but they do not have a right to make criminal acts. >> reporter: chicago police has made millions of dollars in reparations in pieces tied to misconduct. they offered to pay $5 million to the mcdonald family before they even filed the case. it's not just chicago. there are other police who have come under scrutiny in a number of cities. this has continued for nearly ten days. here another black man was shot and killed by mineapolis police. the officers involved have been sent on leave. clerk's family wants the video of the incident to be released, but it would affect the ongoing investigation says the
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authorities. relations in the united states are further strained, people now have another reason to renew calls for a review of the use of letsal force by the police. -- lethal force in the news ahead no end in site to the stand off in measure as cuban migrants find themselves stranded on their way to the united states. a massive dinosaur grave in china that is releasing secrets from our past. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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you're with us here on al
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jazeera. turkey's president has said the plane which was shut down ignored several warnings to leave its airspace. the president said he doesn't want the situation to escalate. the turkish p.m. said he is keeping the channels of communication open. an air defense missile system at its base in syria says russia. one pilot was saved and the other died. a suicide bomber suspected of causing a bomb blast on a bus in tunisia. at least 13 people were killed. state of emergency has been declared. the about says tunisia is at war with terrorists. going back to the turkey/russia situation. live from the turkish capital ankara. run us through what the leadership has been saying today.
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has it ratcheted up the talk any more or trying to keep a lid on tensions? >> reporter: very much trying to keep a lid on tensions. the messaging that has come out from both of the prime ministers' offices has been clean in that it's saying that they didn't try to target this russian plane because it was a russian plane. they were defending their airspace and it was only after that the plane was down that they realised it was a russian one and following on from that they've been calling for a deescalation. it is important to know, for example, that the president when he gave an address yesterday evening and came to talk about this issue, members of the crowd he was addressing started applauding and he stopped them from clapping saying that this was something or this incident was something he wasn't happy with and that he was calling on some sort of calm and reconciliation between the two countries. as you mentioned also, the
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president in the past couple of hours speaking here as well after the formation of new government said that all lines of communication were open between turkey and russia in a bid to try and calm tensions between the two countries i will leave you there. thank you for that. here in the studio is our senior political analyst. 24 hours ago we were watching this unfold and thinking what is going to happen next. 24 hours next, cool heads are prevailing. i'm surprised at how much people are saying they don't want to escalate. there was going to be no military confrontation out of this. this was diplomacy through other means. a message was being sent and that was heard loud and clear, not only in moscow but also in washington and paris that turkey can no longer be ignored by those who are intervening in
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syria while turkey is basically being taken for granted because it is the one that is hosting and basically getting the brunt of all the refugees coming to the country, hosting the opposition and watching as its own allies inside turkey are being bombarded by the russians russia is going to send in more air missile defenses into syria. they're trying to keep cool here, but they're warning them as well, they've got the defense in place. let's take a deep breath. can you imagine that this is what the syrians need today? the syrians need more militarization of their broken country, more air defense systems? really? after the french have sent their aircraft carriers, the americans are bombing, they have bombed before, the iranians have intervened it's not about syria any more it is not.
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i think of it as a dog-fight. let's look at this in the context of the last four years. so the bashar al-assad regime trying to respond to peaceful demonstration by cracking down. 100 thousand syrians dated in the first year and a half. the iranians came in an hezbollah and more than 100,000 people died. what's the result? nothing. now the russians have come in. another 100,000 will die. so you have 300,000. what is the result? the result bamako bombing anteriorism, lebanon, bombing and terrorism; iraq bombing and terrorism; paris, bomb and terrorism, tunisia? i.s.i.l. continues to take stand and continues to recruit. someone needs to stand back and
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tell us what has appeared over the last four years it has all become about i.s.i.l., really. that is what mr david cameron, presidential obama and francois hollande talks about and it seems that they've lost sight of the fact that this wasn't an i.s.i.l. battle to start with. it was an internal syria problem here is the reminder that apparently, i would say, i was interpret, that the turkish message that have been yesterday. what did erdogan went on and underline this morning, it is not just about i.s.i.l. it is a symptom of a greater problem. that is authorize authority annism in russia and zect, rian in iraq. it's more of the same neglect of depression in syria that led to i.s.i.l.
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here we are once again faced with this need for political process. we've seen some signs of it in vienna, a process that needs to come together in a sirs serious way. this fight against i.s.i.l. is fragile and hypocrite cal you talk about a political process. there was some move in vienna. as we keep about not going back to the core issue here. so really those talks whenever they reconvene. presumably, as you know, they need a road pap where the syrian-- map where the syrians will come together. the problem here and the problem for turkey and for other arab neighbors of syria is that suddenly i.s.i.l. is the bad guy and i.s.i.l. is the bad guy, there is no doubt about that. it is a criminal organization
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that is running some sort of a pseudo entity, but it's the sad regime that is at the-- bashar al-assad regime that is at the driver seat as the engine of the problem that is called syria today. the broken country today, and as various monitoring organizations have told us, more than 89% of the casualties in syria is of the bombardment. that needs to be tackled we're waiting for our translation to come through. the russian prime minister. let's have a listen >> translation: in light of yesterday's incident was attacking turkish air force and russian aeroplane, also it is linked to the ille legal oil industry established by i.s.i.l.
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in their territory. what happened yesterday happened after the fact that those oil systems were targeted by our aviation. i'm reminded also that when our president during g20, it was again trying to probe the theme of no fly zone and buffer zone and hoped that potential syrian excursions would not continue and yesterday's attack on our aeroplane, it will not be them used - it will not use to agenda
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- to push through the agenda agenda of no polite zone. -- flight zone. i also note that security council called by turkish representatives - i mean conclusions of thattant the conclusions of that council meeting where strange they had no condolences and no condemnations and the aim was just to cover up turkish air force did yesterday. similar reaction was the minister who was trying to convince the intent to preserve relationship and also talked about the right of turkey to
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attack anyone who invade their airspace. it continues since beginning of september when the russian plane spent a few seconds in turkish airspace and we gave them proper explanation, but next time the turkish air force will not be able not to respond. indeed, he warned us, but our data objective, air control shows that our plane was within the syrian - over syrian territory and was attacked and crashed is syrian soil. our nato colleagues say and our defense minister confirmed today
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that our plane was in turkish - over turkish territory for 17 seconds, so i recall the case that happened three years ago before - just when the syrian tragedy was getting started in d damask which was accused of shooting down the turkish aeroplane and allegedly that invaded syrian territory, but then they explained that the breach of borders cannot be reason for any actions against it and i mentioned this to my syrian colleague, but he didn't say anything about it.
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safe. but parallel to that there is going to be a lot of thinking going on inside the russian leader ship at the moment about tried to have a dialogue of what happened. i just reiterated our president said yesterday, we're talking about the situation that arises, many questions and secondly i believe that a good, friendly relationship of our nations, russian and turkish, do not depend on political actions of politicians, and our agreements that we signed as president said we will review them very seriously in light of everything that is taking place recently in our relationship, especially
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attack on our airplanes. perhaps i should stop here after my introduction and answer some of your questions. you can be seated. you're blacking the camera. reviewing our relationship, we believe that it used to be a friendly country, turkey. it didn't support western sanctions and then sudden it came from friendly and everybody interested in other matters. even now our neighbors are asking us whether we're going to start war with turkey. then the question, issues about turkish fights, and our shifts and tourist industry how will this affect our relationship.
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>> translation: we are not intended to go to war with turkey. we do not change our opinion about turkish people. we just are assessing actions of current turkish government. i've mentioned - i listed the goodwill. i said we always try to establish pragmatic and practical relationship with our neighbors, including in context with syrian crisis, and especially afternoon we started our operation in syria. the president yesterday emphasised that we always attempt to respect regional interests of our neighbors, including regional interests of turkey. i can tell now it's not a secret, many things we talk about now about how terrorists
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use - in the territory of turkey for preparing their operations in syria and other countries and how attempts were made or not made by official syrian government. it's not that we were trying to close our eyes on this, but we were always tried to consider legitimate interests of our neighbors and tried within the dialogue, have a dialogue to explain our position and life and have a balanced approach. also we have regards to the relationship with other groups outside the regime. not in any level we


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