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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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fossilized snapshot of a prehistoric age waiting to yield more secrets from a time when dinosaurs roamed this land. rob mcdried, al jazeera, eastern china. >> just a reminder, you can keep up to date with all the news on our website, >> anger in chicago. protestors spill into the streets after video of an african-american teen shot by a police officer. >> they were warned 10 times inside five minutes. >> turkey's president said the downing of a russian jet was justified, but now his government and moscow plan to talk about it.
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>> stepped up security, millions making their holiday get away. officials work to safer guard travel after the paris attacks. >> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. chicago is bracing for more protests after police made public a graphic video showing a white police officer repeatedly shooting a black teen. overnight, big but largely peaceful demonstrations took over city streets. the video from a year ago shows laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times and killed by officer jays scan van dyke. right now, van dyke is in a jail cell, charged with first degree murder. al jazeera's diane esterbrook is live in chicago. the teen's family is calling for calm and it does appear the protestors listening. >> yeah be it did appear that way. it was calm last night and into
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this morning. however, there were some heated interactions between the police and protestors. >> you can't stop the revolution! >> hundreds was protestors spilled on to chicago's streets. forming human chains, blocking traffic and confronting police over the shooting death of 17-year-old la i don't know mcdonald by one of their own. >> if one of us civilians murdered someone, we'd be in prison the next day. >> protestors hit the streets within an hour of the city releasing this controversial dash cam video of mcdonald's death. al jazeera is freezing the tape as the black teen falls to the ground after the first shot. officer jason van dyke fired a total of 16 rounds. >> to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner
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is deeply disturbing and i have absolutely no doubt that this video will tear at the hearts of all chicagoans. >> van dyke turned himself in to authorities tuesday morning and charged with first degree murder. he's been stripped of his police powers and pay. the officer's attorney says what the public will see in the video is different from what van dyke saw that night. >> people viewing this videotape will have the brilliance and benefit of hindsight 20/20 vision. people will judge the split second actions of my client. >> chicago mayor says the officer will be held responsible. >> anybody there to uphold the law cannot act hike they are above the law. >> he urged calm. >> this has been a peaceful protest with the demonstrators closing down streets, but a lot
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of people here are angry. >> have you seen the video? it's awful, are you upset about it? >> how come it took them 13 months to charge somebody? they went to court and fought and fought and fought to keep the truth from the public. >> there were a few heated moments between protestors and police, but in the end, this was a night for freedom of expression, not fighting. >> at this point, chicago police are telling us only one protestors was arrested last night. >> any other protests coming up? >> yes, actually, in about an hour, there's expect to be a demonstration in front of city hall and we are expecting a demonstration on friday on michigan avenue which could disrupt holiday shoppers. >> live for us in chicago, thank you. >> tensions are still running high in minneapolis where
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another trick american, jamar clark is being laid to rest today. clark was shot by police 10 days ago. this morning, three white men are in custody, accused of shooting in a group of protestors near a police precinct injuring five people. >> turning oh to that downed russian war plane, the kremlin said one of its pilots is alive and well on a russian air base in syria. the turkish foreign minister is saying two nations will hold talks to ease tensions. moscow suspended military cooperation with turkey earlier this morning. the kremlin is warning its missile cruiser in the waters off syria is ready as to destroy any "dangerous air targets." >> we are live this morning in ankara, turkey's capital. what is the latest on turkey's diplomatic efforts to calm the situation with russia?
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>> the turkish president erdogan has called for a deescalation and while he stands by his army's actions yesterday in terms of downing the aircraft say they were just defending turkish comity. there was a one hour long phone conversation between the turkish foreign minister and his counterpart where they discussed trying to calm things down, as well. we are hearing there will be a meeting within the coming days between the two sides. president erdogan said he is keeping all lines of communication weapon with russia. >> where is the tension coming
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from? >> it's coming from across the border from turkey, basically syria. bolt countries are as i will on opposing sides with regard to that conflict. turkey feels aside from the fact that russia is essentially backing somebody they consider to be a dictator or a despot of the regime, they are taking advantage. moscow believes turkey isn't just supporting those apposed to assad but accuses them of supporting isil or daish as it's known. turkey claims russia is tarting opponents of bashar al assad as he made clear in his speech earlier today. >> they claim to be fighting against daish, however, they are in areas in the north which is
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populated by turk mapps. there is no daish there. do not deceive us. >> this cob applicant in syria is spilling over, having an effect on turkey's relationship with countries which were considered friendly countries, particularly in light of the huge economic deals and trade that goes between moscow and ankara. for now at least from a turkish perspective, they are hoping that this will be nothing more than an unfortunate incident. >> this is the first time in half a century that a nato member, turkey, has shot at a russian plane. could it affect russia's already contentious relationship with the alliance? >> well, i mean that's the question everyone's asking but a lot of people are hoping that it won't because obviously it will just make things worse eight
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region already scrim u. crippled by don applicant. you've still got crane and other issues which have set them opposed to each other. at this point, all the words coming from europe and from russia, sergey lavrov said his country will not go to war against turkey. so far, there is more calming words, but obviously there is still that threat of some sort of retaliation particularly after president putin said that this incident cannot go without some sort of response. there is still a lot of tension in the air. >> thank you, jamal. >> french president francois hollande is meeting the german chancellor today to shore up support for a global coalition against isil. hollande met with president obama at the white house on tuesday, both leaders said
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turkey's downing of that russian jet does complicate the campaign. president obama said the only way russia can be part of the anti isil coalition is if it actually targets isil in its airstrikes and not groups opposed to syria's president. >> russia's the outlier. we hope they refocus their attention on what is the most substantial threat and that they serve as a constructive partner. >> the president declined to set a time loin for when they want russia to stop its air campaign against syrian opposition groups. hollande meets with putin thursday. >> in belgium, schools are open this morning and trains running after four days of emergency restrictions. belgian officials had been worried about the threat of attacks similar to paris 12 days ago. police issued an international arrest warrant for a newly identified suspect named muhammed abrini.
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he may be on the run with saleh abdeslam. french officials say other attacks were being planned on the city's business district but halted by the raised in saint denis. the man who let them use that apartment is under investigation for criminal conspiracy. >> a state of emergency is in effect in tunisia after a deadly explosion in the capital tunis. a bus carrying members of the presidential guard was attacked. at least 12 people were killed, more than a dozen others hurt. this is the third attack in tunisia this year. >> parts of the west are being pounded with snow and will see more to come. this was in northern california. snow hit parts of oregon just in time for thanksgiving travel and those storms could get much worse. lets bring in nicole mitchell for more on that. good morning. >> now that travel through the northern rookies getting as far as northern parts of the dakotas
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and rain side of this all the way we're seeing some in san diego, so southern parts of california. this is widespread and is going to move more interior. different winter watches, advisories and even for southern wyoming starting later this afternoon, a blizzard warning, not just because of so much snow, but because of the high winds potentially making the white out conditions. this is that moisture we see through today. then it is on the move, causing even more problems for the rest of the holiday. we're going to see by the time we get to tomorrow for thanksgiving, not just heavy rain in places like oklahoma, could easily get six inches or more potential flooding between thursday and friday. look at this corridor of pink. we could see ice with this. i'm worried about cans and nebraska watching for that. ice could spread as far south as the panhandle of texas and still this puts us into friday now, some areas of heavy rain then.
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we are watching potential for ice, and winter advisories and flooding advisories up because of all this going on. tomorrow, some 60's and 70s. >> that's going to be nice for the parade in new york city. >> the storm system is not the only thing that could impact holiday travel. new security measures could mean longer lines. officials still want travelers to hit the road. >> a chippy reception for refugees in the u.s. a city in pennsylvania is divided over whether to welcome families from syria.
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>> the u.s. military says human and technical error are to blame for its bombing of an afghan hospital last month, the finding of an incertainly pentagon investigation. thirty died when u.s. forces hit the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz last month. doctors without borders called is a war crime, and repeatedly called for an independent investigation. >> security is tight at airports across the country today as millions travel for the holiday.
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47 million people will be traveling over the five day weekend. officials are on alert after the attacks in paris and mali and the downing of a russian jet over egypt. al jazeera's lisa stark is live this morning in washington. good morning. should travelers take any extra precautions when they travel this morning? >> stephanie, the intelligence officials in the u.s. insist there is no credible intelligence pointing to any kind of a paris style attack here in the united states. even so, though, the f.b.i. and homeland security did issue a bulletin to law enforcement nationwide asking them to be on the lookout. >> in the aftermath of the paris attacks, people are understandably on edge, and president obama addressed those fears head on during a news conference with the french president, saying he wanted to speak directly to the american people. >> groups like isil cannot defeat us on the battlefield, so they try to terrorize us at home
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against soft targets, against civilians, against innocent people. even as we're vigilant, we can't and we will not succumb to fear. >> so the president said go about your business, a thought echoed by the head of homeland security. >> my message to the. in this holiday season is we urge you to continue to travel, go to public events, go to public places, and know that our folks are on the job. >> counter terrorism experts say there is no reason to be anymore concerned than last thanksgiving. >> you're far more likely to have your purse snatched or your wallet pick pocketed than you are to be targeted by jihadists. >> still from subway platforms in washington, d.c. to the heart of new york city, tactical units are on patrol. two big cities that have beefed up security after isil indicated it is eyeing times square and the nation's capital. in new york, security will be
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tight for the annual thanksgiving day parade. >> we always police that parade with very large numbers of uniformed officers. this year, i think you will see a larger presence. the police presence will heighten the sense of security. it's supposed to be a beautiful weather day, one of the most beautiful in recent years and we are encouraging people to come on down. >> just this weekend, new york police ran a drill, practicing for an active shooter in the subway system, an exercise planned before the paris attacks, but updated because of them, to include an attacker wearing a suicide vest. >> there are just too many targets to protect, too many potential attackers to monitor all the time, so eventually, someone is going to slip through the system and they're going to succeed an attack. >> sobering thought.
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the u.s. remains an appealing target, but security experts i spoke with say it is much less vulnerable than europe, partly because of geography. >> what are security measures we can expect at airports? >> they aren't revealing much, but t.s.a. officers went through additional training and tightened security because there were concern that things were slipping through that shouldn't. you're going to see longer lines and t.s.a. screeners make sure that nothing gets through that seems suspicious. >> lisa stark, reporting from washington, thank you. >> allentown, pennsylvania has one of the largest and oldest syrian communities in the u.s. many are christian orthodox and support syrian president bashar al assad, but new syrian refugees mainly muslim and that
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is creating tensions. we have the story. ♪ >> at a multi-faith prayer service to welcome new syrian refugees to lehigh county in pennsylvania, all those are urged to open their hearts to them. allentown's mayor said he will continue his strong pro refugee stance. >> i want these new families to know this. first off, they are welcome here. [ applause ] ♪ >> outside the church was a much smaller, chillier reception. >> i traveled 158 miles to be here. >> don wright said the refugees have not been properly vetted. >> if they swore allegiance to
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the constitution and sign a declaration that they do not support sharia law, we're ok. >> they started planning this event one month ago. in recent days, they almost postponed it. the executive director told me there were real security concerns but they decided to go ahead in support of the syrian refugees and to bear witness. ♪ >> in spite of the open arms from the 500 attendees, none of the 50 newly resettled syrian refugees the service was meant for were there. she and her family are active members of the muslim community. >> the residents are very uptight at this event tonight, most of the syrian refugees were supposed to attend but didn't, out of fear, they were afraid of backlash against them. >> it's more than the fear of a backlash from americans. lehigh valley is home to tens of thousands of syrian americans, mostly orthodox christians and they support syrian president bashar al assad. >> we love assad, because he
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protects us. 99% of the people that i know in the lehigh valley from syrian background support him. i don't interfere in the politics. >> the father said he preaches love and not hate but friction between his community and the newly arrived muslim refugees is clear. >> they create story in order to be accepted by the americans to be brought here. you have to be very careful. >> the newly arrived families also worry that informants in the pro-assad community could endanger their relatives in syria. >> of course you're going to have conflicts. >> the mayor is put in a difficult position. >> we're going to continue to be open and continue to live out our judeo christian beliefs that is we are going to welcome the strangers among us.
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>> pope francis arrived in africa, his plane touched down in kenya in the last hour and he was greeted with gifts. this is his first trip to the continent since becoming pope. hundreds of thousands expected to see him. he will visit uganda and the central africa republic. security will be high for the trip. >> to infinity and beyond on a reusable rocket. one company hits a major milestone. it's all relative, celebrating a century of one of the most famous equations in science.
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>> amazon founder has marked his place in space history. his blue origin rocket took off in west texas, went into space and landed safely back on earth. we have the story. >> 5-4, command engine start. >> 110,000 pounds of thrust. >> and lift off. >> and blue origin's on its way up to the internationally recognized boundary of space, more than 60 miles up. the ship is backed by the shy billionaire and owner of
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you can see him creeping into the control room to watch. >> this is the first vehicle that has taken off under its own power, traveled into space and coming back down and the entire vehicle landing under its own power. >> history in the making then as the rocket gently kisses the landing pad in west texas, its speed down to 4.4 miles an hour. he took to twitter for what many think may be his first ever tweet, the rarest of beast, a used rocket, controlling what is not easy can look easy. the idea is to make the capsule named for the first american in space allen shepherd available to companies and individuals so going to space becomes second nature. >> taking a 737 airplane and only used it once and had to build a whole new plane to take another flight. >> rival space x boss, elon musk tweeted congratulations to him. his firm's had two unsuccessful attempt to land a rocket on an ocean platform.
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>> it didn't go to specs. his vehicle went up close to 400,000 feet, so it actually went into space and came back down and landed under rocket engine compulsion. >> the crew said i had made a controlled landing on legs less than five feet from the launch pad. they called it a full re-use game changer and red letter day for private space flight. >> touchdown. >> john terrett, al jazeera. >> it has been 100 years since albert einstein changed the way the word understood gravity. his equations have led to discovery of black holes and allowed scientists to calculate invisible dark matter and are the basis of g.p.s. the news continues next live from doha.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour. here is what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says the downing of its flighter jet looks like a planned provocation but won't go to war over the incident. turkey's president depends the shooting, but says he doesn't want things to escalate. and security


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