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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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the presidents of both russia an france announce plans for closer military cooperation in the fight against i.s.i.l. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, putin and francois hollande's meeting comes as the turkish president denies his country is colliding with i.s.i.l. over oil. the pope uses his trip to africa to deliver a strong message on climate change. we will bring you a special report on the long and difficult
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recovery for palestinians left injured by violence in the occupied territories. france has secured the support of russia to tackle the islamic state in iraq and the levant as part of a grand coalition over syria. the two countries will share military information about their air bombardments over syria after both stepped up their campaigns recently. france is lobbying countries to back its campaign after many were killed in the attacks in paris. both have agreed to coordinate strikes on oil infrastructure that i.s.i.l. is using to fund its fighters. putin has also indicated that he is ready to support groups in syria who are fighting i.s.i.l. >> reporter: we agreed today to reinforce our anti terrorist work, improve exchange of
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operational information, fighting terrorism, set up a constructive relationship between our military specialists in order to avoid duplication and incidents but instead concentrate our efforts toward a more effective fight against terrorists and try to avoid strikes on both those territories where military information shows that there are those that also fight i.s.i.l. our correspondent from moscow. >> reporter: francois hollande came to moscow looking for a grand coalition. he was met by a receptive vladimir putin who said mr president, we are ready to cooperate. we are glad that you came. but after several hours of discussions, there were pretty scant fruits to that cooperation. really only apparent in the pledge from both vladimir putin and francois hollande to cooperate by sharing information
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and intelligence between their military and to coordinate on air strikes against i.s.i.l. targets inside syria. but that's not a grand coalition and you don't really have to go too far to see why that didn't happen on this occasion. it's because of president bashar al-assad and the differences that exist between russia and the west. now, when asked about bashar al-assad, francois hollande said there is no future for bashar al-assad in syria. when putin was asked about that, he said bashar al-assad is our primary ally in syria because he has the only ground troops that are effective there and it is ground trams that will ultimately be necessary to push i.s.i.l. out. long-term he said it is up to the people of syria to decide on the future of bashar al-assad. so when asked about this grand coalition point blank by a journalism in the audience, vladimir putin said, well, we
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are respectful of the u.s. led coalition and we are willing to work with the u.s. led coalition. it is the u.s. led coalition that is on not willing yet to work with us president francois hollande also addressed tuesday's incident in which a russian jet was shot down by turkey. he said it was a serious incident and; obviously, regrettable. >> translation: i talked about it to president erdogan and putin and it is vital in these times and regions to avoid any new incident and prevent escalation. the only object we should have is the fight against neutralization of i.s.i.l. and terrorists turkey is still defending the shooting down of the plane. it was said the planes took an automatic reaction by protecting the border by automatic fire. >> reporter: in his third
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public address since the turkish shot down, he once again defended itself. it was saying its airspace was violated in recent weeks. vladimir putin cured the turkish government acting in support of i.s.i.l. president erdogan rejected those claims. >> translation: turkey doesn't need to fight corn to the foreign-- according to the foreign agenda. i.s.i.l. is an international game. they wanted to be a fool for islamphobia. in syria they use i.s.i.l. as a guise to attack the groups that are fighting the regime >> reporter: the fallout from tuesday's events risks relationships between the country but also economic
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ramifications we have heard from the p.m. saying that the joint projects can be cancelled, can be effected. we have two main big projects. one is the nuclear plant and the second one was the industry. moreover we also heard that the turkish investors, they say the russian invest might decline. >> reporter: the war in syria has been a source for disagreement between moscow and ankara for some time now. we had many disagreements. there is always big agreements. now what we see is actually deescalation is important, but not yet on the table. all of the parties are not getting quite calmed down now. >> reporter: the mood on
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turkey's street is calm and talking to people, you wouldn't get the sense that their country is the middle of a diplomatic stand off with one of the world's biggest military powers. it doesn't mean that the turk doesn't have opinion. >> translation: after several violation, we showed that we are not alone and strong, but still our friendships must be considered. i think the government did the right thing. i support them. so do a lot of my clients. >> translation: this isn't our fight. this is a war between those in power. this is about those who support i.s.i.l., who earn from the oil trade, who send weapons there. >> translation: if there is a threat to our country, nothing else is important. turkish youth always say this and we mean it. seriously. that's our mission, to die for our country. >> reporter: the coming days will be crucial in containing what could potentially be increase-- increase the tar mail in a region carly fiorinaaged by
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conflict. turkey say it wants to decrease any flow-on the united states says it will impose sanctions on individuals and organizations accused helping the syrian regime. oil is now at the core of how i.s.i.l. funds itself, selling tens of thousands of barrels. >> reporter: this man is a wealthy russian businessman and president of the world's chess federation. the u.s. government accused him of helping syrian president bashar al-assad manage his money in russia. the u.s. treasurery said it has black lifted him freezing his assets in the u.s. and banning american citizens from doing business with him. the new sanctions announced on wednesday also apply to a syrian businessman who is accused of helping the syrian regime buying oil from i.s.i.l. oil has been at the core of how
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i.s.i.l. earns revenue. they produced an sometimed 90,000 a day netting i.s.i.l. around 100 million dollars last year. the u.s. government says bashar al-assad has about how long oil from i.s.i.l. to fuel the syrian government's military campaign, even though i.s.i.l. is his enemy. in a statement the u.s. said the syrian government is responsible for widespread brutality and violence against its own people. the united states will continue targeting the finances of all of those enabling bashar al-assad to continue inflicting violence on the syrian people. the u.s. has attempted before to cut off i.s.i.l.'s supply of cash by bombing the refineries i.s.i.l. controls. on monday the united states announced it had destroyed 283 fuel tankers boo being used to transport in eastern syria. the obama administration hopes these latest sanctions will weaken the syrian regime and make a political and diplomatic solution to the bar in syria
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more likely the british prime minister has laid out his case for launching air strikes in syria. speaking to parliament david cameron asked the opposition to support vote to support action in syria. that vote could happen as early as next week. he didn't commit to putting grown forces into syria. instead he said there's an estimated 70,000 fighters there that could help in the fight against islamic state in iraq and the levant supported by british and coalition air power. >> reporter: prime minister david cameron has laid out his reasons for why forces should be extended. he said i.s.i.l. is how representing the number one security threat to britain and action must be taken immediately. every day we delay they are getting electroninger. at the head of my 5 and the joint swellings committee chief
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told him that the risks of inaction are great than the risks of action. there's definitely a renewed sense of urgency following the attacks in paris, beirut and the downing of the russian airliner. while a diplomatic solution is paramount, we cannot wait for a political solution to this crisis and the u.k. has a responsibility to act now. when we come to the question why now, we have to ask ourselves whether the risks of inaction are grarlt than the risks of taking action. dpsh - greater. every day we fame to act is a day where i.s.i.l. is grow stronger and more plots undertaken. mr speaker, that is why all the advice i received, military advice, diplomatic advice and the security advice, automatic says yes that the risks of inaction is greater. >> reporter: he has put his proposal to mps. he is adamant he doesn't want to see a repeat of what happened in
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2013 when university of missouri call to strike bashar al-assad's regime was rejected. he many call a vote on this proposal if he is assured of a victory. if a vote was to happen, it could happen as early as next week. if that vote was to pass, we could see the u.k. stepping air strikes in syria as early as next month germany has also said it will support a campaign if france offered help. >> translation: we have protection. protection is above all defending the aircraft carrier with which france carries out its aerial attacks. in syria itself what's urgent lip needed is a clear pecked of the situation. in other words, reconnaissance. here we can make available a german french satellite which can precisely illustrate the area. at the same time we can supply
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planes capable of sending images quickly. we can help are logistics with aerial flailing. we have capability to do that and we would like to make this available to france. through the military force alone cannot bring peace. it is important to dealing with syria saudi arabia's government has made renewed call for the syrian leader president bashar al-assad to step down saying it would not be against taking military action to ensure that this happened. >> translation: saudi arabia is looking forward hosting the syrian opposition conference here. the main objective is to unite the various parties and to make sure all agree on a clear vision to play a more effective role in the talks. the objective is still to find a peaceful solution that will lead to the elimination of the bashar al-assad regime, but i have to say that the military option is still viable and the support of
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the opposition is ongoing. as i mentioned before in the past, bashar al-assad has only two options, irritate to step down through a peaceful political process or to be forced out with military open operation, but, again, he has no room in syria's future, absolutely not the threat level in the belgian capital has been lowered from very serious to serious. the announcement came hours after a false alarm at the main mosque in brussels over a suspect package. the package contained white powder that turned out to be flour. the package was sent to the islamic and cultural center of belgian, which is just 200 metres from the european commission. you're watching al jazeera. still to come. the 71-year-old chinese journeyist who has been freed from prison for leaking state
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secrets. plus u.s. presidential hopeful donald trump has hit the headlines again for all the wrong reasons.
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welcome back. a reminder of the to be stories. francois hollande and vladimir putin have emphasised the need to work together to defeat i.s.i.l. french president was in moscow as part of his ongoing diplomatic bid to build a co lyings against the group. turkey's president has hit back at russian claims that his country buys oil from islamic
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state in iraq and the levant. he says anyone levelling the accusations at his country should prove them. the threat level in bellian's capital brussels has been lowered from very serious to series-- belgium. the pope is warning it would be catastrophic if interests get ahead of the climate summit in paris. dialogue between religions in africa is essential and violence in god's name is unjustified. >> reporter: here the rains did not stop thousands of people from making their way to the university of na are irobi square for the special mass with the pope. they came from all over the country. many were here before day prick. security forces who were deployed to control the crowd often seemed over whelmed. the wait was too long for some of the faithful.
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over come by emotion, this woman broke down when she couldn't get into the venue. they eventually let her in. others managed who got in say it was well worth it. he focus elide on the importance of the family. >> translation: i'm happy and i know that the pope is blessing me right now. i even took sacram ent. that was my greatest joy >> reporter: the pope is mainly talking about peace, co he sags, reconciliation and social equality. we are keen to her his message on governance and corruption. the president himself has declared corruption a threat to national security. we've in so many cases of corruption, people are december paired. i think the people-- despaird. the pope is here to give us hope. if the heard the president speech yesterday, he asked the pope to pray for him because it is very difficult to lead this
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country. >> reporter: the pope comes to a continent that is also suffering from the effects of global warming and just before an important climate change conference in france. it is a test to all our sites whether we are indifferent to the fate of others and if we recognise by acting together we can actually control the problem of climate change. i think there is no more meaningful place than to spell that message out than here in africa. >> reporter: catholics who attended his mass may not have p seen him up close, but those we spoke to said his message, particularly about family values, was spot on three palestinians have been killed by israeli force new zealand separate incidents in the occupied west bank taking the total number of palestinians killed in recent violence to 10. in the occupied territories violence in the occupied territories rather have left
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many palestinians with serious injuries. >> reporter: he has been lying in bed for two months. he is now semi-paralysed. he suffers from memory loss and his speech is slurreded. >> translation: nobody knows where i was pinged up. i can't remember much. i was hid-- picked up. i can't remember anything. whoever goes there doesn't know what will happen to him. >> reporter: he was captured by members of the israeli protest. this video shows him bleeding by the head and dragged by plain clothes sol skrers during a con-- soldiers during a confrontation. young people like him, teenagers and students, who are at the fore front. they know what happens. they cannot cheat them. they see around them. they feel. they're feeling strong as old man. being deprived of everything of your life, in fact.
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why is your dream? >> reporter: dreams are something this man has already lost at the age of 17. he was shot with a steel coated rubber bullet during a protest in bethleham. >> translation: i am still a minor. why didn't they forbid me to go study afraud. i am stole young. i know nothing of this world. every day it's like this. evidence day they raid our refugee camp. every day you expect to be detained. we are always worried at home. my mother crisis all the time. it's not fair >> reporter: the wounded usually appear as a figure in statements, but behind each number it is a name and a face and for those who end up here, injuries that will take a long time heal. >> reporter: israel using a term neutralized when referring to the wounded. the military told al jazeera that it means to stop someone from completing their actions and to block the threat.
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many are disabled for life like this man who has lost the use of one hand and can barely take a few steps, at the age of 19. >> translation: stones are not having impact on the soldiers. we are paying the price. stones are useless. the most difficult thing is to see my mother suffering because of me. >> reporter: he was supposed to graduate from high school next summer. instead, the road to recover is as challenging as ending occupation he was fighting against u.s. presidential hopeful donald trump has stirred up controversy yet again by appearing to mock a disabled newspaper reporter. throughout his campaign he has insulted various section of the u.s. population, but he still remains front runner for the republican nomination. >> reporter: it was an impersonation of saying the unsable. you have to see this guy.
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i don't know what i said. i don't remember. i don't remember. that's what i said. >> reporter: he was referring to a journalism with a condition that affects his joints. that journalism's reporting was also what trump had used to bolster his claim that thousands were celebrating the collapse of the world trade center on 911. a journalism have contradicted trump's claims. these stories were checked out and weren't truement so it didn't happen. >> reporter: other unsayables, that muslims should be treated with suspicion, that torture is acceptable in the interest of national security and that mexican immigrants are rapists. it's nothing new. trump has a history of aalleged racism in his business dealings and the u.s. itself has a history of sometimes violent racial prejudice. some find such rhetoric of someone not beholden to anyone he is a be that as it may. he knows how did get things done >> reporter: trump's lead needs context. firstly it's too early in the
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process to be predicting outcomes. historically those likely to vote for the next republican candidate don't pay attention until the anywheres caucus and that is next february. at this point in the race in 2011, this man also noted for his controversial statements was in the lead and being praised for his outsider status. trump's numbers have to be put in a national contest. 25% of americans identify of republicans. of that number 27% say they support trump. that represents 6% of u.s. population. or the same number who believe the moon landings were fake. they were dancing in the street and they were dancing on roof tops. >> reporter: that's not to say
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trump is running isn't significant. he hasn't been pushed back. whether that's because it's too early in the race is not clear. it's not as if the other candidates considered mainstream are any less extreme in their attitudes towards race, civil liberties and immigration. they're just less quotable a 71 jerrold chinese---year-old chinese journalism imprisoned for leaking state secrets has been released on health grounds. she was jailed in april after being found guilty of sending an internal commonist party document to a chinese language website in the united states. the world health organization has recorded the highest number of hiv cases in its european region. more than 142,000 new cases of the hiv infection were recorded last year. in the region, which clues
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central asia, heater heterosexual commission is responsible. bushfires in the city of adelaide could spread and cause even more damage. two people have been killed and at least 30 people injured after heat wave conditions saw fires burn quickly across farm land. lewis carol's famous book alice in wonder land was published exactly 150 years ago. the magical world of mad hatter, the ca p and the queen of hearts has captiveaed many. >> reporter: if i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. one of the most famous characters in literature literature alice describing her land. for 150 years the book has
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delighted and inspired generations of adults and children with its medication. it was-- imagination. it was created by a mathematics professor in oxford. this is what inspired charles dobson. he took three girls on a cruise here. he entertained them with a story of a little girl who fell into a magical world. one of the girls on the boat was named alice and she loved the story so much she asked him to write it for her. two years later her adventure under ground was born. adopting the pen name lewis carol, he published the book as alice's adventures in wonder land in 1865 and the sequel through the looking glass six years later. alice can be find on lamps and tea cups.
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in the shop in oxford it is brimming with memorabilia. annex bigs at the british library examines this phenomenon in the different ways, artists have looked at it. the way in the which the story change, the fact that two new chapters were added. we have the ca, the duchess and the hatter which aren't what you see in the original. we decided to look at the way in which he was involved in alice's dissemination. so a kind of alice industry. >> reporter: the book is as much loved now as it was in victorian england. a fact that some literary critic say lies in the writing's ambiguity. you can't pin them down, the theories scatters in
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different areas. >> reporter: stories that will surely continue to captiveate and mystify for another 150 years don't forget, as ever much more on all the top stories on our website. go to >> i think that what the world will see is that the african american story is not a footnote, but probably the lens to really understand america, to this day. >> from a cancer treatment center in rwanda to an affordable housing project in new york, plus dozens of projects in development around the world, adjaye says he is


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